Friday, September 5, 2014

Joan Rivers: The Illuminati's Latest Dead Celeb

When the death of Robin Williams monopolized the headlines, we here at IW asserted that he was another one of many celebrities who had become part of an epidemic of sorts, an epidemic of dead stars. The announcement of Joan Rivers' sudden death points to yet another victim in this never-ceasing crisis among Hollywood's elite, and the fact that this occurred under "mysterious" circumstances should come as no surprise.

No one is debating that Rivers, whose comedy blazed new trends in the entertainment industry, was in great health for someone at the age of 81 and that she had many good years left. Who knows, she may have been able to surpass Betty White's longevity had it not been for another "accident". What is for certain here is that her death was not the result of natural causes. The Illuminati gave someone a mission, and it was fulfilled.

The exact details of Rivers' cause of death are yet unknown and may remain that way. Of course, the media will release something to pacify the gullible masses, but they can't be trusted. Afterall, they tried to claim that Robin Williams had Parkinson's when people started to get suspicious. The story we're anticipating is that Rivers died from anesthesia complications. It would be the most believable. She was older, and being put under carries greater risks with age.

We really don't find that one too convincing and here's why. First, Rivers wasn't going in for major surgery. Endoscopy is not invasive and doesn't require deep anesthesia. Second, the comedian was in excellent health. If mediocre doctors can put morbidly obese patients under for risky procedures like cardiac or gastric bypass, then they should have no trouble with a thin and spirited lady. 

Some poor doctor will be taking the fall for this one, probably a physician with an Ivy League background too. The Illuminati is made up of many tiers, but its recruits almost always come from the "elite" schools. When the organization issues an order, it must be followed. Don't worry, we're sure whoever is held responsible won't fall for long.

Another question surrounding Joan Rivers' death is why. What could have been the reason for her untimely demise. She had definitely gone astray of the Illuminati during her career which resulted in the cancellation of her Fox comedy show and the "suicide" of her husband. Maybe she was planning to blow the lid wide open on what was about to happen or maybe she had details of Robin Williams' final months that would have destroyed the media's well-scripted narrative.

The latter seems more likely. Given Rivers' on-and-off relationship with Hollywood and the Illuminati, she likely had little information about the order's most sinister plans. However, she still had close contact with other members and probably had a good perspective on how they operated. She may have seen first hand how MK Ultra programming had destroyed Williams' psyche, driving him to suicide, and this might have led her to make a statement.

We don't know for sure why she had to die under such mysterious circumstances. There very well could have been another reason, but wanting to vindicate a fellow comedian seems the most likely. One thing to remember is that Joan Rivers' death is not unique. She is just another victim in the Illuminati's mass cleansing of Hollywood. Why so many are dying in such a tight time frame remains unanswered, but we fear the true reasons.    


  1. It's very 'coincidental' that she outed the President as gay and the First Lady as a tranny only weeks prior to her death.

  2. Jaymzie hit this nail right on the head. While this article casts a wealth of suspicions, the truth is in plain sight. She (Joan Rivers) answered the camera man when asked "will America see its first woman president or gay president"she answered quite sincerely and non-jokingly "well we already have that with Obama, he's gay and Michelle's a tranny" that is why an unknown person out of her entourage posed as or is a M.D. was permitted in claiming to see a growth on her throat to slit her "vocal cords"!!! Telling us (the general populous) and reminding fellow elites via PSA that she over-reached by speaking too much and was punished for it! A kind reminder to fellow club members that even when you feel that urge to spill, you will be terminated via death as a consequence-

  3. She said michelle obama is a tranny! And she said something about blue ivy's hair and both statements were buzzing! Many say it was a sacrafice of jayz or because her statements about the president and first lady were very true! I did see a whole 5 min video on youtube pointing out how she could be a man. 😕🙏💋

  4. She also say that the President and First Man are a gay couple

  5. She also say that the President and First Man are a gay couple