Saturday, May 25, 2013

Illuminati Controlled Kim Jong Un Is Gay

The North Korean despot, Kim Jong Un, currently has a great deal of control over world events. With the slightest threat, he can send the U.S. and other powerful nations spiraling into a panic, but how is he able to wield such power? For the past two decades North Korea has the economy of a third world country. The government is unable to even feed its own people, far less than be able to have any kind of respectable standing in the global community. In the past, such conditions have caused regimes to crumble. However, the Kim family retains its stranglehold on the country's government with no apparent signs of dissent.

Experts attribute the Kims' power to a strong personality cult propped by terror and intimidation. That is what the media want us to believe. Not to say that such a reason plays no role whatsoever, the personality cult is a very useful tool and does an effective job at keeping those with weak minds in obedience. On the other hand, North Korea's intelligentsia are too smart to fall for such a tactic and too numerous to allow themselves to let one feeble-minded person rule them. That's where the Illuminati come into the picture.

In a previous blog entry, We mention that Kim Jong Un has about $5 billion tied up in banks across the globe. That money is the secret to his power. With it, he can bribe and pamper any would-be overthrowers with luxury cars and merchandise. Because North Korea has almost no economy and little to no exports, these items come at too high a price and can only be attained with the help of the NWO.

Kim Jong Un plays a vital role in the Illuminati's overall scheme and may even be a part of it himself. Regardless of his membership status, he had to have paid homage to the Satanist cult and did so through a series of homosexual acts and ceremonies. This is where Dennis Rodman's visit comes into play. The former NBA star and is colorful persona was the perfect Illuminati envoy. Rodman has done and will do almost anything, and the Illuminati dispatched him to North Korea to "induct" Kim into the order's subservience.

These secret ceremonies involve several perverted acts beginning with sodomy (the inductee is the receiver). This act is performed multiple times and done throughout various parts of the day, according to the positioning of the moon. The first sodomization is done through a bondage position. The second is performed in a position resembling a goat and might have been accomplished with the administrator wearing a goat mask. Finally, the third act is completed with the receiver standing straight and being sodomized from behind. Kim would have had to perform all three acts to pay homage to the Illuminati.

To someone as prideful as Kim Jong Un, these homosexual acts must have been highly undignifying, but they were necessary for him to maintain his power. After pledging his allegiance, Kim can now maintain a tight grip on North Korea with a lot of help from his true masters, the Illuminati.