Thursday, February 21, 2013

The CBS Eye: A Warning That Orwellian Telescreens Are Coming Our Way

The CBS logo, sure it looks innocent enough. After all, we watch TV with our eyes don't we? But, take a closer look at what this logo really means and to whom it's connected. The Illuminati control every last facet of the media and flaunt it whenever they get the chance through hidden symbols. When those of us who spot them cry foul, they brand us as paranoid nutjobs who think the world is about to end.

Now, conspiracy theorists are very familiar with the Eye of Providence being the primary logo of CBS, but what's more distrubing is what that eye is really telling us. To understand, you must go back and study George Orwell's 1984. This book, which is more like a prophecy, introduced us to the "telescreen." This device was a two-way television that could watch people just as easily as they could watch it. With TV becoming immensely popular in the 1950s, Orwell's device just became a part of the greater lore of science fiction. However, we are now living in the days where the "telescreen" is a reality, and I'm thinking that they've been with us for a far longer time than we want to think.

With the advent of LCD and plasma screens, the need for the average TV repairman ceased as the devices became "too sophisticated" to dismantle and reassemble successfully. This is all complete nonsense. What electronics manufacturers are doing is using the new technology as a means to slip cameras in without detection in order to monitor us. Given the expense of these devices, the Illuminati are making sure that only those that are a threat get one. As for the rest of us, our TVs are probably safe for now, but they won't be for long.

The CBS logo is a subtle Illuminati warning telling us that not only do they control the media but they are also able to watch us in our most private environments. The eye is a blatant message saying "we're watching you." They're already doing this through our computers and cell phones, which is why I won't carry one. To protect myself while online, I place black utility tape over the webcam and maintain absolute silence. Regardless of whatever precautions you may or may not take, the Illuminati is either watching us already or soon will be, so think twice about upgrading to a bigger and better tv. High definition can work both ways.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Were the Illuminati behind the Death of Kurt Cobain?

Recently, an interview has been circulating among various underground movements from someone who gave his name as Fred Kelso. There are no transcripts to this interview, and apparently the true identity of "Fred Kelso" remains elusive. To provide some background information, "Fred Kelso" was an orderly at the Exodus Recovery Center in Los Angeles during 1994 right before Kurt Cobain committed suicide. What details that have become available are revealing to say the least about how the Illuminati control the entertainment industry.

While working at ERC, "Kelso" said he had numerous conversations with Cobain. These occurred mostly late at night when he was one of the few people staffing the facilities. These conversations were about anything including each others' families, music, and even politics. However, one night (just before Cobain disappeared from ERC), the pair talked about something of a different nature.

Based on "Kelso's" account, Cobain appeared very restless and started raving about conspiracies and how "they" were trying to use his music for all the wrong reasons. When "Kelso" tried to calm him down and ask about who "they" were, Cobain turned white in the face and retreated to his room. Not being discouraged, "Kelso" followed and tried to get him to clarify what he said. Even when pressed for details, Cobain remained tight-lipped. All he said to "Kelso" was that there were "forces in the world that controlled everything and nobody knows it."

"Kelso" decided not to pursue the issue mostly because he just thought Cobain was acting delirious. Not until Cobain's escape and his apparent suicide a few days later did the wheels in his mind start to turn. In the interview, "Kelso" states that he's "never really been one for conspiracy theories but that it seems strange that Cobain's death was that soon, like someone was trying to stop him or something."

While "Kelso" was clear that Cobain had never mentioned the Illuminati, it was the only explanation that fit the circumstances, and it makes sense too. Nirvana was an underground group that emerged to gain a tremendous following, and Cobain was very outspoken about his liberal politics. At the time, the Illuminati may have seen him as a potential tool to help with their mind control through music and entertainment. However, Cobain's non-conformist style and refusal to follow a specific pattern for writing lyrics probably didn't sit well with those only interested in propaganda. Realizing that the lead singer could not be controlled may have led the Illuminati to move toward their next strategy, elimination. It's also possible that Cobain's excessive drug use and other issues may also have originated with the secret society.

Regardless of the "Kelso" interview's authenticity, the possibility of a Cobain conspiracy is very real. Only artists that can be controlled by the major records producers will make it and continue to perform. Those like Cobain, who are true artists, will never succeed for long. Because to the Illuminati, the entertainment industry is just another mind control method. Independent rebels need not apply. 

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