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"2001: A Space Odyssey" or "2001: A 9/11 Warning"?

When it comes to Illuminati directors, Stanley Kubrick is the most celebrated. His films are notorious for their overt symbolism and references to the secret order and its deeds. Whether it be his confession to filming the moon landing in "The Shining" or the obvious images seen in "A Clockwork Orange," audiences can see just how deep this man's affiliation with the Illuminati really was. However, it goes beyond that. We're beginning to realize today that Kubrick knew much more than we could have ever imagined. Believing that he was involved with the Apollo landings is one thing, but what we uncovered is far more disturbing.

Let's take one of Kubrick's most revered films, "2001: A Space Odyssey", and think about what we see. For starters, there is much blatant Illuminati symbolism such as the sun rising over the monolith and the eye of HAL 9000. These things are pretty obvious. What's also fairly obvious are the references to 9/11. Some has been written about this, although we found much more to erase any doubt that this is merely a coincidence.

In many ways, the movie was a prophecy of the fate of the Twin Towers. We should also note that "2001: A Space Odyssey" was released in the same year as the groundbreaking of the first tower, 1968. The first and probably most distinct link between the film and the attacks is the 2001 element. Even in the title itself, Kubrick is warning America that something is going to happen, and he gives the date.

Okay, so you're thinking that the number doesn't prove anything, that there needs to be some kind of overt reference like a plane or a tower of some kind. Well, we have that covered too. In the beginning of the second act, a space plane is flying towards a station in low-Earth orbit. One thing to note about this station is that it looks like a couple of parallel wheels. As the plane approaches, it's moving between the two wheels. This also looks like a plane flying between two towers. At the scene's conclusion, the plane flies into the station. Now if that's not a blatant reference, we don't know what one is!

The space plane itself reveals some prophetic details too. Take a look at the scene showing the cabin. It looks exactly the same as that of a modern jumbo jet, complete with screens in the backs of the seats. We also think the plane's airline, Pan-Am, was a prophecy unfulfilled. If that carrier had not gone bankrupt several years earlier, it may have been a Pan-Am jet that flew into one of the towers.

The references don't stop there, not by a long shot. Let's skip ahead to the end of the second act where the astronauts have discovered a monolith on the moon. As the men move to examine their find, they must descend a ramp into a square hole that has been lined with makeshift walls. The scene looks very much like a construction site and is very reminiscent of Ground Zero after all of the debris had been cleared. Not only does Kubrick provide a jet and tower reference, he provides one of the disaster scene too.

Go onto Google images and take a good look at both pictures. What you see is very similar. The bottom image shows Ground Zero featuring a square crater with a ramp leading into it. The top one shows almost the same thing, a square pit with ramps descending to where the monolith is. This is just too much to be coincidental. Obviously, Kubrick was trying to say something about the fate of the buildings that were set to begin construction that year.

Aside from our own findings, we also know that the monolith itself is very similar to the Hilton that stood right next to the Twin Towers and had survived the attack virtually unscathed. This dark looking building bears an uncanny resemblance to that object in the movie, not to mention that there was a Hilton in the space station too. Given how the dark monolith was the film's focal point, it's another Illuminati calling card. The secret order was screaming out that they had done this while chuckling simultaneously knowing that no one could figure it out.

Between all of the imagery and Kubrick's involvement with the order, we have concluded that "2001: A Space Odyssey" was more than just a practice run for the Apollo landings and was the first Hollywood warning of the September 11th attacks. As always, we have learned from what we failed to see before it was too late. Instead of lamenting our mistakes, we are learning from them by examining Kubrick's last two movies in even greater detail ("Full Metal Jacket" and "Eyes Wide Shut"). What references to future catastrophes do they contain, and can we decipher them before it's too late? Only time will tell

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