Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Illuminati Know Your Passwords

Nothing is secret in this world... nothing. The fact that the NWO have complete control over the internet is not new. However, people still think that some of their information and data is secure such as passwords. We here at IW want to tell you that it never was and never will be. In fact, the Illuminati are now flaunting this fact right in your face every time you log into Google, Yahoo, and your financial institution. Because as you type in that password, a small eye icon appears in the far right of the box. That's right. It's another subtle method the NWO uses to hide in plain sight while they continue to take over the world.

The use of the eye logo serves as another test to see how much people really believe in the Illuminati and whether or not the very notion of the secret order causes alarm. There are indeed many tests, and we the people flunk them all unanimously. Take for example Edward Snowden, the so-called NSA analyst turned traitor. This was also another test to gauge the reaction of the populace in the event that the NWO's ultimate plans leak. We're certain that the Illuminati found the results most satisfying. The opposition to the NSA's tactics was somewhat limited. No one cared as long as the surveillance was done under the guise of "national security."

Armed with this knowledge, the Illuminati are taking things a bit further. They are now telling every internet user (including those of us here at IW) that they can see every last thing we do online. That little eye icon is their calling card. They're letting us know that they are watching, and at any moment they can ruin us. After all, that is their ultimate objective, and I fear that it is coming soon.

Here's how gathering password information works to their advantage. As part of the NWO's campaign to create a single-world currency, more and more transactions are being done electronically with the eradication of cash or any physical currency as the main goal. Once complete, the Illuminati will create a massive financial meltdown and use your passwords to eliminate your assets. Since they never really existed in the first place, all that will be required are a few clicks as your money simply vanishes into cyberspace. With the world in economic chaos, anarchy will prevail as the Illuminati slowly restore order through totalitarian methods.

What you can do to keep your assets intact when the NWO strike is to have as much liquid capital as possible, and we're not referring to cash. Keep a stash of jewels, gold, and any other precious metals. These are the only items respected by all of humanity as having significant value. They will be useful when the time comes.

Also, attempt to limit your online activity and consider abandoning banking all together. The U.S. was never intended to be a nation of banks. Only a handful of the Founding Fathers (all of whom were Masons) wanted to create these financial institutions. The rest wanted Americans to live in peace and work for what they had rather than become ensnared within a web of debt. Andrew Jackson saw what the bankers were all about, and he went to war with them. As a result, the Illuminati almost destroyed the American economy as a penance for his "misbehavior."

Be wary of the "All Seeing Eye." It's everywhere and it literally does see everything.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Major League Baseball, the Chicago Cubs, and the Illuminati

Much has been written about occult symbolism being seen in corporate logos. Whether it is the McDonald's golden arches, British Petroleum, or Paramount Pictures, the trademark of the NWO can be seen everywhere. However, little notice has been taken of Illuminati symbols in the logos of professional sports teams, major league baseball in particular.

Given that the sport is America's most historical, it makes sense that this is where the secret order would begin its influence in the athletic world. For starters, there are the team logos. Some of these look innocent enough, but too many of them boast the telltale NWO mark. Let's go through each one that looks suspicious.

We'll begin with the Anaheim Angels. That giant "A" with a halo bears an uncanny resemblance to the Eye of Providence.

The Miami Marlins: This team pulls a McDonald's. When you turn the new logo on its side, it looks like the number 13.

The Seattle Mariners, this one is nothing short of a Masonic symbol, a compass.

The Tampa Bay Rays, once known for being a stingray, the new logo now boasts a shining sun, making it a clear reference to the Illuminati.

The Milwaukee Brewers, this team's retro 80s logo looks much more like a 6 than a "b."

The Colorado Rockies, the mountain can easily represent a pyramid.

The Arizona Diamondbacks and the Houston Astros, two team logos boasting stars and triangles, which are always NWO calling cards.

If the evidence presented in the logos is insufficient, then think about the most satanic team of them all, the Chicago Cubs. Although the Cubbies' current mascots and emblems do not boast any direct symbolism, the team's history does. Even the organization has admitted to using occult symbols in the past, but that's not whole story. You have to go back to 1945 for this one. That was the year of the Cubs' biggest choke and the beginning of their never-ending cursed era. Now, what is this curse all about? It involves nothing more than a mere goat. Most baseball fans think this has more to do with the farmer who was denied entry with his animal. However, this whole story was little more than a ruse to allow the Illuminati to conduct devil worshiping ceremonies in broad daylight.

The goat is a classic occult symbol, which can be seen in pentagrams and other satanic rituals. It is also a direct reference to Beelzebub. With the curse of the goat in place, the NWO have forbidden the Cubs from ever coming close to the World Series again. As long as people celebrate the curse, the secret order can continue to perform rituals at Wrigley Field and simultaneously have public involvement. The Illuminati take great pride in being able to dupe fans into worshiping the devil without even knowing it.

All sorts of ceremonies have been secretly performed under the guise of superstition. Goats are frequently brought onto the field to the cheers of thousands of fans (These events are actually satanic rituals with the occult ceremonies occurring just off the field). Curses have been publicly proclaimed in the name of removing the hex upon the Cubs (also another secret satanic rite), and a goat has even been sacrificed at Harry Caray's statue (The late Cubs announcer must have been a supreme figure in the Masons to attain such an honor). There is absolutely no doubt that the Illuminati are using baseball's most famous superstition to conduct their sinister acts in broad daylight, and we watch it with the utmost enthusiasm, exactly as we're supposed to.

Beware of Major League Baseball! The only stat that matters in this game is 666.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Area 51, Google Maps, and the Illuminati

One of America's most secretive locations, Area 51, continues to be shrouded under a veil of mystery. Until a decade ago, the government wouldn't even acknowledge the base's existence. In July 2013, the CIA attempted to settle the controversies once and for all by releasing "documents" that detailed the installation's history. Needless to say, these records are false. To make matters even more intriguing, testimonies are now emerging that indicate Area 51's images on Google Maps are fabrications. One of our sources made contact with someone who has experience with the image swapping, and the directives mandating these actions come directly from highest echelons of the government.

What we have regarding this witness account are basic notes from a conversation at an undisclosed location. The account goes as follows.

"The subject worked for a geographical mapping company that handled both government contracts as well as private. One of the companies was Google. The subject indicated that he/she handled images of specific government locations and was in charge of running them through the CIA/NSA filters to see if they could be released. Because of the sensitivity of the job, top secret clearance was needed. The subject was also not allowed to know the specific coordinates of the images, just had to process them for security clearance. The subject was well aware that many images that pop up on Google Maps are computer generated frauds. Most of these aren't really all that interesting, military bases and such. Creating bogus images of the missile silo locations is conducted to keep them secure from terrorist organizations. The precautions are not effective against nations with satellite capabilities. When it came to Area 51, the subject described something very different than the traditional airstrip and hangars seen in the images of Groom Lake. There was an airstrip but the place looked very futuristic, almost as if it was from science fiction. Several large buildings that shone in the bright sun were obviously made of steel and rose 3 or 4 stories. They looked like giant bunkers. There were also missile turrets as well as artillery pieces scattered about the perimeter and the airstrip's tarmac was also made of metal. What was seen in the lake bed was even more unsettling, a circular door resembling a missile silo sat in the middle but it was much larger than a silo. This door, which was grey, boasted the standard yellow and black caution stripes along the edges and had to be at least 50 yards in diameter. When the subject was asked about how he/she could determine that it was Area 51, he/she said that they took note of the various rock formations and compared them with the fabrications. They were a match. At the mapping firm, this installation was all too familiar to those in senior management. When asked about what it was, they said just don't ask and run it through the CIA/NSA. The subject never got a clear answer, and he/she does not have the photograph. Personal technology like cell phones and cameras were not allowed in this part of the firm. A guard made sure they turned everything in. When asked about flying saucers or other strange craft, the subject said that the images had nothing like those but would not rule it out."

This account comes as little surprise to us about what the government is doing with this secret installation. The very notion that ordinary people anywhere in the world can log on and study Area 51 with their own eyes is a naïve and preposterous notion to the say the least. Now, what is truly scary is why does this place seem more like a spaceport than a secret airstrip. What is underneath those grey metal doors, and why won't the government provide the real answers about what happened in Roswell, New Mexico? More will come out about this in the future, that's one thing we're sure of.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Michael Bay: The Special Effects Genius behind 9/11

The following was reported to us by one of our California sources. At the moment, this story remains pure speculation, but those of us here at IW trust the anonymous source who brought it to our attention. We soon hope to reveal the claims to be fact (see our update below). Until then, we must remember that this exists in the realm of theory. 

The September 11th attacks were the greatest sham ever perpetrated by the Illuminati. Nothing they had done before that day could compare, not even the moon landings or JFK's assassination. Unlike those events, personal technology and multitudes upon multitudes of eyewitnesses required the utmost secrecy as well as detailed authenticity.

To pull off the destruction of the World Trade Center, the Illuminati needed the finest special effects experts available, people who could make crashes, explosions, and the collapsing of buildings. This was a tall order even for this ultra-powerful secret society. That's why they turned to their lackeys in Hollywood. It wasn't the first time. In 1969, the NWO turned to Stanley Kubrick to fake the moon landings, and his direction of the footage was brilliant if not for a few flaws. However, this hoax was going to require a much more compelling blitz of visual effects because the whole event would unfold live across the world and in broad daylight. Choosing the perfect director for such explosive mayhem was a difficult choice.

The Illuminati had several candidates in mind. George Lucas received consideration, but his lackluster efforts in the Star Wars prequels eliminated him from the fold. Another possibility was James Cameron. His work on "Titanic" was very impressive, though he was passed over due to his lack of expertise with massive explosions. Roland Emmerich was another potential director for his excellence in filming "Independence Day." Unfortunately for the secret order, he declined the dastardly project. That led the Illuminati to their next choice, and that was Michael Bay. His work on "Armageddon" revealed that he had a terrific aptitude for creating large, explosive scenes and the poor reception of his latest movie, "Pearl Harbor," meant that he was a director who could be manipulated.

For those doubters out there, Bay was very much on the inside of the Illuminati and its 9/11 plans. When he filmed "Armageddon", he placed an obvious warning in the opening sequence. As meteorites blitzed downtown New York City, they struck the World Trade Center towers in exactly the same spots where the planes crashed several years later, and Bay ensured that the last shot in the scene was of the Twin Towers burning just as they were on 9/11 before they both fell. This is proof that the director knew that something big was brewing in the secret order and that he was in on it. There is no way that that scene of the burning towers and the reality of September 11th was a coincidence. He even managed to show people plummeting to their deaths from imploding skyscrapers, and there's this haunting quote from a cab driver saying "This is New York. Anything can happen, terrorists, bombs, traffic jams." Sure Michael, keep telling people that all of this was only coincidence.

Given only three months to orchestrate the Illuminati's plan, Bay worked tirelessly with demolition teams and pyrotechnic experts. In exchange for his services, Bay was promised the "Transformers" films in which he could pay homage to one of his idols, Kubrick, by fictionalizing the moon landing as being part of an even greater conspiracy. In fact, all three "Transformers" films present a steady stream of references and symbols to the Illuminati. They were just Bay's way of saying thanks for being given a chance to revitalize his stagnant career.

On September 11, 2001, all of the pieces came together to create the greatest special effects sequence of all time. Bay delivered masterfully with the explosions that were vital in convincing the world that the attack was real and in no way a controlled demolition. Just as he had in "Armageddon" and "Pearl Harbor," the action director created eye-dazzling fireballs that compelled and horrified his audiences. Until now, his efforts went uncredited except for those in the Illuminati who rewarded him with bigger budgets and better opportunities for his future films.  

With a little luck, Michael Bay might have a change of heart and decide to expose the Illuminati. He may do this through symbolism in his movies just as Kubrick did or he might out them when they're least suspecting it. As Bay's new movies roll into theaters, we will be watching for these subtle hints and look forward to publishing conclusive findings that will prove once and for all who helped the secret order make the 9/11 attacks look so convincing.

Update: Michael Bay has delivered the evidence we've been waiting for! In Australia, posters for his latest movie, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", depict the four heroes in a half-shell falling from a tower that's exploding. It gets even better. The film opens on September 11th in that country, and yes, that date is printed on the poster. Of course, the studio pulled the design as soon as people began protesting, but the damage was done. Bay was also furious. However, we believe that his anger is likely exaggerated or false. This poster very well could have been his confession. If not, then someone is leaking the truth. In that case, he would be angry.

Sorry, Michael, we know who you serve.  

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Stay away from the iPhone 5S

Illuminati-controlled computer giant Apple is at it again with its latest mobile devices, the iPhone 5S and 5C. With all of their new and enhanced features, these gizmos appear poised to maintain the satanic company's dominant position in the smart phone race. Once the announcement was made, Apple just sat back and let the pre-orders roll in, making the company's Illuminati masters smile.

To the average consumer, this latest version of the Illuminati Phone is nothing more than a cool gadget that can make life more convenient. Unfortunately, it's the NWO's primary method of infiltrating our lives. By using the NSA's vast data collection resources, Apple and other members of the secret order are using the latest iPhone to collect even more personal information. The previous models are already highly effective but can do little in the area of biometrics. This new version breaks into that area as well as enhances other clandestine features.

Perhaps the scariest innovation on the iPhone 5S is the fingerprint scanner. At first, this appears as just another security feature, but all it really does is serve as another means of gathering biometric data. In some countries, this feature is moot because they already have everyone's fingerprints on record. However, the U.S. is still resisting the NWO's intrusion into our private lives, and as a result, fingerprinting is not mandatory. In the years that come, watch as Apple turns over its fingerprint records to one government agency after another. Of course, this will all sound legitimate and will be done in the spirit of "cooperation." As innocent people are having their most sensitive information being shared with the most heinous of organizations, the Illuminati will spread lies and talk about how everything that is being done is for the common good. Watch for examples of how sex offenders are captured as a result of Apple's technology.

Other features that are not new but have been greatly enhanced are the camera and microphones. The NSA has been using the iPhone for years to spy on people, and it's quite easy. A simple signal can be sent to any mobile phone which activates the microphone thus creating the perfect listening device. While devious, this method was not without its flaws. White noise and interference from other electronics disrupted the signals (these signals are significantly weaker than those used in regular cellular and 4g communications). The iPhone 5S solves that problem and provides clear and crisp transmissions making it the ultimate surveillance device.

Because of the popular appeal of Apple products, the NSA, CIA, FBI, and other intelligence agencies can devote less energy to planting bugs and establishing listening posts. Instead of using quaint devices such as laser microphones, microchips, and satellite images, they can get everything they need from Apple, and the new fingerprinting feature authenticates all data collected on a particular person.

Make no mistake, this is not for the well-being of the people. Soon, the day will come when the ultimate price of our infatuation with technology must be paid. When that happens, all of the data gathered by this satanic company will come to haunt us. The people won a great victory this summer with the release of countless files by NSA-leaker Edward Snowden, causing the government to reveal some of its corrupt practices. On the downside, what we learned about the NSA was just the tip of the iceberg. The federal government has already infiltrated our lives to levels we cannot even fathom. This little "cool" device is just one more instrument in their quest to make us slaves when the NWO take over.

So, to make a long story short, stay away from the Illuminati Phone 5S.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

"I was Illuminati": A Confession

The following is from the diary of a former Illuminati member who will remain anonymous. Errors in grammar and spelling have been left to maintain authenticity. The names have been censored to protect the author's identity

"I'm writing this for the non believers out there, those people who don't believe in secret orders and whatnot. Guess what, they're real. For 10 years I was in one, I was Illuminati.

I wish I could give you all the details of the order and a list of names of those who control, but to be honest, I can't. The order functions in a very secretive way. I only knew the name of my immediate elder and a couple of other members. They were (names censored). As far as I could tell, my elder reported to the next level and probably didn't know much except for one or two people there. I think they did this to prevent dissenters from releasing a tell all like what I'm doing here.

For the most part, my work for the Illuminati wasn't too exciting. Originally, I was a financial planner and I spent a lot of time making investments on behalf of my elder. It was definitely insider trading. Somehow the guy knew exactly when certain stocks would spike and then crash. If I didn't know that he was a bigger part of the organization, I'd had sworn he was psychic. When Facebook went public, I asked him if he wanted to buy shares in it, and he said that the "order" had other plans for that company. That's how he always referred to it, as the "order."

Getting into the Illuminati was probably the dumbest and most difficult thing I have ever done. I was recruited when I was a student at (name censored) University by Professor (name censored). It sounded exciting at first and we didn't know that we were being drafted into a real secret order. There were a few social gatherings which led to a few trips. At first it seemed like a great networking opportunity. There were reps from all over the corporate world. Goldman Sachs, Chase, Bank of America, Apple, IBM, Google, even Lehman Brothers was in on it at the time. The list of names could go on endlessly. I remember meeting Dick Fuld at one of these events. I don't know what happened at Lehman but somehow they were chosen to be the sacrificial lamb for whatever phase that got started in 2008.

So after a few months of doing brief internships and other odd jobs for the order, I was asked to take an oath of loyalty. They made it seem like it was just for fun, almost sophmorish in some aspects. I felt like it was a frat rush. We went to an old house near campus and a couple of the guys donned black robes. We were brought forth stark naked before them and forced to kneel. They then produced a book with the Eye of Providence on the cover and we had to place our hands on it while kissing the rings of the guys in the black robes. We were then anointed with some kind of water or other liquid before having black robes placed upon us. We were then part of the order.

I honestly thought that the whole thing would end after college and we would go our separate ways like all frat guys do after graduation. That wasn't the case. In fact, we actually became more deeply involved. The guys in the black robes turned out to be people with amazing connections. A couple of the guys I was inducted with ended up at the White House during the Bush years, another got a cushy embassy posting in France, and I got a six figure job at (name censored). Pretty much everyone got something super lucrative.

Once I was working, things went pretty normally. I bought a house, went to shows and sporting events, and hung out with friends. A normal life for the most part. Once a year, those of us in our "cell" as I'll call it got together and performed a ceremony from the order. During the first one, I just thought it was old friends having a good time until my elder told me to expect a call from (name censored) and that I was going to get an account to oversee. I was to ask no questions and take all of my orders regarding the management of that account from the elder. The next day the call came and my elder met me for lunch and gave me my instructions. I told him this was all nuts before we compared stats on our fantasy football teams. He said not to worry and that it was all prearranged. Over the next few months I saw that account blossom from a couple of a hundred thousand dollars to the tens of millions. That was when I realized that I was not part of some college secret society but something much bigger.

My elder and I got on great until the winter of 2013. He told me that I was ready to go to the next tier, that those of us who had come in together were all ready and that "fresh blood" would takeover our roles. At first I was psyched. The promises made were so lavish and incredible. One of the guys in my cohort was going to be elected to Congress while the other was going to be appointed CEO of a new startup that will become a Fortune 500 after 6 years. I also got something pretty good, an appointment as a senior executive with (name censored). We just had to go through another ceremony to be inducted to the next tier.

Knowing that this was for real and not some joke frat group, I was terrified especially because of the occult traits of the ceremonies. This one was scary as hell and strangely the most exhilarating. We were brought to a mansion. My elder took us blindfolded. No technology could come either. Once there we were sent to a room and instructed to take off our clothes and place masks over our faces. Then we were led to a massive hall and there were at least a hundred other naked people. For the next 6 hours we engaged in orgiastic sex. I can't describe how it all felt. At first it was really strange. I had never had sex with a man before but after having sex with several men and then several women that night I began to feel more and more homosexual. When I had sex with my elder, it was a powerfully emotional experience. The last act involved me and the other guys in my cell having our own orgy with the elder. That was the most exhilarating encounter and ever since that night I have identified as a homosexual.

I left the order three weeks later. I think my experience during that induction ceremony did something to me. I don't want to be gay yet I can't seem to go back to being straight. I've tried to date some women since then, even had sex with a few of them. It doesn't help me overcome the feelings. My elder wouldn't accept my resignation. He pretty much said that there is no leaving but he understood that I needed a break. If he finds out about my tell all, I'll be truly saddened. Before that night, he was a friend but now I think I'm in love with him. I don't want to go back yet I do and I probably will. But until then I want to tell people that I was Illuminati, they're real and they control everything."

Special thanks to our sources in the Boston metropolitan area for providing us with this account.

Monday, August 19, 2013

RMS Lusitania: The Illuminati's World War I Calling Card

In May 1915, the RMS Lusitania was torpedoed off of the southern coast of Ireland by the German submarine, U-20. Within twenty minutes of the first hit, the liner was on the bottom and had taken almost 1,200 lives with her. Outrage quickly spread across the world as Great Britain and her allies branded the incident as mass murder, while euphoria reigned in Germany as the U-20's crew were lauded as heroes for sinking a ship that had been loaded with munitions.

Aside from provoking even more anger in an already brutal war, the sinking of the Lusitania almost caused the U.S. to enter the conflict, but that was averted as last minute negotiations caused Germany to cease unrestricted submarine warfare. The war would rage for another three years, and the lost liner served as a rallying cry to help encourage people to enlist in the armed forces. However, controversy and conspiracy loomed like shadows over the incident.

Following the first torpedo's impact (one that many passengers and crew barely noticed), a second and deadlier explosion rocked the ship. It was this explosion that caused the ship to sink so quickly, resulting in the enormous loss of life, and its cause is still a mystery. Many argue that the Lusitania was carrying weapons such as gun cottons and TNT, and that when the torpedo struck, it triggered an explosion of these materials. Others argue that it originated from coal dust that had been kicked up by the blast and then ignited, ripping a hole along the length of the hull.

Regardless of what scientists say, the theories asserting that the second explosion was caused by munitions is more credible. Evidence already suggests that First Sea Lord Winston Churchill was deliberately leaving the Lusitania vulnerable in order for it to be attacked. This in turn would provoke the Americans into entering the war. Now, the question is how does all of this fit together and what does it have to do with the Illuminati?

Ultimately, the First World War served as a means for the NWO to overthrow the Ottoman Empire, ruin the Habsburg monarchy, and force Russia to become the Soviet Union. These were all necessary to strengthen their financial interests as well as set up the nation of Israel. And as with their other exploits, they left their calling card on the conflict and did so by sinking the Lusitania.

The symbolism associated with the sinking is hidden but very much real. All one has to do is look at the name of the ship, RMS Lusitania. By rearranging some of the letters, the word "illuminati" appears. Now, this doesn't appear entirely accurate. The closest word to illuminati that comes from the available letters is "iluminat." An "i" and an "l" are missing. Those can be found if the ship's proper name is fully spelled, Royal Mail Steamer Lusitania. Using the letters from the unabbreviated name reveal the true masterminds behind the disaster as well as the war.

ILLUMINATI: The first "i,""l," and "m" come from the word "Mail." The remaining letters come from "Lusitania."

This is not a coincidence but rather a sinister calling card from the Illuminati who deliberately sunk an ocean liner carrying thousands of innocent men, women, and children. They're an arrogant group and rely on people to dismiss their symbols as mere coincidences. The more skeptics argue that the secret order does not exist, the bolder they become. In fact, the Illuminati have become so skillful at deceiving the public that they have begun hiding in plain sight.

Their signature on the sinking of the Lusitania is far more subtle and crafty than what they use today. Do not be fooled by the media and skeptics who dispute the Illuminati's existence. They are relying on you to chalk it all up to coincidence.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Roswell, the Illuminati, and Indiana Jones

In July 1947, the only story ever reported stating that the United States' government recovered a flying saucer emerged from Roswell, New Mexico. As with many strange occurrences, this story was quickly hushed and revised to say that the military had found nothing more than a basic weather balloon. Until the 1970s, Roswell had largely disappeared from American folklore until army intelligence officer Jesse Marcel revealed that the military had orchestrated a cover-up for what was definitely an alien spaceship.

Following Marcel's testimony, a flood of eyewitnesses began to emerge. Some saying that they had seen alien bodies, other UFOs, and even autopsies. Some of these accounts were little more than hoaxes, but those coming from army personnel were hard to dispute. As more and more Americans became convinced that Roswell was indeed an elaborate cover-up, the government realized that something had to be said to quiet the masses. In 1995, it released a report saying that what had been recovered was not a weather balloon but rather a crashed surveillance craft from Project Mogul, a secret program designed to spy on the Soviets' nuclear program.

Most skeptics and fringe believers accepted the government's new explanation. However, Roswell's most devoted followers have written off the Project Mogul explanation as just another part of the cover-up, and their reasons are not crazy. Most UFO believers have a hard time convincing themselves that aluminum foil and balsa wood could fool someone into thinking that they had been part of an alien spaceship. Also, the testimony from Marcel reveals that the army had quickly replaced the true debris with junk in order to fool the media.

As with many conspiracies, the hard evidence has long since disappeared but those who were in on it from the beginning remain to tell their stories. Indeed, the government had covered up a UFO crash, and the Project Mogul story doesn't hold water. First, the need for secrecy around the project would not have been needed by the 1950s, so why did the government wait until the 1990s to give its response? Second, the government has yet to provide records that show the launching of such a vehicle and how it went missing around the same time as the UFO crash. Third, aluminum foil is not going to be mistaken for a spaceship.

All of this adds up to something very sinister with the U.S. government, but how does it fit with the Illuminati? There are a few possible explanations. The first is that the NWO could not afford to reveal that superior beings had been in contact with Earth and covered up the crash to prevent people from knowing the truth. If the NWO divulged the true story, it could cause grave peril to its plans to conquer the world. People would be less likely to follow them and look more and more to the skies for leadership. The other explanation is that the Illuminati are in direct contact with an alien race and take their orders directly from these unknown beings. 

This idea emerges more and more from popular culture and film. Hollywood has been releasing movies that continue to promote the notion that Earth was originally populated by alien beings who have since left but maintain subtle contact to check on the planet's progress. Movies such as Mission to Mars, Alien vs. Predator, Prometheus, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull all promote this theory.

Seeing the message promoted in film reveals that the Illuminati are likely in contact with an alien race and receive their orders from them. That explains some of their most cryptic symbolism such as the pyramid, the Eye of Providence, and Masonic symbols. These symbols can also be seen in the films. Alien vs. Predator occurs in a pyramid as does Indiana Jones. It's the pyramid that is the gateway to the alien race. It's the Eye of Providence that represents this species and how they are always watching over us. Through film, the Illuminati are explaining how the system works. The secret order communicates with the aliens and implements their plans. Given the Illuminati's motivations, it's a safe bet that these beings are hostile to Earth. It could also be an explanation as to why the Illuminati participate in Satan worship.

If it wasn't for the slip up at Roswell back in 1947, ordinary people may never have gotten a glimpse of the truth about what is behind the NWO. The first report that the army recovered a flying saucer was the correct one, not the subsequent fabrications. Newspapers occasionally make mistakes but retracting one story of such magnitude for one of virtually no significance doesn't add up. A UFO crashed there and people saw it. The government tried to keep the eyewitnesses quiet and failed in the long run. However, the cover-up's complete removal of all of the physical evidence has made the truth elusive. The Illuminati are thorough, but they can ill-afford a late start.      

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wal-Mart: An Illuminati Experiment

Perhaps no other company that is more loathed while continuing to get more business is Wal-Mart, and controversy is no stranger to this corporation. From lawsuits to union-busting, Wal-Mart seems to always be known for underpaying employees and making its shareholders filthy rich, always. Aside from the monetary aspects, Wal-Mart also serves a second purpose and that is one of social experimentation for the Illuminati.

Once the NWO has taken control of the world, they must maintain that control and can only do so by preventing rebellion. This can be a complicated task and requires the disunity of the people. With your everyday individual becoming a lowly-paid serf, discontent will be high, and the Illuminati know that discontented people can do radical things when they're united. To prevent such unity, the secret order is compiling a strategy book on how to keep the masses divided. Much of the research for that book is coming from studies being conducted at Wal-Mart.

The discount chain is the perfect location for such a study. Wal-Mart pays extremely low, discriminates against gender, and has a talent for preventing unions. As a result, the company's workforce lives in poverty and has no means for recourse. After several decades in business, Wal-Mart has proven itself of great value to the Illuminati.

To the NWO, determining whether a police-state model will work in what will have previously been a free society is difficult. That is where the need for a social lab is necessary, and Wal-Mart provides that lab. Illuminati researchers have gained great insight into how to brainwash employees through mission statements and propaganda as well as learn how to root out rebellious troublemakers. Not only that, but they now have the knowledge to make it work in a democratic society.

To show how proud they are of their accomplishments with the discount chain, the Illuminati have changed the company's logo to reflect their symbolism. Today, a sun is Wal-Mart's most prominent symbol. If people aren't careful, Wal-Mart will be the future life of the world, a life where everyone is a slave mired in poverty and what little earnings the people receive go right back to the beast. It will be a life of secret informants and tireless propaganda. It will be what Orwell prophesized in "1984." It will be what North Korea is today. And, what's worse, it will all function in what was once a powerful, individualistic and democratic society.

That is the Wal-Mart way, always for the Illuminati, always.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Why the Illuminati Killed JFK

The assassination of John F. Kennedy has probably sparked more conspiracy theories than any other event in history. Some of these conspiracies make sense while the rest of them are bogus. However, one question is never answered by any of them, and that is why? Some say the assassination was a KGB plot, others say it was a mafia hit. The possibilities are endless, yet the answer is quite simple. It was the Illuminati, and here's why.

When Kennedy assumed the presidency in 1961, the world was becoming a tumultuous place. The Cold War was at its height and Cuba had just declared its allegiance to the Soviet Union. Everything was falling into place for World War III to break out. All that was needed was a crisis to act as a catalyst. During his first year in office, JFK stepped to the tune of the Illuminati. He ordered the Bay of Pigs invasion that was designed only to exacerbate tensions and began to organize a hit against Fidel Castro. In exchange, the Illuminati awarded him with women such as Marilyn Monroe as well as promises to make a political dynasty out of his family. Then Attorney General Robert Kennedy was also tapped to become president and would win in 1972 if all went according to plan, but events did not fall into line as the NWO desired.

In October 1962, American U-2 spy planes began photographing ballistic missile sites in Cuba. What followed was the tensest period and possibly the climax of the Cold War. For thirteen horrifying days, the U.S. and Soviet Union faced-off over the fate of those missiles in the Caribbean. In the end, war was averted and the missiles were withdrawn. Instead of World War III starting, a cooling of tensions began as more emphasis on diplomacy emerged which led to peace strategies such as détente and SALT. The likelihood that a nuclear exchange would ever happen quickly subsided after both sides realized how close they had come.

The Cuban Missile Crisis was a big win for U.S. diplomacy and the Kennedys, but it was a big loss for the Illuminati. To the secret order, a nuclear war was essential to creating a single global power. With the Soviet Union eliminated by America's technical and geographic superiority, a single economic power would remain to rebuild the world. That would be NATO. With much of the world in ruins, the Illuminati would remold the countries hit hardest through banking and finance. That would tie the world together under one economy and thus one power.

Unfortunately for the NWO, it did not happen. Kennedy broke ranks with those who placed him in power when he pursued peace with Nikita Khrushchev, even to the point when war seemed virtually inevitable. What he was supposed to do was order an invasion of Cuba, and he didn't. When this happened, the Illuminati needed to dispose of him quickly and hoped for better luck with Lyndon B. Johnson (someone who advocated a military strike against Cuba's missile sites). With Kennedy's successor already chosen, the secret order made its move.

On November 22, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK in Dallas, Texas. Because Oswald had been recruited through NWO channels during his time in the Soviet Union and Mexico, he knew too much and also had to be eliminated. In the attempt to clean up the mess, the Illuminati arranged for President Johnson to establish the Warren Commission in order to discourage notions of conspiracies. It failed miserably.

Fortunately for the NWO, the abundance of theories about who killed Kennedy helped mask their involvement and gave them new ideas about how to cover up future misdeeds. As for the Kennedys, their punishment continued well after JFK's assassination. The Illuminati made its point loud and clear to other families who had pledged their allegiance. Never again would a Kennedy become president. Robert Kennedy attempted to run and was gunned down for it and others in the Kennedy clan have died in "accidents." Only Caroline Kennedy seems to have avoided the so-called bad luck of her family, but she has also stayed away from politics. As for the lesson learned, take the Bushes for example. They have produced two presidents and have wreaked chaos on the world as well as have ushered in a financial meltdown combined with destabilizing the Middle East. They did not dare go against their Illuminati masters, and they have been rewarded with power and money on a vast level. Their loyalty may even result in the reward of a third president in the family. Only time will tell on that one.

With the assassination of JFK, future presidents learned not to go against the will of the Illuminati. In a fluke of history, Kennedy decided that what was right was more important than serving his satanic masters. He prevented nuclear war and paid the price as a result.

For more on how Hollywood foretold the 36th president's death, check out this article Gone with the Wind and the Assassination of JFK

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Global Warming Sham and the Illuminati

That's right! Global warming is a sham. Do not believe it for one second. As of now, the so-called science community is claiming that each year is boasting warmer and warmer temperatures. They're also claiming that 2012 was one of the warmest on record. That is completely false. In fact, 2012 was one of the coldest ever, at least since the advent of accurate weather reporting.

According to the news sources and NOAA, 2012 was the warmest ever year recorded in the U.S. The government organization claimed that the average temperature was 55 degrees Fahrenheit. What they are not telling you is that this data has been highly manipulated to appear much higher than it really is. It all comes down to the calculation of averages and which ones to emphasize. What NOAA did was take several temperatures from locations that experienced record-breaking extremes and juxtapose them with areas that were just average. This allowed them to create realistic sounding statistics that completely overlooked areas that saw record-breaking lows.

In fact, most countries recorded cooler than average summers with heavy rainfall as well as winters that arrived much earlier than usual. While the first few months of 2012 were warmer than average, the remainder of the year was much colder. So cold to the point where it offset the higher temperatures during the first quarter (This research has been gathered by sampling temperatures from 60 different countries).

Now, why would the government create such a falsehood? Once again, that can be solved by understanding the purposes of the Illuminati who need people to believe that global warming is real and must be stopped. Ultimately, the aim of the global warming sham is to shatter the economy by destroying crucial industries that put out CO2 emissions. Once these industries are gone, a large number of people will be without work and desperate for anything. To the Illuminati, desperate people are necessary to rewriting the economy. As\a means to counteract the poverty, the government will flood the market with even more worthless scrip. After the economy has been saturated with worthless money, the Illuminati will cause a banking collapse and plunge the world into chaos. They will then rise as the New World Order.

Currently, the Illuminati are running many schemes and are taking over Third World economies as we speak. Take Zimbabwe for example, it's just another cog in their wheel. Be aware of the events occurring in your life and realize that the media is misinforming you on a daily basis. Remember the old adage, "the paper never gets it right." Just about anyone who has ever seen journalism at work can tell you how they always twist, distort, and misrepresent the facts. Global warming is just one more example of such distortions.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

How the Illuminati Brainwash Your Children

Disbelief in the Illuminati is rampant, and those who proclaim their existence are branded as paranoid crazies. However, it is those skeptics who should be labeled as such, for they have been brainwashed since childhood and are completely unaware of it. From cartoons to toys, the NWO is successfully molding children to be the perfect drones of their new society.

All of this begins with cartoons that glamorize heroic violence. TV shows such as G.I. Joe, Transformers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all convey just one simple message and that's violence is the ultimate answer to everything. G.I. Joe is the worst offender. This program and toy line convince young children that evil can only be stopped by fighting and sacrifice. By introducing it to kids before they even reach kindergarten, the Illuminati are successfully turning small children into future soldiers who will gladly die for their cause. G.I. Joe is also rife with symbolism. Using "Cobra" and other snake symbols as enemies is one such reference to Satan. 

In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, children are taught not to care by the four fun-loving anthropomorphic reptiles. While committing the most violent acts, these four characters live in ignorance and equate shattering a man's ribcage with cooking a microwave dinner. Indeed, TMNT helps to convince children not to take violence seriously. To make matters worse, the cartoon is also filled with Illuminati symbols. The most prominent one is the giant eyeball on top of the Technodrome. If you watch much of the series, you will see eyes on many enemy weapons and vehicles. This is just one of many symbols revealing the evil behind the series.

The brainwashing and desensitizing of our kids continues with more and more forms of media. As they get older, violent video games become the norm as does pro-wrestling and Ultimate Fighting Championships. Aside from promoting brutality, some of these seek to trivialize the Illuminati as part of a greater effort to prevent people from not believing it. Who can remember WCW's New World Order group back in the 1990s? The use of this moniker was deliberately intended to be a first mental reference whenever someone heard "NWO." Instead of thinking of the Illuminati, "NWO" causes people to think of a bunch of half-naked steroid enhanced stuntmen. What better way is there to hide in plain sight?

Now, the question is why are the Illuminati using these tactics? To answer that, one must look back on the Vietnam era. During this period, the NWO was thwarted by mass protests and uprisings. No one supported the violence or the loss of life. As a result, the U.S. was forced to withdraw its troops, allowing Vietnam to fall. This setback caused the Illuminati to return to the drawing board to analyze what had gone wrong and how it could be fixed. They realized that the people were not comfortable with wide scale violence or causes that were not easy to understand. This is what prompted them to target children. By convincing kids that violence was not so bad, the Illuminati could expect less resistance to future wars as well as more people volunteering to fight. So far, their tactics have proven successful. The protests of the Vietnam era did not occur during the Gulf Wars or Afghanistan.

Nothing will change with children's programming save for the occasional tweak to enhance its effectiveness. The Illuminati have discovered a method to control young minds and have been doing it for two generations. Can they be stopped?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

McDonald's, Mind Control and the Illuminati

One of the world's most iconic brands is also one of the most diabolical instruments of the Illuminati, and that's McDonald's. So far little research and study has gone into just how much this fast food chain serves the New World Order. Not only does McDonald's stand as the single-most successful restaurant ever, but it's also one of the Illuminati's most successful means of mind control and selective breeding. What this chain seeks to do is far more sinister than making as much money as possible. What it wants is to help usher in a new era where Satanism flourishes, and the people are largely clueless when it comes to the company's true intentions.

The first clue that points to the Illuminati is McDonald's golden arches logo. When viewed sideways, the image looks like the number "13" with the "M" as the "3" and the "McDonald's" as the "1." This is nothing new. However, the symbolism can be taken further. Not all of the McDonald's logos will look like "13" when turned on their sides. Some of them will look more like a "B," and that "B" does not stand for burger. It stands for Beelzebub. The company has a very crafty logo that represents two aspects of Satanism. Now if that's not enough, there's more.

McDonald's color scheme (red and yellow) also points toward satanic symbols. These colors are closely associated with fire, which is further associated with hell. When someone enters a McDonald's, they are surrounded by colors and symbols of Satan, and speculation exists about whether or not the fast food chain serves as a satanic temple as well. By luring people to a palace of gluttony, the Illuminati are achieving their goal of Satan worship without the worshipers even knowing it. Another fact that supports McDonald's acting as a satanic temple is that it functions mostly on cash, so when someone buys a meal, they pay with dollar bills.

And what temple could be complete without an idol? Greeting customers young and old alike is the iconic Ronald McDonald, and the happy clown is the subtle representation of Satan. With a head of red hair and face paint reminiscent of heathen rituals, this classic image is little more than a farce. In actuality, the clown was designed by the Illuminati to appeal to children in order to make them more susceptible to notions of Satan and hell.

Aside from the religious connotations concerning the Illuminati, there is also the practical side of the chain's existence, and that has to do with the order's selective breeding program. By producing cheap food loaded with sugar, hormones, and secret additives, McDonald's is striving to lower the life expectancy of its customers. In fact, the nutritional content is so poor that it can even affect libido thus making it harder to reproduce. Most people who consume McDonald's in large quantities tend to be poor and have low intelligence. These are people that the NWO do not want when they begin their era of dominance, and McDonald's serves the purpose of reducing their numbers.

The Illuminati's involvement goes much deeper than that. Recently, the fast food giant began to accept EBT cards (food stamps). This pretty much means that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has conspired with McDonald's to bring even more low-quality food to America's poor. Only the secret order could have concocted something this sinister. Together, the federal government and Ronald McDonald are working to shorten the lives of the lowest classes. Could the people in Washington be more evil? 

So think twice before eating that Big Mac (6 letters in Big Mac, something to think about) and remember that a meal at McDonald's is a meal with Satan.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mel Gibson and the Illuminati

In 2004, Mel Gibson released his masterpiece, "The Passion of the Christ," and ever since the film's debut his life has been spiraling downward. What seemed like an endless stream of negative stories about Gibson appeared on the news. His drunk driving incident and domestic issues were all anyone ever saw of the once eminent Hollywood star. How did this great actor fall so hard, and why so suddenly? The answers rest with the Illuminati.

Beginning with Mad Max and climaxing with other great films such as Braveheart, Mel Gibson's career was among the greatest as well as one that never knew negative press. Women from all age groups thought of him as a sex symbol. However, all of that ended when he decided to take the bold step and make "The Passion."

Because the Illuminati ultimately worship Satan, any kind of film or propaganda that could cause a religious revival must be stopped. Unfortunately, their efforts to curb Gibson's efforts failed. While the NWO has great leverage over the film industry, there are still many aspects that they do not control. For example, they have not fully infiltrated the theater industry. To them, stopping Gibson meant refusing to fund production despite knowing that such a project would reap millions in profits. Having issued their refusal, the Illuminati believed that Gibson had been halted.

What the NWO did not expect was that Gibson's faith was so strong that he would finance the film himself. With "The Passion" going forward, little could be done to stop it, leaving the Illuminati with few options. The first of these was to arrange a takeover of the theater industry, which would take too much time and money (it would also expose the existence of the secret order). The second was to sabotage Gibson's production, but this was also not workable due to filming in Italy. The final option was to ruin Gibson himself. The only problem with the third option was that it would take too much time and could not be accomplished before the film's release.

According to new evidence provided by a Hollywood producer known only as "Hank," the Illuminati sealed Gibson's fate months before "The Passion" hit theaters. Hank states that "Gibson was to be destroyed, first personally and then financially." The first rumors surrounded Gibson's family, saying that his father was a Holocaust denier. Other incidents quickly followed such as a staged drunk driving arrest involving fake evidence and false domestic abuse reports. Combined, all of this negative press had the effect of branding "The Passion" as little more than a film made by a loony toon.

However, that would not be the end of Mel Gibson. As much as the Illuminati feared and loathed him for his religious devotion as well as possible leaks about their existence (he once claimed that someone was telling Bill Clinton what to do), they needed his star power. Once he had been effectively destroyed, they revived him. All he had to do was confess to making anti-Semitic remarks and he would be brought back into Hollywood but in a less-significant capacity. Given that the secret order was pulverizing him, Gibson had little choice and consented. That's why the 2006 film, "Apocalypto," became a reality.      

The power of film is possibly one of strongest available when it comes to influencing the masses, and one that is heavily controlled by the Illuminati. If someone dares to create something that goes against their agenda, the consequences are swift and devastating as was seen with Mel Gibson.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

TWA Flight 800: The Illuminati's Dress Rehearsal for 9/11

In July 1996, TWA Flight 800 exploded over New York harbor killing everyone aboard. Unlike most air disasters, many eyewitnesses reported that this was not a crash but an attack on one of America's airliners. Even NTSB investigators have come forward to say that this was no accident and that foul play was definitely afoot. The evidence leading to a conspiracy is compelling as well. Witness accounts are just the beginning. Photos, radar images, and leaked reports prove that TWA Flight 800 was not the result of an electrical accident but of a deliberate attack. It could not have been terrorists, or else the government would have revealed it. This leaves just two questions, who did it and why?

For those that agree with the conspiracy theories, answering the first question is easy. Only the U.S. government could have pulled off such a feat and maintained a cover-up. However, why they did it is a complete mystery. What motive could the federal government have for committing mass murder? As far as most of the government is concerned, there is no possible reason. The vast majority of government officials and servicemen work for the people. On the other hand, the Illuminati had a great deal of interest in bringing down TWA Flight 800, and their puppet operatives performed almost flawlessly in their efforts. The only mistakes were the witness accounts and leaked reports.

Now, why would the NWO do such a thing? As far as accomplishing any major goals, the Illuminati had no plans for TWA Flight 800 in helping with their quest for global domination. To the NWO, this was more of a dress rehearsal for something even more sinister such as the 9/11 attacks. Such a massive terrorist attack required a high degree of practice and orchestration before being implemented, and bringing down a fully fueled passenger liner provided the Illuminati with much information to aid in their plans.

First, seeing a jumbo jet explode gave the NWO much needed insight into how much force such an event creates. They also learned about the range and size of the fireball as well as falling debris. By choosing a full flight, they could also gain knowledge about the probability of survivors. This all proved vital to their plans. By understanding the destructive power of a fully fueled jumbo jet, the Illuminati were one step closer to implementing 9/11 and their plans to create world chaos while simultaneously restricting the freedom and movement of Americans.

The second reason for the NWO bringing down a plane was that they needed a practice run for covering up a conspiracy. This was highly revealing to those in the highest echelons of the secret order. Many mistakes were made, and information was too freely shared. Both of which led to leaks. While the Illuminati could afford a few errors on something on a smaller scale such as TWA Flight 800, they couldn't on something as large as 9/11. Following the NTSB investigations and allegations of foul play, the secret order learned a great deal about how to maintain a conspiracy. When it comes to 9/11, very little hard evidence suggesting anything else other than an Al Qaeda attack exists.

Many skeptics argue that pulling off the September 11th attacks was just too big a conspiracy to succeed without someone saying something, and that is a valid argument. However, the Illuminati didn't just pull off their dastardly actions with a few plans and discussions. They rehearsed it through other disasters. This allowed them to iron out any mistakes they might have made, which made 9/11 everything they wanted it to be.

The Illuminati are not gods. They are people, and people make mistakes. Actors and stage crews rehearse continuously to make sure a stage play is perfectly performed. 9/11 was no different. Endless practice was needed to make sure everything happened according to plan. To the Illuminati, TWA Flight 800 was just another rehearsal, one that revealed that many improvements were needed before opening night.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Illuminati Controlled Kim Jong Un Is Gay

The North Korean despot, Kim Jong Un, currently has a great deal of control over world events. With the slightest threat, he can send the U.S. and other powerful nations spiraling into a panic, but how is he able to wield such power? For the past two decades North Korea has the economy of a third world country. The government is unable to even feed its own people, far less than be able to have any kind of respectable standing in the global community. In the past, such conditions have caused regimes to crumble. However, the Kim family retains its stranglehold on the country's government with no apparent signs of dissent.

Experts attribute the Kims' power to a strong personality cult propped by terror and intimidation. That is what the media want us to believe. Not to say that such a reason plays no role whatsoever, the personality cult is a very useful tool and does an effective job at keeping those with weak minds in obedience. On the other hand, North Korea's intelligentsia are too smart to fall for such a tactic and too numerous to allow themselves to let one feeble-minded person rule them. That's where the Illuminati come into the picture.

In a previous blog entry, We mention that Kim Jong Un has about $5 billion tied up in banks across the globe. That money is the secret to his power. With it, he can bribe and pamper any would-be overthrowers with luxury cars and merchandise. Because North Korea has almost no economy and little to no exports, these items come at too high a price and can only be attained with the help of the NWO.

Kim Jong Un plays a vital role in the Illuminati's overall scheme and may even be a part of it himself. Regardless of his membership status, he had to have paid homage to the Satanist cult and did so through a series of homosexual acts and ceremonies. This is where Dennis Rodman's visit comes into play. The former NBA star and is colorful persona was the perfect Illuminati envoy. Rodman has done and will do almost anything, and the Illuminati dispatched him to North Korea to "induct" Kim into the order's subservience.

These secret ceremonies involve several perverted acts beginning with sodomy (the inductee is the receiver). This act is performed multiple times and done throughout various parts of the day, according to the positioning of the moon. The first sodomization is done through a bondage position. The second is performed in a position resembling a goat and might have been accomplished with the administrator wearing a goat mask. Finally, the third act is completed with the receiver standing straight and being sodomized from behind. Kim would have had to perform all three acts to pay homage to the Illuminati.

To someone as prideful as Kim Jong Un, these homosexual acts must have been highly undignifying, but they were necessary for him to maintain his power. After pledging his allegiance, Kim can now maintain a tight grip on North Korea with a lot of help from his true masters, the Illuminati.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Illuminati and Scientology

Much has been written on the blogosphere about the Church of Scientology and its controversial activities. Arguments abound about whether the infamous church is affiliated with the NWO or against it. Given the symbolism that can be found in its logos and emblems, I would have to say that Scientology is indeed part of the Illuminati.

The church's main logo is a dead giveaway. The two triangles that are enveloping the "S" are obviously two pyramids. This one isn't even very subtle, but the Illuminati are expressing their hubris by being this careless. The second symbol is less obvious. The Church of Scientology utilizes a cross with the sun's rays shining out from behind it. Since the sun is another popular NWO emblem, this is another sign. Also, one must wonder about why the church uses a cross. Scientology does not embrace the Bible but rather asserts that Xenu is the omniscient deity. The mixing of such religious symbolism is another hint that the devil-worshiping Illuminati have their hands in this organization. Why else would a cross be used?

It's no secret by now that the NWO uses Hollywood as a brainwashing tool. Entertainers and actors galore promote the Illuminati through movies and music filled with hidden messages. The Church of Scientology could fit well into this satanic web. Regardless of how the church was started, it's too much of a coincidence that the movement targeted Hollywood for any other reason except for Illuminati purposes. One could argue that Scientology decided to gain celebrity support to enhance its membership. However, that cannot be the case, since the church's numbers are quite low. No, the most likely case is that the Illuminati infiltrated the movement (or maybe even created it) as a means to reach celebrities and other Hollywood types on a more intimate level. To cover up its true purposes, the media portrays Scientology as a wacky organization that is more of a cult than a religion. Who could know for sure? One thing that is true is that Illuminati signs can be found all over the church's symbols.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Apple Is Illuminati Controlled and Satanic

Apple is one of the largest and most profitable companies ever started and owes all of its success to the Illuminati. In fact, it was conceived by the NWO as a way to create more electronics that could be used by everyday people. Of course, we think that our iPhones, iPads, and iMacs are just terrific gizmos when actually they are tools used to track our lives and gather data to help the Illuminati control the world.

The case for Apple being controlled by the Illuminati begins with Steve Jobs' initial investors who suggested the company name to him. The NWO decided that the apple provided a perfect symbol for their new technological wing. An apple is more than just a fruit but also a religious icon. Apples represent knowledge and man's first sin. Given the Illuminati's satanic rituals and devil worship, the apple has great significance. To those that follow Beelzebub, Adam and Eve's first bite of the forbidden fruit became the dawn of a new era, the era where the devil could rule the world. The selection of the apple symbolizes the Illuminati's push toward technological knowledge with the endorsement of satan.

Another aspect Apple's logo revealing how the company is controlled by devil worshipers is that the apple has been bitten. This confirms that the Illuminati are displaying how they revel in sin and are proud of it.

Other Apple logos also indicate how the NWO control the company. Just check out the icons for the App Store and Safari. The former closely resembles the Masonic symbol of a compass, and the latter actually is a compass. All of this just goes to prove how evil this company truly is.

What we see on the app logos goes beyond that as well. Check out the image for the weather app. It's nothing more than a bright sun. Another symbol can be seen on the one for photos. It's a sunflower. It's amazing (and frightening too) how much hidden symbolism Apple has crammed onto such a small screen.

If the logo is not proof enough of how evil Apple is, just check out the names of their products, iPad, iMac, iPod, etc. What's the one thing they all have in common? They all begin with the letter "I." Why did the company decide to place this particular letter as the focal point of their products? Did they do it because it sounded cool? Was it because the "I" is supposed to represent you? The answer to all of these questions is an emphatic no. The "I" stands for Illuminati and the product names that  have etched themselves into the vernacular are really the short versions of their real titles, Illuminati Pad, Illuminati Pod, and Illuminati Phone. What might even be the most creepy is the full name for iTunes, Illuminati Tunes. Given how the music industry is so twisted with NWO influences, this makes a perfect fit.

Another slippery little symbol that Apple uses to leave its Illuminati thumbprint is the Siri app. This title when spelled backwards is actually "iris" and is a direct reference to the Eye of Providence. If you happen to own any Apple device, I would recommend getting rid of it right away. You may even want to consider destroying it as a means to prevent them from accessing your data, but the company already has it so why bother.

Remember, Apple is just one tentacle out of many extending from the hideous NWO beast. Sure, the corporation claims to keep all of its customers' information and records confidential, but that is little more than garbage propaganda. The moment the NSA or any other agency wants to investigate you, boom, so much for your privacy. In fact, the company is likely funneling all of its personal data to the beast already.

So what options does a person have if Apple is little more than a corrupted wing of the Illuminati? To be honest, there really aren't any. All of the major electronics and communications companies have been infiltrated by the NWO to some extent. However, Apple is the order's number one means of getting satanic messages and symbols directly to the people.

By using Apple, the NWO has successfully integrated their products and spy equipment into our daily lives and we embrace it. Hell, we don't embrace it, we CRAVE it. While everyday people spend hours in line for the next Apple product, the Illuminati are chuckling at just how easy world domination really is.

For more on this topic, check out one of our other articles on Apple.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Illuminati Rule North Korea

Knowledge about North Korea remains elusive... very elusive. However, the watchful eye of the Illuminati observe and even control the rogue nation. Symbols can be found throughout all of the photographs and propaganda released from Pyongyang, and just like with the U.S., the subtle symbolism reveals how far the NWO has infiltrated every last facet of global power.

Let's begin with the DPRK's current leader, Kim Jong Un, who allegedly has a net worth of over $5 billion. That's an unbelievable amount of cash for a socialist leader, and he keeps his fortune in numerous bank accounts scattered across the globe. Given that the banks are largely controlled by the Illuminati, that pretty much provides the link that reveals how the NWO controls the young North Korean leader. By managing his finances, they are able to exercise their influence through channels provided by neutral nations such as Sweden and Switzerland. The so-called "sanctions" placed upon him by the UN is just another means for the Illuminati to show who is really in control. To the NWO, the DPRK is a necessity. The rogue nation has been created and molded into an enemy of the West, and enemies are crucial for keeping the masses united and obedient to a corrupt government and financial system.

Next comes the hidden symbols. First, there's the North Korean Workers' Party emblem, which is three yellow tools lined up along a red background. The pattern which the tools have been placed is very similar to that of the Masons' symbol and indeed resembles a compass. This is just one sublte hint that the Masons and the Workers' Party are linked.

Another hidden symbol is the Ryugyong Hotel. This pyramid shape structure dominates the Pyongyang skyline, and when viewed at just the right angle, appears to have an eye at the top. This is once again another method the Illuminati use to show people how they are truly in charge as an "all seeing eye" watches over the North Koreans as well as their hated foes, the Americans.

The North Korean seal also shows a telltale sign of the Eye of Providence, except it comes in the form of a red star. Posed at the top of a pyramid made of grain and sunrays, the star radiates wisdom and protection down on its people. This is another little trick the Illuminati have used to hide in plain sight. While most people are convinced that the DPRK is a rogue state, those who follow the NWO know that they're just another pawn in the big game.

To the Illuminati, the DPRK is a vital asset. America needs an enemy now more than ever as the financial structure continues to buckle and head toward its eventual collapse. Kim Jong Un's unceasing antics provide a worthy diversion, one that will redirect the minds of Americans while the Illuminati continue to pull the strings. If you don't think the NWO is in control, just remember who controls Kim's purse strings as well as who has made him rich. The Kim family is definitely Illuminati and will continue to play their roles to the highest point.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Illuminati Controlled NY Times Is Trying to Debunk "Room 237"

The Illuminati controlled media is once again trying to debunk conspiracy theories, and they're doing it at full speed against those presented in the new documentary, "Room 237." For those unfamiliar with the film, "Room 237" is about all of the conspiracies that are revealed in Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining." In a recent NY Times article, Kubrick's former assistant, Leon Vitali, reveals how all of those ideas came about and how he thought all of them were gibberish.

Seeing such an article is no surprise and only goes on to confirm that "Room 237" is genuine and not some Illuminati sponsored rubbish designed to fool us. Besides, Vitali's case is weak at best. He states that the Apollo 11 sweater was arbitrarily chosen because they needed something homemade and that happened to be there. Yeah right! He also asserts that the "Alder" typewriter was Kubrick's own and that they used it because they liked how it looked. All of what he says is pure nonsense, and Vitali was probably forced by the Illuminati to make these statements.

That brings us to the credibility of Vitali himself. Anyone who worked closely with Kubrick was going to be in the know about his ties with the Illuminati. In fact, Vitali was likely an Illuminati informant who was sent to spy on the filmmaker to make sure he stayed in line. Unfortunately, Vitali failed at his job while working with Kubrick, allowing him to make his subtle confession without him even knowing. Due to this failure, Vitali has been forced to save face by telling lies about the true nature of "The Shining."

If you're interested in these lies, the link to the article is here.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Is Controlled by the Illuminati?

The  more press and publicity something receives is always a good indicator that the Illuminati have had a hand in it. Take for example this well-known conspiracy theory website,

Anytime you google conspiracy theories, this one comes right to the top. Even this blog has been linked there a few times (much to my dismay). If you're in doubt, just go to the site. The second it comes up, you see ads galore, and to make matters worse, these ads are specific to your local geography. That means that the Illuminati have bought and paid for the site through sponsorship. AboveTopSecret may have actually started as an authentic site designed to enlighten us about the Illuminati, but its owners have sold out to the NWO controlled corporations. As a result of their greed, they have sold us out too, and just for the record, this blog will not be used for promotion (I have turned down several offers already).

As with all conspiracies and claims, one needs evidence to believe it. At the moment, I don't have much of a case against AboveTopSecret, but I will tell some things that will make you think. Its moderators are extremely strict about what kind of content gets posted, and we're not talking about a filter for language, decency, etiquette, etc. What we're talking about is the censorship of conspiracies. I have encountered several people who have uncovered documentation of Illuminati shenanigans and then posted it to AboveTopSecret. Within minutes, they saw their threads and posts deleted for "objectionable content." Lately, the infamous site has locked its 9/11 forum to any and all posters due to "civility." That's not exactly a credible reason given that more and more evidence is becoming available asserting a conspiracy behind that tragic day.

I can't warn you enough about this website. Unless you want the Illuminati to know your whereabouts and thoughts, stay away from AboveTopSecret! And if you must go there, whatever you do, don't post a thing.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Illuminati and Barack Obama's Campaign

President Barack Obama is the beginning of the NWO's new era, and his campaigns were rife with tell-tale symbols. Some theories argue that he is one of the great beasts or the Antichrist that will usher in the Apocalypse. Others say he is just another Illuminati puppet being manipulated to ensure their control of the economy. All of these ideas are well supported and depend heavily upon the faith and religiosity of every person. However, there is no denying the symbolism that can be found in his campaigns.
Obama's historic 2008 election was one of the greatest triumphs of the NWO. By manipulating the economy to a near meltdown status, they ensured that any Democrat would win the presidency, and they succeeded. With the markets in shambles, Americans were desperate for any alternative, and Obama offered it. Unfortunately, his "change" message was one that will lead us to Illuminati domination and not better lives.
For the first symbol, let's look at Obama's campaign slogan "Change we can believe in." This in itself is the calling card of the Illuminati, and the statement was carefully chosen by the secret order. To Americans, the statement implies a better life and opportunity, but to the NWO the statement means that the changes they want are on the way. The changes are also the ones that THEY believe in. When we read the slogan, we automatically deduce that the "we" means all Americans. However, the "we" refers directly to the Illuminati.
The next symbol is much more obvious, and that's the "O" logo with red and white stripes representing cornfields. One of the primary Illuminati symbols is the sun, and the Obama logo is an "O" emerging as the sun shining across America. To those that are familiar with the sun symbol, it can be seen everywhere in corporate logos, especially fast food.
Another indicator of Obama's link to the Illuminati is the portrait where he is depicted in red, white, and blue. On one side of Obama's face, the whole color is red. This is a direct link to how Obama is an agent of Satan and is in direct service to the Illuminati. To help understand this, you must realize that the NWO is a secret society engaged in devil worshiping. To them, Obama is a tool or something much worse in their ultimate plans. He may even be a prophecy fulfilled.
To those who think the current president is making life better, take heed. He is manipulating the public while steering the nation toward greater enslavement to the banks, driving it to a potential nuclear conflict with Iran and North Korea, and reducing the American population to little more than feudal slaves. As always, the symbols were there, but nobody pays attention until it's too late.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Clemson and Auburn Universities Have Been Overrun by the Illuminati

Currently, conspiracy theorists have narrowed the Illuminati's primary influence and activity as occurring on Ivy League campuses. Of course, there are the legendary secret societies such as the Skull and Bones organizations. However, these historic groups have become too well-known by the general public and have caused the NWO to look at other places for their recruitment and dubious activities. Two of the latest schools that have been overrun by the Illuminati is Clemson University in South Carolina and Auburn University in Alabama.

The case for Clemson's involvement with the NWO runs deep and reeks of symbols. For starters, let's look at the school's logos and mascots, which is the tiger or tigers. Now, why would the school choose that mascot? It's the third university to adopt that macot in the Southeast. To fully understand, you must count the letters in Clemson Tigers. That's right! It comes out to 13, the official number of the Illuminati.

There is more to this too. Let's take a look at Clemson's history. The school was originally founded by white supremacist Ben Tillman who had a great interest in wanting to preserve racial segregation as part of an effot to steer humanity toward a master race. As a prominent politician Tillman had strong connections with the Illuminati and worked to establish the school to help provide them with a base to operate in the Deep South.

Clemson's seal is also revealing of the NWO's influence. Incorporating the seal of South Carolina, the palmetto resembles the sun rising over a pyramid. This is emblematic of Eye of Providence and just one more sign of what the school stands for.

Auburn University also boasts numerous symbols that reveal its affiliation with the Illuminati, and the fact that its mascot is also the tiger is no coincidence. Both schools share the mascot as a way of showing that they are in close league with one another. That's why Auburn's official team name isn't the War Eagles or the Plainsmen. Now, where Auburn reveals its true colors is with its letters. When arranged, the A and U look a lot like the Mason symbol. Between this and the use of the eagle, Auburn is also another base of operations for the Illuminati.
These schools and many others like them across America are working to program the population to follow Illuminati teachings and rules. Don't be fooled by any of them and remember that the NWO is everywhere.   

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Greece Is the Current Target of the Illuminati

The extended financial and banking crisis of Greece is no accident or even an unforeseen consequence of the adaptation of the Euro but rather the beginnings of the Illuminati in making everyone impoverished slaves. By controlling the world's largest banks (Fed Reserve, IMF, and ECB), the New World Order has engineered a single currency for most of the European continent. This is just one of the many phases that the NWO uses to extract all of the wealth and independence from certain groups of people while simultaneously concentrating their own power.
Greece is the unfortunate target of this maneuver. Once the Illuminati were successful in creating the Euro (a currency system that was never projected to succeed), they managed to bring Greece within their grip through the means of "easy credit." The NWO's Greek agents made sure that the country borrowed far more than it could ever manage as well as allowed its richest citizens (also possible Illuminati) to evade taxes. Of course, this was all a recipe for disaster for the Greek people, but what we view as a disaster, the NWO see as a victory. With Greece's financial structure in ruins, the population is now vulnerable to full exploitation. Expect to see the nation's citizens become wage slaves as corporations and other Illuminati sponsored operations use them as cheap labor.
For those who are watching, Greece is the first warning of what the Illuminati are planning to do. They designed the Euro, knowing damn well that it would fail to create a more economically prosperous Europe, and now they are reaping the benefits as Greece must do exactly as they say. Soon, Spain and Italy will follow as will Portugal along with much of southeastern Europe. Once the Illuminati have created a new area ready for exploitation, they will keep them impoverished. Over time, more nations' economies will collapse, and the NWO will emerge to rule everyone. What's happening to Greece is just the beginning.
The symptoms are all apparent such as the use of a continent-wide currency and the overarching control of banks. Those are just a couple of Illuminati strategies that have been employed over the past couple of centuries. Greece is beyond a doubt a NWO victory. We were too slow to realize their plans, but now we know what to look for before more healthy economies fall prey to the Illuminati's financial institutions.

2015 Update: Two years have passed since we first brought you this piece, and it's no surprise that affairs have only gotten worse for Greece. The Illuminati controlled Syriza party has steered the country even closer to insolvency while doing nothing to reinforce economic drivers such as industry and tourism. Now, the nation is faced with its most crucial referendum, either remain slaves to Europe's banks or exist with a junk currency and no credit leaving its citizens to be exploited as sweatshop slaves for companies like Ikea and Walmart.

The thing to remember here is that our modern economy is based on imaginary money. It literally does not exist except in cyberspace. Banks print more and more of it, proclaim its valuable, and boom! The economy is fixed. Of course, other banks must agree on the currency's value, but that's no problem when the Illuminati controls all of them. It's like buying a used car. You want to make sure that the dealer isn't selling you a lemon, so you take it to a garage to be evaluated. The only catch is that the garage is owned by the dealer. It's the same with the banks. They all answer to the same masters. 

Greece's economic crisis can be easily fixed through industry and infrastructure stimuli that will provide jobs while lowering the cost of living through cheaper food and goods. Unfortunately, the Illuminati will not permit it. Instead, the order is going to destroy the Greek people with imaginary money drowned in infinite gobbledygook and crackpot economic theories.

To our Greek brethren struggling against the NWO, we would like to say stay strong and we are behind you.