Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams: Another Mysterious Illuminati Death

Once again, another celebrity has died in a sudden and tragic manner, and once again, the media are pouring hours of coverage into the story. Really, and we really do mean REALLY! This shouldn't be shocking to anyone, unless you truly are brainwashed. The suicide of Robin Williams happens to be the second unusual celebrity death of 2014 (the first was Philip Seymour Hoffman). What's even more creepy is that the pace of these strange deaths is accelerating.

The reasons, motives, and true circumstances behind Williams' death are still a mystery, and to be honest, we really don't care. Maybe the Illuminati had him killed, maybe they didn't. Maybe this was a true suicide, maybe it wasn't. None of that really matters too much. What is important is that any way you look at it, the Illuminati was responsible. If Williams was murdered, that meant that the order hired an assassin to make it look like a suicide. If he wasn't, then he killed himself as a result of celebrity MK Ultra programming gone awry.

The most significant factor to consider about the death of Robin Williams is how it fits into the greater pattern. Strange celebrity deaths are happening at a much more rapid rate now than ever before. Heath Ledger, Steve Irwin, Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy, Amy Winehouse, Michael Clark Duncan, Paul Walker, and Philip Seymour Hoffman all died under strange circumstances. Of course, the media does everything it can to keep people from connecting the dots. What we're seeing here is an epidemic. Celebrities are beginning to die like flies, and what we want to know is why.

To become rich and famous, people must join the Illuminati and subject themselves to relentless programming. Eventually, this mind control becomes too much and causes its victims to lose control and go crazy. Some recover their equilibrium and return to the spotlight, while others continue their downward spiral and perish. This is becoming more intense as the Illuminati revs up its Satanic efforts to brainwash the world. Pop culture is becoming more immoral, and music is devolving into devil worship. Those who participate in these acts face tremendous psychological trauma leaving them in dire straits once the order is done with them.

Many celebrities feel guilt about having taken part in such atrocities, and others are just too mentally fried to keep going. That's where the reckless acts, drug abuse, risky living, and depression come from. They just can't deal with what they've done and what the future holds. They know they can't come forward, not only would that result in their deaths but those of their families and confidants. Sometimes, suicide is their best option. 

Whether or not Robin Williams killed himself isn't really the question here. What we want to know is what drove him to it or why the Illuminati had him offed. Did the programming that turned him into a superstar backfire? Did his guilt over supporting the order become too overwhelming? Could he have been planning to go public? We may never know. All we can do is stay on the lookout for the next strange Hollywood death. At this rate, we probably won't have to wait for long.

Update: After awaiting the announcement of the details surrounding Robin Williams' death, we have concluded that he did commit suicide, and that the circumstances behind his self-strangulation are factual. What we do believe was that his death came as a result of MK Ultra brainwashing.

We arrived at this conclusion after a thorough analysis of Williams' career and figuring out what exactly made him successful. If you take a look at "Mork and Mindy", "Good Morning, Vietnam", "Mrs. Doubtfire", "Jumanji", and numerous other films. You'll notice that Williams is generally way over the top in his performances. His zaniness combined with intense physical exuberance put him in a league of his own. This effect can also be seen in his many talk-show appearances. 

The man never could calm down. He talked rapidly and bounced around almost as if he was on speed, and that was the tip off. When the Illuminati introduces MK Ultra programming to someone, it usually starts with psychotropic drugs. When Williams was first discovered, he was likely already a bit off in the head, and the Illuminati exacerbated this to the extreme with its mind control. The result was a manic individual who entertained while simultaneously brainwashing the world.

No actor could sustain those manic levels indefinitely. When the highs wore off, Williams hit rock bottom. Extra brainwashing sessions and more drug therapies ensured that he kept performing for decades, but eventually his mind became fried beyond all recognition. The order likely used everything in its arsenal to keep him going. We're talking classified drugs, electric shocks, and maybe even torture. Keeping one of Hollywood's biggest comedic actors was imperative to the Illuminati.

Unfortunately, the human brain can only take so much abuse. By the time Robin Williams killed himself, his mind was probably so obliterated that he likely had little to no orientation of self. In no way was this an isolated incident. Celebrities and their never-ceasing bad behavior present constant indicators of MK Ultra malfunctioning. 

The Illuminati may not have used an assassin as it likely did with Paul Walker and Philip Seymour Hoffman, but the order was still responsible for Robin Williams' fate. 


  1. Thats wonderful I wonder where is the problem just let the others live their life

  2. Good article. I'm sure it's accurate. Death to the Illuminati!

    1. Thanks! It seems like the more the Illuminati tries, the more people will wake up and resist.

  3. Pretty much what I thought. Project monarch slaves are programmed to kill themselves if programming breaks down.

  4. What gets me is that the TV show family guy announced his death right after the show Was finished, but nobody knew he died until the day after? Also the internet said he didn't write any suicide notes, but the celebrity magazines said he wrote many suicide notes, somebody is lieing.

  5. Robin if you are out there. You will have to stay out of the sun and hot heat. You will need official sleeping pills from the psych ward so you can sleep, they give them out.Sleep deprivation causes psychosis. You will need to eat at least 2 times a day. You will need vitamins with iodine. You should know you are on satellite and your messages are being deleted if you are asking for help. So go to these places in person. Electricity burns people on the satellite so shut the main off. Use very little electricity. Follow the above so you can think clearly. Go to the embassy of your choice they will listen. Ask for the intel department. Don't use US.

  6. Solved his clone was given nightshade and truth serum for programming look at the autopsy Printer Friendly - StudyDroid
    group: reversible acetylcholinesterase inhibitor uses: severe alzheimer dementia, ADHD, behavorial synds in dementia w/Parkinson disease; Lewy-body dementia .... (Thiopental) sodium pentothal. group: general anesthetic (barbituate)

  7. Don't pick on Robin, I can assure he truly killed himself because he was just plain sad, and didn't have a way of getting away from people.

  8. What I think is odd , is I think Phillip Seymour Hoffman appeared in an episode of Mork and Mindy where he consulted Mork who was dressed as a priest about committing suicide. Mork as usual said everything wrong and offered suggestion in how he should do the deed leading to his deciding not to .