Sunday, February 15, 2015

Michael Jackson: A Case Study for MK Ultra Programming Gone Awry

The 2009 death of Michael Jackson stunned the world, and in many ways revitalized the pop icon's status. Fans that had previously abandoned his music began buying it in droves. Radio stations that found him too toxic to touch embraced classic hits like "Thriller" and "Beat It". If anything, Jackson's scandals from the past were wiped away in order to honor his memory. However, his actions, career, and lifestyle should not be forgotten nor overlooked because Michael Jackson's entire existence stands as perhaps the best case study of how the Illuminati destroys the lives of its artists through MK Ultra programming.

In the beginning, Michael started off as the youngest son from an impoverished family living in Gary, Indiana. That soon changed as he and his brothers began to perform local shows which soon got them national attention and even more high-profile gigs. Before long, the "Jackson 5" became a household name, and the group's pact with the Illuminati cemented.

As time passed, the order profiled each Jackson brother, searching for the most impressionable and useful for its plans. Being the youngest, Michael was its choice. This brought him greater stardom but also more intense brainwashing which meant MK Ultra sessions in between shows and rehearsals. At first, all went according to plan. Jackson served as a vessel for influencing the masses and his rewards were grandiose. Then things took a turn for the worst.

Jackson started having bizarre plastic surgery procedures and displaying strange behaviors in public. His famous "Neverland" ranch was an example of a mind broken by programming to the point where it had regressed to that of a childlike state. And then there was the pedophilia. Part of the Illuminati's brainwash curriculum involves copious amounts of homosexual conditioning. Given the artist's mental status, he likely had developed a fondness for children and thus had his over-celebrated sleepovers with Macaulay Culkin (another celebrity who was also undergoing the MK Ultra program).

At this point, the Illuminati realized that Jackson was no longer viable and had to get him out of the picture. This too proved difficult given the star's icon status. He might have gone looney, but he was still relevant and had to be kept in the picture. When Jackson began rehearsing for yet another revival tour, the order had had enough. Higher members probably instructed Dr. Conrad Murray to begin sedating him with propofol. The goal was to get the star addicted and then deliver the lethal dose. Murray was likely a fall guy who had joined the order but maintained a low status making him disposable. 

With Jackson dead, the Illuminati had rid itself of a project gone awry. His death also reactivated his music as a brainwashing tool. Prior to 2009, no one listened to his songs. That changed when he died as his albums literally flew off the shelves and stations began making tributes to the "King of Pop". His fanbase had returned overnight, just as the Illuminati had planned.

As we watch other celebrities decay into the cesspool of oblivion, we know their fate because we've seen it all too often. The life story of Michael Jackson serves as a model for what happens when the Illuminati plucks someone from obscurity and gives them everything. We've seen it before, and we'll see it again.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Robocop: The Illuminati's foretelling of Detroit's Demise

In 1987, an action classic graced the screens and etched a new icon into pop culture, and that classic was "Robocop". Remember, we're talking about the one released in the Eighties, not that sorry excuse of a remake in 2014. Anyway, back to the point. This film did much more than promote gratuitous violence and the idea of cyborg cops keeping our streets safe. It foretold the degeneration of Detroit into a poverty stricken cesspool of crime.

The film had symbolism too, mainly the concept of Delta City. According to the film's plot, Detroit had become so chaotic that a private corporation sponsored the construction of a new metropolis that would sweep away the old and create a utopia for the future. By naming the city after the Illuminati's primary symbol, the order is placing its stamp on the film as well as all the messages it delivers. Delta City is much more than that. It's an image of a perfect society created from the ruins of the old, which is exactly what the New World Order will do when it takes over.

Aside from the references, the movie presents a prophecy that Detroit will fall apart, which has already been fulfilled. The city was already suffering economic pain from de-industrialization during the past 50 years, but none of that compared to devastation caused by the Great Recession. Today, Detroit is a rusted scar on the American Midwest. Crime, poverty, and urban decay are rampant with few remedies in sight. Exactly as depicted in "Robocop".

The film makes other dark implications as well, and these concern issues already apparent today. One of the plot's elements revolved around the privatization of the police force. The fictitious corporation "Omni Consumer Products" or "OCP" managed to use Detroit's high crime rate as an excuse to take it over with the ultimate goal of dismantling it. Like companies today, it also manipulated the facts to achieve its ends. Of course, "OCP's" main objective was the establishment of Delta City. However, present-day corporations are obsessed with convincing the public that government-run institutions are inherently bad and are better off under private control. We are already seeing this with prisons, and police departments are likely to follow due to all of the controversy surrounding brutality.

Aside from privatization, the movie also makes a deep statement about police militarization. Towards the film's end, Detroit's SWAT team is called out to destroy Robocop with some street cops there in support. When ordered to open fire, the street officers refuse to do so because they won't hurt one of their own, but the SWAT personnel begin shooting with impunity. This scene speaks volumes about where law enforcement was directed. The ordinary street cops retain their humanity and refuse to become pawns in a corporation's plot, while the faceless SWAT team (each member was masked) follows orders without question. There is a correlation with today's law enforcement which is now highly militarized and frequently commits inhumane acts with no remorse. "Robocop" was warning us that the Illuminati would destroy what makes cops human and turn them into brutal obedient drones.

That is what the Illuminati wants to do. It plans to remove the consciences of officers and take away all democratic aspects of society while siphoning it off to a few powerful interests. Once that happens, those aspects can be perverted and then destroyed. This also happened in "Robocop" as Detroit's police force went on strike in response to the introduction of droids and cyborgs. What was "OCP's" response? Just get rid of them. They were not essential to the creation of Delta City, and that's the same thing that will happen to all of today's public servants and citizens. They'll be made obsolete and then enslaved by the New World Order.

Underneath the gore and action of "Robocop", there lies the film's true message.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lady Gaga, Ghostbusters, and the Unholy Trinity

The Unholy Trinity is one of the darkest and foreboding symbols the Illuminati uses. Unlike suns, eyes, and numbers, this icon is a direct reference to impending doom. For once Satan, the Antichrist, and the False Prophet emerge, our existence is over, and the Illuminati wants us to welcome this fate with open arms and celebrations. To do that, the order is placing symbols throughout pop culture to dull our awareness and lessen the shock effect.

So far, the Unholy Trinity symbols follow the same format with a female representing Satan and two dogs or beasts portraying the Antichrist and False Prophet. We first saw it in "Ghostbusters" when Gozer descended the steps of his temple and stood amid two beasts who had made the path clear for their god. The notion that Gozer was a female was superficial at best. This can be explained as the Ghostbusters commented about how Gozer should have been a guy, but then Egon said that it could be whatever it wanted to be. The same can be said for Lucifer. He can come to Earth in whatever form he chooses. The Illuminati are letting us know that he will come as a woman.

Another obvious reference can be seen in Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" music video. In the beginning of this film, the artist can be seen emerging from a pool with two Great Danes at her side. Aside from other Illuminati references such as encircling an eye with thumb and finger, the video has a very dark overtone to it. In other scenes, she is seen showing affection to the dogs in a sensual manner. None of this should come as a surprise given Lady Gaga's perverted videos that revolutionized Illuminati brainwash tactics from being subtle to outright candid. 

Even though the symbolism in "Ghostbusters" and Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" may be blatant, the Illuminati sneaks the Unholy Trinity into pop culture via more discreet means. This all depends on the target audience. Music videos and blockbuster comedies appeal to the masses, which have already been so duped to not even notice. More intelligent individuals are harder to deceive, but they have their Achilles' heel as well. 

Take the mockumentary sitcom "The Office" as an example. This show appealed more to a younger college educated demographic. Obvious brainwashing techniques are not as effective with them, but subtle ones are. During the series, the fictitious company "Dunder Mifflin" fell into the ownership of a larger parent company under Jo Bennett (portrayed by Kathy Bates). Whenever Bennet made an appearance, she was accompanied by two Great Danes. The dogs added nothing to the show or the character's persona, but they did provide an Unholy Trinity reference that appealed to that tougher demographic.

By the time the actual Unholy Trinity rises, no one will notice due to the preponderance of symbols already present. That's the thing, we need to care and make ourselves ready for when it happens. America will soon have a female president. It's going to happen sooner rather than later. That woman could be Hillary Clinton or she could be someone else, but it will happen. When it does, the Unholy Trinity will rise.