Wednesday, December 2, 2020

A Note from Bruce

Before I go into detail on this post, I just want to say thanks for taking the time to visit Illuminati Watchdog. Your time spent here is greatly appreciated. I wanted to write this post to let those know that have been frequenting this site that after eight years I have decided to call it quits on writing about all things Illuminati. In fact, this blog was never really intended to last this long, but as time passed and the articles increased, it continued. However, times have changed so much since I first started writing this. In January 2013, conspiracy theories were much more entertaining to explore with only fringe elements really embracing them. By 2016, that started to change as the fringe shifted, and conspiracies began to become more mainstream. Today, they have become ubiquitous as elected officials and even so-called journalists publicize them on social media without any thought about the consequences. In other words, what started as a fun pastime has turned into a potentially toxic activity. I can no longer in good faith continue to write these articles, no matter how outlandish, unbelievable, or humorous I can make them.

When I started Illuminati Watchdog, I did so as a kind of joke. All of the articles are satire aimed to poke fun of actual conspiracy theorists. As time passed and the comments accumulated, I realized that many who stumbled upon this website thought they were genuine. That was never my intention, but it never really seemed like a concern until after the 2016 election. By 2020, bogus theories surrounding the coronavirus, Q-Anon, and supposed voter fraud have done much to undermine public trust in many institutions essential to the preservation of American democracy. With too many individuals taking these seriously and knowing that people read what I have written and believe it's fully credible, it's time to throw in the towel.

With that said, I'd like to take a few moments to explain how I came up with so much Illuminati nonsense. It's fairly simple actually. All you need to do is begin watching movies and looking for triangles, eyes, and references to the sun. Add some imagination to it, and voila, instant conspiracy theories. Some of these were really fun to write, and I'll provide a list of my favorites in this post too. Please be sure to check them out. They may not be true, but they're entertaining. In regard to the others, some were just mediocre at best that I cranked out when I felt like I needed to add something. Believe it or not, some of those got the most page views. Go figure! Once I noticed the pattern, I realized the less thought I put into these the better.   

I will say some of my favorite memories of doing Illuminati Watchdog were seeing where my material got quoted. One morning, I LOL'd pretty hard when I saw parts of my McDonald's article reproduced in the UK's Telegraph. Another occasion was seeing several pieces posted on Fundies Say the Darndest Things with people commenting on how ludicrous the conspiracies were. One commenter even suggested I was schizophrenic. I guess they didn't see the satire either. My other favorite memory was probably trolling some of the people that came on the site trying to debunk my easily debunkable theories. Oh, how they had no idea about what they truly were posting about.

So without further ado, here's my list of favorite articles here on Illuminati Watchdog. If you haven't read them yet, take some time and enjoy.

1. The Empire Strikes Back and the War on Drugs: This must be my all time favorite. I was inspired to write this one when I was watching the movie and saw the ice planet Hoth and thought, "Hey, that looks like a giant ball of cocaine." Hell, given how much drug use occurred when filming movies back then, it probably wasn't far from the truth.

2. Illuminati Symbolism in Ghostbusters: Being one of my favorite movies, I gotta say that when Sigourney Weaver opened that fridge and there appeared a pyramid, this one wrote itself.

3. The Illuminati Wants to Put Donald Trump on Permanent Display: Being one of my last articles, this one came to mind as I was reading about Trump's bromance with Kim Jong Un. This is probably very unlikely to happen, but wouldn't it be hilarious if it did?

4. Warnings of JFK's Assassination in Gone with the Wind: I was really surprised that no one had come up with this one yet. A character named Kennedy gets shot in the head in a film made two decades before JFK's assassination and no one makes the connection? I guess most conspiracy theorists don't think there was any symbolism in movies before Stanley Kubrick.

5. 9/11 Warnings in Home Alone: I have to admit that the final editing in this film really does present some eerie coincidences, but that's really all they are. I had fun connecting the dots on this one.

With that said, thanks for reading and please don't buy into conspiracy theories. America landed on the moon, Apple devices are not the mark of the beast, and Biden won in 2020. 

All the best,


Sunday, June 21, 2020

Gravity Falls for the Illuminati

It's no secret that the Walt Disney company promotes Illuminati propaganda on a regular basis, but most of its efforts are around subtle messaging rather than overt brainwashing. However, one of its more recent shows transcends this boundary and introduces a character that is nothing short of flaunting pro-Illuminati symbols. This show is Gravity Falls, and the character is Bill Cipher.

As the series' lead antagonist, Bill Cipher is considered a "dream demon" who can enter the minds of individuals, steal knowledge, and always watching people. Additionally, he is plotting for his "big day" and making deals to make that end goal a reality. Based on these traits alone, Bill is already the embodiment of the Illuminati, but what makes this character even more nefarious is his appearance. Bill is a pyramid with a single eye. In fact, Disney fully acknowledges that he's been modeled on the Eye of Providence. To make him cartoonish and attractive to a younger audience, they gave him a top hat and bow tie.

This brainwashing strategy isn't meant for older audiences, most of whom are already familiar with the conspiracy theory. Instead, it's intended to create a silly reference in the minds of children that will implant itself during those crucial developmental years. As those children grow up and begin to learn more about our flat world (and yes, it's very flat), they will be exposed to the truth about the Illuminati and the Eye of Providence. Unfortunately, the first reference that will come to mind is Bill Cipher, and it will be harder for them to acknowledge reality when they instantly connect it with a goofy caricature.

This is not a new trick the Illuminati uses. They've been doing it for decades through children's programs. Does anyone remember World Championship Wrestling's New World Order? Television has always been a medium for Illuminati brainwashing, and that's because it works. Just the other day, one of our correspondents reported that his son had been watching Gravity Falls and had made paper figurines of all the characters. Guess who his favorite was. Yep, it was Bill Cipher. And no, the little fellow didn't understand the dark symbolism behind the character's traits and appearance. Needless to say that our correspondent has deprogramming work ahead.

To everyone else, we say avoid programs like Gravity Falls and keep close tabs on what your children watch. Because one day, you're going to have to tell them the truth about the Illuminati and the world's future. Do you really want Disney making the first impression?   

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Will the Illuminati Put Donald Trump on Permanent Display like Lenin?

The Illuminati has made all kinds of promises to Donald Trump as part of the effort to ensure that he does its bidding. These range from saving him time and again from bankruptcy to arranging for his show, "The Apprentice," to have tremendous ratings. Sure, he may have gone rogue or off-script a few times, but he always remains in the secret order's pocket. Of the many promises made, most seem fairly predictable in the form of women, wealth, and fame, but there's one that comes across as peculiar. And that's likely in the promise to allow Trump to emulate the absolute rulers of Communist nations by being embalmed and placed on permanent display some day.

It's no secret that Trump admires strongmen rulers like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un. His admiration is so publicly visible that people speculate that he wants to be like them, mostly due to the fact that they are worshiped by the masses. He probably relishes the idea of people lining up to see him as they do Vladimir Lenin. That's why the Illuminati will likely grant him this honor. 

We can only speculate how this will play out, but our guess is that Trump will select Mar-A-Lago as his mausoleum. Trump Tower was the other option, but he wouldn't want to be in a city that doesn't like him. In the room that will be selected as his burial chamber, the walls will be plated with gold and there will be a ruby encrusted "MAGA" hat with the lettering spelled out in diamonds at the front of the transparent, vacuum packed sarcophagus where Trump will eternally rest in his finest suit and red tie, covered up to his chest in an American flag. Tucked in one of his arms will be his personal copy of "The Art of the Deal." Fast food will also be available to feed those that pass through, but only KFC and McDonald's Filet-o-Fish, the Donald's favorites.

It will be an awe inspiring site. In fact, Trump would likely brag about the long lines he will get at his memorial in comparison to other presidents. "Look at those bigly lines. They're YUGE! Trust me when I tell you Obama would never get lines like that." The thing here is that the Illuminati knows that Trump wants to be loved and idolized. What better way can he achieve that after life than by having himself embalmed and permanently displayed with masses of admirers paying their respects everyday. We even think if this does occur that future GOP presidents, candidates, and politicians will have to visit and pay homage to get their party's endorsement. These acts of respect will be really beautiful and touching moments, to them at least.

As for promises the Illuminati makes, it can keep one to embalm and permanently display a leader. When thinking of others who have been presented to the public eternally such as Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh, Kim Il Sung, and Kim Jong Il, could Donald Trump join that list? 

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Trump Will Use the Coronavirus to Stay in Office! Here’s How the Illuminati Will Make It Happen

It's no secret that the Illuminati works behind the scenes in every presidential election. They engineered the 2000 Florida recount situation, ensured that Barack Obama won by destroying the economy, and manipulated the electoral college to give Donald Trump the win in 2016. Needless to say, fixing the election after every four-year cycle is a daunting task. That's why in 2020, the Illuminati will be getting original with how it operates. Rather than orchestrate a complicated election operation, they're going to use the Coronavirus emergency as a method of canceling it.

The reasoning behind this is simple. People are already wary of Trump's potential refusal to leave office in the event he's defeated, but now he'll have the perfect excuse. Trump can insist that the national emergency has been too much for the American people and that he must remain in office until the country recovers, and the Illuminati is going to make this work for him too. It was the secret order that was behind the dismantling of various federal public health departments, and it was the order that ensured China did not disclose full details of the epidemic before it was too late. Indeed, the Illuminati has definitely had its hand in all this. Just look at the name of the virus, Corona, which is part of the sun and an obvious Illuminati reference.

Now, you may be thinking that the 2020 election isn't until November. That's plenty of time for the pandemic to run its course and life to return to normal. And here's our response. The virus may have stopped spreading by November, but life will not have returned to normal. The economy wouldn't have recovered, and the presidential campaigns would have had no time to communicate their messages. All Trump needs to say is that the election needs to be postponed until life returns to normal and then just never reschedule the vote. Sure, this will get challenged in the courts, but they're now rigged in favor of Trump and the Illuminati. Good luck there. Additionally, the potential for civil unrest won't be enough to prevent this either. The nation will still be getting back on its feet after months of being isolated and won't care. 

Yes, indeed, the Coronavirus will be the excuse Trump uses to cancel the election and remain in office for however long he chooses. And without a doubt, the Illuminati and its "sun" or Coronavirus are behind all of it. With America under an authoritarian who is no longer bound by the Constitution, the Illuminati will be one step closer to ushering in the New World Order.  

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Why the Illuminati Hides the Flat Earth Truth

The Earth is flat and flat as a pancake for that matter. Forget what your science teachers and textbooks taught you as a child. They're aren't based in actual evidence, just what some "authority" told them to write. The true evidence isn't in what has been presented but by what is missing. The Illuminati continues to want to brainwash people into believing what it wants them to believe. A round Earth leads to the notion of an insignificant Earth. And an insignificant Earth equates to meaninglessness for the rest of us. When people are convinced that they have no meaning or no purpose, they are much more malleable to brainwashing. 

For this article, we're not going to make the convincing case that the Earth is flat. There are tons of resources out there that can convey the wealth of evidence to support this theory. And yes, the evidence is more plentiful than that used support the theory of evolution. Those of us who believe differently, of course, are subjected to persecution and ridicule. The Illuminati dismisses us as stupid and does not refute our arguments. What we will discuss is what the order hopes to accomplish and hide from us by promoting a round Earth theory.

The reasons come from truth and spirituality as well as the ephemeral levels of our universe. The Illuminati knows that there are three levels sandwiched together like a hamburger. The topmost level is heaven and God's kingdom. This is where the messiah and the angels reside. In other words, all things good. The second or mid-level tier is our Earth. It is the meat, which surrounded above and below by spiritual forces. The lowest level is hell and the demons. It is fire and brimstone, not to mention suffering beyond all comprehension. The Illuminati knows this in-depth. That's why its sick and twisted rituals revolve around devil worship. 

Simple geology can tell us all. Below the surface of our flat Earth, which is the battleground for infinite good and evil forces to fight for control, is unimaginable hell. Every time a volcano erupts, it's literally hell spewing forth on the planet. That's why the Illuminati wants to hide the truth. The order wants us to believe that everything is rooted in "science" and that we are just piles of biology eeking out meaningless existences with no hope and no future. 

The truth is that we are living in a creation that didn't happen by accident and that good is battling against evil for control. The Earth is just the layer in between, but if we are to believe that it is round, then that is to acknowledge that hell has no reality. That's what the Illuminati wants us to think. They want us to believe in the secular and convince us that God is not real and that we have no reason for being here. They do this through media, pop culture, and education. 

Remember, volcanoes are portals to hell, and the sun is a window to God's kingdom which is too pure to gaze upon with human eyes. This is the truth that the Illuminati doesn't want you to know. 

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Why the Illuminati Disposed of Jeffrey Epstein

Conspiracy theories galore abounded following the announcement of Jeffrey Epstein's death. Users on internet forums everywhere speculated that a man who should have been on suicide watch in a federal prison couldn't have killed himself without help, that is if he even killed himself at all. Others posted ideas that he knew too much and had secrets that could devastate some of the wealthiest citizens across the U.S. and possibly the world. News stories reveal that even Prince Andrew of the British royal family possibly had a role in Epstein's sex trafficking affairs.
To confirm what many have postulated, yes, Epstein was most likely taken out for what he knew, but it's what he knew that people haven't comprehended. Most just think that he could name names of people who engaged in pedophilia. However, that's just the tip of the iceberg. What Epstein really would be able to explain was how the entire Illuminati functioned and how it engages in perverse rituals. That's what the sex trafficking was for, to bring individuals to serve members.
In Stanley Kubrick's final film, "Eyes Wide Shut," the director presents a depiction of an Illuminati orgy. Somehow this strange film made it to the general audience, but it was not until after the director's death. Who knows what Kubrick's final cut actually was and what it would have told us about the Illuminati. One thing that should be noted though is that the movie depicted a secret society engaged in human trafficking. Look back to the scenes of the woman who was overdosing. She was kept secret and hidden, only being seen by others in the nude at undisclosed locations and never in public. By the end of the film, the character is dead and the film deeply insinuates she was killed. 
In fact, the Illuminati member depicted in "Eyes Wide Shut" who engaged in the trafficking, Victor Ziegler, bears a striking resemblance to Epstein. If this was the case, then Epstein's actions truly do connect to America's most powerful families. To spell it out, Kubrick's final film was released in 1999, toward the end of the Clinton administration and a time when Donald Trump was reportedly friends with Epstein. This is key and should not be ignored, especially considering Kubrick's proclivities for conspiracy theory Easter eggs.  

Even without the overt symbolism from "Eyes Wide Shut," there is little doubt that someone as prominent and wealthy as Jeffrey Epstein was a member of the Illuminati, and based on his role in human trafficking and ownership of a private island, he was in the highest echelons. Who only knows what occurred on that island too, which has since been nicknamed Pedophile Island. Also in question is who else went there? Did the Clintons, Trumps, Bushes, or royal family spend time there and participate in the Illuminati's most bizarre rituals? Nobody will ever know.

Regardless of who Epstein collaborated with in the Illuminati, the order's membership either decided to ruin him by leaking evidence against him or he stupidly got caught. One thing's for sure, they could not let him talk. Hence, his mysterious death in a federal prison, where he should have been on suicide watch. How the Illuminati carried it out will forever be a mystery. Did they bribe a guard to kill him or bribe prison staff to turn a blind eye while an agent went in to do the deed? We will likely never know, but this was no accident. 

Think it over, a high-profile billionaire who had attempted suicide in a federal prison, which is well-staffed and funded, somehow is not placed on suicide watch is later able to kill himself. What this tells us is that he knew something huge, and the Illuminati had to dispose of him with haste. So much to the point that they couldn't even craft a believable narrative.

Question everything, there are no coincidences! 

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Did The Lego Movie Foreshadow Donald Trump's Rise And What Does The Lego Movie 2 Warn Us About in the Future?

When it was first released in Spring 2014, The Lego Movie seemed like a fairly innocuous kids movie with lots of fun and some Illuminati symbolism that demonstrates the order's omnipresence. However, later years revealed that the film foreshadowed more about events to come than we first realized. Let's take the character, President Business, as an example. In 2014, the character seemed like a typical antagonist who wanted to control everything, but today, the parallels between him and President Donald Trump are too many to dismiss as coincidental. We'll provide an analysis in the paragraphs that follow.

If you're asking where the similarities begin, we'll start with appearances. President Business always wore a bright red tie, which is Trump's most oft worn color. In addition, the hairstyles are similar. President Business had a custom Lego hairpiece that was designed just for the movie. It also looks like a dyed combover with streaks of gray at the bottom. Indeed, President Business bears a striking physical resemblance to Trump.

Aside from appearances, the next parallel is the residence. In The Lego Movie, President Business lived at the top of a black tower, where he conducted all of his affairs. Before assuming the presidency, Trump lived the same way. He lived and worked from his apartment and office in Trump Tower, which is a dark looking monolith in New York City. 

The next similarity is the building of walls. In the film, the various Lego themes (e.g., Bricksburg, The Old West, Middle Zealand, etc.) are separated by walls that the characters are able to navigate. President Business constructed these walls to keep the themes from overlapping and making sure everything stayed in place. Trump is looking to do something similar by separating the U.S. from Mexico by a wall, which will keep things "the way they are supposed to be, permanently."

The final similarity, which makes all of this too much to be coincidental, is the opening scene of The Lego Movie Part 2 when the Duplo aliens begin attacking. As the buildings fall and the emergency becomes real, President Business emerges dressed to go golfing and is last seen speeding away in a golf cart. This is exactly what Trump did on February 15, 2019. He declared a state of emergency and then flew off to Mar-a-Lago for a weekend of golf. The producers of The Lego Movie Part 2 knew all of this in advance and slipped that in there as a "we told you so."

The hidden messages in both Lego Movies are clear. The Illuminati knew that Trump was going to be elected, and they likely orchestrated the whole thing to further isolate his followers from the mainstream brainwashed population. As the order always does, they foreshadowed their plans in films released before the events transpired. We were warned and didn't listen. Like so many others, we were enamored with the idea of Trump turning on the established order and disrupting the status quo, but we were betrayed. And to make matters worse, The Lego Movie Part 2 foreshadows some very dark and destructive times ahead for America.

In the sequel's opening scenes, Bricksburg has become a desert wasteland, its buildings reduced to rubble. The only remaining trace of civilization is an anarchical community called Apocalypseburg, which is built around the ruins of the Statue of Liberty. This is what's most terrifying. Is The Lego Movie Part 2 warning us that our nation is about to undergo some sort of large scale devastation? Further analysis of this film and others is needed to determine completely. Seeing Lady Liberty in ruins is nothing new in the movies. We've seen it in Independence Day and Deep Impact, but the notion that The Lego Movie foreshadowed a wannabe dictator president is what we find disconcerting. The messaging has caused us to reconsider everything we previously thought about Trump. 

Indeed, the Illuminati is clever, and if we're correct in our analysis on President Business, then we erred in allowing for ourselves to be duped by the order. The All Seeing Eye will not fool us again.