Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hurricane Irma: More Proof of the Illuminati's Weather Weapons

If Hurricane Harvey wasn't enough for the U.S. to handle, then Hurricane Irma definitely was. The largest and most powerful storm ever recorded in the Atlantic smashed into Florida and several Caribbean islands before dissipating over Tennessee and the Carolinas. Like its predecessor, Harvey, this storm also unleashed destruction at historic levels. Not only that, but it was a another test for the Illuminati's weather weapons.

As with Harvey, the Illuminati manufactured Irma using microwave emitters to heat specific areas of the atmosphere before guiding it to a horrific landfall. Unlike the previous test, which was designed to see how much damage could be done to one area, Irma was intended to discover how much could be inflicted on a large region. 

Before telling yourself that it was just a storm and a phenomenon of nature, know this. Hurricane Andrew from 1992 was a mere quarter of the size of Irma. No Atlantic hurricane could get that big without manipulation by man. Make no mistake. What transpired in mid-September 2017 was deliberate and by design. Need more proof, read on.

Think about the amount of damage inflicted and how widespread. The Florida Keys, Miami, Orlando, Tampa Bay, and Jacksonville all sustained widespread flooding and destruction. No storm has ever done so much to so many. Even Hurricane Katrina in 2005 affected just one major metro area. Another factor to consider is the storm's route. It followed a path intended to maximize damage. Going north along Florida's West Coast ensured that the East Coast metro areas would suffer from the outer bands and that the other cities would get the worst winds. Not only that, but it maintained integrity long enough to reach Atlanta, which had never ever issued a tropical storm warning until then.

Why is the Illuminati doing this? To force Trump rejoin the Paris Climate Accords, of course, and to move Washington's hand at enacting serious environmental controls. This is what all of this is really about, duping the American public into thinking that climate change is real. And here's the reasoning behind all of it. The Illuminati are pushing for everything to go electric and to function using microchips. When Armageddon begins, they will be able to shut everything down with a single action such as a computer virus or EMP. And if no one has access to fossil fuels, the population will be in the dark and ripe for conquest. Do not give the Illuminati this edge! Protect our fossil fuels, restore coal mining, and continue to argue for offshore drilling. We can win this!