Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The 2001 Film "Hannibal": Hollywood's 9/11 Warning

Here it is! Definitive proof that Hollywood and the government were involved in 9/11, and they were so cocky that they even released a warning about their plans. Everything that went on behind the scenes of the September 11th attacks can be seen in the film "Hannibal." Originally supposed to be the sequel to "The Silence of the Lambs," this movie instead became a warning to America and the world of what was to happen only 7 (that's right 7) months after its release, and we never took heed. The following is a step by step explanation of the evidence that this film was indeed Hollywood's warning or confession of the terror that soon followed.

The first piece of evidence is likely the most obvious but also subtle in its own way. In a scene, the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List shows up as an internet page. While the camera quickly focuses on Hannibal Lecter's picture, it glosses over some of the other notorious criminals and gives particular attention to one of them. That's right! It was the photo of Osama bin Laden. Now this can be dismissed as a mere coincidence, since he had been on the list for some time already. However, there's more that erases any shred of this being accidental.

On the movie poster for "Hannibal," there's a painting of someone who we are supposed to believe is Anthony Hopkins' most famous role, and it is chilling to say the least. Between the browned skin, dark eye, and sinister grin, this is one creepy looking person, but it's not Hannibal Lecter. Instead, it's Osama bin Laden. Does this sound crazy? At first yes, but there is an explanation. Let's start with the brown eye. There's no way that eye could belong to Lecter, because Anthony Hopkins has blue eyes. Now, you could possibly argue that Hannibal doesn't have blue eyes and that a little help from contact lenses make them brown. Nope, not true either. Just check out "Silence of the Lambs" and see those bright blue eyes that match oh so well with that bright blue prison jumper!

Also, check out the shadowing on the cheek, chin, and underneath the nose. It looks like traces of dark facial hair. This is obviously not Hannibal but rather the devious face of one of the world's most evil people, and it stared at us straight in the eye while we devoured popcorn and gulped coke thinking it was a movie character.

Still not convinced? There's more! Let's talk about the film's storyline. The basic plot of the movie has a wealthy individual (Mason Verger, played by Gary Oldman), who comes from old money (i.e. Vanderbilts and Rockefellers), buy off the FBI to get his revenge on Lecter. Senators, agents, and many more are bribed to accomplish the goal. This is a direct reference and explanation of how the Illuminati control our country. While we think it's just another rich stiff buying off the government, it's actually a subtle Hollywood portrayal of how the few wealthy families and individuals maneuver for power and accomplish their goals. In other words, Hollywood is telling us that the Illuminati were behind Osama bin Laden. The odds of all this being a coincidence are too astronomical to calculate. Between the images of a notorious terrorist and the depiction of old money manipulating the government, this has got to be a message of some sort.

In many ways, Lecter is a sort of hero for the people in the film. He outwits the corrupt government agents and reveals them for the slime that they are, which culminates in FBI Agent Paul Krendler (played by Ray Liotta) eating his own brain. What is even more frightening are the implications of Hannibal's heroics. If he truly is the metaphor for Bin Laden, then this could imply something really disturbing such as the Illuminati turning him into a villain or scapegoat for their actions. The film might be trying to tell us that he wasn't a bad guy at all as those behind the New World Order want us to believe (I will admit that even that one is a bit of a stretch, but it makes you think). All this says is that someone in Hollywood knew what was about to happen and wanted to get the word out before it was too late. We were just too ignorant to notice.

Another point to consider is the release date for "Hannibal," which was on February 9. This in itself is strange because blockbuster sequels almost always debut in the summer and late fall. February is usually considered to be a dry month for films with the exception of a few sleeper hits here and there. Now why was "Hannibal" released during this month? Well, think about it like this. February 9 can also be written as 2/9. That could easily symbolize 2 towers in the 9th month. Another way to consider it is that 9 plus 2 equals 11 or 2/9/11, which translates to 2 towers in the 9th month on the 11th day.   

If "Hannibal" was a scary movie before this became known, now it's shockingly horrific. For more information about this film's symbolism, check out this excellent youtube clip.