Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Illuminati Symbolism Hidden in Federal Department Seals

It's no secret that the Illuminati have infiltrated just about every layer of government in the United States, and it's also no secret that they leave their calling card to brag about it. The most famous of these "calling cards" is the reverse side of the Great Seal featuring the Eye of Providence. This emblem alone has generated much discussion and controversy that shows no sign of abating in the near future. To those that believe the Illuminati are planning a takeover, the Great Seal is a powerful piece of evidence, but what about other federal seals and emblems? Do they also boast Illuminati symbolism or other cryptic messages? In reality, they do. Although the symbolism is more subtle than that of the Great Seal, it is there and quite plentiful.

Most of the federal seals appear to be fairly innocuous. They depict symbols that relate to their various functions. For example, the Department of the Treasury seal shows a scale and a key, nothing sinister there, right? Another is that of the Department of the Interior. It shows a buffalo grazing across a plain, this also appears to be harmless. However, embedded in these seals are the sinister symbols of the Illuminati. You just have to look a little deeper.

One thing to take into account is the number of stars in these seals. There is no uniform amount per seal. Some seals boast only 3 (Department of Justice), some 5 (Department of Veterans Affairs), and most others have 13. That's right! 13 stars in their seals. Now, we could be referring to the 13 stars that appear over the eagle's head in the Great Seal. Those traditionally represent the 13 colonies. For the sake of argument, we will let that explanation suffice for now. Unfortunately, we have found patterns of 13 stars in all sorts of arrangements and seals where no overt references to the 13 colonies was intended. The following departments and agencies boast 13 stars in their seals: Treasury, Air Force, Defense, U.S. Marshals, and the FBI.

The significance of the number 13 doesn't stop there either. Just because a seal does not boast 13 stars doesn't mean that the number plays no role whatsoever. That's simply not true. What it does mean is that 13 might just show up somewhere else, and it does. Take a close look at the number of arrows that the eagle clutches in its claws and count them. In most seals, the total is 13, but this is also not necessarily uniform (the Department of Defense seal boasts only 3 arrows). That means the presence of 13 arrows isn't supposed to mean anything sacred to Americans. On the other hand, it does indicate the mark of the Illuminati. The following departments and agencies have 13 arrows: The Great Seal, Justice, Homeland Security, State, Congress, and many more. Beyond a doubt, the number 13 plays a crucial role in America. It's a number of Satan, and it's even more likely that America's revolution against Great Britain where 13 colonies rebelled was no coincidence.

With the number 13 being a huge indicator, attention should not be lost on other symbols such as the sun and compass points. These are also highly prevalent in the federal seals. The sun is evident in what is perhaps the most satanic seal of them all, the Department of Education. This seal boasts the Tree of Knowledge with the sun emanating behind it. This is really a dark message telling us that the Illuminati are brainwashing us through education for an evil purpose. Beware of this department and what it does (For an example of the Department of Education's sinister activities, check out our article on the Common Core in the "Illuminati's Takeover of Education). An image of the sun can also be found in the seal of the Department of the Interior. As for compass points, look towards the intelligence branches. The seal of the U.S. Intelligence Community boasts a compass point as does that of the CIA (or red star). You can also see points in the seals of the Federal Aviation Administration and the Office of Personnel Management.

The Illuminati symbolism hidden within our government seals and logos extend well past the Eye of Providence in the Great Seal. Much to the NWO's delight, we focus so heavily on that one emblem to the point that we overlook many of the others. Well not anymore, we are being ever vigilant in tracking down the most subtle of symbols and reporting them to you, so that you can be aware of whom it really is that controls your life.  

Monday, February 17, 2014

Steve Jobs Is ALIVE!!!

The founder and leader of the Cult of Apple, Steve Jobs, is not dead. What was perceived as the passing of a great figure was little more than a farce created by the Illuminati to help them get one step closer to world domination. As of now, faking Jobs' death could have been done for numerous reasons, but one thing is certain, this was something that they had planned well in advance. Indications that this was a sham are obvious and everywhere. From Jobs' unusually lengthy battle with cancer to his secret funeral, the signs all point to an elaborate NWO hoax, meaning that the tech guru is still alive and hiding out.

To understand how this hoax started, we need to go back to Jobs' original diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. For just about everyone who gets this disease, death is certain and swift. Life expectancy usually doesn't exceed 18 months for most victims. However, Steve Jobs managed to live for another 8 years after receiving the news. What this indicates is that the Apple founder probably never even had cancer, and the story that he did was little more than window dressing by the Illuminati. 

Jobs received his initial diagnosis in 2003, well after he had revitalized the Apple cult and had introduced the first of many Illuminati products (iPod). When the announcement of his illness was made, the secret order believed that the cult was back on track and that Jobs could "disappear" and begin his real work for the NWO. Unfortunately, many members realized that if Jobs abandoned his papal position too soon then the cult would begin to disintegrate again just as it had during the 1990s. That's when the Illuminati engineered the story to make it sound as if Jobs' cancer was an extremely rare and slow-growing tumor that might actually be treatable. That would allow the CEO to maintain his position as well as keep the Illuminati's lie intact and ready to use at any time.

That extra time proved valuable. Jobs was able to grow the Apple cult exponentially and has successfully brainwashed much of the population with his Illuminati product line. By the time he actually "died" in 2011, Apple boasted hundreds of millions of followers. With the company finally at its peak, the secret order decided to get Jobs out of the public scene and onto more important work. Consider this, Jobs battled an acutely deadly cancer for 8 years when nearly everyone else who gets it is lucky to live for two, and his death came when Apple was the world's most valuable company. Could this be a coincidence? Maybe, but there's more.

When someone as public and well-liked as Steve Jobs dies, there is a tremendous outpouring of emotions, and the funeral services can be equally immense. However, the arrangements for Jobs' memorial were unlike any other, not because of how grand they were but because of secretive they were. Instead of providing opportunities for the public to express their grief, a "funeral" was held under the tightest security (much stricter than normal even considering all of the high-profile attendees). Those who attended were all Illuminati bigwigs such as Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, and Bono. They weren't there to mourn the Apple founder, they were there to perform a secret order ritual. Faking the death of Jobs obviously had some religious importance for them and whatever ceremony they had must have fit the narrative. No accounts of what happened during the service exist, and all we have to go on is what a few Illuminati reporters can tell us. 

Now if a beyond-private funeral is not enough to convince you, then you should visit Jobs' grave to get the rest of the story. Oh yeah, that's right, you can't. All that is known about the cult leader's final resting place is that it's located somewhere in Alta Mesa Memorial Park. Good luck trying to find it. It's unmarked and could be anywhere. In fact, it probably doesn't even exist. If Jobs' family were so obsessed about keeping his grave private and out of the reach of visitors, they could have had him buried on private property or even had him cremated and kept the ashes in a secret vault. Nope, none of that would do for the Illuminati. They know that eventually someone would either stumble upon the ashes or even exhume the body and learn the truth. That's why the Apple cult leader is supposedly in a grave that no one knows about.

The occasional Steve Jobs sighting does occur. Based on our best analysis, we tend to believe that the ones catching a glimpse of Jobs as a moderately overweight person are accurate. With his death faked, the Illuminati likely changed his physical appearance to that of a chubby man with a "cue ball" haircut. What the secret order is doing with him right now is anyone's guess. There are a few theories. They may be waiting for some more of their "disasters" to strike before revealing that he is alive and well, making him out to be some sort of dark messiah. Or, he could be waiting in secret for when the NWO has taken control, making his reappearance as one of the principal leaders. There is even a chance that he is in cryo-stasis and will be revived when the time is right decades or even centuries from now (If you think cryo is limited to sci-fi, guess again).

Either way, Steve Jobs is alive, but do not rejoice. This is not a good thing. His being alive will do nothing for you. Instead, his living means that the Illuminati are just one move closer to enslaving us all.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Apple Cult: How It Functions and Recruits

For those who believe that the Illuminati is working to bring about a new world order, knowing that Apple Inc. is a major component of that plan is second nature. Between the overt symbolism and the knowledge that Steve Jobs is not really dead (IW is researching that one and will soon provide a full article), it's beyond obvious. However, the methods this company uses to recruit and brainwash are little known, and they've been something that we've been interested in for a long time. Today, we can proudly say that we can answer the question of how the Apple cult functions.

To think of Apple as just another company, even one that is Illuminati controlled, is preposterous. This company does not just have customers, it has devotees. Lovers of Apple products will wait days and days in line for whatever new iPad, iPhone, or other Illuminati device that is being released. No other electronics company can boast such a fan base, and why's that? It's because Apple followers have been brainwashed and continue to allow themselves to be placed under mind control. This is why we refer to Apple as a cult. It can be nothing else, and it's one that glorifies Satan.

To increase its following, Apple uses several brainwashing techniques. The first is through education. The schools are the Illuminati's first line of attack on our minds. Here, we are taught "truths" such as how the Earth is warming, that Oswald killed JFK, and that Americans have landed on the moon. Schools have been using Apple products since the very first Macintosh was released. At first, all students used them, but that has since changed due to the high costs of Apple products. Today, the use of Apple products are reserved only for the "best" students. This allows subtle mind control techniques to affect these kids as well as conveying the message that Apple is for "smart" people. To further reinforce this, Apple products are heavily marketed to hipster groups or rather people who want to breakaway from structures such as organized religion. 

Let's analyze one of Apple's classic commercials, the easy-going laid back young adult (Apple) compared to the uptight guy in the suit (PC). The juxtaposition shows how close-minded and ignorant the man in the suit is, while the relaxed kid is taking things in stride. What this is really saying is that young people who want to rebel and be themselves should come over to Apple. Through the company's advertisements, they are working furiously to brainwash the youths of the world. This is just one more of Apple's mind control methods. 

By convincing people that its products are not only good but also stylish, Apple makes being a part of its cult a very popular notion. Most people who buy Macbooks and other such products have little knowledge of what they can do, and even these products have built in features to control your mind. The small sound bytes and rhythms they emit work in-sync with Hollywood conditioning to make you more susceptible to suggestion. The color schemes and designs also work on your mind to make you feel in need. For example, Apple products consistently use colors that make people feel hungry. When you are hungry, you are far more susceptible to making poor choices. Studies have been conducted that have proven this, but they were performed by the Illuminati and the results were buried. Of course, the researchers were bribed to prevent any leaks.

Through the use of traditional brainwash methods (education and propaganda) as well as scientific means (sounds and colors), Apple has a tremendous power over our minds, and the cult doesn't stop there either. Most of those who fall into the cult are people with at least three Apple products (iPad, iPhone, and iMac). They are of little significance to those in the higher echelons but will follow the company's will. In essence, they are like your casual churchgoer. Aside from being a name on a membership list, they have no importance within the religious body. The next level are the Apple "geniuses" who toil at the various Apple stores. For a job that barely pays above minimum wage, there is much competition. These are young people who are ready to dedicate their lives to the cult. They believe in Apple and want to help it fulfill its mission. They are also screened thoroughly before being hired. 

We talked to a former Apple store "genius" who we will identify as Steve about what went on during the interview process. Steve told us the first round was fairly generic where the manager asked about education and work experience. It wasn't until the next round that the questions took on a more fanatic level. Questions about one's devotion to Apple, dedication to its mission, and why they love the company abounded. Those who indicated the least hint that working for the Apple store was anything less than an experience of a lifetime were quickly removed from the pool. Upon being hired, Steve said the brainwashing continued during training and was much more intense than in any other job he had worked. By the time it was all over, he said that he was to the point where he would die for the company. It was that powerful. Steve told us that he didn't think of himself as an employee but a man on a great mission. Fortunately, the brainwashing couldn't overtake Steve's ego. He quit after working there for two years when he was passed over for promotion to "genius leader." However, Steve did tell us that he felt like certain people were being selected for higher duties within the company. These people all fit a certain profile. They had dysfunctional families, high intelligence, and few friends, pretty much the exact same traits cult members exhibit. 

What we here at IW have determined is that Apple functions similarly to a church. We have provided a chart below as a reference for this analogy.

              Apple                                             Church
Level 1: Product Owner                               Member
Level 2: Apple "Genius"                              Deacon
Level 3: Researcher/Senior Manager           Clergy
Level 4: Corporate Manager                        Bishop
Level 5: Corporate Executive                      Archbishop
Level 6: Board Member                               Cardinal
Level 7: CEO                                               Pope

Just like a church, Apple functions with the same sort of hierarchy. People regarded Apple's first CEO, Steve Jobs, as a sort of demigod who was revolutionizing the world. When he supposedly "died," Apple supporters mourned across the world. He was more to them than just a businessman but an almost spiritual leader. Through brainwashing, these people believed that Apple products had changed their lives, when in reality they had not.

That's what Apple is, it's not a company, not a brand, it's a cult. A cult that worships Satan. It works throughout our entire society to select more members of the Illuminati while programming everyone else to become mindless drones. Do not fall for this! And remember that the "i" in iPhone stands for Illuminati.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

"The Matrix": An Illuminati Warning

In 1999, the science fiction genre was revolutionized by the release of the Wachowski brothers' film, "The Matrix." This movie not only acted as a synthesis of almost twenty years of futuristic movies but also inlcuded dazzling new CG special effects. However, when you take a much closer look at the film, so much more becomes evident. Instead of a really cool action movie about a dystopian future, you get a warning about the Illuminati and 9/11. "The Matrix" is actually a subtle attempt by Hollywood to speak to us, to tell us that it's the NWO who control everything and that we must wake up and see it.

To understand how this conspiracy works, we need to look at the film's story line. Once the green lines of computer code leave the screen, we see a world not unlike ours. People go about their daily lives completely focused on their mundane tasks and oblivious to the truth behind it all. To us, this is reality, a reality where we work jobs, raise families, and not ask questions. In the film, though, that's not the case. With the exception of the few rebels who have broken free, no one knows that they are really trapped in a prison where their physical bodies are harvested for energy. What everyone who is trapped in the matrix really is is brainwashed. 

That's what the Wachowski brothers are trying to tell us, that we are living in a reality that really isn't. We go about our lives not really thinking about what is really behind everything. We believe certain truths and don't question them, and we perceive people who challenge this reality as crazies or nutjobs. That's what "The Matrix" elucidates for us. We can see a perfect metaphor for our own situation, but little do we know that we are the ones who have been brainwashed. We are all prisoners in a world controlled by the Illuminati, and very few of us see it.

Here's how the film's metaphor works. Everyone trapped in the matrix believes what their mind perceives is real, but in actuality, it isn't. Those who are trapped are led to believe that those who challenge the powers that control everything are dangerous terrorists. Periodically, this reality is questioned when some inhuman stunt is performed such as leaping across a rooftop, although the questioning would never lead to the truth. The reality created within the matrix is sophisticated brainwashing at its finest. This is an exact representation of the world in which we live today.

Now onto those who have broken free and become rebels, these people such as Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity are the good guys. They realized that all within the matrix was not as it seemed, and they challenged their realities to learn the truth. Throughout the movie, they are tireless in their efforts to defeat the machines and liberate humankind. These people are the metaphor for those that have accepted that the Illuminati are real. It is we who are trying to inform everyone that their reality isn't reality. It is we who want to, as Morpheus said so well, "free your mind." That is the theme that recurs throughout the film. It's not just about liberating people from slavery but freeing people's minds and opening their eyes. That is what those of us who write about the NWO are trying to do. Like Morpheus, we are trying to free your minds. We are not brainwashed, no longer. We see the truth. We see what an empty existence the Illuminati want for us, and we are determined to stop it. That is exactly what the film's heroes are out to do.

With the first two elements of the metaphor established, we need to address the third and that is what represents the Illuminati. As you've probably already guessed, it's the agents. Those who work in secrecy and are unstoppable. Your single agent represents a member of the Illuminati. They are everywhere and nowhere, and they can't be beaten. They make the rules and control the system. As long as we work in their world, they have the upper hand. Like the Illuminati, agents can be anyone. They can be mailmen, police officers, or teachers. They can use any means necessary to stop you, whether it be through sheer brute force or the bribery of one of your own. The agents are the very essence of evil. However, no one aside from the resistance fighters are even aware of them. That is exactly how the NWO works. They control everything and are everpresent but are also completely invisible. Nobody knows they exist except for those that know the truth. 

Not only is "The Matrix" the perfect Illuminati metaphor, it's also one of many forewarnings from Hollywood about 9/11. This movie's warning can be seen towards the end when a helicopter crashes into a building, creating a massive fireball. It's more than just a simple sign of things to come but also a subtle method to communicate to the masses what such an event should look like if it were to actually happen. The two planes that flew into the Twin Towers looked very similar to the fireball that erupted from the building in "The Matrix." This was someone's attempt to tell us something, and we didn't listen.

Between the obvious metaphor about how the matrix is really our own reality and the pre-9/11 symbolism, there is no doubt that this film was a message, one telling us that we are all brainwashed slaves trapped in a false reality. To make things better, we must heed the message and "free our minds." During the first meeting between Morpheus and Neo, Morpheus offers Neo two pills (blue and red). One leads to freedom (red), the other leads to ignorance (blue). It is red that is the color of wisdom, and it's the red pill that Neo takes. You are also being offered one of two pills. This offer is coming at you everyday. Will you take the blue one and continue living in this false reality, or will you take the red one and free yourself of brainwashing? We took the red one, and needless to say, we have freed our minds.  

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Death of Philip Seymour Hoffman and the Illuminati

Just hours before the start of Super Bowl XLVIII, the world learned of the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. According to the initial reports, the Oscar-winning actor died from a heroin overdose. At the moment, there are more questions than anything else. Was this a suicide? Was it an accident? Was this an assassination? We don't know, but we here at IW are searching for possible explanations as to why such a famous actor would die in his prime at a young age. We're considering everything concerning Hoffman, from his roles to his personal affiliations. One thing is for sure. We do believe that his death is connected to the secret order. All that is missing is a crucial link.

Examining Hoffman's roles offers some clues. The actor enjoyed portraying complicated characters that gave him a chance to really indulge his talents. His most famous role provides some insight, and that's Truman Capote (the renown homosexual author of "In Cold Blood"). Taking on this role did much to advance gay culture in America by illustrating the brilliance and cultural contributions of one man. Hoffman received his Best Actor Oscar for his performance. Another of his homosexual roles was Scotty J from "Boogie Nights." This character had a crush on the main protagonist, Dirk Diggler (played by Mark Wahlberg) and had his advances rebuffed. By portraying such troubled gay characters, Hoffman was willing to help advance the Illuminati's cause, and he was greatly awarded in return.

The circumstances surrounding his death are also highly suspicious. For example, Hoffman died in the classic "celebrity overdose" scenario and under similar circumstances to other artists like Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, and Michael Jackson. Indeed, too many celebrities seem to die young due to a lethal overdose of a controlled substance. All of which leads back to the notion of assassination. These people exchange their talents in return for riches but must bend to the will of the Illuminati. They have to do what the order says, even if they're not aware of it. Most celebrities are kept at a distance from the inner circle. However, some of them become privy to what is going on behind the scenes and this leads to trouble. In Hoffman's case, his immense success probably brought him too close the Illuminati.

If he had broken into the order's inner sanctum, he may not have liked what he saw or became disillusioned with the organization. Either way, he might have decided that going public was a necessity for the good of the people. It would not have been the first time, and it certainly won't be the last. 

Now, the question remains about why other celebrities who have claimed that the Illuminati exist are left alive, and it's a good one too. The explanation rests with the marginal success of most of them. Very few are well regarded in Hollywood, and their images are ruined once they come forward. On the other hand, someone like Hoffman would have quite an impact if he went public. His high accolades for being a serious actor give him a great deal of credibility, so much to the point where the order would find it very difficult to ruin his character as they did with Charlie Sheen. 

If someone with Hoffman's credentials came forward and asserted that the Illuminati were controlling the world in secret, people would take notice and then more would believe. The order would attempt damage control, but even it knows that much of the harm would be permanent. All of this provides the circumstances for why Hoffman would be killed as opposed to ruined if he ever decided to speak out.

As always, much of this is speculation, and we here at IW are still piecing the story together. Given that the mainstream media does a good job of silencing the true facts, we have our hands full trying to figure out what really occurred so keep checking back for updates.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Charlie Sheen, Two and a Half Men, and the Illuminati

To those who see through the brainwashing, the lies, and the destructive actions of the Illuminati, Charlie Sheen is something of a hero. This man went public and demanded the federal government take a deeper look into the events surrounding 9/11. He saw through the nonsense and realized that more was at work during that horrible day. What did this man receive for his troubles? Nothing except humiliation and a complete loss of credibility. Charlie Sheen allowed himself to be at the mercy of the ruthless Illuminati by pursuing a glorified acting career. Given that the secret order made him meant that it could easily destroy him, and it did with finesse.

Warner Brothers and CBS worked to ruin him by deliberately setting his salary too low and allowing Illuminati affiliated staff members access to his food on set. What these "staff members" did can only be speculated, but based on a consensus of those of us here at IW, it appears that he was given mild-psychotropic drugs that caused him to act out. This would have to have been implemented over a long period of time (from several months to years) before taking effect. Although once the drugs had taken hold, their effects were perfect. Sheen pretty much went crazy and got himself fired from "Two and a Half Men." The quote referring to his possessing "tiger's blood" and "Adonis DNA" have become legendary resulting in Sheen's new public image as a loon. Even his resurgence on a new show, "Anger Management," has done little to help him salvage his reputation.

Being a 9/11 truther and working on a show that is definitely intended to brainwash the American public has placed Sheen squarely in the cross hairs of the Illuminati. Unbeknownst to him, "Two and a Half Men" is part of a greater NWO agenda. The show follows two brothers who are forced to live together with a son. Much of the show depicts Sheen's character as a drunken womanizer with a gambling addiction, and the other brother, Alan (played by Jon Cryer), as an effeminate man who faces challenge after challenge with the opposite sex. To many, the show comes off as an obnoxious comedy about guys being guys, but this really is something far more sinister.

As of today, America's acceptance of homosexuality is on the rise, and the belief that the nuclear family is the truly ideal structure has morphed into an anachronism. Much of this has been caused by the Illuminati's brainwashing through television and other media. "Two and a Half Men" is a program meant for a transitional phase in warping our minds. For the Illuminati, destroying the nuclear family concept is complete. Now, they must introduce the idea that homosexual couples raising children is acceptable.

Some Americans already believe that gays can and should have the right to be parents, but the issue is still highly controversial and contested by religious groups. Currently if you want to watch a program about gay couples raising kids, you probably have to turn to HBO or Showtime. The major networks that attract the majority of viewers (ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX) won't touch the subject. 

That's where "Two and a Half Men" comes into play. The show is being used to convince Americans that it's perfectly okay for two men living together to raise a kid. Once the population feels no objection to this lifestyle, the Illuminati will move on to the next phase, and that's airing a sitcom about a gay couple with kids. Of course there will be token resistance from the religious right, and the NWO controlled media will choose a few of the weaker minds to voice those opinions as an attempt to show "balance." However, the rest of America won't care thinking that it's not really all that unusual for two men or two women to be raising a family, and why's that? It's partially due to "Two and a Half Men" conditioning people to accept two members of the same sex parenting a child.

Charlie Sheen was unlikely to be aware of what his show's true masters had planned, but he was wary of the Illuminati. His bravery in demanding that the government come clean about 9/11 makes him a hero to all those who seek the truth. Unfortunately, his position in Hollywood left him extremely vulnerable, causing him to pay a heavy price for his courage. We here at IW support you, Charlie!

Update: Charlie Sheen now admits to being HIV positive. By infecting him with the disease, the Illuminati is not done trying to destroy this man. We will continue to follow this story and provide updates as we learn more.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Illuminati's Plans for Israel and Zionism

The Illuminati date back as far as the early-eighteenth century and have their roots going back even further. Some of the earliest connections can even be traced to the First Crusade and the Knights Templar a short while later. One of the primary goals of the secret order is to bring about the apocalypse in order to create the New World Order and enslave humanity. In order to achieve this goal, the Illuminati must control the Holy Land. They attempted to do it during the medieval period by establishing the Kingdom of Jerusalem but were unable to succeed in holding the city until a final battle could be fought. That forced the order to go into hiding as it lost its power base and faced extermination from the Catholic church. 

Until the end of the nineteenth century, the Illuminati had little chance of reclaiming Jerusalem. However, they had prepared an effective method of gaining its control. During the Crusades, the tool of choice was war. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. With a military capture of the Holy Land out of reach, the Illuminati turned to one of their other tried and true weapons, finance. Following the paths of the Knights Templar and Jewish usurers, the secret order began a banking dynasty that gained control of the United Kingdom (the world's premier power at the time) and much of Europe. This was completed under the watchful eye of the Rothschilds.

Once their banking empire was complete, the Rothschilds (led by Walter, 2nd Baron) began to implement their plans to create a Zionist homeland in the Middle East. Given how powerful the British Empire had become and with the imminent collapse of the Ottomans at the end of World War I, the timing was perfect. Using their profound influence in Parliament, Lord Rothschild convinced the British Foreign Minister, Arthur Balfour, to release the famous Balfour Declaration in 1917. This document proclaimed British support for the establishment of a Jewish state in the Holy Land. Upon issue of the declaration, settlers began to move in immediately despite heavy resistance from the Palestinians. 

With the formal establishment of Israel completed in 1948, the Illuminati had completed their first phase of beginning the apocalypse. The second was the capture of Jerusalem and Temple Mount. This was achieved following the 1967 war. It's the third phase which must be accomplished before the epic battle can occur, and that's the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple. Currently, the main obstacle is demolishing the Dome of the Rock, which cannot occur without overcoming fierce worldwide resistance. According to the plan, the destruction of the mosque will cause such anger throughout the Muslim world that an epic war involving nearly every major global power will break out. This will conclude with the U.S. using its nuclear arsenal to destroy all major resistance, allowing the Illuminati to take over as a result.

Maintaining possession of the Holy Land is extremely critical to the NWO. That is why no American politician can rise without giving his or her unwavering support for Israel (a nation that shows little interest in following international law). Be aware of the plan! The Illuminati are working to bring about the prophetic battle, except that it will be the satanic forces that win and not the good. The media are working feverishly to convince us all that the U.S. must support Israel. The secret order is even working in our churches to help brainwash people into believing that a new temple must be constructed before the Second Coming can occur. All of this is ludicrous. The Roman Catholic church stopped the Knights Templar, and it also can stand against the Illuminati. So far, the book of Revelation is not in the Catholic Bible. Who do you think added it to the New Testament? That's right! It was people who wanted to use it for their ultimate desires.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII and the Illuminati

Every year the Super Bowl is usually the biggest television event boasting swarms of flashy ads, movie previews, fireworks, and of course the Illuminati. With the majority of Americans pausing to take notice, the secret order uses this spectacle as a means to worship the devil as well as getting everyone involved without them even knowing it. This is done through symbolism and music, and this year was no exception. In 2013, we all watched Beyonce flash the Illuminati sign. We believe what see saw this year hidden with Bruno Mars' performance topped it.

As the NWO supported artist serenaded the nation, we here at IW kept a careful watch as to what the true meaning of the performance really was. It didn't take long. Within minutes of Mars taking the stage, triangles began to appear on the screens behind him. These triangles spun and were emanating yellow light, definitely making them clear Illuminati symbols. The triangles did not stop there either. Just take a look at the platform upon which Mars performed, it was also a triangle with yellow lines. Once alerted to the secret order's presence, we immediately realized that the NWO was using subtlety to tell the world that they controlled the event that night.

As the halftime show continued, we saw more and more symbolism, and what we saw was very scary. At one point, all of the screens behind Mars began showing flames. This is a direct allusion to hell, and the camera angles showed the crowd with its hands in the air silhouetted against the flames. The hundreds of fans who thought they were cheering for a singer were unwittingly lured into Satan worship. What everyone at home saw was a group of people cheering and celebrating in a fiery lake, just like the devil's lair itself.

Between the triangles and the images of hell, Bruno Mars' Super Bowl halftime show was little more than a message to America, a message telling us that we are under their control and meant to burn. The game's conclusion with the Seattle Seahawks crushing the Denver Broncos was a pre-ordained certainty. Those who have set the odds at Vegas have walked away with a killing in winnings, and who do you think gets those? Regardless of who won the Super Bowl, the real champion is the Illuminati. 

To see the halftime show with all of its symbolism, click on the link below.

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