Monday, August 25, 2014

The Illuminati at the 2014 MTV VMAs

Whenever mainstream music takes the spotlight, the Illuminati always uses the opportunity to further brainwash the masses. The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards was no exception. What else can you expect when Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Beyonce are all crammed into one program? This year's show had it all too, eyeballs, numerology, suns, and good ol' pyramids. To those who know the signs, the awards were one of the most blatant displays of occult symbolism in recent memory. Here's the play-by-play of what we saw.

Probably the most obvious and recurrent Illuminati sign we saw was the stage's backdrop. The giant circular decoration boasting "The 2014 MTV VMA awards" looked more like an eye than anything else. The outside was adorned with what looked like eyelashes, and the inner framing resembled an iris. At a distance, there was no mistaking what this was. The eye motif was also seen as performers took the stage. During one song, Usher looked like he was dancing on an eye. Completely outrageous from our perspective.

The sun was also a constant theme with references visible throughout the show. Taylor Swift's bad act was full of sunbursts, and when Usher wasn't dancing on an eye, the lights shifted to make the stage look like the sun. It all adds up to more proof that the Illuminati was working hard to brainwash the masses through music.

If that wasn't enough to shock you, then what we saw on the stage floor should be. The whole show was delivered from a platform with 666 on it. Done in the classic pinwheel fashion meant to fool the masses, the secret order broadcast one of the most iconic satanic references.

We can go on and one with the symbolism, and we will. Take the award statue as an example. To the casual eye, it's the MTV logo, but to the trained individual, it's an homage to the greatest hoax ever perpetrated. The statue of a man on the moon is the Illuminati bragging about how it can fool us whenever it wants. The Apollo missions were frauds, and those in the entertainment industry know it. Giving out an award that immortalizes that farce just goes to show what the VMAs are all about.

Even the commercials were riddled with Illuminati symbolism. Anytime a Cover Girl ad aired, triangles and hand symbols blasted the airwaves. We're not talking about one or two shapes here either, we saw dozens as well as Katy Perry dancing her Illuminati-worshiping ass all over the place. How much more blatant could the order be?

To those who watched the show last night, we hope you saw the signs and now realize that the Illuminati is real and taking over. We don't have much time. They control the money supply and are rapidly pushing the world under one government. To keep ordinary people fooled, the order uses pop culture to brainwash the masses into believing a false reality. Look for the signs and refuse to be enslaved! 

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