Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Lego Movie: Building for the Illuminati One Brick at a Time

It's no secret that the Illuminati is the primary force behind Hollywood and just about every blockbuster made. Whether it be a Pixar classic, a CGI action blitz, or romantic comedy, the order slips in its symbolism and messages. Sometimes these are subtle such as a well placed pyramid, or they are a blatant narrative such as Stanley Kubrick's Apollo confession in The Shining. Regardless of their importance, these can be found throughout the entertainment industry. Most of the time, they're little more than the Illuminati saying we're here and this is what we do. For others, they're unraveling a sinister plot or giving a warning, and occasionally they're a little of both. The latter category is where The Lego Movie falls.

Before we continue, we'll say it. The Lego Movie was very entertaining. The animation and story were very fun to watch. With that said, however, the symbolism (both obvious and subtle) was disturbing. We'll start with the more blatant Illuminati marks, and that's the Octan corporation. To Lego enthusiasts, Octan is the automotive and oil company in the city and town toy lines, but in the movie it's an all encompassing business that controls everything. At one point, the main characters (Emmet and Wyldstyle) go over the number of industries that Octan leads in the Lego world. Those include music, movies, food, and construction. In other words, the company controls the media just like the Illuminati does in ours. There's more to it than that as well. Toward the film's beginning as Emmet embarks on his morning commute, a helicopter flies across the screen carrying an advertisement for Octan. It says "I've got my eye on you". Again, this is the more obvious symbolism. Let's move on to the subtler messages.

These can be found in the film's plot. As the story progresses, the Lego world is revealed to be the creation of an adult brick enthusiast with a very literal mind that craves order and dreads creativity. On the other side is the enthusiast's son who wants to let his imagination run wild and build whatever he wants regardless of whether it conforms to certain themes. This struggle between father and child is a metaphor for the Illuminati wanting to impose a new order and take away our freedom. The movie's villain, "Lord Business", is literally a metaphor for the NWO. According to Wyldstyle's brief history lesson, the various realms of the Lego world (city, castle, wild west, pirates, and space) were once free to intermingle and do as they please. That changed once Lord Business came to power and isolated the individual themes. 

That wasn't all. Lord Business was even planning ultimate tyranny by wanting to lock everyone in place with super glue or the "Kragle" as he called it. This was to occur on "Takos Tuesday", and Business was actively using the airwaves to brainwash the citizenry into thinking that something awesome was going to happen. Only the intervention of Emmet prevented this nightmare and freed the Lego world for good. Now, here's the rub. If Octan and Lord Business are representing the Illuminati, shouldn't they win given that The Lego Movie is a Hollywood production? That's where this movie falls in the center category for symbolism. The Illuminati want to let us know that they're in control while not giving away too much. The order knows it's evil but also realizes that people don't want to see it... yet. That's why good triumphed this time. However, when the New World Order comes to power, there will be no good guy swooping in to save the day.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Chelsea Manning, Caitlyn Jenner, and the Illuminati's Transsexual Campaign

Before Bruce Jenner became "Caitlyn", we had another high profile tranny who was stealing the limelight, Pvt. Bradley Manning. The infamous Wikileaks informant who disclosed bulk loads of classified information announced that he was becoming a "she" immediately after being convicted of espionage. This took everyone by surprise that a high profile individual, especially a soldier, would declare himself to be a transsexual. The press stuck to its usual cover story that feeling feminine had been ongoing for his whole life and that Manning had decided to end subverting his true identity. Do you really think that's true?

When Manning joined the U.S. Army, he signed his life to the Illuminati. Soldiers are just exploitable resources used to fight pointless wars and to serve as human guinea pigs? Remember the Gulf War syndrome? Manning fell into the latter category. For decades the U.S. government has been working to make homosexuality an accepted element of mainstream society. It has done this by allowing the gay population to be decimated by AIDS, which brought sympathy and support to homosexuals, and by legalizing same-sex marriage. Now, it's likely making people want to switch genders.

Whatever twisted therapies and brainwashing techniques the army used on Manning will have to remain a secret. He was probably slipped estrogen in his food while in prison and subjected MK Ultra programming, but this one fact is for sure. He enlisted as a straight man and turned into a woman. Who only knows what the army officials did to him once he was arrested for leaking information? Was gender transformation part of his punishment, or was he some sort of public experiment? 

The questions are numerous, the answers are fleeting, and the lies are abundant. The Illuminati is literally working its entire machine to promote transsexual behavior. It started with Bradley Manning to condition audiences for Bruce Jenner's "transformation". Soon switching genders will become fashionable as men are encouraged to create alternate identities as women. Some guys even joke about what their "drag names" should be. Before you know it, the U.S. will become a bisexual society where men and women switch genders to engage in homosexuality.

If you don't believe us, look at the media trends that paralleled "Caitlyn's" emergence. A renowned Christian family is disgraced by allegations of pedophilia, and ESPN has given Jenner an award for bravest athlete of the year. To add insult to injury, the networks are shaming anyone who still refers to the former Olympiad as a "he". Last time we checked, he still had XY chromosomes which makes him a man. He just happens to be a man who mutilated his body. Those actions used to qualify as symptoms of mental illness, and being a transsexual was once classified under the DSM (who do you think got that removed?). It's amazing how much things can change when the Illuminati engages in non-stop brainwashing.

This brings us back to the original point of the article, Bradley Manning. This individual is not a woman, he's a victim. He's also the closest thing we have to proof that the government can and does make men gay. The fact that he came out after being in custody for over a year is no coincidence. The Illuminati has very sophisticated techniques to not only create homosexuals but to convince them that they always were that way and that there is nothing abnormal about it. 

We are losing the war. In fact, we will be labeled as awful bigots for simply stating facts. Nowhere do we advocate violence or persecuting others. Saying that a man who had his penis cut off is still a man is not a lie, and we will not refer to "Caitlyn" in feminine pronouns. That is not hate, that is the truth. We do not want men who say that they are women using the ladies' room where they can mingle with our wives and daughters. We do not want women identifying as men sharing the same shower stalls as our husbands and sons. This is not natural and to believe it is means that you are brainwashed. The Illuminati machine is firing on all cylinders to convince you that "Chelsea" and "Caitlyn" are women and that we must accept them as such. Resist this and trust your instincts. Only rational thought can keep your mind free from the shackles of the New World Order.      

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Toy Story Brainwashes Kids to Be Corporate Peons

In 1995, Pixar released its debut film, Toy Story, and forever changed the way movies were made. By telling the tale of cowboy doll Woody and action figure Buzz Lightyear, the Steve Jobs controlled studio delighted audiences everywhere, but little did the crowds realize how the flick was brainwashing them and their children. Because on the outside, Toy Story seems like a cute and fun-filled adventure story, although in reality its true intent was to send a sad message to us all.

That message has to do with people viewing themselves as disposable resources and not only tolerating it but also craving it. Just take a look at how America's work culture has transformed in recent decades. Back in the Fifties and Sixties, employers treated their employees as assets and took care of them and their families. That meant providing health insurance and pensions. Such benevolence is no longer the case today. Now, companies treat people like toilet paper, use them up while they're fresh and then flush them for good once they're too dirty.  

Instead of being a part of something in which they can take ownership, modern workers are slaving away for Wall Street Illuminati thugs, hoping that they can have one of the few and highly coveted spots in management before being told to piss off at age 40. What's even more surprising is that people are aware of the efforts to brainwash them into having this mentality. Isn't that the current perspective of the public education system? To mold young minds into becoming corporate peons, of course it is. What folks don't realize is just how pervasive this brainwashing extends. That's where Toy Story comes in.

Aside from the characters and plot, let's take a look at the world in which Pixar's toys live, and to sum it up in one line, it's no utopia. Instead of a happy fantasy land, the toys exist within the confines of their owners' rooms and desire their masters' love above all else. This love comes in multiple forms and is based on how they're played with as well as whether or not they're selected to be kept when the time comes for yard sales or spring cleaning. 

Let's take Woody as an example. At the beginning of Toy Story, he's his owner's (Andy's) favorite, and that makes him the biggest "yes man" shill on this side of the rubbish bin. Whatever is best for Andy is his objective, and he influences all of the other toys to share this perspective. In fact, Woody is blatantly oblivious to the notion that most toys in the room see little if any playtime. He doesn't care as long as he's the favorite, and then comes Buzz Lightyear. The space man action figure with "more gadgets than a Swiss Army knife" arrives on the scene and bumps Woody from his cherished role as "favorite". The natural reaction to being replaced would be "well, if he doesn't want me then f*** him, I'll go elsewhere". That doesn't turn out to be the case, and Woody instigates squabble after squabble with Buzz until the two are nearly blown up by the delinquent neighbor kid.

Instead of wondering why a toy as nice as Woody would put up with being dumped by someone to whom he devoted so much loyalty, the audience is left thinking how nice it is that he and Buzz became BFFs. Never at any moment throughout Toy Story or its sequels does Woody and the gang ever question rebelling against Andy or abandoning him for greener pastures, and that's in face of scenarios such as being tossed in the attic, sold at a garage sale, or just plain thrown out. Hell, Woody even maintained his unwavering loyalty after his girlfriend Bo Peep was discarded.

To put it simply, Andy treats his loyal and devoted toys like s***. To the insensitive and naive boy, they're expendable assets. He buys them, plays with them until they break or lose their luster, and then dumps them for the latest fad. Does this tone sound familiar? It should, because that's Corporate America in a nutshell. Today's companies are all about finding the newest talent at the cheapest prices. Once they're hired, they're worked like slaves with the hope of becoming a "favorite" dangled in front of them like a worm on a hook. For a lucky few, the dream is realized. They climb the ladder to become executives and board members (Just like Woody in the films. Of all the toys, Andy was going to take him to college). For everyone else, it's the shaft once their usefulness has faded (Think Bo Peep, Etch-A-Sketch, and Mr. Spell). 

The evil Illuminati CEOs that are destroying our society know this. That's why they get employees ruthlessly competing against each other for little crumbs such as middle management positions. The executives figure that as long as the serfs are battling for petty rewards they won't be organizing against them. Notice how Buzz and Woody fought each other instead of plotting against the real enemy.  

That's what Toy Story's brainwashing is all about. The film's plot of a few toys having an adventure is just a lure for kids and adults to watch it. Once the opening sequence begins, however, the real message comes out. Kids are implanted with a subtle message that those whom they want to please (teachers, employers, etc.) deserve unwavering loyalty in face of all mistreatment and injustice. And that message persists long after they have watched the film because Woody and Buzz are tremendously ubiquitous icons. This means that whenever a Millennial is feeling dumped on at work, he or she will think about how Woody got through his ordeals and will continue onward as a loyal but despised peon. 

That is the true message of Toy Story, and that's why Steve Jobs worked to ensure that film was Pixar's first.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Bruce Jenner: Transgender through MK Ultra Programming

As of now, former-Olympiad Bruce Jenner is a woman. In his interview with Diane Sawyer, the athlete formally declared that all shreds of his masculinity are gone and that he no longer wants to go by the name of Bruce. For someone who is 65, this is a strange switch. Why would Jenner pick this time in his life to become transgender? Until recently, he always seemed pretty normal. However, a closer look at the previous few years reveals a man caught up in the heart of the Illuminati.

Jenner's connection to the secret order begins with his marriage to Kris Kardashian, which made him the step father of that famous harlot and internet slut, Kim. His affiliation probably dates back earlier, but joining the Kardashian clan cemented the bond. Once in, Jenner began undergoing MK Ultra programming and lost all sense of his identity. The techniques used on him were specifically for wiping out masculinity. This could only be done by destroying neural pathways and redirecting hormones and electrical impulses. The result was a man in crisis who no longer knew who he was. 

The effects manifested themselves physically as well as mentally. During his Diane Sawyer interview, Jenner showed neurological deficits. He appeared unable to blink his left eye or move the left eyebrow. This indicates an extreme programming regimen that destroyed some of his cranial nerves, and being around the Kardashians ensured the warping of his reality. He even confessed that he cross dressed in front of Kris and that she was okay with it. The truth of the matter is that she encouraged and enriched his transgender behavior. 

Once the brainwashing had reached an irreversible point, the Illuminati decided to unveil its hideous creation and did so through a fatal car accident. Before that day, Bruce Jenner was just a quirky former Olympiad that had wound up on "Keeping up with the Kardashians". After the wreck, he had become a revolutionary figure in the transgender movement. In his athletic prime, he was the quintessential example of manliness. Today, he's an effeminate individual who is mutilating his body to attain another gender. 

Bruce Jenner's story is much more than someone coming out of the closet. He's someone who has been a household name for decades as well as a fitness icon who is now shocking everyone with his transgender status. The fact that he is 65 and led a straight life with multiple marriages makes this even more puzzling. Of course the media is trying to play this off as a long struggle with a feminine identity. That's to be expected, but it's also nonsense. 

Trust your instincts! If it sounds too outlandish to be true then it probably is. Bruce Jenner sees himself as a woman now, and his emergence is the Illuminati's method of making a transgender lifestyle popular. The order needed an athlete, a man's man to pull it off. Such a move cannot be done naturally. It requires careful manipulation of the mind, which is what MK Ultra does. Watch Jenner in his interview, he's not all there both mentally and physically. This is what Illuminati programming does, it destroys people.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Killings of Michael Brown and Walter Scott: How the Illuminati Plans to Destroy the Police

For the better part of a year, the Illuminati-controlled media has fixated itself on police brutality, and each story is more sensational than the last. The core of the issue is the racial profiling of African Americans. However, this is nothing new and has been occurring for decades, so why is the media so fixated on it now? Do you really think it's because of cell phone cameras or outrage against racism? Whatever happened to coverage of eyewitness accounts or local protests? The 24 hour news cycle couldn't have cared less until Michael Brown's death in August 2014, and you can bet the secret order is behind the killing of Walter Scott as well as the incessant media coverage behind it.

America is getting ready to rip itself apart over the unwarranted shootings of unarmed blacks. As of now, law enforcement is the country's most despised profession, and the media is howling for reform. Soon, state and local governments will begin taking "initiatives" to combat unnecessary violence and arrests, and they probably won't work due to the Illuminati's deliberate efforts to make them fail. Wanting to please their constituents and donors, politicians will then propose more extreme actions such as privatization and militarization. 

Before officials introduce the legislation, interest groups will have introduced the notion of privatizing law enforcement through subtle "public awareness" advertising. Corporate shills will have dropped the same tired rhetoric of efficiency and accountability while dwelling on the disaster of "government-run programs", and the media will have sensationalized every police encounter where there is even the slightest hint of oppression. 

Academia and the so-called "think tanks" will also help. They'll twist and manipulate numbers to create dreadful statistics that will shock the most hardened minds. Seeing Ivy League intellectuals on CNN, MSNBC, and even Fox decry racist cops will become routine, and bogus stats that don't really sound plausible will become accepted as gospel. 

Eventually, the people will have had enough and proclaim their desire for change at any expense, giving corporations the chance to take over and "restructure" the police to fit their goals. Of course, immediate improvements will be apparent. News stories of fair and balanced law enforcement will grace the headlines, and the statisticians will say that incidents of racial profiling are on the decline. That is what "they" will say. Of course, what this means is fewer officers, more crime, and more tax dollars going to special interests.

Once the corporations and banks get involved, they will siphon public money to their board members and shareholders, giving the Illuminati even more control. They will then argue that society is decaying to a point where normal police tactics are no longer sufficient for keeping the streets safe and advocate for full militarization. What will actually have happened was that corporate overlords slashed salaries and personnel to the point where departments could no longer function.

Stating that police reform is a failure and allowing public control would mean a return to the days of racial profiling and brutality, the Illuminati will then deploy troops to enforce the laws. America will fall under martial law with the people's blessing, and our freedoms will be squashed. That is what's behind the current demonizing of law enforcement. It has little to do with race too, that issue has always been with us. However, now the Illuminati is ready to restrict our liberty and must do it through militarizing society. Racism happens to be an excuse.

We've seen the warnings in film. "Robocop" screamed the dire consequences of police privatization, but Americans were too ignorant to see the real message and focused on the action and gore. Today, the media is destroying all public trust between Americans and their law enforcement. Soon, anyone with a badge and sidearm will be seen as a possible killer. The Illuminati is also responsible for training bad cops with their brainwashing programs at the police academies. The secret order has created this crisis with the goal of dismantling law enforcement and replacing it with the military. Privatization is how they'll do it. Watch for the signs and keep your ears open!    

Saturday, April 4, 2015

How the Illuminati Controls the Universities

Knowledge, prestige, and cutting-edge research, all of these are synonymous with academia. Its reputation depends upon the masses believing that only the most elite minds fill the halls of the ivory tower. With this perception comes an air of infallibility, a notion that all authority rests with the "experts", but is this really the case? Are our universities truly the bastions of ideas, free speech, and objective thinking that the media and pop culture would have us believe? To many, the answer is no, yet there is no shaking the credibility of an academic opinion on almost any matter or the belief that colleges truly promote self-expression. 

To understand how all of this fits together, you must realize how academia fits into the Illuminati's grand scheme. For starters, professors make up a large portion of the order's ranks. These are the faculty that attended elite programs such as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. Those that went to lesser institutions such as state schools didn't meet the criteria but nevertheless had to fit the sinful profile of the Illuminati. 

Here's how it works. Academic departments at the large research institutions will say that their faculty is hired and granted tenure based on research production. That in itself is a colossal lie. Hiring decisions are never based on production but rather degree prestige. Take this real-life scenario as an example. Two recent Ph.Ds apply for a tenure track position at the University of Georgia. Candidate A published three articles in scholarly journals and has his dissertation under contract to become a book, he received his degree from LSU. Candidate B has no articles and has yet to find a publisher for his dissertation, he completed his graduate studies at Princeton. Of course, Candidate B got the job. 

Academia has little interest in producing research but allowing the infiltration of Illuminati members to squash any intellectual resistance. As faculties across the nation become filled with only graduates from the "elite" schools, opportunities for new perspectives are becoming fewer. New ideas are not welcome unless they fit with their philosophies. For example, a student conducting research on how climate change is not happening as the scientific community says will find no home in the universities. If anything, dissidents like that are driven out and black listed. 

By creating an atmosphere of intimidation (your work must agree with our thinking or get lost), the Illuminati is ensuring that only scholars of its choosing become authorities on all subjects. These people then go on to advise officials and provide news commentary whenever opportunities arise which adds further to the brainwashing program. University professors also serve as toxic influences on our youngest talent. Education is a long and delicate process. Those who are receiving it are highly impressionable and don't know better. It also doesn't help that they see these professors through the air of elitism that our culture has applied to higher learning. Needless to say, these bright young minds are being brainwashed.

Those that go to college and do not fall for the Illuminati's pseudo-intellectual trash find their path to graduation difficult if not impossible. Professors will grade them lower due to disagreeing with their perspectives, and if these students somehow make it to the graduate level, they will be tossed out and humiliated with impunity. Is this really the environment of free speech and objective thinking that we associate with academia? Certainly not, unless those ideas involve having gay orgies on the quad.

Like pop culture and banking, institutions of higher learning are just another method of thought control. By convincing the masses that people who deny climate change or promote godly morals are stupid and ignorant, the Illuminati is moving ever closer to its ultimate goal. Even the smartest of us all is easily seduced by the lure of acceptance into the academic community and denigrating dissidents is a small price to pay for inclusion. Be wary of this and remember that universities are not where new ideas are born. They are the places where truth and decency go to die.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Illuminati Wants to Get Randy Quaid

Strange celebrity deaths are no secret to the public. Several times each year, the media reports on how some Hollywood star died far too young and under unusual circumstances such as suicide, drug overdose, or vehicular crash (Think Robin Williams, Amy Winehouse, and Paul Walker). Of course, people just accept the facts as they're reported and dismiss any notions of foul play unless they're mentioned by CNN. Those who know the truth, however, don't fall for the lies and search for the real evidence. That's where the story of Randy Quaid comes to the forefront.

To most of us, the actor is best known as Cousin Eddie from the "Vacation" series and Russel Casse in "Independence Day".  He's really not that famous when compared to the likes of Philip Seymour Hoffman, and that's how he slipped through the cracks to bring us the truth. In 2010, Quaid and his wife were arrested and released on bond for occupying a Santa Barbara guest house they believed they owned. What happened next just goes to show how far the Illuminati will go when it wants someone out of the picture.

Quaid's arrest occurred on the basis that his guest house had been sold several years earlier, and the new owner pressed charges after showing proper "documentation". After posting bond, Quaid and his wife fled to Canada where they attempted to file for refugee status believing that they were targets of the "Hollywood star whackers". According to Quaid, this is the group behind every strange celebrity death, and he declared that it was after him too. 

He didn't identify the organization as the Illuminati. To have done so would have doomed him with absolute certainty. What he has done since leaving the U.S. is star in an obscure film about the group produced by his wife. With the exception of a few screenings in Vancouver, the movie has not seen the light of day.

The case of Randy Quaid is a perfect example of how the Illuminati destroys people once they have outlived their usefulness. In one of his press statements, the beleaguered actor implicates a number of individuals involved in the conspiracy from bankers, government officials, and even executives in the entertainment industry. They're all involved in his destruction.

Once Quaid went public with what was happening, he saved his family's lives. For him to die would have validated the theory and brought the Illuminati into ubiquity. That couldn't happen. Instead, the order has ensured that he stays in Canada, and his status as a minor celebrity will fade as new generations pay less attention to his films. However, he will always be known to us Illuminati believers as living proof of the order's existence.