Saturday, March 28, 2020

Trump Will Use the Coronavirus to Stay in Office! Here’s How the Illuminati Will Make It Happen

It's no secret that the Illuminati works behind the scenes in every presidential election. They engineered the 2000 Florida recount situation, ensured that Barack Obama won by destroying the economy, and manipulated the electoral college to give Donald Trump the win in 2016. Needless to say, fixing the election after every four-year cycle is a daunting task. That's why in 2020, the Illuminati will be getting original with how it operates. Rather than orchestrate a complicated election operation, they're going to use the Coronavirus emergency as a method of canceling it.

The reasoning behind this is simple. People are already wary of Trump's potential refusal to leave office in the event he's defeated, but now he'll have the perfect excuse. Trump can insist that the national emergency has been too much for the American people and that he must remain in office until the country recovers, and the Illuminati is going to make this work for him too. It was the secret order that was behind the dismantling of various federal public health departments, and it was the order that ensured China did not disclose full details of the epidemic before it was too late. Indeed, the Illuminati has definitely had its hand in all this. Just look at the name of the virus, Corona, which is part of the sun and an obvious Illuminati reference.

Now, you may be thinking that the 2020 election isn't until November. That's plenty of time for the pandemic to run its course and life to return to normal. And here's our response. The virus may have stopped spreading by November, but life will not have returned to normal. The economy wouldn't have recovered, and the presidential campaigns would have had no time to communicate their messages. All Trump needs to say is that the election needs to be postponed until life returns to normal and then just never reschedule the vote. Sure, this will get challenged in the courts, but they're now rigged in favor of Trump and the Illuminati. Good luck there. Additionally, the potential for civil unrest won't be enough to prevent this either. The nation will still be getting back on its feet after months of being isolated and won't care. 

Yes, indeed, the Coronavirus will be the excuse Trump uses to cancel the election and remain in office for however long he chooses. And without a doubt, the Illuminati and its "sun" or Coronavirus are behind all of it. With America under an authoritarian who is no longer bound by the Constitution, the Illuminati will be one step closer to ushering in the New World Order.