Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Illuminati's Smallest Slip-ups Tell Us the Most

Here at Illuminati Watchdog, we're constantly on the look out for anything that might clue us into what the order has planned next. This often involves screening movies and music videos, searching for the most obvious yet subtle symbols; but then there are those other occasions when something so slight and so minor can be truly revealing. The thing to keep in mind is that the Illuminati is not perfect and is running a colossal number of scams. It's not easy keeping track of them and sometimes mistakes are made. Finding those mistakes can frequently tell you more than the best analyses on pop culture references.

The other day, one of our team members realized just how true that really is. While monitoring Cracked.com (a frequent antagonist for conspiracy theorists), he was surfing through one of its photoplasty articles, the link is posted below. The piece pretty much puts together numerous examples of how Hollywood gets science completely wrong. Most of the images are fairly innocuous, but #9 tells a different story.

What the reader sees is a scene from "The Empire Strikes Back" of Luke, Leia, and the droids standing before a giant window watching the Millennium Falcon fly away. In the image's text, a passage about how windows in space could not be possible due to the lethal doses of radiation that would enter the spacecraft. 

Of course, the comments section was lit up with people saying that the image was junk and should never had been there, and they all said the same thing, that the Apollo command/service modules all had windows and no ill effects happened to their crews. Now, that's where the Illuminati's mistake is. The fact checkers at Cracked were right about the radiation and the windows. The levels would have become lethal and fast. However, the people commenting actually believe that the Apollo missions left low-Earth orbit.

What we have is a nice little Illuminati mistake. According to "moon landing conspiracy" debunkers, the radiation from outer space had no effect on the Apollo CSMs because of the aluminum fuselages and low exposure. Recent science says otherwise. Probes and shuttle crews have reported extremely dangerous levels lurking just beyond low orbit. The Cracked.com piece is totally right, radiation in outer space is way too dangerous to have windows. It's the brainwashed commenters who have their facts wrong, but they're too far gone to ever realize that they've been duped.

Analyzing symbols and messages gives us only so much, and besides that, they're what the order wants us to see. It's little gaffes like the one we just covered that tell us what we're really after. The Cracked.com piece doesn't say much, but to the trained eye it says everything. What we have is genuine proof that the moon landings were hoaxes, and to make it even better, the Illuminati probably never realized its mistake.

Here's the link to the article. 17 Movies and TV Shows That Have No Idea How Technology Works 

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