Sunday, February 26, 2017

Bill Paxton: The Illuminati Star Whackers' Latest Victim

"Dead at 61," that's what the CNN headline said when it first broke the story of the death of Bill Paxton. According to the story, the actor passed away from complications following surgery. Does any of this smell fishy? Just about all of it reeks of third-party meddling. Here are some basic facts. Bill Paxton was an A-list celbrity, meaning that he had a solid net worth, which translates to access to the best doctors on the planet. Second, he was healthy and fit. The man was at a perfectly normal weight for his height and age, and the reports have not indicated any chronic illness such as cancer. Third, he would not be the first celebrity taken out this way, remember Joan Rivers who also died from complications following a routine procedure?

The next questions involves motive. Why did the Illuminati dispatch its star whackers to take out Paxton? This is a tricky one, and we hope to provide more updates as the story unfolds. We're thinking it may have something to do with a sacrifice prior to the Oscars or that the actor had never fully committed himself to the order. Another possibility is that he and his family knew something about the Kennedy assassination. Afterall, he was there in Dallas the day that it happened and was even in a famous photograph. The third explanation is probably the most likely. Now that Donald Trump is president and shaking up the establishment, other Illuminati members may also be willing to go rogue. Paxton might have known something about Kennedy that the order wanted to remain secret and looked to go public with it. The fact that he went on to have a successful acting career may have been the Illuminati's way of keeping him silent. Fame and fortune in exchange for collaboration, who would turn down such a sweet deal.

Paxton may not have even wanted to go public at all. The Illuminati could be cleaning house of anyone who could harm them after Trump went rogue. The order cannot afford another celebrity defector, and dead men can't talk. 

Medical malpractice is appearing to become the Illuminati's prime choice for disposing of nuisance celebrities. It's used to be plane crashes, but people began asking too many questions. Michael Jackson, Joan Rivers, and Bill Paxton are all people who died following physicians' administrations. Who could be next? 2016 was a bad year for celebrities, and 2017 looks to be right on par with it. Is it any coincidence that celebrities began dropping like flies as soon as Trump's campaign started gaining momentum? Definitely not, the Illuminati is cleaning house, and no one is safe.  

Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Press Conference Was Fake! The Illuminati's War Against Trump

Almost one month into Donald Trump's presidency and already we have seen the Illuminati go full force against his administration. He has given everything he has got to tell people that media outlets such as the NY Times, CNN, and the Wall Street Journal are nothing more than fake fraudsters, and yet these entities continue a relentless assault, manipulating every fact they can think of. This is the Illuminati lashing out in a losing battle, and you can bet its agents are doing everything they can to trigger a war with Russia or North Korea. 

Here's the situation. Trump broke ties with the Illuminati to restore the old order and prevent the new. He wanted to end the notion that globalization is the best way forward, that a more diverse society is better, and that creating a welfare state is progress. All of these were key Illuminati objectives. Now that he's president and defied the odds of getting elected, he is dismantling the Illuminati, but the order will not go down without a fight. It has mobilized every resource it has to ensure that Trump's presidency is a short one. The media, celebrities, and corrupt foreign powers are all working to stop the Donald. Their goal is simple, force him to resign or get an impeachment. 

As we write this, little is known about what is truly happening in the Trump White House. The media cannot be trusted and deciphering fact from fiction is difficult with all of the Illuminati agents creating bogus stories. What we do know is that the firewalls are up. It's not that Trump doesn't want to be transparent, it's that he can't be. Transparency requires an honest media or it fails. How can anyone know what Trump wants to do when the media is a bad joke. 

What's even scarier is how the media is beginning to manipulate stories through computer imaging. Technology has advanced to where CGI can replicate humans in live action movies. You can bet the Illuminati is creating fake images and then broadcasting them across the airwaves to feed us a lie. That press conference on February 16th was probably fake, a CGI orchestration that took months to produce. You can also bet that Trump's Twitter has been hijacked by the Illuminati. This is a scary time. The president may be completely isolated and unable to enact policy as the fake media has rewritten the narrative. 

When this actually occurred is anyone's guess. It may have occurred a few days ago or even a couple of weeks ago. We do know that Trump was sworn in and moved into the White House. All else is complete mystery. The meetings with foreign dignitaries could have been faked. We believe the executive orders were real. The Illuminati would not tolerate such things. 

Everything feels strange now, like a blackout has enveloped the world. There is a war going on with Illuminati trying to return things back to its idea of normal. Difficult times are ahead but do not trust the lies the order is spewing. To conclude, Trump is being attacked on all fronts. They are trying to force him to resign. His cabinet may have been infiltrated, and the media is using CGI to make its lies appear convincing.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mitsubishi Motors: A Car Company from Hell

We haven't gotten back to our roots in quite some time, but we still do look for Illuminati symbols in pop culture and commercial brands. In this case, we found something intriguing with the logo of Mitsubishi Motors. What appears as three red diamonds is really a representation of the Unholy Trinity contained within a triangle. This is one of the darkest symbols that can be found anywhere that serves as a direct reference to Armageddon. Each diamond in the logo represents either the Beast, the Antichrist, and Satan. To go even further, three more triangles are present in the design.

What's scarier is that we've been finding more and more of these. From Lady Gaga's Pokerface music video to Ghostbusters, the Unholy Trinity is commonplace. The fact that a car company has chosen it for a logo comes as no surprise. Mitsubishi Motors is a multi-national corporation involved in the plan to convert the planet to a one world economy. An Illuminati reference is all too important.

The symbolism of Mitsubishi's logo is too obvious to be a coincidence. Three red diamonds (red being the color of evil) contained within a triangle can only be a representation of the Unholy Trinity. The strategy behind placing these symbols is not to hide in plain sight but to implant subliminal messages that will ease the transition to the New World Order.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Steve Bannon: An Illuminati Secret Agent on the Trump Team?

The media has been in an uproar since President Donald Trump announced the appointment of Steve Bannon as one of his top advisers. Reporters and libtards alike are freaking out over this man's supposed anti-Semitism and leadership of, the leading alt right news site, and in a strange twist of irony, we are also crying foul. Not because of this man's controversial statements but because of his role at what was once one of the most promising sources of journalism.

When under the leadership of its original founder, Andrew Breitbart, was most promising and delivered thorough conservative coverage. That all changed when Breitbart died under very mysterious circumstances. Of course, we know better than to believe the false reports that claimed he died of "natural" causes. Bannon may have been involved in his death. With the founder gone, a struggle for the website's control ensued and Bannon came out on top. Unlike Breitbart, he decided to take the site in a different direction. Instead of publishing credible articles that went into great depth on their subjects, Bannon opted for click bait intended to rack up page views. This generated more ad revenue and destroyed's credibility turning it into easy fodder for libtard pundits.

Bannon's biography also indicates strong Illuminati ties. He received an MBA from Harvard Business School and likely joined the order there. Then he advanced his career at Goldman Sachs and invested in several successful television shows such as Seinfeld before joining the board of Posing as an alt right conservative to convice the founder that he was for real, Bannon maneuvered himself into a perfect spot for Illuminati espionage. Once Andrew Breitbart was out of the way, he was able to take over the company and transform it into the media's favorite paper tiger.

Why did Trump appoint this Illuminati poser onto his team is up for speculation? Is he scared that the order will come after him like it did with JFK, or does he want to return now that he has made his point? It's also possible that Trump's election was a pure Illuminati con and we're all screwed. Then again we would not have been better off with Hillary Clinton who espoused NWO beliefs up and down the campaign trail, so who knows? 

What we do know is that Steve Bannon is no true believer. The policies that Trump proposes run against everything that man learned at Harvard. He is little more than a shill to appease the extreme right element that propelled Trump to the presidency. Do not fall for it. Trump's election proved that Illuminati brainwashing has a long way to go before the population is subdued. We must hold him and his choices accountable.

Friday, November 11, 2016

President Donald Trump, American Psycho, the Death of Anton Yelchin, and The Simpsons: A Myriad of Illuminati Symbols

On November 9, 2016 Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States. His candidacy defied all predictions and political trends to become the greatest upset since Harry Truman defeated Thomas Dewey in 1948. Trump's victory was more than a win for conservatism, it was a repudiation of the Illuminati's One World agenda. Trump promised to end illegal immigration, scrap free trade deals, and restore the middle class to its previous glory. All of his stances were distinctly anti-Illuminati, and the media's constant lies about him and his campaign go to prove it. Not only that, but he also defeated one of the secret order's most prized candidates, Hillary Clinton. Had she won, the New World Order would soon be at hand. 

Despite the positives of a Trump victory, we here at IW have discovered a trail of crumbs that lead us to believe that the Illuminati saw this coming or may have even planned it. Please do not get us wrong, we strongly believe that Trump was too strong to control and went rogue. We also think that he still colludes with the order when it suits his own needs or those of his agenda.

The symbolism indicating this goes back to the 1990s beginning with Bret Easton Ellis's novel "American Psycho." Throughout the grisly tale of Patrick Bateman's life as a Wall Street banker who brutally kills by night, constant references to Trump appear. Bateman worshipped the real-estate tycoon as an idol and went giddy with glee if he happened to be eating at the same restaurant with the man or one of his family members. Although Ellis made no direct references to Trump becoming president, he left one significant message. Patrick Bateman was 27 years old, and it takes 270 electoral college votes to win.

This symbol was reinforced with the "accidental" death of actor Anton Yelchin who was famous for playing Ens. Pavel Checkov in Star Trek. When leaving his house for a night on the town, the actor died from being crushed by his SUV. This was obviously a set up organized by the Hollywood Star Whackers that Randy Quaid warned us about, but there is one crucial fact that explains why Yelchin was killed. He was 27 years old, the same age as Patrick Bateman. The Illuminati had Yelchin killed because they knew Trump was going to win and wanted to release a message. Only those well versed in the code could decipher it. 

The next symbol indicates that the Illuminati had an inkling that Donald Trump would go rogue and attempt to become president and that was The Simpsons episode from March 2000 where Lisa is elected as his successor. According to the episode's plot, Trump becomes president and destroys the country. The writers indicated in an interview that they wanted to create a storyline so zany that it would be the quintessential example of America going insane. They also tried to say that the episode was meant as a warning. One that they argued went unheeded.

In actuality, the episode was not a warning but the beginning of the Illuminati's brainwash emphasizing that a Trump presidency would be a disaster. That's the entire approach taken by the media and the entertainment industry, convince people that Trump is terrible. It began with The Simpsons and continued through the years with celebrity feuds from the likes of Rosie O'Donnell. All of it had one goal and that was to destroy Donald Trump.

In the end, none of it worked and the Illuminati stood aghast on election night as the people they have worked so hard to brainwash showed just how much will they still have. Donald Trump dismissed the secret order and won the hearts of Americans everywhere. For that, he deserves a chance, and we here at IW will be watching to see how his administration transpires.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

How the Illuminati Rigs an Election

Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly claimed that the election was rigged by both the media and the system. As a former Illuminati member, he would know this. Votes don't matter so much as knowing how to cheat the system. During the Republican primaries, he didn't have to worry about this because he knew that Hillary was the Illuminati's choice. In the general election, Trump knew that winning was more than just generating turnout and convincing voters. It was defeating the secret order's corrupt system. Trump knew how it worked and he told us on numerous occasions. We here at IW would like to provide some more insight.

Rigging a national election doesn't require the collusion of all 50 states but rather those that are battlegrounds like Florida and Ohio. Getting these two states to swing a certain way is all it takes to rig an election. Forget what the pundits at CNN (Crooks News Network) say. Rigging an election can be done. Now, let's look at this even closer. Within these battleground states, the Illuminati doesn't need to focus on the entire state but rather the most closely contested counties. In Florida, that's the I-4 corridor (Tampa, Orlando, and Daytona Beach). The rest of the state leans either solid Republican or solid Democrat. The corridor, however, can shift and determines the state. The same principle applies to Ohio and other swing states. The cheating doesn't need to be done statewide, just in the closest counties.

Next, comes the rigging itself, and it's not complicated at all. Illuminati agents dispatched to these areas are issued dozens of fake IDs and addresses based on those of the deceased. During early voting and election day, these agents visit dozens of precincts and cast ballots. They carry a list matching each ID to its corresponding precinct and cast their votes. This is mostly done during non-peak voting hours from 9:00am to 4:00pm when lines are short or non-existent. By the time the polls close, each individual has cast between 20 and 30 votes. If the Illuminati sent 3,000 agents from across the country, that could mean a difference of 90,000 votes. How do you think Barack Obama won Florida in 2012 by just 75,000 votes?

It's a simple method and one that's been done for over a century. It propelled Lyndon Johnson to the Senate in 1948 and gave George W. Bush the White House in 2000. The old saying from the days of Tammany Hall still ring true, "vote early and vote often". Like their counterparts from the past, today's agents receive substantial cash bonuses. The more votes they cast, the more money they receive. What we know is that the price for casting the first 20 ballots is $20,000 or $1,000 a vote. The 21st through 30th votes cost $1,500, and for those that can get to 31, the price rises to $2,000. That's a lot of money that can be made in one day. 

Remember what Donald Trump said about the election being rigged against him. It can be done, and it doesn't take much effort nor does it have to occur on a national level. A few thousand cheaters spread out among a few metro areas can make the difference. Let's not forget the corrupted elections officials as well. Does Philadelphia ring a bell? The Illuminati media is determined to tell you that it can't be done, but even they admit that there are over 4 million deceased voters still on the rolls. The real number is probably much higher. Of course those "people" vote, their numbers are factored into the turnout afterall. And all it takes is a stack of fake IDs, some cash, and a little MK Ultra brainwashing to make it happen. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

NFL and NCAA Football Games Are Rigged by the Illuminati

All football fans should be dismayed by what we are about to say. To some, it will come as no surprise. To others, it will be shocking and provacative, but we feel compelled to speak out nonetheless. To put it simply, NFL and NCAA football games are rigged to help promote Illuminati brainwashing. This is not mere hypothesizing on our part but a careful analysis over three years in the making. After spending countless hours of watching football and seeing how certain teams are favored by the media, we have realized that subtle forces are being executed to determine the winners of football games. Even if you're not a believer in the Illuminati, this article still applies because too much money is at stake over the fates of certain teams. We here at IW urge you to read on with an open mind.

For starters, we need to disclose that the rigging of football games is not based on players and coaches deliberately choking or anything else that would be too overt. The Illuminati realizes the value in being able to brainwash the citizenry through sports and knows that anything obvious would destroy the perceived integrity of the contests and cause fans to lose all interest. In other words, no one wants to watch a scripted match, except maybe WWE fans but that's for another article. No, what the Illuminati does is much more surreptitious. 

Here are some questions we'd like to ask. Have you ever wondered how referees get away with making horrendous calls? Have you ever wondered why games with botched calls that altered the outcome are almost never covered by ESPN? Do you ever ask yourself why some teams seem to catch all of the breaks in a game? The answers are that the referees are deliberately making or missing calls to affect the outcome of a game. 

We have lots of examples, and we'll start with one of the most egregious. This was during the Ohio State vs. Penn State game in October 2014, and Big Ten referees ensured a Buckeye victory. Early in the game, an OSU defender scooped up a PSU pass after it had touched the ground. The ruling on the field was an interception. The immediate instant replays that followed showed a ball bouncing off the turf before being cradled by OSU's defender. Even after further the review, the referees confirmed that the ruling on the field as an interception. This play quickly led to a Buckeye touchdown. The next botched call came on an OSU field goal attempt that occurred several seconds after the play clock expired. The attempt was already a long shot, adding an extra five yards due to a delay-of-game penalty would have forced a Buckeye punt. These botched calls gave OSU 10 points it should never have received. The game ended in a double overtime defeat for the Nittany Lions.

What made these calls so crucial was that OSU went on to win the national championship and got into the playoffs with one loss to an unranked Virginia Tech squad. If the Penn State game had occurred as it should have, OSU would have had two losses and no luck when making a case to be a playoff team. To make matters worse, the fact that OSU should never have won this game never entered the debate when selecting the top four teams. ESPN ignored it and kept touting how amazing OSU was and that they deserved to be selected. Not one of their sleazebag commentators reminded viewers that OSU had suffered one defeat at the hands of an unranked ACC team (something they would have used to eliminate Florida State) and gotten another victory (PSU) that should have never been. Instead of reporting the facts, ESPN lobbied harder for the Buckeyes than anyone else all season. The reasons were obvious, higher powers wanted a Buckeye championship. 

This comes down to the fact that Urban Meyer is an Illuminati darling. His one year sabbatical taken between coaching at UF and OSU was likely a time for him to undergo further MK Ultra brainwashing. When the man appears on camera, his face is blank as if it's devoid of all humanity. He comes across as a cold instrument of evil. This was his case at UF where he presided over one of the most corrupt teams ever assembled that included Aaron Hernandez. Of course, ESPN will never mention this.

Another example of horrific play calling affecting the outcome of a game occurred a year later during the Miami vs. Duke matchup in 2015. During the last play, referees missed four obvious calls that would have prevented the Hurricanes from getting the game winning score. These included a player being down before passing off the ball and an illegal block in the back. In fact the play calling was so egregious that it prompted the ACC to suspend the officials. Of course, the results of the game were not overturned, and we're sure the referees received hefty under-the-table compensation for their blatant cheating.

We see this in the NFL as well. Certain teams such as the New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, and Green Bay Packers frequently receive help from the refs when the outcome of a game is in jeopardy. Take for example the 2016 season opener between the Packers and Jacksonville Jaguars. Following this close game that resulted in a Green Bay victory, the Jaguars organization submitted 23 plays where it argued that the referees made poor calls (10 is the NFL limit). One of these calls came in the final moments of the game where the Jaguars were on a potential game-winning drive, and the referees missed an obvious holding call against a Jacksonville receiver. This would have set the Jaguars up for a quick touchdown. Instead, the Jags were forced to attempt a fourth-down conversion that failed giving the game to the Packers.

Now, why would the refs rig this one? That comes down to the brainwashing success of the Green Bay program. The team has a nationwide following of sheeple that will do the most ridiculous things to show their support. This includes donning those hideous cheese heads. If Green Bay took a loss early to a less talented Jacksonville squad, viewership for future Packers games would have been reduced. It was in the Illuminati's interest to rig the game's outcome. Afterall, offending the Jaguars' ever dwindling fan base is of little concern.

Do not be fooled into thinking that football games are played fairly. They are not. Higher powers determine the outcomes well in advance. Sometimes teams manage to win despite the referees showing obvious favor. The cheating can't be too obvious or no one will watch. So go ahead and enjoy the next installment of ESPN's College GameDay. The Illuminati is all over it.

Oh yes, we'd like to say just one more thing. Screw you, Lee Corso!