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Malaysia Air Flights 17 and 370, Ukraine, and the Illuminati

Several months ago, we brought you an analysis of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and why the Illuminati would want a Boeing 777 to go completely missing. What we concluded was that the jet was being held on the island of Diego Garcia awaiting a future purpose. On July 17, 2014, that purpose was revealed. Another Malaysia Air flight went down, this time over Ukrainian airspace and by a Russian missile. The very notion that this could all be coincidence is ridiculous. 

The Illuminati have done something here, and we're thinking that this airliner was the same one that supposedly disappeared in March. Never had a jumbo jet simply vanished without a trace no matter where it went down, but Flight 370 did. As the months passed, people lost interest and forgot all about it. Now, another Malaysia Air jet crashed and we're supposed to think that the two events are unrelated even though both flights originated from the same airline.

There is one gaping question to this explanation, and that's why. Why would the Illuminati use one plane when it could have just brought down two? We have an answer for that one as well, and it concerns the future of the Ukrainian conflict. Tensions have eased in the region since June, and it appears that Russia is not willing to escalate the conflict to a full-scale war. Separatists are still fighting but will likely lose unless Vladimir Putin offers military support. Beyond that, the future could be anyone's guess.

The cooling tension is likely the main catalyst here. The Illuminati needed something catastrophic to re-escalate the conflict. That's where the Boeing 777 from Flight 370 came into play. While the airliner was being held at Diego Garcia, the order rigged it to be an easy target that would explode on cue. That meant incendiaries and homing beacons had to be installed in the wings and fuselage. Once these modifications were complete the plane could re-enter service. That part was easy. A simple night flight to Kuala Lumpur and a short duration in the hangars fooled casual observers.

The next chapter was more challenging. The Illuminati had to infiltrate the Ukrainian rebels and position themselves to bring down the plane. The press reported that a Russian missile was used and that the separatists had these in their arsenal. We think the media is lying here. While we believe that the rebels had rockets, we don't think they had anything that could take a plane down at 33,000 feet. That's where the modifications enter the picture. Stronger beacons and explosives could allow an inferior missile to strike a more distant target. 

Another factor needing consideration is that Malaysia Airlines was willing to fly planes through Ukrainian airspace. At first, this doesn't seem too unusual, reckless perhaps, but not necessarily unusual. Afterall, the high altitudes should provide safety, right? The world's other major carriers disagreed. British Airways, Qantas, Korean Air, Cathay Pacific, and Air Berlin have all prohibited flights from passing over the combat zone. So, what we'd like to know is why did Malaysia Air not act in sync with its competitors? Did an Illuminati agent infiltrate the company to enact this policy? We believe that's the best explanation.

As the plane flew across Ukraine, the Illuminati's agents probably informed a missile battery that an air-cargo carrier was flying overhead and that it needed to be shot down. Blindly following orders, the battery operators fired. As the missile streaked through the clouds, its guidance system quickly locked onto the powerful beacons, guiding it to the 777. A few seconds later, the missile struck and the incendiaries hidden throughout the plane did the rest. 

The fact that investigators cannot get anywhere near the wreckage should come as no surprise. The Illuminati have work to do in order to ensure that its conspiracy survives, and a bunch of armed goons are sufficient for securing the crash site. Leaks have occurred though. According to one report, a Ukrainian separatist who was on site claimed that the bodies appeared to have been dead for at least several days (We have not fully confirmed this). 

Determining why the Illuminati don't want outsiders to see the wreckage isn't too difficult. Obviously, the order wants no one to find the black box. This could be happening for several reasons. The most likely one is that the data at the time of the missile attack will reveal the incendiaries or the extra homing beacons. Another reason is that the Illuminati never replaced the box from Flight 370. If that's the case, then whoever got to it first might uncover the whole conspiracy, forcing a widespread cover up (We do think the boxes were switched at Diego Garcia).   

One last fact which should be mentioned is that Malaysia Air Flight 17 went down exactly 18 years after TWA Flight 800 crashed outside of New York City. These two events happening on the same day (July 17) is just another one of the many little hints the secret order leaves behind. The brainwashed will chalk it up to coincidence, but we know the true meaning. 

With this tragic event, the Illuminati have redirected all focus back on Ukraine that will likely escalate the conflict, resulting in God only knows what. Slaughtering innocents doesn't faze the order whatsoever, and a few hundred deaths are nothing in comparison to the NWO's bigger picture. The world is being deceived. The 777 that went down in Ukraine was really the 777 from Flight 370. We knew that the Illuminati wanted an intact jumbo jet for some dastardly deed. This was likely it. 

More is likely to come out about this story as it develops, and we will bring you updates.

To check out our article about Malaysia Air Flight 370, click on the following link: 

Update: Multiple news sources are already attempting to debunk the conspiracy theories surrounding Malaysia Air Flight 17. So far, the Washington Post has provided the most thorough (but also inaccurate) article. We would like to take a moment to explain how we reach our conclusions as well as why what we say is correct.

The Post asserts that conspiracy theorists are asserting that Flight 17 went down (or didn't go down) for several reasons. These include starting World War III, removing Putin, that it was actually Flight 370, etc. What we would like to assert is that a careful reading of multiple news sources when the story was first emerging provided us with the best material. When pieced together, the facts can only led to a conspiracy.

Believe it or not, we don't think every major event is part of the Illuminati's plan. Many of them are, but not all. Whenever we see something that's just too strange or has a serious ulterior motive, that's when we start looking, and we won't stop.

To see the Washington Post's article in full, click on this link: A Comprehensive Guide to MH 17's Conspiracy Theories


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