Saturday, August 2, 2014

Peggy Hill: The Illuminati's Sarah Palin Prophecy

No matter what seems to be happening or just how irrelevant this woman may become, Sarah Palin never can stay out of the spotlight. If a politician must say something dumb, she's the one to do it, and her role as a national clown is no accident. In 2008, the Illuminati forced her onto John McCain's ticket fully intending to ruin him. This woman, who comes across as completely ignorant, is no moron. She's actually a very clever plant, and Hollywood tried to warn us about her over a decade before her first appearance. That warning emerged in the form of cartoon housewife Peggy Hill.

To provide a blast from the past, Peggy Hill first appeared in Mike Judge's cartoon series "King of the Hill" that debuted in 1997, eleven years before the 2008 presidential campaign.

Both of these characters have lots in common, and yes, we do believe that Palin is a character. There is absolutely no way someone who is that stupid can get that far without careful manipulation. Now let's start with the obvious. They look alike. Peggy and Palin share similar glasses, hairstyles, and expressions. They even have goofy accents to distinguish their voices (Peggy talks with a sharp Texas drawl, and Palin sounds like a Minnesotan). No way was this a coincidence.

The similarities don't end with the faces either. They live in small towns, have little higher education, and act like they know much more than they do. Throughout the "King of the Hill" series, Peggy constantly runs her mouth and makes silly suggestions interlaced with the occasional outlandish remark. Everyone except her husband regards her as a nuisance to be ignored and sometimes mocked. Palin is pretty much the same. Her ignorant comments and idiotic speeches have reduced her political stature to non-existent.

Peggy Hill was a prophecy. Someone in Hollywood who knew something decided to warn us or just see how much the Illuminati could get away with. How could we know that one day a politician who shared all of her characteristics would come out of nowhere and be a vice presidential candidate? There really wasn't, and we're hoping that someone resembling Mrs. Cartman doesn't come onto the scene.

As for Sarah Palin, we believe that she is being used to destroy true conservatism in America. Not only does she thrive at making religious people appear backwards, she is destroying the Second Amendment. Her PAC's use of crosshairs on its website in 2010 to mark Democratic incumbents was no coincidence. Whenever conservatives need their images tarnished, Palin is there to do the deed.

Don't be fooled by her antics. She's an actress doing the Illuminati's bidding, and the secret order sent us a warning.


  1. It was also prophesied that one day we would see the trash take itself out. That, Palin has done.

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