Friday, December 26, 2014

The Red Eye of the Illuminati: An Apocalyptic Warning

Red, it's the color of danger, alarm, and evil. The very sight of it causes our bodies and minds to react in ways we cannot control. Those ways usually mean fear and survival. Knowing this color's full psychological power, the Illuminati have been using it endlessly to further its goals and brainwash the masses. To the order, red is its core color, and it will be the color to which mankind bows when the NWO claims power. If you think otherwise, it's just because you have yet to see the warnings.

For decades, the Illuminati has embedded red symbols into films, and there is a clear pattern to their placement. For starters, the symbols are only eyes, red eyes, and each movie that boasts them deals with machines having control over man. We'll start with "2001: A Space Odyssey". In this film, a computer named HAL 9000 controls a spacecraft bound for Mars. Toward the end of the voyage, HAL betrays its crew and attempts to kill them. Of course, the computer is personified through the image of a red eye. The fact that this film was directed by Stanley Kubrick should also not be overlooked. HAL's red eye is just one more Illuminati reference out of dozens, and it indicates what we should look for when machines begin to go against us.

The next franchise that employs such a reference is "The Terminator" series. This one might be the most obvious with the poster featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and his red machine eye. In this series, computers have taken over Earth and are attempting to exterminate the human race. Using terminator robots, the machines battle what's left of humanity, and each one of these robots boasts a set of glowing red eyes. This is an apocalyptic reference by the Illuminati, and we must take it seriously because...

It's not the only franchise to do this. "The Matrix" trilogy also follows the same pattern. Like "The Terminator", these films use the same theme, humanity has been exterminated by artificial intelligence and exists as slaves with the exception of a small resistance group. And like the preceding franchise, the machines (sentinels in particular) from "The Matrix" have red eyes. Do you still think it's a coincidence?

If not, here's another series for you to consider, "Transformers". The villainous Decepticons in these movies generally boast red eyes, and they're even referenced in the promotional posters. However, the most blatant apocalyptic reference is found on Shockwave. This Decepticon boasts a single red eye. The one eye is a classic Illuminati trademark, and the fact that it's red means that it's referring to doomsday. 

So let's review what we've covered. The Illuminati has used its signature symbol, the eye, in films about technology ruling over man. Unlike other eyes in movies, these are all red and belong to machines. We should also consider the directors, Stanley Kubrick, James Cameron, the Wachowski brothers, and Michael Bay. All are members of the order and serve it well. Make no mistake, these symbols are deliberate and well placed. They are a warning of things to come.

In fact, that brings us to our final point, and that's where the red eye can be found in the real world. The Motorola Droid phones and tablets boast single red eyes that resemble HAL 9000's. If you own one of these phones, be very careful. If they are not already being used against you, they soon will be. The Illuminati has warned us that the red eye is a symbol of apocalyptic evil, yet no one seems to notice or care. Then again, what else can they buy? Apple products, not exactly a viable option.    


  1. Well this is all batshit crazy

  2. rhe goverment says i have scitzafrenia and drug indused delousions, I see red eyes in the tv, people in person and in my dreams, some times faces morphing into a scary face smiling at me, ive seen the most beutiful girl in the tv sitting on a chair in thw middle of room with only white tiled floor and walls, she also had red eyes and when she noticed me looking at her i could tell she kinda freeked out and got up out of the chair and moved closer to the veiw of the tv as if her face was almost touching the screen it looked like i was watching a live webcam link from another plannet, but this was the first time i seen red eyes and when i looked around everyone in the room with me had red eyes and freeked out and i did exactly as u said i was so scared of it, so fear and i also went straight for the closest knife cause i was that scared cause i thort my friends where trying to kill me or somthing, they kept asking me r you okay! And what did u see in the tv! They chucked me in a car locked rhe doors and baught me home to sleep and made sure i got home safe because i was up for days on ice, a few days latter i was at my friends place, but cut to the chase, i had a bong and as soon as i blew out the smoke i felt my the chemicals in my brain or so thing drop and instantly i was looked at the tv and the tv series Angel Time was playing on the tv the but the main angel in the movie a lager black woman in the movie started starring at me with red eyes and told me dont fear it and that i can do anything i want in this world, also to stick with family and that we personaly love you, i ran out side freeking and got sent home again, i still see red eyes here and there but had to reconfigure my mind into stop thinking fear when i seen them and more into everythings okay 1