Sunday, November 17, 2013

Major League Baseball, the Chicago Cubs, and the Illuminati

Much has been written about occult symbolism being seen in corporate logos. Whether it is the McDonald's golden arches, British Petroleum, or Paramount Pictures, the trademark of the NWO can be seen everywhere. However, little notice has been taken of Illuminati symbols in the logos of professional sports teams, major league baseball in particular.

Given that the sport is America's most historical, it makes sense that this is where the secret order would begin its influence in the athletic world. For starters, there are the team logos. Some of these look innocent enough, but too many of them boast the telltale NWO mark. Let's go through each one that looks suspicious.

We'll begin with the Anaheim Angels. That giant "A" with a halo bears an uncanny resemblance to the Eye of Providence.

The Miami Marlins: This team pulls a McDonald's. When you turn the new logo on its side, it looks like the number 13.

The Seattle Mariners, this one is nothing short of a Masonic symbol, a compass.

The Tampa Bay Rays, once known for being a stingray, the new logo now boasts a shining sun, making it a clear reference to the Illuminati.

The Milwaukee Brewers, this team's retro 80s logo looks much more like a 6 than a "b."

The Colorado Rockies, the mountain can easily represent a pyramid.

The Arizona Diamondbacks and the Houston Astros, two team logos boasting stars and triangles, which are always NWO calling cards.

If the evidence presented in the logos is insufficient, then think about the most satanic team of them all, the Chicago Cubs. Although the Cubbies' current mascots and emblems do not boast any direct symbolism, the team's history does. Even the organization has admitted to using occult symbols in the past, but that's not whole story. You have to go back to 1945 for this one. That was the year of the Cubs' biggest choke and the beginning of their never-ending cursed era. Now, what is this curse all about? It involves nothing more than a mere goat. Most baseball fans think this has more to do with the farmer who was denied entry with his animal. However, this whole story was little more than a ruse to allow the Illuminati to conduct devil worshiping ceremonies in broad daylight.

The goat is a classic occult symbol, which can be seen in pentagrams and other satanic rituals. It is also a direct reference to Beelzebub. With the curse of the goat in place, the NWO have forbidden the Cubs from ever coming close to the World Series again. As long as people celebrate the curse, the secret order can continue to perform rituals at Wrigley Field and simultaneously have public involvement. The Illuminati take great pride in being able to dupe fans into worshiping the devil without even knowing it.

All sorts of ceremonies have been secretly performed under the guise of superstition. Goats are frequently brought onto the field to the cheers of thousands of fans (These events are actually satanic rituals with the occult ceremonies occurring just off the field). Curses have been publicly proclaimed in the name of removing the hex upon the Cubs (also another secret satanic rite), and a goat has even been sacrificed at Harry Caray's statue (The late Cubs announcer must have been a supreme figure in the Masons to attain such an honor). There is absolutely no doubt that the Illuminati are using baseball's most famous superstition to conduct their sinister acts in broad daylight, and we watch it with the utmost enthusiasm, exactly as we're supposed to.

Beware of Major League Baseball! The only stat that matters in this game is 666.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Area 51, Google Maps, and the Illuminati

One of America's most secretive locations, Area 51, continues to be shrouded under a veil of mystery. Until a decade ago, the government wouldn't even acknowledge the base's existence. In July 2013, the CIA attempted to settle the controversies once and for all by releasing "documents" that detailed the installation's history. Needless to say, these records are false. To make matters even more intriguing, testimonies are now emerging that indicate Area 51's images on Google Maps are fabrications. One of our sources made contact with someone who has experience with the image swapping, and the directives mandating these actions come directly from highest echelons of the government.

What we have regarding this witness account are basic notes from a conversation at an undisclosed location. The account goes as follows.

"The subject worked for a geographical mapping company that handled both government contracts as well as private. One of the companies was Google. The subject indicated that he/she handled images of specific government locations and was in charge of running them through the CIA/NSA filters to see if they could be released. Because of the sensitivity of the job, top secret clearance was needed. The subject was also not allowed to know the specific coordinates of the images, just had to process them for security clearance. The subject was well aware that many images that pop up on Google Maps are computer generated frauds. Most of these aren't really all that interesting, military bases and such. Creating bogus images of the missile silo locations is conducted to keep them secure from terrorist organizations. The precautions are not effective against nations with satellite capabilities. When it came to Area 51, the subject described something very different than the traditional airstrip and hangars seen in the images of Groom Lake. There was an airstrip but the place looked very futuristic, almost as if it was from science fiction. Several large buildings that shone in the bright sun were obviously made of steel and rose 3 or 4 stories. They looked like giant bunkers. There were also missile turrets as well as artillery pieces scattered about the perimeter and the airstrip's tarmac was also made of metal. What was seen in the lake bed was even more unsettling, a circular door resembling a missile silo sat in the middle but it was much larger than a silo. This door, which was grey, boasted the standard yellow and black caution stripes along the edges and had to be at least 50 yards in diameter. When the subject was asked about how he/she could determine that it was Area 51, he/she said that they took note of the various rock formations and compared them with the fabrications. They were a match. At the mapping firm, this installation was all too familiar to those in senior management. When asked about what it was, they said just don't ask and run it through the CIA/NSA. The subject never got a clear answer, and he/she does not have the photograph. Personal technology like cell phones and cameras were not allowed in this part of the firm. A guard made sure they turned everything in. When asked about flying saucers or other strange craft, the subject said that the images had nothing like those but would not rule it out."

This account comes as little surprise to us about what the government is doing with this secret installation. The very notion that ordinary people anywhere in the world can log on and study Area 51 with their own eyes is a na├»ve and preposterous notion to the say the least. Now, what is truly scary is why does this place seem more like a spaceport than a secret airstrip. What is underneath those grey metal doors, and why won't the government provide the real answers about what happened in Roswell, New Mexico? More will come out about this in the future, that's one thing we're sure of.