Saturday, August 22, 2015

How the Illuminati Created ADHD and How It's Using It

The number of children being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is beyond epidemic levels. As each day passes, the number of cases increases as does the amount of medication prescribed. Until the 1990s, this condition did not have any notoriety and hearing about anyone with the diagnosis was rare. However, things changed fast and ADHD was cemented into the vernacular by the 2000s. Where on Earth did this condition come from and how did it become widespread so fast? The answers rest with the Illuminati.

In order to achieve perfect brainwashing and to prevent alternative doctrines (namely the truth) from taking hold, the Illuminati needed to recondition the minds of American children. The order's first tactic of using a strong liberal arts education laced with "progressive" ideas didn't work as well as intended. Although the youths of the 60s and 70s threatened to undo morality, they also were taught to think independently and became difficult to control. By the 1980s, the Illuminati deemed this approach a failure and looked at a fresh perspective, that of dumbing down society.

To accomplish this, the order began fluoridating water and adding high fructose corn syrup to just about every food it could find. Combined, these factors lowered IQs while raising blood sugar levels to a point where focusing for long periods of time became impossible. The Illuminati ensured that the diets of kids were completely saturated with this junk by forcing schools to serve processed meals shipped frozen from large plants. By pumping students full of a substance sweeter than pure sugar, the order created classrooms full of kids who couldn't sit still.

To counter the rising ADHD epidemic, school districts and state agencies began creating curricula that centered around entertaining students rather than educating them. This is the whole notion behind "make learning fun". That method's intention is to appease ADHD kids while providing dumbed down content. The eventual outcome was to unleash graduates who had little knowledge and could not think independently. Unfortunately, we are now seeing this in abundance. Just ask an older employer if the high school grads of today knew as much as their counterparts from 30 years ago. The answer will almost always be a resounding no!

We can see this trend in the entertainment industry too. Take for example the movies and TV shows from the 1980s and 70s. Films such as "The Hunt for Red October" and "Alien" required viewers to pay close attention to the dialogue in order to follow the plot. They also had rich backstories that required even more focus. Today's movies don't have such depth. Instead of rich characters and plots, audiences are subjected to special effect blitzes that might dazzle the eyes but deliver little in substance. Take the case of "Jurassic Park" and "Jurassic World". The original film had two purposes, to provide an entertaining story of dinosaurs running amok in a theme park and to offer some factual information about the prehistoric animals. By giving kids some actual facts about dinosaurs, the filmmakers helped to educate as well as inspire future paleontologists. "Jurassic World", on the other hand, was all about the action and never about being informative. By ignoring all relevant facts about dinosaurs, the film executives gave their audience what it wanted, a simple plot and dazzling eye candy. The audience didn't need to focus for more than 30 seconds at a time to follow what was happening, and it was constantly entertained.

This degeneration of entertainment can also be seen with networks that used to be about promoting learning and improving the public's general knowledge. Can you remember when TLC, A&E, the Discovery Channel, and the History Channel actually aired real documentaries? It was a long time ago, wasn't it. Today, those channels air nothing but bloated garbage such as "Ancient Aliens", "Duck Dynasty", and "My 600 Pound Life". Even our news networks have deteriorated into mere shadows of their former selves. Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC have turned into shouting matches between pundits with more and more stories about celebrity or political drama. If you think it's just us who believe this, read the following quote from HBO's movie "Game Change": "News is no longer meant to be informative. It's just entertainment."

What all of this means is that the Illuminati has successfully dumbed down American society. The order controls all media sources and can force feed people whatever hideous content it wants, and competing perspectives have little chance at being acknowledged. For an individual to awaken themselves from this nightmare, they must take the initiative and do research. That requires reading, analysis, and forming independent opinions. All of which requires a longer attention span and using skills that are no longer taught. 

It goes without saying that we are pessimistic about saving society from the New World Order. How can we get people to listen to the truth when they can't focus on anything for more than 10 seconds that doesn't involve nudity or explosions? We can't, but if you've managed to make it through this article then you are the hope for our bleak future. It means that you can pay attention, and that's something the Illuminati doesn't want.  

Thursday, August 13, 2015

How Donald Trump Figures into the Illuminati's 2016 Election Plans

Donald Trump is elected President of the United States!

Below are links to articles we have compiled prior and since the Donald's victory over the Illuminati choice Hillary Clinton. 

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And below is our original post from 2015:
Every week since the Donald has filed, we've heard stronger and more incendiary comments against immigrants, war heroes, and women; yet predicted consequences continue to elude the controversial candidate. In fact, the opposite is happening. Mr. Trump continues to gain support. His poll numbers are rising faster than a souffle on steroids, and his popularity knows no bounds leaving us here at IW to ponder what all of this means. 

Initially, we thought that Hillary Clinton would capture the electorate. She's an established Illuminati candidate and a conspirator for both 9/11s (World Trade Center and Benghazi. For more, see our article). Her campaign logo also indicates this connection with the arrow flying through the two vertical lines of the "H" which more closely resembles a plane flying into two towers than a letter. Given the imagery and her past, we figured she was an obvious favorite by the secret order.

Then Trump entered, which came out of nowhere. And what makes this so perplexing is that he is a senior Illuminati member. He's one of the guys who pulls the strings from the shadows. Now, he's shaking up the political scene by offsetting the establishment candidates. What could the purpose of all this be?

One theory is that he has run afoul of the secret order and is "going rogue" to show what he can do. This would explain his unusual campaign strategies and the media's relentless pursuit to assassinate his character. He's so familiar with standard political brainwash that he knows how to break through it and get a message across. Maybe, he had a falling out with the Bilderbergs or wanted to go with an alternate plan for introducing the NWO. Regardless of the reason, he could become a real spoiler if elected.

Another idea is that he is the Illuminati's main choice and is intended to usher in Armageddon. This would fit with his aggressive personality and jingoistic foreign policy. Instead of diplomacy, the Donald would negotiate with smart bombs and tactical nuclear missiles, exactly what's needed to end the old order and begin the new. Can you imagine Hillary dropping the nukes and ordering legions of tanks into endless war? We don't think so either.

A third possibility is that Trump is merely a shadow for the order's "real" candidate, and given how much press he's getting, this is also a viable explanation. There were 17 Republican presidential hopefuls at the beginning, more than we've ever seen, and Trump captured the nomination with relative ease. Could the impotent Gary Johnson or sterile Jill Stein be the real Illuminati choice? It's still most likely Hillary.

As of now, we have a better idea as to what Donald Trump's true purpose is. Now that the GOP convention has come and gone, we see the mainstream media is steadily heaping on the attacks. Just check out every single news outlet. They can't disparage the man enough. This is definitely a sign that he is not the Illuminati's pick. At first, the order thought it could use the Donald's maverick campaign to its advantage, but that has clearly changed. The Illuminati is now desperate to stop him and have aligned every last entity it has to do it whether it be Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, or the BBC. They have even called upon their old pawns Mitt Romney and John McCain. All of them agree on one thing, Stop Trump! 

The Never Trump movement appears to be hitting its climax with the release of the Howard Stern and Billy Bush tapes that depict Trump making degrading remarks about women. Those tapes are pure lies and never existed prior to a few weeks ago. If they were authentic, why are we hearing about them now for the first time? They would have been released within days to weeks of Donald having first declared his candidacy. Ignore these frauds and continue your support of Trump. We will continue to provide updates as the campaign progresses. 

After careful thought and discussion, we here at IW decided to endorse Donald Trump for the the Presidency. To read our explanation, click on the following link: Our 2016 Republican Presidential Endorsement

Mr. Trump needs all of our support. He is our best chance to defeat the Illuminati shills that pay lip service one minute and then cater to the order in the next. We can no longer live under their reign any longer. Did Obama deliver a shred of good for any of us? No, and once he won he disregarded the people and went to work for his true masters. Hillary, Johnson, and Stein will all do the same. 

Trump, on the other hand, has broken ranks with the Illuminati. In an effort to defeat him, the order has summoned all hands. It also makes sense that Jeb Bush was the Donald's first primary target. The Bush family has some of the strongest Illuminati's ties in the entire world. Trump was playing it smart to destroy Jeb's credibility on all fronts before a single vote could be cast. 

If elected, Trump will restore our country by ending the globalization of America which is mongrelizing our civilization and ruining what makes us great. 

We here at IW are proud to say that we stand with Trump!