Friday, December 26, 2014

The Red Eye of the Illuminati: An Apocalyptic Warning

Red, it's the color of danger, alarm, and evil. The very sight of it causes our bodies and minds to react in ways we cannot control. Those ways usually mean fear and survival. Knowing this color's full psychological power, the Illuminati have been using it endlessly to further its goals and brainwash the masses. To the order, red is its core color, and it will be the color to which mankind bows when the NWO claims power. If you think otherwise, it's just because you have yet to see the warnings.

For decades, the Illuminati has embedded red symbols into films, and there is a clear pattern to their placement. For starters, the symbols are only eyes, red eyes, and each movie that boasts them deals with machines having control over man. We'll start with "2001: A Space Odyssey". In this film, a computer named HAL 9000 controls a spacecraft bound for Mars. Toward the end of the voyage, HAL betrays its crew and attempts to kill them. Of course, the computer is personified through the image of a red eye. The fact that this film was directed by Stanley Kubrick should also not be overlooked. HAL's red eye is just one more Illuminati reference out of dozens, and it indicates what we should look for when machines begin to go against us.

The next franchise that employs such a reference is "The Terminator" series. This one might be the most obvious with the poster featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and his red machine eye. In this series, computers have taken over Earth and are attempting to exterminate the human race. Using terminator robots, the machines battle what's left of humanity, and each one of these robots boasts a set of glowing red eyes. This is an apocalyptic reference by the Illuminati, and we must take it seriously because...

It's not the only franchise to do this. "The Matrix" trilogy also follows the same pattern. Like "The Terminator", these films use the same theme, humanity has been exterminated by artificial intelligence and exists as slaves with the exception of a small resistance group. And like the preceding franchise, the machines (sentinels in particular) from "The Matrix" have red eyes. Do you still think it's a coincidence?

If not, here's another series for you to consider, "Transformers". The villainous Decepticons in these movies generally boast red eyes, and they're even referenced in the promotional posters. However, the most blatant apocalyptic reference is found on Shockwave. This Decepticon boasts a single red eye. The one eye is a classic Illuminati trademark, and the fact that it's red means that it's referring to doomsday. 

So let's review what we've covered. The Illuminati has used its signature symbol, the eye, in films about technology ruling over man. Unlike other eyes in movies, these are all red and belong to machines. We should also consider the directors, Stanley Kubrick, James Cameron, the Wachowski brothers, and Michael Bay. All are members of the order and serve it well. Make no mistake, these symbols are deliberate and well placed. They are a warning of things to come.

In fact, that brings us to our final point, and that's where the red eye can be found in the real world. The Motorola Droid phones and tablets boast single red eyes that resemble HAL 9000's. If you own one of these phones, be very careful. If they are not already being used against you, they soon will be. The Illuminati has warned us that the red eye is a symbol of apocalyptic evil, yet no one seems to notice or care. Then again, what else can they buy? Apple products, not exactly a viable option.    

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Illuminati Strikes Back: Hidden Symbols in Star Wars

Subliminal messages are one of the greatest threats we face. They are so subtle and seem so innocuous that most people pay them no heed while letting their minds absorb the toxic influences. We see them everywhere, and "Star Wars" is another medium for widespread brainwash. Whether it be through metaphor or overt symbols, George Lucas's "masterpiece" has tainted the minds of generations, and the damage may not be reversible.

The Illuminati's messages in "Star Wars" are so pervasive that we're going to treat them in two separate ways. We'll start with the symbols first and then proceed with the metaphors. The references, which are many, begin with Darth Vader's helmet. Covering the evil lord's mouth and nose is a large triangle with three silver dots at the points. These dots represent the unholy trinity, and the triangle is a direct Illuminati reference. The fact that it's on the movie's villain is no coincidence. The secret order knows that it's evil.

Another cryptic symbol can be seen on the Imperial Tie Fighters. When looking at this rudimentary model, not much is obvious, but you need to look at the hexagon panels on each side as well as the hexagon engine exhaust in the back. Now, a hexagon is a six-sided shape, and the Tie Fighter boasts three of them. What you have here is a 666 reference, and its seen whenever Imperial fighters grace the screen.

Like the fighters, the Empire's larger ships also boast Illuminati symbols. Star Destroyers are triangular in shape and the Death Star boasts an "Eye of Providence" reference. The large parabola that fires the planet-destroying blast resembles an eye, and given that its purpose is sheer destruction shows that such a symbol represents evil.

Even the Rebel Alliance is not free of symbolism. Let's look at the Yavin base, which is housed in a... That's right, a pyramid! The film's good guys use the most significant structure in Illuminati lore as a shelter from the evil Empire. How much more obvious could George Lucas be?

Now, let's look at the films dark metaphors, the Force in particular. The all powerful energy that binds the galaxy together is really an analogy for how Illuminati brainwash works. Remember what Obi Wan Kenobi said about how the "Force has a strong influence on the weak minded." Well, the order's brainwashing tactics have the same effect. The simpletons will easily fall for it while the intelligent will see past it.

The Force metaphor also extends into the prequels and actually provides a blueprint for how the Illuminati will take over some day. In Episodes I-III, the Emperor uses the Force to manipulate the Galactic Republic's government into starting a bogus war. In fact, the Emperor's powers are so complete that he was in complete control of the other side. He pulled all the strings while both sides duked it out thinking they were eliminating their enemy. All that they were really doing was allowing the Emperor to connive his way to absolute power in the name of security and safety. Does that sound familiar. The Illuminati is working in the same manner. It's preparing for a massive war between Islam and the West and will take over when the dust settles. It has infiltrated both sides and is in complete control, just like the Emperor. 

The message here is clear. Be wary of the symbols hidden in "Star Wars". They are far more dangerous than even the worst of Jar Jar Binks.

To see our take on "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", click on the following link: Star Wars Episode VII: The Illuminati Awakens

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gone with the Wind: The Illuminati's JFK Warning

To conspiracy theorists, Hollywood is one of the greatest culprits when it comes to subliminal messages about future events, 9/11 in particular, but just how far back do these shenanigans go? Did it start in the 1950s, the 60s even? Nope, it dates even earlier. Ever since it's inception, the film industry has been a pawn of the Illuminati, used to disseminate satanic materials as well as foretell future events. The 1939 classic, Gone with the Wind, is one such example.

This iconic movie that consistently ranks among the top 5 films ever made screamed a warning to the world that went unheeded, and that was the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The Illuminati's embedded message was complete. In the film, a man named Kennedy starts a company and marries an attractive brunette (Scarlett O'Hara). One night while defending his wife's honor, he is killed in a clash with federal soldiers. They shot him in the head. 

Many parallels between Gone with the Wind's Kennedy and JFK are visible. Let's start with the most obvious, and that's the cause of death. Both Kennedys died in the same manner, receiving a bullet in the head. The next similarity is their roles. JFK was the president of a nation, and the fictional Kennedy was president of a company. The rest of the scenario exists as a well-crafted metaphor.

In Gone with the Wind's plot, Frank Kennedy leads a secret raid against a shanty town that served as a refuge for vagabonds. Seeing its population as a threat to all that is decent, Kennedy and his ex-rebels try to eliminate it. What they didn't know was that Union soldiers had learned about the raid and intercepted them. This part of the story precisely mirrors JFK's handling of Cuba and Fidel Castro.

The shanty town is supposed to represent Castro's Cuba, and the decent Southerners symbolize America. Like Cuba, the run-down community lies within close proximity to all that is good and honorable. When the island nation overthrew the Batista regime and became Communist, it was a tremendous disgrace for the U.S. This moment is also symbolized in the movie when Scarlett is accosted by the town's vagabonds.

Acting out of anger and the need for security, Frank Kennedy planned to avenge his wife, which is intended to represent JFK's frustration with Cuba and the move to assassinate Castro. Here is where the Illuminati comes in. It's the all-powerful force that controls everything, and the federal troops in Gone with the Wind symbolize the order. It was the troops that killed Kennedy, and it was the Illuminati that killed JFK.

And there you have it, proof that Hollywood has been sending subtle messages for a much longer time than previously suspected. We've known for years that movies foretold 9/11, and now we know that they foretold the assassination of the 36th president. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tiger Woods and Sunkist: Two Logos with Illuminati Symbolism

Corporate and celebrity trademarks never cease to boast Illuminati symbolism. References to the shadowy organization are just as abundant in fast food as high calorie meals, and Hollywood has more of them than comic book movie sequels. Well, we here at IW have found two more, and those are in Tiger Woods and Sunkist's logos. (Note: To best read this article, we recommend googling both images for easy reference.)

We'll start with the womanizing golf pro first. His trademark isn't quite as visible as other icons, and the symbolism is much more subtle. Tiger's logo is simply a T and W combination, where the letters share a common line. Not much happening here, right? Sure, there are no eyes, pyramids, or suns, but what if you turn the image on its side? Now, you might have something. Instead of seeing initials, you'll notice that the T and W form the number 13. This is the same type of dark reference found in the McDonald's logo which represents evil forces.

As for the Sunkist trademark, what we found was far more sinister. We'll state the obvious first. A large sun serves as its basis. However, that's not the half of it. The really scary part is in the word "Sunkist". Take a look at the lettering. If you pay close attention to the "u", you'll notice that it merges with the "n". When looked at appropriately, the trademark doesn't say "Sunkist" as most people assume but rather "Sinkist", which could also be interpreted as "Sin-kist". 

This despicable icon provides a dangerous double dose of Illuminati brainwash. Seeing the sun is one thing, but the typeset is sending subliminal messages telling people to be bad. At this point, if you are not convinced that the Illuminati is real, then we strongly urge you to reconsider your opinion. The abundance of symbols that assault your senses on a daily basis are not accidental coincidences. They are a means to control your mind. 

Do not wait any longer and free yourself today. Your worldview will never be the same again.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Illuminati

Since the late 1980s, "The Legend of Zelda" has been a mainstay in the video game industry. Every new Nintendo console isn't complete without a new version of this classic, but why does this saga has such enormous appeal? Is it because of the storyline, or could it be due to characters' appeal? Regardless of why generations of gamers enjoy Zelda, one thing is for sure. It's a product designed to enhance Illuminati brainwashing.

Like many facets of popular culture, Zelda boasts obvious symbolism, and that's the Triforce. This quadruple triangle logo is a signature of the secret order, and it's all over the games. Each incarnation of Link's adventures is coated with the Triforce. There is no getting around it. Now, you might be thinking that this is just a unique logo that has no connection to any shadow organization and that we're being paranoid. Well, that argument might be valid if the Triforce wasn't visible in other Illuminati mediums.

What we're referring to here is the dollar bill. This piece of legal tender is covered in subliminal symbols as well as the obvious Eye of Providence, and the Triforce can even be found on it too. To find the symbol, you need to look at a bill on its side and focus on the "E" in "ONE". The typesetting for the letter reveals a Triforce. This is just another of the many subtle references found on America's currency. From owls to spiderwebs and now Triforces, the dollar bill is decked out with satanic references.

Aside from seeing the logo on money, the Triforce has a darker history that reveals its Illuminati heritage. The Ku Klux Klan used the symbol as a trademark. This was another subliminal message telling people that shadow forces were behind racial violence in the South. Given that the Civil War was really a stand against the Illuminati and its banks, this makes sense that the order would perpetuate the struggle to reinforce the idea that slavery was the conflict's root cause.

Like the Illuminati's other symbols, the Triforce can be seen in other realms of pop culture. On "Star Trek: The Next Generation" the symbol makes an appearance on the warp core. This is just one example, and we're sure many more exist. What we want you to remember before you play on your Nintendos is that "The Legend of Zelda" is a highly dangerous form of brainwashing that bears the signature of the Illuminati.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

What Pop Culture Tells Us about Ebola and the Illuminati

Mass fear has broken out across the globe. Public health agencies, hospitals, and people everywhere are reacting in terror from the Ebola outbreak. In what seems like an incessant barrage of media coverage, experts galore are saying that the risk of infection is minimal, yet the panic continues. What is driving this fear and why do the best resources appear to fail at protecting us from the epidemic? Could all this be some giant conspiracy? We have the answers, and we're finding them where no one else is looking.

The Illuminati has a plan for Ebola, and it's far more pernicious than other conspiracy theorists are implying. Currently, other sources are saying that the epidemic is a fraud, a bio-weapon, or an attempt to curtail our rights. Some are saying that it's an excuse to steal Nigeria's oil. There is some substance to these, and we're grateful for the ideas. However, we've stumbled upon something greater, which has been staring us in the face for decades.

Pop culture references provide some of our best material for Illuminati research. Plots, images, and symbols in entertainment literally are our guide to the future. The same holds true with Ebola. For starters, let's take a look at the 1995 movie Outbreak. Starring Dustin Hoffman and Rene Russo, this film tells the story of a super virus that makes it way from Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) to the U.S. The epidemic is a worst-case scenario. An airborne form of hemorrhagic fever sweeps through a small town, prompting the army to either disclose its development of a bio-weapon or kill the inhabitants to maintain the cover-up. What this movie has to say now is more pertinent than ever before.

In the first scenes, the super virus (fictitiously named Motaba) is just like Ebola, except it kills faster. People who become infected did so through contact with bodily fluids, and just like our real disease, it originated in Zaire. Later in the film, the bug arrives in America and mutates into an airborne version. Then it spreads like the flu and begins decimating a community. In the end, the protagonist discovers the government conspiracy and manages to save the dying town.

Upon its release, Outbreak seemed too unlikely to ever happen in real-life, that is until now. One key image from the film speaks volumes about how this was really a prophecy. When the characters were getting their first look at Motaba, the film's editors slipped in a picture of Ebola to represent the super virus. That image was an Illuminati message about how fantasy will become reality.

Other correlations can be drawn as well. The fact that the bug originated in Africa, that it had a colossal mortality rate, and that it could at first only be spread through bodily fluids tells us that Motaba was meant to be Ebola. Take a look at the mortality in the 2014 epidemic, it's over 50% and has infected as well as killed more than all of the previous outbreaks combined. What that means is that Ebola is now more contagious (something the media doesn't want to disclose) than ever before. 

Of course, media experts and pundits continue to reassure everyone that the virus won't mutate into an airborne form and that we have little to worry about. None of what they have to say is believable. We know that Ebola can be weaponized and could possibly morph. The fact that it has spread across the globe could be interpreted as a staging movement by the Illuminati for an even greater epidemic. Don't be fooled. The order did it in 1918 with the Spanish flu and very well could do it again.

If Outbreak isn't enough of a warning for you, then Tom Clancy's Executive Orders should be. The book is about Middle Eastern terrorists that spread an airborne form of Ebola in the U.S. If this were to occur, it wouldn't be the first event the techno-thrilling author wrote about that came true. 

What all this means is that pop culture speaks to us, and we as a people don't pay attention. The Illuminati's plans are set in stone. It's using the Ebola epidemic to spread the virus globally and having the media reassure everyone that the bug isn't highly contagious. By bombarding the airwaves with these reports, people's fears will soon subside, and that's when the real disaster will hit. Somewhere and somehow, the order is developing that airborne super-bug that will spell disaster for us all and usher in the New World Order.      

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Kim Jong Un, "The Interview", and the Illuminati

Latest Update: Following a North Korea supported hack against Sony Pictures and threats to moviegoers, "The Interview" has been pulled and will likely not see a major release. Now, what does this mean for the regime and how is the Illuminati involved? In our previous articles (seen below), we interpreted the controversial film as a warning to Kim Jong Un telling him to behave or suffer the consequences.

From the looks of things, those warnings were heeded. North Korea released the three Americans it had detained and has since toned down its violent rhetoric. Don't get us wrong, the rogue nation is very much still an enemy, but its leader must be what the Illuminati wants him to be. Apparently, that might be the case here.

In exchange for Kim's adherence, the order has staged Sony's hack
and used it as an opportunity to pull the movie. This means that the Dear Leader is undoubtedly redeemed from his previous transgressions and no longer has to worry about becoming a pop culture icon of ridicule.

And if you don't think the Illuminati are behind this, consider one thing. The average North Korean computer scientist can barely use the basic functions on a Macbook. Do you really think they have someone who can hack past a major company's firewall? 

Original Article: Kim Jong Un is missing and has not been seen since early-September 2014. No one is saying a word about his actual whereabouts but speculation is rampant. Some are saying that he's ill with gout or obesity-related complications, and others are saying that he has been secretly replaced by his top subordinates. Whatever the "experts" are spouting, we can say this. They're missing the mark and hoping that you will too.

Before we explore the details, let's establish some facts. The North Korean despot has had a tumultuous start to his reign. He has had to execute several high-ranking officials and received two visits from Illuminati member Dennis Rodman (These visits were done under the guise of basketball, but they were really intended to make sure Kim stayed in line unless he wanted to forfeit his power). Recently, Kim has shown little interest in behaving. He has detained three Americans and continues to prepare for war. While all of this is supposed to happen, it has to happen on the Illuminati's terms.

Only the order truly knows where Kim is. We speculate that he might have been whisked away to a programming center for "redirection" or maybe even assassinated. What we do know is that the whole "illness" scenario is unlikely. Between Kim's age and his apparent weight, the likelihood that gout or diabetes has crippled him for over a month is laughable. If you doubt us, take a look at your chums who feast on their McDiets. How old are they when their bodies begin turning on them? We're betting that it's older than 31.

If Kim's disappearance is due to illness, we're thinking that it might be linked to assassination. The despot enjoys consuming imported foods, and these can be tainted without him or his security knowing. On the other hand, he may very well be undergoing MK Ultra programming. His importance as an enemy of the "free world" is too important, and the Illuminati probably believes that an intense counseling session would be more beneficial than replacing him. If he reappears, then that is what likely happened.

However, the case for assassination is made a bit stronger with the impending release of "The Interview", which is about two reporters ordered by the CIA to kill Kim Jong Un while in Pyongyang. The basis of this film is simplistic and not likely to appeal to a broad audience (Few people follow international affairs). Therefore, we do not think it will generate much profit, if any at all. Originally, the film was supposed to be released in October 2014 but has been delayed until Christmas. Starring Illuminati members James Franco and Seth Rogen, this film is a message to the North Korean despot telling him to behave or die. 

The fact that James Franco is one of the lead actors says enough. This guy has been demonstrating the side-effects of MK Ultra programming for nearly a year now. From his televised mooning, semi-nude selfies, and crazy tweets, Franco is on the verge of a total meltdown, yet he managed to get it together for this film. That should say something to Kim. 

What we here at IW think is that Kim Jong Un is alive but on his last chance. His disappearance is necessary for programming, and he should soon return. We believe this because of "The Interview's" delayed released. The Illuminati is still warning him but will grant him one last opportunity. If Kim doesn't follow the order's instructions, then the film will become a prophecy fulfilled. 

Before signing off, we would like to take a moment and say hi to those in the DPRK who monitor the internet for negative press about the "Dear Leader". What we now have to say is meant especially for you. Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, and Kim Jong Un are merely pawns that serve higher leaders. Unless you already know this, then you need to free your mind and see the Illuminati as your ruling power. It's philosophy is far more sinister than the most twisted forms of Juche.

Update: Within 24 hours of our posting this article, photos emerged of Kim Jong Un walking with a cane. The images have no dates and could easily have been altered to look current. In fact, the earliest reports said they were probably fabrications. That's changed since the Illuminati have likely ordered its minions in the media to go with the story.

We are not fooled, however. Simple photographs should not be convincing to anyone that the "Dear Leader" has returned. Even the regime must realize that current video footage is the only thing that can confirm re-emergence. Anything else will not do. If you doubt us, then ask yourself if you think a few still images would be sufficient to show someone's return after an extended and unexplained absence. We didn't think so either.

So, to you people from the DPRK reading this, better luck next time. You can't fool those of us who have seen what is real and freed our minds.  

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Illuminati and the Oil Industry

Whether you're aware of it or not, you're a slave. Maybe you're thinking that couldn't be true. Afterall, you live in America and the Illuminati isn't real. Guess again! You're still a slave even if you don't believe, and this kind of slavery you will acknowledge. It's to the oil industry, and these massive companies own us all.

Oil plays a rather unique but critical role in the Illuminati's plans for world domination. It's a resource, and one that's not renewable. In other words, we're running out of it. Now, the order's agents will say that the world needs to move toward green energy and that fossil fuel consumption is leading to global warming. All of that is a hoax. Climate change data is manipulated and bogus at best. Not only that but look at how the terminology has changed over the past decade. We used to call it global warming. Today, we say climate change. This pretty much means that the Illuminati can't put its money where its mouth is and must resort to an alternative.

But that's not really the main point here. What we're primarily interested in is why is oil so significant? The answer to that question has to do with the impending apocalypse. The Illuminati is planning the final war needed to level all resistance and usher in its new world order, and controlling energy resources is just one of many keys to victory. When the war starts, it will be between oil dependent powers that will quickly exhaust themselves on the battlefield. Once they're out of action, the Illuminati will move on their remnants.

The other purpose to maintaining everyone's oil dependence is to render them helpless when the takeover begins. With a major conflict, civilian populations will be trapped in their locales. All planes and automobiles will be useless, and what little petroleum remains will be used up or left to expire. No one will be able to move or start resistance cells. Forget about what you see in the movies about futuristic refugees getting a car to start after it's been sitting idle for 20 years, because we've got news for you, gas goes bad.

Transportation won't be the only thing affected. Between an engineered financial meltdown and perpetual blackouts, the Illuminati will have no trouble subduing the helpless and already brainwashed hordes. Renewable energy is effective and available, but the order doesn't want you to have it. That's why it's kept at exorbitant prices despite decades of research and government grants. 

If the Illuminati's plans combined with your dependence doesn't convince you, then maybe this will. The oil companies' logos are rife with symbolism.

Shell Oil Company: The logo that's supposed to be a giant shell is really a sunburst in disguise.

Exxon Mobil: A Pegasus is a direct reference to pagan religions from the ancient world. If you need another example, check out the logo of Tri-Star Pictures.

British Petroleum: This company's logo is an obvious sunburst.

Sunoco: The name says it all.

Citgo: This company features a triangle on its emblem.

Texaco: The star within a circle is a pentagram. 

The Illuminati likes to slip in its mark and does so thinking that you won't notice. The subtle symbolism is all part of its ritual mandates requiring everything to glorify Lucifer. Don't fall for it and be ready. Unfortunately, there is little we can do to save our energy. Petroleum has a shelf life, and we're addicted to it like a drug. With renewable sources such as industrial solar panels and microwave generators out of our reach, we have little hope in the struggle ahead.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Why FSU Has a New Logo, Think Illuminati!

This story comes to us from one of our Florida sources, and given how recognized Florida State is at the moment, we feel that it deserves priority. In April 2014, the university announced that it would be conducting a major overhaul of its logo and apparel. This came as a shock to fans and supporters, and that shock quickly turned to anger when they saw the new designs. No one understood why FSU chose what many considered to be a hideous revamp of a classic icon. However, someone with a trained eye could see the reasons, and they're nothing short of evil.

In 2013, FSU won its third national title in football, and the university must have made a pact with the devil to gain it. Everything that is occurring at the school now reeks of the Illuminati, and the order's fingerprint is staring at everyone in the face of that new logo. Not only is the design rubbish and goes against the Seminole tradition, but it's also satanic. If you take a close look, you can see 666 embedded in Chief Osceola's face.

Here's how it appears, and feel free to check out the logo for yourself via Google images. The first 6 is the most obvious and can be found in the chief's ear (It's somewhat small but quite obvious). The second one can be found on the eye. To best see it, you need to invert the logo. This one is not quite as prominent, but we will provide an explanation for that as well. The third 6 can be seen running along the nose. It juts out from Osceola's cheek line and rounds out just above the nostrils. Like the second, this one is also more subtle, only visible to someone who's aware of such symbolism.

If you're thinking that we're seeing things that aren't there, guess again. 666 is frequently seen in corporate logos, and like FSU's, the digits follow a similar pattern. The first 6 is almost always obvious with the other two being harder to discern, and that's how the Illuminati works. The order can't be too candid or else everyone would know it existed. That's why only one 6 is clear. It serves as an invitation to the enlightened to search for more, whereas everyone else will chalk it up as coincidence. Take for example the Taco Bell and Walt Disney logos. Both images have 6s that are obvious and others that are less so. The Florida State logo is no different.

Now, if that's not convincing, then what is transpiring at the university should be. The school is already being influenced by funds of corrupt Illuminati companies like Koch Industries, and its new president is likely to be lower-tier member John Thrasher whose ties to the Bush family are stronger than steel. If given the job, one of the darkest families in America will have a top crony dictating the direction of a major research institution. The Bushes sold their souls to Satan in exchange for worldwide power, and any powerful figure affiliated with them likely did the same.

The Illuminati has taken over the Florida State University. Having 666 in the new logo combined with darker themes in its new apparel (Black and garnet is the most prominent as opposed to garnet and gold) as well as allowing corrupt forces to dictate its direction indicate that the order is in complete control of the institution. Perhaps that is why the Noles won a title in 2013. Maybe the Illuminati figured that the fans would be too elated with victory to notice its coup. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Moon Landing Hoax: How the Illuminati Destroys Conspiracy Theories

Much of the general public mock conspiracy theorists. Even many of the commenters on this site publicly scorn our analyses and dismiss us as crazy lunatics. So sad they are to do that. They really have no idea as to how brainwashed they are. Too many people believe everything fed to them by the media, but to be honest, how can they really know? They take it on faith that the news and academia wouldn't lie to them. That's what leads them to thinking we're nuts. Conspiracy theories are disregarded and mocked with impunity. According to the media, those who believe in such notions have mental defects. Accomplishing such a forged perspective isn't easy, and the following analysis of the moon landing hoax will hopefully shed some insight on how the Illuminati can portray conspiracy theorists as loons.

The roots of how the order began this portrayal go back to 2001 and even earlier than that, but we'll settle for this date. That was year when the Fox Network aired the documentary "Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?" This film presented multiple aspects and accounts as evidence that NASA faked the lunar landings. To the casual viewer, the documentary likely came across as convincing, and to those who don't go for conspiracies, they probably dismissed it as poppycock.

Once the documentary had aired was when the Illuminati went to work. The order's so-called "rational" sources such as the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, CNN, and countless others immediately moved to debunk the film's claims. Needless to say, the order succeeded. From the shadows to the "waving" flag, the Illuminati's henchmen quickly made believing in such preposterous notions ridiculous.

The whole affair was more or less a setup. The order pored over all of the conspiracies floating around out there and finely tuned the ones it considered false or easily debunked. It then slapped them together into a documentary, and WHAM! instant paper tiger. Whether it was the lack of stars in space or a misplaced rock, each theory could be quickly disposed of with a short explanation.

The real evidence for NASA faking the moon landings isn't found in shadows, it's found in NASA's recent research. The latest findings on the toxicity of radiation in deep space combined with the fact that officials continue alluding to the truth that the technology to get to the moon still isn't available is the actual proof. The Illuminati hopes that you won't or even be motivated to find it if you consider the whole Apollo hoax theory to be lies and ignorance.

For those who accept the Illuminati theory as fact, this is a war. The order is so thorough that it has been working to destroy our efforts from within. By either outright fraud or convincing true opponents to believe weak paradigms, the Illuminati has created a strong perception that we are too radical and possibly dangerous because we're keeping people from the "real" truth. That perception has been accomplished through documentaries like Fox's "Did we Land on the Moon"?

Be wary of the conspiracies that the media works so hard to debunk. Some of them are manipulated and manufactured to be easily disproved. That way viewers wonder how anyone could believe in such stuff. They don't realize that hardcore conspiracists go into much more depth and can come up with much stronger evidence and analyses. The Illuminati wants to keep you away from the truth, so its strategy is to make the truth look as ludicrous as possible. Remember that the next time a program airs claiming that it has all of the explanations about why a conspiracy theory is false.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Illuminati's Smallest Slip-ups Tell Us the Most

Here at Illuminati Watchdog, we're constantly on the look out for anything that might clue us into what the order has planned next. This often involves screening movies and music videos, searching for the most obvious yet subtle symbols; but then there are those other occasions when something so slight and so minor can be truly revealing. The thing to keep in mind is that the Illuminati is not perfect and is running a colossal number of scams. It's not easy keeping track of them and sometimes mistakes are made. Finding those mistakes can frequently tell you more than the best analyses on pop culture references.

The other day, one of our team members realized just how true that really is. While monitoring (a frequent antagonist for conspiracy theorists), he was surfing through one of its photoplasty articles, the link is posted below. The piece pretty much puts together numerous examples of how Hollywood gets science completely wrong. Most of the images are fairly innocuous, but #9 tells a different story.

What the reader sees is a scene from "The Empire Strikes Back" of Luke, Leia, and the droids standing before a giant window watching the Millennium Falcon fly away. In the image's text, a passage about how windows in space could not be possible due to the lethal doses of radiation that would enter the spacecraft. 

Of course, the comments section was lit up with people saying that the image was junk and should never had been there, and they all said the same thing, that the Apollo command/service modules all had windows and no ill effects happened to their crews. Now, that's where the Illuminati's mistake is. The fact checkers at Cracked were right about the radiation and the windows. The levels would have become lethal and fast. However, the people commenting actually believe that the Apollo missions left low-Earth orbit.

What we have is a nice little Illuminati mistake. According to "moon landing conspiracy" debunkers, the radiation from outer space had no effect on the Apollo CSMs because of the aluminum fuselages and low exposure. Recent science says otherwise. Probes and shuttle crews have reported extremely dangerous levels lurking just beyond low orbit. The piece is totally right, radiation in outer space is way too dangerous to have windows. It's the brainwashed commenters who have their facts wrong, but they're too far gone to ever realize that they've been duped.

Analyzing symbols and messages gives us only so much, and besides that, they're what the order wants us to see. It's little gaffes like the one we just covered that tell us what we're really after. The piece doesn't say much, but to the trained eye it says everything. What we have is genuine proof that the moon landings were hoaxes, and to make it even better, the Illuminati probably never realized its mistake.

Here's the link to the article. 17 Movies and TV Shows That Have No Idea How Technology Works 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Don't Get Watched by the Apple Watch

Another year has passed and with it new Apple products have emerged, and this year's unveiling was the most notable since the announcement of the iPad (Illuminati Pad as it's really called). In front of a worldwide audience, the company displayed its newest innovations, the iPhone 6 and most notably the Apple Watch. The reaction was instantaneous. Everyone immediately took to social media talking about how awesome these new products are and what a brilliant company Apple is. However, the masses have little idea of the consequences that await them if they buy these products.

We'll start with the iPhone 6 (Illuminati Phone 6). This gadget is nothing more than an enhanced version of its predecessors. It will do everything that prior iPhones did but with much more efficiency. In fact, the enhanced pixelation of the screen is intended to accommodate a better camera, which of course will be used to collect images that will be instantly transmitted to the NSA the second they're taken. Higher definition means more detail for the Illuminati to use when it plans its takeover.

For the most part though, there really isn't anything too revolutionary about the iPhone 6 to discuss. The real meat is with the Apple Watch. Now, this device is what will serve the Illuminati like nothing has before. It's literally Apple's first product that is designed to have prolonged contact with your skin. That allows it to do all sorts of things to your body. Of course, the company is touting about how it will help monitor your health and fitness, but what else will it be doing?

We're thinking that the Apple Watch was designed to emit subtle electrical impulses or even mild radiation to alter central-nervous-system functioning and serve as a mind-control device (Don't discount the order's ability to do this. It has been re-syncing people's neurons for decades, and remember that electroshock therapy works). Because the Watch is attached to a transmitter that sends/receives signals via an iPhone, the Illuminati can send messages and orders once it has locked down people's brain patterns. Not only that, it's health/fitness monitors can gather information about who's weak and who's strong. This data can come in handy when crack troops are needed to take down rebellious minds. 

By wearing an Apple Watch, the Illuminati will learn everything about you and then use it to control your mind. The company will know when you sleep, when you're at your peak conditioning, and when you're ill. In fact, you'll pretty much be carrying a surveillance camera on your wrist too. This little device is actually much more effective than an iPhone or iPad. Those gizmos are frequently kept out of sight in pockets or purses. Not the Watch, though, it will always be on you, always watching, and always listening. Do you really want that?

And let's not forget another one of Apple's newest innovations, Apple Pay. This little program is just another method for the Illuminati to create financial mayhem by draining your bank account when the moment is right. One day you might be thinking that making a quick pass with your watch is fine to pay for that Mountain Dew, but you'll be sorry when you discover that that swipe was all it took for the order to reduce your balance to $0.00. 

With every succeeding generation of Apple products, the company intrudes more and more into our private lives. At first, it started with devices meant for accelerating brainwash like the iPod, then it evolved into surveillance. Today, it has achieved a new level by violating our finances and health vitals. Are these products something that you really want? Do you like the idea of a satanic corporation knowing your every move, your every heartbeat, maybe even your every thought? If the answer is no, then stay away from the Apple Watch and iPhone 6.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Joan Rivers: The Illuminati's Latest Dead Celeb

When the death of Robin Williams monopolized the headlines, we here at IW asserted that he was another one of many celebrities who had become part of an epidemic of sorts, an epidemic of dead stars. The announcement of Joan Rivers' sudden death points to yet another victim in this never-ceasing crisis among Hollywood's elite, and the fact that this occurred under "mysterious" circumstances should come as no surprise.

No one is debating that Rivers, whose comedy blazed new trends in the entertainment industry, was in great health for someone at the age of 81 and that she had many good years left. Who knows, she may have been able to surpass Betty White's longevity had it not been for another "accident". What is for certain here is that her death was not the result of natural causes. The Illuminati gave someone a mission, and it was fulfilled.

The exact details of Rivers' cause of death are yet unknown and may remain that way. Of course, the media will release something to pacify the gullible masses, but they can't be trusted. Afterall, they tried to claim that Robin Williams had Parkinson's when people started to get suspicious. The story we're anticipating is that Rivers died from anesthesia complications. It would be the most believable. She was older, and being put under carries greater risks with age.

We really don't find that one too convincing and here's why. First, Rivers wasn't going in for major surgery. Endoscopy is not invasive and doesn't require deep anesthesia. Second, the comedian was in excellent health. If mediocre doctors can put morbidly obese patients under for risky procedures like cardiac or gastric bypass, then they should have no trouble with a thin and spirited lady. 

Some poor doctor will be taking the fall for this one, probably a physician with an Ivy League background too. The Illuminati is made up of many tiers, but its recruits almost always come from the "elite" schools. When the organization issues an order, it must be followed. Don't worry, we're sure whoever is held responsible won't fall for long.

Another question surrounding Joan Rivers' death is why. What could have been the reason for her untimely demise. She had definitely gone astray of the Illuminati during her career which resulted in the cancellation of her Fox comedy show and the "suicide" of her husband. Maybe she was planning to blow the lid wide open on what was about to happen or maybe she had details of Robin Williams' final months that would have destroyed the media's well-scripted narrative.

The latter seems more likely. Given Rivers' on-and-off relationship with Hollywood and the Illuminati, she likely had little information about the order's most sinister plans. However, she still had close contact with other members and probably had a good perspective on how they operated. She may have seen first hand how MK Ultra programming had destroyed Williams' psyche, driving him to suicide, and this might have led her to make a statement.

We don't know for sure why she had to die under such mysterious circumstances. There very well could have been another reason, but wanting to vindicate a fellow comedian seems the most likely. One thing to remember is that Joan Rivers' death is not unique. She is just another victim in the Illuminati's mass cleansing of Hollywood. Why so many are dying in such a tight time frame remains unanswered, but we fear the true reasons.    

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Katy Perry Is the Modern Whore of Babylon

According to the Bible, the Whore of Babylon will be a woman who is the head of all prostitutes and harlots, who fornicates into infinity, and who will usher in a new world order. This woman will embody evil to her core and make it taste as sweet as candy. The Illuminati is currently preparing its takeover strategy, appointing those to be the Antichrist and the False Prophet, and dispatching its minions across the globe. One necessary role is the whore, and it's been filled by none the other than Katy Perry.

This despicable hussy of an artist spouts nothing but sex and salaciousness and appeals to our most vulnerable audience, kids and preteens. Just about every single song of hers promotes some kind of sick behavior. Whether it be experimenting with homosexuality or performing fellatio, Perry appears to have no shortage of obscene acts to promote. Her latest song, "Birthday", is all about a girl stripping down and enticing a guy to lick her genitals. If you don't believe us, then read the lyrics for yourself. They're nothing but filth.

Perry's trash doesn't stop with sex either. Satanic references are a common theme too. In fact, "Dark Horse" might just be one of the most satanic songs ever released in pop culture. She actually refers to herself as a "beast". This is an obvious connection to the forthcoming apocalypse the Illuminati is preparing. As the Whore of Babylon, Katy Perry will be frequently making references to monsters. We're betting that she will soon be referring to an animal with seven heads. When that happens, we need to prepare, because the global onslaught is likely to follow.

To those who have become enlightened and know the Illuminati is real, Katy Perry's darkest symbolism is the worst but also one of the more subtle aspects of her music. The brainwashing patterns seen in her videos, performances, and tours is much more obvious. Her latest tour, "Prismatic", is so loaded with symbolism that we really shouldn't have to provide any explanation. Triangles, all seeing eyes, and suns are everywhere. Taken together, these rapid-fire flashy images are brainwashing the youths of the world, and parents are oblivious to the damage being done to their children's minds.

The "Dark Horse" video is also no exception. Just search the web and you'll find dozens if not hundreds of articles pointing out all of the Illuminati symbolism embedded in the production. The references are too many to list here. Let's just say that the Ancient Egyptian theme provided ample opportunity for pyramids, eyes, and suns to grace the screen. This is how brainwashing works. The order makes these symbols so ubiquitous to the point where no one seems to think they're unusual. The skeptics have no case to prove us wrong. They're banking on the brainwashed to accept the Illuminati's version of normal to discredit us. They're sheep, no if's, and's, or but's about it.

Aside from symbolism, the "Dark Horse" video also foretold the rise of ISIS. As the song plays, Perry evolves from a mortal Egyptian queen to a winged goddess that rises into the sky, and that goddess is Isis. Between the preponderance of Illuminati symbolism already implanted, this has to be interpreted as a sort of dark preview. Not long after "Dark Horse's" release, Islamist militants began overrunning parts of Syria and Iraq. After a few weeks of fighting, the Islamic state declared itself a caliphate, and a new enemy was born. Of course, this was all planned by the Illuminati with Katy Perry's portrayal of Isis as the subtle hint that few would notice.

The satanic references combined with the promotion of promiscuity means that Katy Perry must be the Illuminati's Whore of Babylon. There can be no other candidate. Lady Gaga has faded from the scene, and Beyonce just doesn't go to those dark realms like Perry does. While the "All Seeing Eye" watches us, we will be keeping our eyes on Katy Perry and what she plans to deliver us next.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Illuminati at the 2014 MTV VMAs

Whenever mainstream music takes the spotlight, the Illuminati always uses the opportunity to further brainwash the masses. The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards was no exception. What else can you expect when Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Beyonce are all crammed into one program? This year's show had it all too, eyeballs, numerology, suns, and good ol' pyramids. To those who know the signs, the awards were one of the most blatant displays of occult symbolism in recent memory. Here's the play-by-play of what we saw.

Probably the most obvious and recurrent Illuminati sign we saw was the stage's backdrop. The giant circular decoration boasting "The 2014 MTV VMA awards" looked more like an eye than anything else. The outside was adorned with what looked like eyelashes, and the inner framing resembled an iris. At a distance, there was no mistaking what this was. The eye motif was also seen as performers took the stage. During one song, Usher looked like he was dancing on an eye. Completely outrageous from our perspective.

The sun was also a constant theme with references visible throughout the show. Taylor Swift's bad act was full of sunbursts, and when Usher wasn't dancing on an eye, the lights shifted to make the stage look like the sun. It all adds up to more proof that the Illuminati was working hard to brainwash the masses through music.

If that wasn't enough to shock you, then what we saw on the stage floor should be. The whole show was delivered from a platform with 666 on it. Done in the classic pinwheel fashion meant to fool the masses, the secret order broadcast one of the most iconic satanic references.

We can go on and one with the symbolism, and we will. Take the award statue as an example. To the casual eye, it's the MTV logo, but to the trained individual, it's an homage to the greatest hoax ever perpetrated. The statue of a man on the moon is the Illuminati bragging about how it can fool us whenever it wants. The Apollo missions were frauds, and those in the entertainment industry know it. Giving out an award that immortalizes that farce just goes to show what the VMAs are all about.

Even the commercials were riddled with Illuminati symbolism. Anytime a Cover Girl ad aired, triangles and hand symbols blasted the airwaves. We're not talking about one or two shapes here either, we saw dozens as well as Katy Perry dancing her Illuminati-worshiping ass all over the place. How much more blatant could the order be?

To those who watched the show last night, we hope you saw the signs and now realize that the Illuminati is real and taking over. We don't have much time. They control the money supply and are rapidly pushing the world under one government. To keep ordinary people fooled, the order uses pop culture to brainwash the masses into believing a false reality. Look for the signs and refuse to be enslaved! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

How the Illuminati Controls the Police

Police brutality is rapidly becoming a constant in the news. No matter what is going on, a story about cops abusing their powers is always emerging. Whether it be excessive force or an unjustified shooting, today's police appear out of control. People are afraid when they see flashing blue lights. They don't know if it's a SWAT team gearing up to take down a petty dope dealer or an officer with an itchy trigger finger. All of which raises the question of why and how have the nation's police gone from the stewards of justice to the instruments of terror.

The answer rests with the Illuminati, and the explanation is simple. When the new world order is established, brainwashed drones will be needed to subdue resistance and enslave the populace. The police are those drones. By undergoing rigorous training at academies across the nation, cops are being subjected to mind control programs, and most cadets don't even know it.

The programming is extremely subtle. Most of it consists of viewing all things in terms of black and white, but the key element is the blind obedience to those who make the laws. Cops do not debate the validity of statutes, they just enforce them. They are literally trained not to use their brain when making decisions. This sort of programming makes them valuable tools to those in control. If the police do not challenge dubious laws, then the authoritarians who want to rule our lives are that much closer to their goal.

Now, most people know those who proudly wear badges and protect their communities, and many cops are in it for that very reason. However, they do not know that the Illuminati completely controls them. The order's programming techniques extend beyond brainwashing to include neuro re-adjusting. This is literally resetting the brain's neurons through electro-shock therapy. So, how does this happen, you ask.

Well, cops aren't even aware that having their neurons jolted is part of their training regimen, and it probably happens when they learn about tasers. During this lesson, every cadet must take a shock. They do this thinking that this is what perps must feel when they get tazed, but it's not. The tasers used at training likely use a special electrical current designed to manipulate brain function. This realignment of the neurons causes cops to blindly follow all authority and rewrites their perception of right and wrong.

This is exactly what we're seeing across America today. An Atlanta household endured the vicious assault from a SWAT team, NYPD has countless videos and pictures of its officers beating and abusing citizens, and Ferguson, Missouri witnessed the shooting death of an unarmed teenager. There is no doubt that the police are out of control. Illuminati programming has turned our officers into mindless drones who have lost all sense of justice and morality. They blindly follow NWO leaders who issue them disastrous mandates. 

Remember, the vast majority of cops joined the force because they wanted to make a difference, and many of them do. But where will they stand when the Illuminati orders them to turn against those they're sworn to protect? Will they stand up against the order, or will they don the riot gear and oppress their fellow citizens? We're seeing the answer everyday.  

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams: Another Mysterious Illuminati Death

Once again, another celebrity has died in a sudden and tragic manner, and once again, the media are pouring hours of coverage into the story. Really, and we really do mean REALLY! This shouldn't be shocking to anyone, unless you truly are brainwashed. The suicide of Robin Williams happens to be the second unusual celebrity death of 2014 (the first was Philip Seymour Hoffman). What's even more creepy is that the pace of these strange deaths is accelerating.

The reasons, motives, and true circumstances behind Williams' death are still a mystery, and to be honest, we really don't care. Maybe the Illuminati had him killed, maybe they didn't. Maybe this was a true suicide, maybe it wasn't. None of that really matters too much. What is important is that any way you look at it, the Illuminati was responsible. If Williams was murdered, that meant that the order hired an assassin to make it look like a suicide. If he wasn't, then he killed himself as a result of celebrity MK Ultra programming gone awry.

The most significant factor to consider about the death of Robin Williams is how it fits into the greater pattern. Strange celebrity deaths are happening at a much more rapid rate now than ever before. Heath Ledger, Steve Irwin, Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy, Amy Winehouse, Michael Clark Duncan, Paul Walker, and Philip Seymour Hoffman all died under strange circumstances. Of course, the media does everything it can to keep people from connecting the dots. What we're seeing here is an epidemic. Celebrities are beginning to die like flies, and what we want to know is why.

To become rich and famous, people must join the Illuminati and subject themselves to relentless programming. Eventually, this mind control becomes too much and causes its victims to lose control and go crazy. Some recover their equilibrium and return to the spotlight, while others continue their downward spiral and perish. This is becoming more intense as the Illuminati revs up its Satanic efforts to brainwash the world. Pop culture is becoming more immoral, and music is devolving into devil worship. Those who participate in these acts face tremendous psychological trauma leaving them in dire straits once the order is done with them.

Many celebrities feel guilt about having taken part in such atrocities, and others are just too mentally fried to keep going. That's where the reckless acts, drug abuse, risky living, and depression come from. They just can't deal with what they've done and what the future holds. They know they can't come forward, not only would that result in their deaths but those of their families and confidants. Sometimes, suicide is their best option. 

Whether or not Robin Williams killed himself isn't really the question here. What we want to know is what drove him to it or why the Illuminati had him offed. Did the programming that turned him into a superstar backfire? Did his guilt over supporting the order become too overwhelming? Could he have been planning to go public? We may never know. All we can do is stay on the lookout for the next strange Hollywood death. At this rate, we probably won't have to wait for long.

Update: After awaiting the announcement of the details surrounding Robin Williams' death, we have concluded that he did commit suicide, and that the circumstances behind his self-strangulation are factual. What we do believe was that his death came as a result of MK Ultra brainwashing.

We arrived at this conclusion after a thorough analysis of Williams' career and figuring out what exactly made him successful. If you take a look at "Mork and Mindy", "Good Morning, Vietnam", "Mrs. Doubtfire", "Jumanji", and numerous other films. You'll notice that Williams is generally way over the top in his performances. His zaniness combined with intense physical exuberance put him in a league of his own. This effect can also be seen in his many talk-show appearances. 

The man never could calm down. He talked rapidly and bounced around almost as if he was on speed, and that was the tip off. When the Illuminati introduces MK Ultra programming to someone, it usually starts with psychotropic drugs. When Williams was first discovered, he was likely already a bit off in the head, and the Illuminati exacerbated this to the extreme with its mind control. The result was a manic individual who entertained while simultaneously brainwashing the world.

No actor could sustain those manic levels indefinitely. When the highs wore off, Williams hit rock bottom. Extra brainwashing sessions and more drug therapies ensured that he kept performing for decades, but eventually his mind became fried beyond all recognition. The order likely used everything in its arsenal to keep him going. We're talking classified drugs, electric shocks, and maybe even torture. Keeping one of Hollywood's biggest comedic actors was imperative to the Illuminati.

Unfortunately, the human brain can only take so much abuse. By the time Robin Williams killed himself, his mind was probably so obliterated that he likely had little to no orientation of self. In no way was this an isolated incident. Celebrities and their never-ceasing bad behavior present constant indicators of MK Ultra malfunctioning. 

The Illuminati may not have used an assassin as it likely did with Paul Walker and Philip Seymour Hoffman, but the order was still responsible for Robin Williams' fate. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Mister Rogers: The Illuminati's Profile of Pedophilia

Homosexuality is running rampant. Sex crimes are on the rise. Perverts walk among us, and who's to blame? Well, it's the Illuminati of course. The order's brainwashing program has destroyed America's moral fiber, and it starts with the children. Only kids are that vulnerable. Their young minds are still learning right from wrong and have no greater context to apply life's lessons. They are the Illuminati's targets and have been for decades.

Television shows are the order's primary weapons. In a previous article, we addressed how cartoon's such as "G.I. Joe" and "TMNT" served as brainwashing tools. However, such programming occurs at a much younger age. Shows like "Sesame Street", "Barney", and the "Teletubbies" do much to condition our smallest minds, but none of them top "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood". Not only does this program serve the Illuminati, it implants subliminal messages to make kids embrace pedophilia.

By watching Mister Rogers, children come to see pedophiles as being good people who want to do good. For the most severely brainwashed, they are likely to become pedophiles themselves. How can a simple children's show have such an impact? Before you dismiss us as a bunch of nuts, please let us explain.

On "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood", Fred Rogers boasts the characteristics of a pedophile to a "T". He's an older man that lives alone in a suburb, has no family, spends time with local children, and has a house full of toys. Just imagine if such a person lived on your block. You can probably bet that you wouldn't go trick-or-treating there on Halloween.

In reality, everyone knows that men who exhibit such traits are probably on the sex offenders' list. Unfortunately, most people are okay with allowing such a character to enter their home via the airwaves. They just don't know it. By allowing children to watch Mister Rogers, parents are exposing their kids to a pedophile role model. How are they supposed to tell the difference between what they see on TV versus real-life perverts?

Kids are gullible. If they see a nice older gentleman walking along the sidewalk wearing a cardigan, they're likely to think warm thoughts. If that man happens to talk to them, they're even more likely to respond. If he invites them into his house to play with his "toys", what do you think they're going to do? And why shouldn't they? The TV is telling them that strange old guys that like children are A-okay.

To make matters worse, Mister Rogers' influence continues into adulthood, particularly for the social rejects. These people who live in isolation due to being unwanted by their peers are the most vulnerable to embracing pedophilia. They want to be liked, and they think back to their childhoods and remember Mister Rogers. That leads them to target children. Maybe their intentions are good at first, but a lifetime of perverse brainwashing soon leads them to the most devious ideas.

So remember what "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" is really saying. If you wouldn't let your child hang around someone like that in your town, then why would you let them watch one on TV? Just say no when he asks to be your neighbor.

If you're still not convinced, then check out this youtube video. Mister Rogers and the NWO

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Peggy Hill: The Illuminati's Sarah Palin Prophecy

No matter what seems to be happening or just how irrelevant this woman may become, Sarah Palin never can stay out of the spotlight. If a politician must say something dumb, she's the one to do it, and her role as a national clown is no accident. In 2008, the Illuminati forced her onto John McCain's ticket fully intending to ruin him. This woman, who comes across as completely ignorant, is no moron. She's actually a very clever plant, and Hollywood tried to warn us about her over a decade before her first appearance. That warning emerged in the form of cartoon housewife Peggy Hill.

To provide a blast from the past, Peggy Hill first appeared in Mike Judge's cartoon series "King of the Hill" that debuted in 1997, eleven years before the 2008 presidential campaign.

Both of these characters have lots in common, and yes, we do believe that Palin is a character. There is absolutely no way someone who is that stupid can get that far without careful manipulation. Now let's start with the obvious. They look alike. Peggy and Palin share similar glasses, hairstyles, and expressions. They even have goofy accents to distinguish their voices (Peggy talks with a sharp Texas drawl, and Palin sounds like a Minnesotan). No way was this a coincidence.

The similarities don't end with the faces either. They live in small towns, have little higher education, and act like they know much more than they do. Throughout the "King of the Hill" series, Peggy constantly runs her mouth and makes silly suggestions interlaced with the occasional outlandish remark. Everyone except her husband regards her as a nuisance to be ignored and sometimes mocked. Palin is pretty much the same. Her ignorant comments and idiotic speeches have reduced her political stature to non-existent.

Peggy Hill was a prophecy. Someone in Hollywood who knew something decided to warn us or just see how much the Illuminati could get away with. How could we know that one day a politician who shared all of her characteristics would come out of nowhere and be a vice presidential candidate? There really wasn't, and we're hoping that someone resembling Mrs. Cartman doesn't come onto the scene.

As for Sarah Palin, we believe that she is being used to destroy true conservatism in America. Not only does she thrive at making religious people appear backwards, she is destroying the Second Amendment. Her PAC's use of crosshairs on its website in 2010 to mark Democratic incumbents was no coincidence. Whenever conservatives need their images tarnished, Palin is there to do the deed.

Don't be fooled by her antics. She's an actress doing the Illuminati's bidding, and the secret order sent us a warning.

"2001: A Space Odyssey" or "2001: A 9/11 Warning"?

When it comes to Illuminati directors, Stanley Kubrick is the most celebrated. His films are notorious for their overt symbolism and references to the secret order and its deeds. Whether it be his confession to filming the moon landing in "The Shining" or the obvious images seen in "A Clockwork Orange," audiences can see just how deep this man's affiliation with the Illuminati really was. However, it goes beyond that. We're beginning to realize today that Kubrick knew much more than we could have ever imagined. Believing that he was involved with the Apollo landings is one thing, but what we uncovered is far more disturbing.

Let's take one of Kubrick's most revered films, "2001: A Space Odyssey", and think about what we see. For starters, there is much blatant Illuminati symbolism such as the sun rising over the monolith and the eye of HAL 9000. These things are pretty obvious. What's also fairly obvious are the references to 9/11. Some has been written about this, although we found much more to erase any doubt that this is merely a coincidence.

In many ways, the movie was a prophecy of the fate of the Twin Towers. We should also note that "2001: A Space Odyssey" was released in the same year as the groundbreaking of the first tower, 1968. The first and probably most distinct link between the film and the attacks is the 2001 element. Even in the title itself, Kubrick is warning America that something is going to happen, and he gives the date.

Okay, so you're thinking that the number doesn't prove anything, that there needs to be some kind of overt reference like a plane or a tower of some kind. Well, we have that covered too. In the beginning of the second act, a space plane is flying towards a station in low-Earth orbit. One thing to note about this station is that it looks like a couple of parallel wheels. As the plane approaches, it's moving between the two wheels. This also looks like a plane flying between two towers. At the scene's conclusion, the plane flies into the station. Now if that's not a blatant reference, we don't know what one is!

The space plane itself reveals some prophetic details too. Take a look at the scene showing the cabin. It looks exactly the same as that of a modern jumbo jet, complete with screens in the backs of the seats. We also think the plane's airline, Pan-Am, was a prophecy unfulfilled. If that carrier had not gone bankrupt several years earlier, it may have been a Pan-Am jet that flew into one of the towers.

The references don't stop there, not by a long shot. Let's skip ahead to the end of the second act where the astronauts have discovered a monolith on the moon. As the men move to examine their find, they must descend a ramp into a square hole that has been lined with makeshift walls. The scene looks very much like a construction site and is very reminiscent of Ground Zero after all of the debris had been cleared. Not only does Kubrick provide a jet and tower reference, he provides one of the disaster scene too.

Go onto Google images and take a good look at both pictures. What you see is very similar. The bottom image shows Ground Zero featuring a square crater with a ramp leading into it. The top one shows almost the same thing, a square pit with ramps descending to where the monolith is. This is just too much to be coincidental. Obviously, Kubrick was trying to say something about the fate of the buildings that were set to begin construction that year.

Aside from our own findings, we also know that the monolith itself is very similar to the Hilton that stood right next to the Twin Towers and had survived the attack virtually unscathed. This dark looking building bears an uncanny resemblance to that object in the movie, not to mention that there was a Hilton in the space station too. Given how the dark monolith was the film's focal point, it's another Illuminati calling card. The secret order was screaming out that they had done this while chuckling simultaneously knowing that no one could figure it out.

Between all of the imagery and Kubrick's involvement with the order, we have concluded that "2001: A Space Odyssey" was more than just a practice run for the Apollo landings and was the first Hollywood warning of the September 11th attacks. As always, we have learned from what we failed to see before it was too late. Instead of lamenting our mistakes, we are learning from them by examining Kubrick's last two movies in even greater detail ("Full Metal Jacket" and "Eyes Wide Shut"). What references to future catastrophes do they contain, and can we decipher them before it's too late? Only time will tell

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The Illuminati Are Tracking Your Ammo Purchases

If it's one thing everyone knows (whether you believe in the Illuminati or not), it's that Big Brother is always watching us. Our telephone calls, our internet activities, and even our purchases, the NSA tracks all of it. That includes the purchase of firearms. There really is no way around it, unless you want to end up in prison. Every legitimate gun sale requires a background check. Sure, there are those informal deals and the black market, but the Illuminati have a record of how many guns are on the street.

The order doesn't really concern itself too much with how many guns are illegally sold. After all, what can a gun really do? You're probably thinking that someone can shoot it and kill a person. That would be correct if the gun was loaded, and that's what the Illuminati cares about more, bullets and who's buying them.

Don't listen to the left-wing or even the right-wing media. Both are leading us down the wrong path. Conservative news outlets obsess over firearms and whether or not the government is going to implement gun control. You can relax about that one. Too many firearms are in circulation for the government to confiscate without starting a civil war. Ammunition, however, is another story.

No gun will work without bullets and cartridges, and that's where the Illuminati will strike. While guns are bought and sold on the black market or the parking lots at shows, bullets are still bought from sporting goods stores and other legitimate retailers. People don't really buy ammunition off the street corners, and when they do buy it, they usually do so with a credit or debit card. Right there is how Big Brother gets you. Whenever you buy bullets using an electronic transaction, the Illuminati knows not only how much ammo you have but also the firearm models you possess.

Say for example that you purchased an AR-15 in the back lot of a gun show. That purchase is untraceable, and you could be thinking that you outsmarted the government. Now let's let a week go by and you're ready to take your new toy to the range for a trial run. You start your day at the gun shop to buy some rounds and you put them on ye ole Master Card. Boom, you just gave yourself away. The order now knows that you have an AR-15. Not a comforting thought when considering that the Illuminati's takeover is probably not far off.

Here's why the Illuminati focuses on ammunition as opposed to guns. Unlike firearms, cartridges usually have a shelf life unless meticulous conditions are maintained. So when the order decides to impose quotas or restrict certain types, it knows that some guns will no longer be able to function when the time comes. Also, people don't really suspect this method of surveillance. They're too focused on the guns themselves. The final reason is that tracking ammo purchases gives them a better idea of the true strength of the American populace. The Illuminati don't really care about guns and their numbers. It cares about how much ammo the opposition has. Firearms are not the true strength. How many bullets the people have is.

Okay, you're probably now thinking that the only way to evade Big Brother is to do all of your ammo transactions in cash. That is definitely one way to avoid the order. However, beware of some pitfalls first. Sporting goods stores still have ways to get you to let your guard down. They do this in the form of rewards programs that can also be used to track purchases. If you decide that those points towards 20% off some "Duck Dynasty" fatigues are worth it, then go ahead and give up your anonymity. If not, then keep that card in your wallet.

Even if you do use cash, the Illuminati is still getting valuable information. The order knows just how much ammunition is being sold and where. Pretty much every dealer and wholesaler keeps digital records nowadays. And to make matters worse, most other people do their transactions electronically, so Big Brother can get an idea of who has what's left.

The thing to remember is that guns are bought and sold illegally all the time, but ammunition is almost always purchased legitimately. Forget about the whining of the NRA and conservative pundits. They are leading you down the Illuminati's path. It's not about the guns but the ammunition.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Malaysia Air Flights 17 and 370, Ukraine, and the Illuminati

Several months ago, we brought you an analysis of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and why the Illuminati would want a Boeing 777 to go completely missing. What we concluded was that the jet was being held on the island of Diego Garcia awaiting a future purpose. On July 17, 2014, that purpose was revealed. Another Malaysia Air flight went down, this time over Ukrainian airspace and by a Russian missile. The very notion that this could all be coincidence is ridiculous. 

The Illuminati have done something here, and we're thinking that this airliner was the same one that supposedly disappeared in March. Never had a jumbo jet simply vanished without a trace no matter where it went down, but Flight 370 did. As the months passed, people lost interest and forgot all about it. Now, another Malaysia Air jet crashed and we're supposed to think that the two events are unrelated even though both flights originated from the same airline.

There is one gaping question to this explanation, and that's why. Why would the Illuminati use one plane when it could have just brought down two? We have an answer for that one as well, and it concerns the future of the Ukrainian conflict. Tensions have eased in the region since June, and it appears that Russia is not willing to escalate the conflict to a full-scale war. Separatists are still fighting but will likely lose unless Vladimir Putin offers military support. Beyond that, the future could be anyone's guess.

The cooling tension is likely the main catalyst here. The Illuminati needed something catastrophic to re-escalate the conflict. That's where the Boeing 777 from Flight 370 came into play. While the airliner was being held at Diego Garcia, the order rigged it to be an easy target that would explode on cue. That meant incendiaries and homing beacons had to be installed in the wings and fuselage. Once these modifications were complete the plane could re-enter service. That part was easy. A simple night flight to Kuala Lumpur and a short duration in the hangars fooled casual observers.

The next chapter was more challenging. The Illuminati had to infiltrate the Ukrainian rebels and position themselves to bring down the plane. The press reported that a Russian missile was used and that the separatists had these in their arsenal. We think the media is lying here. While we believe that the rebels had rockets, we don't think they had anything that could take a plane down at 33,000 feet. That's where the modifications enter the picture. Stronger beacons and explosives could allow an inferior missile to strike a more distant target. 

Another factor needing consideration is that Malaysia Airlines was willing to fly planes through Ukrainian airspace. At first, this doesn't seem too unusual, reckless perhaps, but not necessarily unusual. Afterall, the high altitudes should provide safety, right? The world's other major carriers disagreed. British Airways, Qantas, Korean Air, Cathay Pacific, and Air Berlin have all prohibited flights from passing over the combat zone. So, what we'd like to know is why did Malaysia Air not act in sync with its competitors? Did an Illuminati agent infiltrate the company to enact this policy? We believe that's the best explanation.

As the plane flew across Ukraine, the Illuminati's agents probably informed a missile battery that an air-cargo carrier was flying overhead and that it needed to be shot down. Blindly following orders, the battery operators fired. As the missile streaked through the clouds, its guidance system quickly locked onto the powerful beacons, guiding it to the 777. A few seconds later, the missile struck and the incendiaries hidden throughout the plane did the rest. 

The fact that investigators cannot get anywhere near the wreckage should come as no surprise. The Illuminati have work to do in order to ensure that its conspiracy survives, and a bunch of armed goons are sufficient for securing the crash site. Leaks have occurred though. According to one report, a Ukrainian separatist who was on site claimed that the bodies appeared to have been dead for at least several days (We have not fully confirmed this). 

Determining why the Illuminati don't want outsiders to see the wreckage isn't too difficult. Obviously, the order wants no one to find the black box. This could be happening for several reasons. The most likely one is that the data at the time of the missile attack will reveal the incendiaries or the extra homing beacons. Another reason is that the Illuminati never replaced the box from Flight 370. If that's the case, then whoever got to it first might uncover the whole conspiracy, forcing a widespread cover up (We do think the boxes were switched at Diego Garcia).   

One last fact which should be mentioned is that Malaysia Air Flight 17 went down exactly 18 years after TWA Flight 800 crashed outside of New York City. These two events happening on the same day (July 17) is just another one of the many little hints the secret order leaves behind. The brainwashed will chalk it up to coincidence, but we know the true meaning. 

With this tragic event, the Illuminati have redirected all focus back on Ukraine that will likely escalate the conflict, resulting in God only knows what. Slaughtering innocents doesn't faze the order whatsoever, and a few hundred deaths are nothing in comparison to the NWO's bigger picture. The world is being deceived. The 777 that went down in Ukraine was really the 777 from Flight 370. We knew that the Illuminati wanted an intact jumbo jet for some dastardly deed. This was likely it. 

More is likely to come out about this story as it develops, and we will bring you updates.

To check out our article about Malaysia Air Flight 370, click on the following link: 

Update: Multiple news sources are already attempting to debunk the conspiracy theories surrounding Malaysia Air Flight 17. So far, the Washington Post has provided the most thorough (but also inaccurate) article. We would like to take a moment to explain how we reach our conclusions as well as why what we say is correct.

The Post asserts that conspiracy theorists are asserting that Flight 17 went down (or didn't go down) for several reasons. These include starting World War III, removing Putin, that it was actually Flight 370, etc. What we would like to assert is that a careful reading of multiple news sources when the story was first emerging provided us with the best material. When pieced together, the facts can only led to a conspiracy.

Believe it or not, we don't think every major event is part of the Illuminati's plan. Many of them are, but not all. Whenever we see something that's just too strange or has a serious ulterior motive, that's when we start looking, and we won't stop.

To see the Washington Post's article in full, click on this link: A Comprehensive Guide to MH 17's Conspiracy Theories


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Five Reasons Why Is Filled with Liars!

The American humor website,, makes a mint off of its low-brow mockery of all things it can grasp whether it's video games or B-movies. Very little can escape the simian intellects of its vile writers. Until now, we here at IW have taken little notice of this site's depraved content, but that has recently changed. published an article that states those of us who promote conspiracy theories are "destroying the world".

This is not the first time that the humor site has denigrated those who stand for the truth. Its writers have frequently made fun of anyone who believes in the Illuminati, the truth behind 9/11, and the moon landing hoax. However, this latest article has sparked more outrage on our side than anything previously seen, so much to the point where we feel that a rebuttal is necessary.

"5 Reasons Conspiracy Theories Are Destroying the World" is based on multiple fallacies and Illuminati lies. The first "reason" concerns the amount of knowledge available to us via the internet. The writers assert that more knowledge leads to more theories and thus more ignorance. That cannot be further from the truth. Knowledge is power and will always be so. Only those who want to help usher in the NWO would promote such anti-intellectualism.

The second one is possibly one of the most vicious, and that's the one accusing truth seekers (anti-vaccination advocates) of killing people with our perspectives. We had a hard time stomaching just how low Cracked went on that one. Do not trust the stats on that website. They are most likely manipulated. Besides, there is a preponderance of evidence that America over-vaccinates its children. If you don't believe us, just check how many shots other developed countries recommend in comparison to the U.S. We'll save you the time and give you the answer, it's a lot less.

The remaining garbage items on Cracked's list don't even come close to holding water. The third one indicating that conspiracy theories are a big business is rubbish. Most people who do their homework on pundits such as Alex Jones and Glenn Beck realize that they're just pieces of the Illuminati's gigantic puzzle. And as far as "bringing out the worst in people" (#4) goes, that bit is just poorly connected anecdotes that lack any real numbers.

The fifth and final item that accuses us of making it "impossible to fix the real problems" is way off the mark. For starters, WE ARE TRYING TO FIX THE REAL PROBLEMS!!! The hidden forces that control our world is the most pressing issue, and we are doing everything we can to raise awareness to stop it. How dare Cracked try to insinuate otherwise. 

These people who try to debunk us fail miserably. The only ones they convince are those already brainwashed. That's because we do base our findings on evidence, we do consider all possibilities, and we do subject our findings to scrutiny. If you still don't believe, just take an objective look at the state of the world. It's rapidly becoming a morally bankrupt cesspool all set for the beast to take over.

If you're interested in seeing the original Cracked article, here's the link.