Saturday, July 29, 2017

Cocaine, The Empire Strikes Back, and the War on Drugs

In some of our previous posts, we here at IW have discussed the inherent symbolism embedded in the Star Wars films, but recently we have discovered a new warning hidden within Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. In fact, the first part of the movie is a warning of what was at that time the impending War on Drugs. Prior to the film's 1980 release, cocaine and crack had already hit epidemic proportions in America and Hollywood in particular. This was the age when movie stars didn't shoot a single scene without snorting a few lines first. The Star Wars Trilogy was no exception. After all, it did feature Carrie Fisher. 

With the Illuminati in control of all events, it should come as no surprise that they slipped some warnings in blockbuster movies about future events, and The Empire Strikes Back is no exception. In this case, the Battle of Hoth, where the Rebel Alliance must evacuate their base while battling the Empire, serves as a symbolic warning of the then looming War on Drugs. And no, this is not crazy talk. This is real!

We'll take this one step at a time. All Star Wars fans know that Hoth is a frozen ice world covered in snow. From space, the planet looks like a gigantic snowball, and of course a slang term for cocaine is "snow." Needless to say at this point, but Hoth represents cocaine. Now, the Rebel Alliance has a hidden base carved in the planet's ice caverns. Its goal is to use the hidden base as a staging ground for launching attacks against the Empire, which is actually representing the United States.

Here's how this one works. Like the Empire, the U.S. was and still is the premier global power and can send forces wherever it wants at a moment's notice. The Empire functions in a similar fashion. It is the reigning power in the galaxy and can deploy its starfleet to any system that requires order. 

To the Empire, the Rebels are a serious threat. They had destroyed the Death Star and can wreak havoc without warning. In many ways, the Rebels represent the drug cartels. They operate from hidden networks and communicate through back channels to distribute cocaine. Their presence is toxic but truly no match for the U.S. armed forces. This is a similar situation to what we see in The Empire Strikes Back. The Rebels are working in a world of "snow" to wreak havoc on the Empire, which is desperate to stop them.

Now, let's move on to the events. In the movie's opening scene, a star destroyer is seen sending remote probes to search for the Rebels. This is a metaphor for America's intelligence staff trying to find the drug cartels, which was difficult and tedious at best, but sometimes the slightest leads led to the biggest results. As the movie progresses, a probe sights the Rebel base and transmits the images to the Empire. This was enough evidence for Darth Vader to order an assault on the ice world. Metaphorically speaking, the drug war was on.

Once mobilized, the Imperial fleet surrounds Hoth and establishes a blockade to prevent any ships to escape. Knowing their base is under attack, the Rebels immediately begin running transports through the Empire's blockade with great success. This is also another metaphor for the War on Drugs. Smugglers and drug runners had little trouble sneaking drugs past the Coast Guard and customs officers.

Orbiting the frozen world, the massive Imperial fleet has a lot of firepower and can let loose a torrential bombardment that would wipe the Rebels out. However, there's one problem. The Rebels have a deflector shield that can withstand the onslaught. This situation is also similar to the drug war. The U.S. has the capacity to wipe out an entire nation with the press of a button, whether it be through nukes, napalm, or countless air strikes. Unfortunately, the U.S. cannot bring its full destructive force without dire consequences. Like the Empire, it also had to find another alternative.

The ensuing snow battle between the Imperial walkers and Rebel snowspeeders is symbolic of America's futile efforts to stop the cartels. While the Empire is successful in destroying the Rebel base, it fails to stop the Rebels themselves who successfully evacuate and relocate. The same goes for the drug cartels. The U.S. uses ground forces and swat teams to stop cocaine operations, but the cartels seem to never endure a crushing blow. They just move and set up shop somewhere else, and the situation plays itself out again and again. 

This is what the Illuminati wanted when it started the War on Drugs. They wanted futile efforts as more and more drugs poured onto America's streets. Like the Rebels, the cartels may have been small groups hidden in the South American jungle, but they could inflict great harm. As with 9/11, the Illuminati knew of these events and warned us via pop culture. We just didn't listen until it was too late.  

Saturday, July 8, 2017

The O.J. Simpson Case and the Illuminati

Quite possibly the most memorable story from the 1990s was the O.J. Simpson trial. The former football legend's story of beating a double-homicide charge dominated the news for almost a year and a half. Such a saga could not have been better even it had been scripted, more or less because it was. At least that's how it turned out. Originally, the Illuminati had other plans for Simpson, which would have turned out even uglier if they had come to pass. 

Like most film and TV stars, O.J. went through the order's MK Ultra programming, which left him easily susceptible to suggestion as well as prone to violent outbursts. For Simpson, these became more ubiquitous in the 1980s. Originally, the Illuminati recruited him for his athleticism and charisma, realizing that he'd make a perfect member. He also grew up in rough neighborhoods and had a poor background. Other factors that added to his recruiting appeal. With the promise of fame and riches that extended well beyond football, Simpson was all too willing to do the order's bidding. However, his participation backfired.

Most celebrities that undergo MK Ultra programming either come out as perfectly brainwashed or have a rapid and complete descent into madness. Simpson didn't. His equilibrium destabilized from time to time in violent fits and then return to normal on cue. For example, he would be a wife beater one moment and a corporate spokesperson the next. This scared the Illuminati, so they assigned minders to him. Low level functionaries like Kato Kaelin and A.C. Cowlings were sent to keep an eye on him and report any signs of destabilization. These two reported to a more senior member, Robert Kardashian. Unfortunately, the trio missed O.J.'s ultimate episode that sent him into a homicidal rage where he killed his ex-wife and her lover. 

As soon as the Illuminati became aware of the incident, they worked to squash it immediately. Attorney Bob Shapiro was assigned to engage the media, and A.C. Cowlings was tasked with making the incident go away. On the evening of the infamous Bronco chase, A.C. was supposed to take O.J. to quiet place and either assist him with suicide or kill him himself. To keep the media and police confused during the process, Shapiro and Kardashian read the suicide note on live TV. None of this played out the way it was supposed to.

During the afternoon, people spotted Simpson's Bronco on the freeway and alerted police. When that occurred, the Illuminati's plan exploded. The order needed a new option. They had already scripted Simpson's death (news outlets had prepared video tributes), and they needed something else. If the order didn't act, Simpson could expose them while in police custody. The Illuminati had infiltrated the LAPD but not to the point where it could seal all leaks. Your rank and file officers had no knowledge as did most of the low-level detectives. The Illuminati's only option at this point was to save their member and get an acquittal. This caused them to bring in their best attorneys, including one of their highest members, Alan Dershowitz. With the legal dream team in place, they were ready, but they lacked one person. The order knew that race was the only thing that could beat the rap, and they needed someone that specialized in it. That's what led them to recruit Johnnie Cochran.

Cochran took the lead almost immediately, but there was one caveat. The flamboyant attorney was not a member of the Illuminati. The other lawyers such as F. Lee Bailey, Kardashian, and Dershowitz had to maintain a veil of secrecy to prevent an outsider from learning the truth. In addition, they needed to find a scapegoat to make the race card work. Knowing that Mark Fuhrman (the first detective on the scene) had a biased background, the order amplified it and made sure that manufactured tapes with recordings of the detective making racial slurs were discovered. Wasn't it convenient that these tapes emerged over a year after the original story broke? Of course it was, time was needed to pull off the fraud. With Fuhrman slimed, the race argument stuck. 

In addition, the Illuminati succeeded in intimidating the prosecution into making O.J. try on the gloves. There is no way that District Attorney Gil Garcetti got into his position without Illuminati membership. Who knows what pressure he put on Marcia Clark and Chris Darden to make unforced errors. Even rank and file amateurs know that such a presentation was doomed to fail. Soaking wet gloves sealed into evidence were not going to fit over latex covered hands. This move also sealed the prosecution's fate. To appease the beaten attorneys, the order likely offered lucrative book deals in return.

After all was said and done, O.J. was acquitted and restored to a diminished place within the order. However, the Illuminati was not done. For failing to carry out his instructions, Robert Kardashian had to pay. The order dispatched field operatives to zap him with D.E.W.s (direct energy weapons) to cause a genetic mutation. The plan worked, and Kardashian was dead in 2003 from esophageal cancer at the age of 59. But the Illuminati was not done. Because Johnnie Cochran had worked closely with the order's most prominent attorneys and in such close proximity to its secrets, the Illuminati feared that he knew too much. Like Kardashian, he received the same D.E.W. treatment and died in 2005 from a brain tumor. 

With Simpson free, the Illuminati still had to do something to stabilize his violent breakdowns. Eventually, they gave up and made sure he went to jail for another crime. How this whole saga will end continues to be a mystery. 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Donald Trump Wants to Expose the Moon Landings: Read the Tweets!

Recently, one of our IW contributors spoke with someone affiliated with the Trump campaign and learned some very interesting things involving the media's incessant war on the president. "This whole thing is little more than a ruse to paint Trump as a liar" they said. We of course listened intently and gathered more information. Our informant continued, "Listen, it's all bulls***. The president is sane, more sane than any of his predecessors. He wants to get the country on the right path, and the media won't let him." We agreed with this stance but inquired more about the underlying causes. He answered with "The media war, yeah it's all part of a larger strategy. Okay, so here goes. This whole thing is about secrets, lots of secrets. I don't have all the details, but I'm pretty sure that the president wants to blow the lid on some of them." 

This piqued our curiosity. We know that the government and the Illuminati are hiding everything from the people in order to brainwash them into submission and then oblivion, but we needed to know what kind of secrets that Trumps wants to expose. We asked for details. "Hey, I don't know the specifics. I wasn't that high up. They're big, okay, really big, and the media is doing everything they can to ruin his credibility to stop him." At this point, we thought we were being taken. We get tips all the time from people that turn out to be nothing at all. "Hey, I'm not trying to waste your time here. It's big. Go to his Twitter feed to find the clues. Your team excels at finding the hidden symbols."

We did exactly that. At first, we didn't see much other than the usual updates about meetings with foreign dignitaries and defending himself against the media, but after a few minutes of looking, everything became clear as day. Trump is trying to tell us that the moon landing was faked. Here's the pattern.

On June 30th, he tweeted about meeting South Korean President Moon. The fact that his name is "moon" is no coincidence. This also coincides with his Joe Scarborough and Mika whatever her name is feud. 

Later that day, he tweets about North Korea and having no more patience with the Kim regime. This was released to get his audience thinking about rockets, which North Korea has been launching at a fairly consistent pace.

And finally on that day, he announced the restoration of the National Space Council, promising that America will once again be leaders in space exploration. 

The next day, July 1st, Trump amplified his attack on CNN and the other media outlets, dubbing the channel as the Fraud News Network. He continued to reiterate this point throughout the day, and the media fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.

Here's how it all adds up: Moon + Rockets + Space Exploration + Fake News = Lunar Landing Hoax Exposed!

We believe that the June 30th tweets are an indicator that Trump is trying to communicate to us that the moon landings were faked, and he stoked the flames of the media war deliberately as a diversion. This is huge. The president is the first in history to communicate his true thoughts and feelings to his supporters via social media, and he knows that it's the only means to get out the truth. Is there any limit to his brilliance? 

If you still don't believe, then take Buzz Aldrin's recent actions into account. He was there when the president gave his big speech, and he looked pissed, and even lamented that not punching Trump was his greatest achievement. You can bet this part is true too. What angered Buzz so much was that he knew the president was secretly releasing his subtle messages about the lunar landing hoaxes. What could be more enraging to a man who has built his life story based on a lie.

The moon landings are probably the greatest fraud that the media unleashed on the people. Trump's prior history with the Illuminati likely gave him access to the order's deepest secrets. Now, he wants to expose them. We will continue to closely monitor the president's Twitter feed for more symbolic reveals.

Go, Donald, go!!!