Saturday, March 5, 2016

Home Alone 2: Another Illuminati 9/11 Warning

The signs foretelling future disasters are all over films and popular culture, and we here at IW continue to provide you with the most current research. One subject that has received countless attention from us and many others is 9/11. Regardless of what you may think or believe, we have unearthed a plethora of evidence that indicates the Illuminati had planned the attack from the very beginning and was so confident in its success that it allowed for overt signs and warnings to be placed in movies, TV shows, and music videos. We were the first to expose the signs in Hannibal and the Beastie Boys, and now we are about to bring you something original again, overt warnings in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

Before we get started, we want to issue this disclaimer. Conspiracy theorists have discussed the Twin Towers being in the film, but they haven't connected the signs the way we have. With that said, we'll continue.

This movie, released in 1992, was a pretty bad follow up to the already ridiculous Home Alone. Let's face it, the plot was even more unrealistic and the cliches about as stereotypical as they could get. However beneath the surface, something more sinister lurks. 

We'll start with the scene where Kevin McCallister, played by Macaulay Culkin (a brainwashed MK Ultra space case unto himself), visits the World Trade Center and stands on the observation deck of the South Tower. The scene itself also provides many shots and panoramic views of the Twin Towers. Now, this in and of itself does not say too much. Lots of films provide shots of the Twin Towers, although the emphasis is creepily ominous.

Now, the other creepy connection is that Kevin flies to New York on an American Airlines Boeing 767 jumbo jet, the exact model of aircraft used in the 9/11 attacks, not to mention the same airline. Okay, we do realize that it was a United flight that crashed into the South Tower, but an American Airlines 767 crashed into the North Tower. And in Home Alone 2, close ups of such an aircraft can be seen prior to Kevin's arrival in the Big Apple.

Here's how it plays out to offer a subtle warning of the 9/11 attacks. In a pathetic and hurried search for batteries, Kevin becomes separated from his family and boards an American Airlines 767 bound for New York. The movie provides several shots of the plane taxiing, taking off from O'Hare, and landing at JFK. As soon as Kevin deplanes and realizes that he has shaken off his family yet again, he heads straight for the World Trade Center. He doesn't find a hotel first or eat a hot meal, he goes straight to the towers. The order here is critical. Director Chris Columbus wanted to place the scenes of the 767 as close as possible to Kevin's visit to the South Tower. Columbus likely knew that he couldn't divulge much (that is if he truly knew anything to divulge, he may have been acting under orders), but he did provide a little snippet that became all too apparent in the aftermath of the attack.

This breakthrough is another crucial piece of research to silence those who continue to maintain that it's all coincidental. To the skeptics, we say that there must be an awful lot of "coincidences" to dismiss. If they regarded the Illuminati's existence as a real possibility instead of a farce, they'd definitely launch an all out investigation based on the preponderance of evidence. 

And that's not all of it, either. Here's another nugget we would like the skeptics to think over. The most iconic skyscraper in New York prior to 9/11 was the Empire State Building, not the World Trade Center. If Kevin wanted to get the best high rise experience, wouldn't he have gone to there instead. Not only that, but the Empire State Building looks better on film too. Think about that one for a moment.

Based on these findings, we here at IW conclude that Home Alone 2: Lost in New York was yet another warning of the 9/11 attacks that was just subtle enough to go unnoticed until it was too late.  

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Did the Illuminati Assassinate Justice Scalia?

Untimely and mysterious deaths are always tragic and reported by the media to be so, even when they aren't all that they seem. Any time a celebrity or public figures dies suddenly, people are always in a state of sorrow. The media shows ordinary citizens shedding tears and laying flowers while biographical programs air non-stop for several days. However, everyone is missing the point. These sudden deaths raise red flags and very well could indicate foul play at the hands of the Illuminati.

The untimely death of one of the most heroic Supreme Court justices in recent memory, Antonin Scalia, happened under exactly the same circumstances that should raise eyebrows. His conservative stands on homosexuality, freedom of religion, and abortion were nothing short of monumental in this day and age. Though, he still served the Illuminati when it came to financial issues. His ensuring that the court's decision in Citizens v. United was favorable to the big banks contributed to the stealing of more power and influence for the secret order.

His death came at a time when the court was supposed release several controversial decisions, most notably on labor unions and abortion, and Scalia's staunch conservatism was likely incompatible with the Illuminati's plans. Abortion in and of itself is inherently evil, and institutions such as Planned Parenthood engage in Satanic human sacrifice rituals in the name of "protecting" women's health. Those that stand with them are brainwashed or part of the Illuminati. Labor unions on the other hand are the secret order's true grassroots campaign. This is where they organize the masses and convince them that they have "rights" to which they have absolutely no entitlement. Fortunately, labor unions were smacked down by the hand of God and have little relevance in our great nation. That all may change now with Scalia's death and the Supreme Court's inability to reach a majority.

Where Scalia's heroism was the greatest was his dissenting stand in Obergefell v. Hodges. This is the case that has now made it legal for homosexuals to desecrate the institution of marriage with their Satanic lifestyles. He wrote that by permitting same-sex marriage, the U.S. was essentially denying the people the right to govern themselves. This was a direct reference to the Illuminati's gradual takeover of our society, and it may have been too much for the order to tolerate.

Our world is now a careful balancing act where the Illuminati is taking over but doing it slowly, like a frog in boiling water. Those in high power are part of that act. Some, such as the liberals seeking to undo all that is good, are obvious Illuminati operatives. Others take on a more subtle role. Scalia was one of those people. He maintained an aura of conservatism while granting more control to the banks and ensuring that George W. Bush (a member of one of America's highest Illuminati families and the person who turned the Republican party satanic) became president. Unfortunately for Scalia who must have had a change of heart, he let slip too much or was planning to draw the line which discomforted his masters.

The likely official cause of death for Justice Scalia is congestive heart failure. In other words, he died in his sleep for no apparent reason. This might be more believable if he was 89 or lacked access to proper healthcare, but the cause comes across as suspicious. What is also peculiar is how quickly the U.S. Marshals and FBI stated that no foul play was involved. Is a window of a few hours enough to make that determination, especially prior to an autopsy if one is even being done.

The thing is that modern medicine and cardiology are at amazing levels today. People who are under the care of physicians are increasingly unlikely to die without warning from a health issue. Another thing to consider is how fast drugs can work to either cause a heart attack or kill someone outright. So his death appears very similar to that of Marilyn Monroe who did not commit suicide but was murdered. Hopefully, we will know the full truth about the death of Antonin Scalia but that probably will not happen. Our best hope is that an Illuminati defector breaks ranks and lets the alternative media know what actually happened. Until then, we must rely on connecting the dots released by our dishonest government and corrupt media.

Remember to look for those red flags. They mean more than anyone might let on. 

Update: The evidence that Justice Scalia was assassinated is becoming more and more obvious. Even Donald Trump is expressing his suspicions. Given that he was once a member of the Illuminati, this should be taken as Gospel. Trump knows the score. He also knows that the order needs him despite his defection. The mainstream media is making too much money off of the ratings he brings.

Let's now consider that no autopsy is being done despite it being a clear violation of Texas law. On top of that, Trump knew that Scalia died under mysterious circumstances with a pillow "on top of his head" and in an unusual position. There's more. A judge was too quick to rule that Scalia died from "natural causes". How can one tell so quickly? The answer is that one cannot.

Scalia's death was likely another classic celebrity overdose situation where an Illuminati agent injected the justice with something to cause a massive heart attack, heart failure, or paralysis. That's the order's standard operating procedure. 

And no, we don't think Leonard Nimoy did it, but his involvement is still being considered. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

How Pixar Movies Predicted the November 2015 Paris Attacks

Movies, TV shows, and music videos are filled with Illuminati codes and symbols. Some of these are mere reminders that they are everywhere and others are warnings and/or confessions. The order bombards us so much with these that it's difficult to decipher them until it's too late. Well, we here at IW identified one such symbol that was warning the world of an impending danger and we didn't catch it until it was too late. 

On Friday November 13, 2015 ISIS launched a terrorist attack in downtown Paris that resulted in 130 people killed. According to the media, this attack came without warning and was unprecedented. Initially, we thought that the date (having occurred on Friday the 13th) was the Illuminati's calling card. We've learned much more since then and have determined that Pixar movies had been warning us of the Paris attacks all along.

Pixar films such as "Toy Story", "Monsters University", "Ratatouille", and "Cars 2" contain a series of numbers, A113, which can be found throughout. The series often appears on license plates such as Mater's (rusty tow-truck from Cars) and Andy's mother's minivan (Toy Story and Toy Story 3). Those are just a couple of examples. In truth, A113 can be found all over the place in Pixar movies, so much to the point where the studio provided an "explanation" to the observant eye. They claimed that the series was the number of an old classroom used by many of the animators when they were training. That sounds plausible enough. However, it doesn't override the number's darker message.

A113 can be interpreted like this. Let's start with the "A" which also happens to be the first letter of the alphabet. The "A" can also represent "1" for that reason. This would alter the sequence to appear as 1113. Insert a slash between the numbers and you have 11/13, aka the date of the attacks. 

Now, the skeptic will say that this is just a silly coincidence and that we here at IW are off our schizo meds. To them we say we're perfectly sane. In fact, we're saner than your average individual because we have freed ourselves from brainwashing. And we'd also like to add that we have more.

We're going to focus our attention now on the rusty tow-truck character from "Cars" and "Cars 2", Mater, voiced by Larry the Cable Guy. Mater happens to be one of the most likable Disney characters from the past decade whose license plate number is A113. In the first "Cars" film, the license plate appears mostly as just another subtle placement for the number. However, in "Cars 2" things become more serious.

For Pixar fans, "Cars 2" was a nightmare. The movie had a poor plot which focused more on Mater than Lightning McQueen (red race car voiced by Owen Wilson). When released, critics slammed it as a thinly veiled marketing blitz for toys and noted that it was Pixar's first bad movie. We here at IW know better.

The "Cars 2" storyline took the characters around the world and got them involved in an international espionage scheme. This plot was necessary in order to get Mater to Paris. Once in the French capital, the rusty tow-truck drove around flashing his A113 license plate. This was the moment when the numbers acquired real significance because Mater was there as a spy working to stop an international terror plot. 

The "Cars 2" Paris scene was a warning. Mater's traversing the city in order to obtain information to save lives was really meant to tell us that something bad was going to happen in that city on November 13th, which it did four years after the film's release. As with other tragic events, we didn't heed the signals in time. 
To add insult to injury, "Cars 2" was not the first warning. A113 could be seen in Pixar's "Ratatouille" but not in such an obvious context.

All we can say is to stay on the lookout and that you can never read too much into anything. We will continue our efforts to decode movies and entertainment as you will continue yours. Be vigilant and take care.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Star Wars Episode VII: The Illuminati Awakens

The Illuminati delivered once again with the opening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and this time the symbolism was very overt. What we saw were references to the Eye of Providence, the sun, and sacrilegious ideology. Unlike the original trilogy and tepid prequels, "The Force Awakens" takes on a more satanic aura which indicates that the Illuminati has definitely progressed to a new level of brainwash and could be maneuvering for its world takeover very soon.

As for symbols,we'll start with the most overt one and that is Starkiller Base. This is the planet-sized weapon we see in the film. According to the story, it is many times larger than the Death Star and is capable of destroying multiple planets with a single shot from its primary armament. Starkiller Base also resembles a giant eye with red pupil. This is a direct reference to the Eye of Providence and continues the theme of red eyes being associated with apocalyptic stories (Think the "Terminator" and "Matrix" series). A red eye is very appropriate for "The Force Awakens" because the one time we see Starkiller Base fire, it wipes out several worlds killing billions of people, which makes it an apocalyptic weapon.

The next reference is sun-related. In order to fire, Starkiller Base has to harness the energy from a star. Once the star is completely drained, the weapon can then be fired unleashing solar energy in a highly destructive manner. The fact that the film goes takes great effort to show audiences that a weapon resembling the Eye of Providence gains its energy from the sun is frightening to say the least. This is an embedded message that the Illuminati wants us to see. The order is saying that its takeover will utilize solar weapons. These could include microwave beams fired from satellites in orbit or fusion missiles. Either way, it's a message.

The third symbol has more to do with Satanism and the downfall of Christianity. In this case, we are referring to Kylo Ren's light saber, which resembles a red cross. Given that it's used by one of the most heinous villains in the Star Wars Universe, we see it as the Illuminati telling us that it's winning the struggle for the control of our minds. 

Almost everything in pop culture is taking darker overtones. Take music videos as an example. More and more the singers and dancers appear to be engaged in devil worshiping rather than performing a dance routine. The same can be said with films, and "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is no exception. It's one thing to make the dark side more powerful than before in the name of upping the ante, but does that have to mean that the new dark lord has to resemble an unholy satanic knight? We don't think so either.

Another thing to consider (spoiler warning) is Kylo Ren's murdering his father, Han Solo. This is also another Illuminati message. In the movie, Han Solo represents what is good and pure, and Ren kills him with impunity. What the order is saying to us is that it is destroying the morals and spirituality embraced by our parents and grandparents. Millenials are more amoral than any generation before it. They hold Christianity in contempt and embrace homosexuality as being healthy. All of this can be attributed to Illuminati brainwashing that has been occurring for decades.

For those of you that enjoyed "The Force Awakens" and thought it was a great movie, we implore you to see past the glitzy visual effects and take a look at the true meaning of this film. Because beneath the story line and space battles, the Illuminati is implanting subliminal messages in your mind, messages that it will one day activate. Do not become one of the order's mindless drones and see the truth for yourself.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Our 2016 Republican Presidential Endorsement

With the Iowa caucuses just a little over a month away, we here at IW are giving our endorsement for the GOP nomination. This party which has seen nothing but Illuminati shills appears to be on the verge of ripping itself apart by its own members. People everywhere are tired of the same old rhetoric and political correctness that is the norm for campaign language nowadays. No one wants to listen to the incessant doublespeak from the mainstream candidates. Candidates, who if elected, will ruin our way life and mongrelize our society making us ripe for the New World Order to takeover. We have been watching very carefully, and today we speak out.

Selecting a Republican to endorse has been a difficult and easy selection. Most of the candidates are little more than Illuminati puppets. Needless to say Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, and Scott Walker never had a chance. On the other hand, Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, and Carly Fiorina received serious consideration. However, recent events have convinced us that Donald Trump would be the best candidate for the GOP nomination and perhaps the presidency.

We are well aware that the Donald has strong Illuminati connections, but how his campaign has played out has made us think differently. He's awakening that element in America the Illuminati fear most, hard working middle class citizens. In recent elections, the Illuminati has done everything it can to stymie their voices. We got the Bushes who did nothing but tighten the bonds of a global corporatist economy. We got Obama who has done little but weaken the country by taking a sledgehammer to its cultural foundation. We can only guess what Hillary will do.

Another indicator that leads us to believe that Trump has truly gone "rogue" is that the mainstream media is helpless to stop his momentum. The Illuminati is desperately trying to think of ways to use him as part of its election plans with no success. One pundit after another has predicted that the Trump campaign would implode after his vitriolic remarks, but instead the opposite occurs. The Donald is no longer playing by the rules, and the Illuminati knows this. The order has to deal with him, and Hillary is the best chance. In the meantime, Trump is on the loose and seemingly unstoppable.

What we also like about Trump are the constant attacks stating that he's a fascist. This is also something to ponder. Before playing to those negative connotations the word evokes, consider the source of those feelings. Illuminati propaganda, including textbooks, have conditioned society to believe that fascism is evil, only to be associated with Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. However, that is not the case. Fascism is a fierce devotion to one's own people, culture, and land. It is fascism that causes people to unite for their nation's common good. It is fascism that forces people to acknowledge threats to all they value, and it is fascism that keeps a people's values and identity together. Without it, cultures become bastardized, countries become invaded, and values are trampled. A world without fascism is a world for and by the Illuminati.

The fact that the press is hellbent on labeling Trump a fascist is proof that he's on to something and that we need to listen. No Illuminati shill has ever done what he's doing. This is a campaign that's scrapping the PC playbook and saying what needs to be said, no matter how incendiary it may be. That's why we're choosing Donald Trump as our endorsement for the Republican nomination.

We know that he will "Make America Great Again"!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Illuminati Symbolism in Jurassic World

Devising methods to brainwash the public is one of the Illuminati's greatest talents. By inserting carefully placed symbols and innuendo into pop culture, the order is slowly gaining total control over people's minds, and one of its best means of delivery is through the Hollywood blockbuster. These films are cash generators with little cinematic merit save for advances in visual effects. With that said, the Illuminati use them repeatedly for brainwashing audiences around the globe.

The 2015 film, Jurassic World, was no exception. Prior to its release, Universal Studios unleashed a brute force marketing attack to fill as many theater seats as possible. From toys to fast food and video games, the movie became etched into popular culture before anyone even had a chance to see it. And in case you were wondering, all modern marketing strategies were previously secret order brainwashing techniques that have been perfected and approved for use on the masses. One such method is the isolation procedure. The goal with this is to convince the subject that if they do not follow an appropriate course of action that he/she will become physically and/or socially alone. People were driven to madness in control groups from the 1940s. Today, this technique is more commonly known as "peer pressure" and is used to convince people to do or buy something or else be "left out".

With the exception of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, no other movie saw such promotion in 2015, so what we want to know is what the Illuminati wanted to tell us. For starters, Jurassic World makes numerous references to the sun. The entire park is modeled after a temple dedicated to the sun god, and here's how. The resemblance is in the visitor's pavilion. There's a shopping mall filled with boutiques, restaurants, and a Starbucks with a large avenue leading straight to a giant pyramid. In the film, the pyramid is an interactive museum with exhibits on the park and cloning dinosaurs, and it's huge.

What the visitor's pavilion in Jurassic World most closely resembles is the ancient Meso-American city, Teotihuacan. Like the dinosaur park, the city is also in Central America and has a pyramid as its largest structure. Leading up to that pyramid are numerous smaller structures, some of which are also dedicated to the gods.

The visitor's pavilion is a perfect metaphor for Teotihuacan. All of the smaller buildings symbolize America's worship of all things materialistic, right down to its love of overpriced coffee, and then there's the pyramid which is a direct reference to the sun god. It stands there overlooking everything and represents how we're all worshiping the Illuminati when engaged in our own amusement.

The order never misses an opportunity to introduce new symbols to the masses, and any time a new blockbuster hits the theaters, you can be certain that you're going to be shown something. In Jurassic World, it's an overt reference to sun worship and how genetic splicing is coming to our lives soon as the Illuminati are working to design the perfect person. Only time will tell what our futures are. Until then, we await the twisted messages in The Force Awakens

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dr. Ben Carson: The Illuminati's Psychotic Candidate

As of now, there are four high profile presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Dr. Ben Carson. All of whom have deep connections within the Illuminati and are awaiting the secret reveal of who gets the job, which is done well in advance of the general election. The last of the big four (Carson) is the biggest and most fascinating mystery. He's a prominent and religious neurosurgeon who now wants to run the country. His profile is not necessarily the order's most typical such as those of Clinton and Jeb Bush, but it does resemble something else, that of a violent psychopath.

Here's some basic background information on Carson. He grew up in poverty-stricken Detroit in a religious household before straightening his life out and graduating from University of Michigan's medical school. When examining his early life, Carson states that he was a violent individual who even attempted to stab someone during an argument. He also admitted to using lethal weapons such as bricks and rocks to harm others. As he grew older, Carson said he changed and progressed into a surgeon.

It's the violent past that's the indicator that the once-physician-now-turned-candidate is psychotic. Between his desires to do serious bodily harm and his chosen profession of brain surgery, no doubt can exist that Carson derives some sort of sick pleasure from opening up people and picking them apart like lifeless objects. If you think we're wrong, just take into consideration that surgery is one of the top occupations for psychopaths.

The Illuminati needs people like Dr. Carson in its ranks. His psychotic mind lacks all empathy making him perfect for the ethnic cleansing that will follow once the New World Order comes to power. If this man hadn't been recruited when he was an undergrad at Yale, he might have turned into a heinous criminal. No doubt, the order's MK Ultra programming taught him to channel his violent desires by slicing into patients. The programming might also have resulted in his low-key and calm demeanor, which eliminates emotion and subverts violent behavior.

In fact, this guy even has a pop-culture counterpart and that's the fictitious serial killer Dexter Morgan. When you think about it, the two have a lot in common. In public they're both very calm, subtle, and mild mannered, but in private they're violent, blood thirsty psychos. Like Carson, Dexter had to confront what he was and channel it into a useful purpose. The character even chose a profession to match his personality, blood-spatter analyst. Also, Dexter committed his crimes with the preciseness of a scientist and made his trophies from blood drops and lab slides. Carson works in the same manner, and who knows what kind of twisted prizes he keeps. This man is not a normal human. To quote Dexter's nemesis Doakes, he's more like a "f***ing lizard on ice." 

Why the Illuminati wanted him on its short list of presidential hopefuls is open to speculations. It could indicate that the order is getting closer to taking full control and will want a senseless, methodical monster at the helm to exterminate most of the world's population. Another possibility is to aid in the destruction of the religious right. His presence, media coverage, and support could all be a clever plot in order to drive moderates into supporting homosexuality and abortion. 

Regardless of why's he's in the race, the key thing to remember is that he is dangerous. Many of those who think that he is running against the Illuminati might just be taking the bait. Remember, he fits the profile of a psychopath. He has a violent history, became a surgeon, and attended Yale. This man is a wolf in sheep's clothing, and he thrives on blood. His efforts to restore America to its Christian roots are only working to decay them further. 

The Illuminati has the 2016 election in the bag. It's only a matter of which pawn best fits the order's immediate agenda.