Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why the Illuminati Tolerates Alex Jones

Anyone who is into conspiracy theories, the NWO in particular, has likely heard of Alex Jones. This American icon has literally become the embodiment of all paranoid ideas ranging from the Illuminati to the truth behind 9/11, and the obvious question is why does he get so much publicity? If the NWO is as powerful as conspiracy theorists claim, then how come those behind it don't silence him? On a BBC program that Jones made a guest appearance, one of the commentators stated that only two answers existed to this question, either that the NWO doesn't exist or that he's part of it. We here at IW feel differently and have another more plausible explanation.

To really understand where we're coming from, you need to know what we think about Alex Jones. First and foremost, we think that he truly believes in everything he says and that his convictions are genuine. What we also think is that he is a poor representative of those who are convinced of the reality of the NWO. Now, this doesn't mean that we think his stories and websites are rubbish ( and They are actually very good at covering what the mainstream media doesn't want you to know. However, listening to Jones and seeing his appearances on shows such as Piers Morgan have convinced us that he lacks an analytical mind as well as self-control. 

His appearances on CNN and BBC are little more than discombobulated rants that seek to shout down the opposition rather than dissect its claims one by one. Jones disregarded any and all forms of civilized debate and yelled his way to the next commercial break. At one point, his shouting became so obnoxious where the host lamented that "there is an idiot on the stage." To those watching, he must have appeared as nothing more than a delusional nut rather than an authority on his subject, a laughing stock really. In all honesty, we think his appearances stand a better chance at being labeled as comedy than news. Should this person be the face of the movement to stop the NWO?

We think not, but what chance is there of pushing him aside? The ultimate reason why Jones is so popular is that the Illuminati knows that he's too eccentric to be credible. Those guest spots played right into the order's hands as he shouted, yelled, and insulted everyone who disagreed with him. Instead of convincing people of his beliefs, Jones turned them against such thoughts. After all, who would want to share the convictions of that whack job? And as logic follows, since he is the spokesperson, whoever supports his ideals must be either equally or even more delusional. Indeed, the Illuminati have attained a great victory with Alex Jones.

Most people do not adhere to the Illuminati/NWO conspiracy, and Jones is a big reason why. The mind is easy to manipulate, and it doesn't take much to create an air of legitimacy or vice versa. By allowing Jones to have his radio shows and websites, the Illuminati are conning people into believing that anyone who thinks such an idea is credible is certifiably nuts. Meanwhile, the order maintains authority with outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, and NPR. These networks twist and distort the facts more than any other. They just do so with an underhanded civility. 

Those who want to stop the Illuminati and protect America from the NWO deserve a better voice.

To see what we mean when we say that Alex Jones is not a good representative, check out the following link.

Monday, April 14, 2014

AIDS and Its Twisted Illuminati Agenda

The 1980s was in many ways a pivotal decade. The Cold War came to an end, and the economy began to surge. It was also the first time that the American public learned about AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) as well as the gay culture that the disease originally infected. Many conspiracy theories have emerged about how the epidemic started. Some say it was a government plot to rid the U.S. of homosexuals. Others suggest that it was a curse sent from God to smite those who lived sinful lives. Regardless of what has been said, little has been written about the real reasons why AIDS reared its head when it did, and the Illuminati's true purpose was twisted beyond imagination.

The years of Ronald Reagan were somewhat of a backlash against liberalism as well as the Illuminati. Whatever the president's connections to the organization that helped him rise to power, he never really seemed to go along with the secret order's agenda. With conservatism on the rise, the Illuminati needed to get its sick programs back into focus, and one of those was an acceptance of homosexuality. During the 1960s, being gay was making progress towards becoming an accepted lifestyle, most of which was later stifled by the Nixon and Ford administrations. In other words, the Illuminati needed to reboot its strategy.

The discovery of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) in the 1970s provided that opportunity (History records that the virus itself was not discovered until the mid-1980s, just more brainwashing by the order). Knowing that the disease could be transmitted by few vectors other than sex, the Illuminati decided to deliberately infect America's gay population, including some of its own members. We know this sounds crazy but bear with us here, it will make sense.

By causing an epidemic among homosexuals (males in particular), the Illuminati was able to steer the media into covering this horrible plight, which in turn provided sympathy for gays. Instead of being viewed as deviants or perverts, homosexuals began to be seen as victims. Individual case studies telling the tragedies of numerous individuals began to pour into America's living rooms. Within a few years, Americans began to relent on some of its reservations about gay sex. By the 1990s, gays could openly flaunt their orientation in public. Ellen Degeneres came out on here show, and then there's the all too famous Seinfeld quote, "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

None of this acceptance would have occurred when it did if it wasn't for the AIDS crisis. While the Illuminati sacrificed hundreds of thousands of its own to pave the road to acceptance, the strategy was successful. AIDS forced America to focus on the plight of gays and see their lifestyle as non-threatening to their own. However, the Illuminati did not stop there. Instead of attaining mere toleration, it pushed (and continues to do so) to make homosexuality a mainstream lifestyle. Artists such as Katy Perry encourage children to experiment with bi-sexuality, and other programs such as "Six Feet Under" imply that everyone can be gay if they make the choice.

This revolution of homosexuality is now in full throttle, and it has been building since those very first AIDS cases were diagnosed over thirty years ago. That is the Illuminati's victory and its success after its failure in the 1960s.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Malaysia Air Flight 370, Diego Garcia, and the Illuminati

Within days of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, people realized that finding the aircraft and its passengers was becoming more and more unlikely. What started out as a routine flight to Beijing has since turned into a sea and air search that has swept across the Indian Ocean. Of course, the mystery has brought us numerous conspiracy theories ranging from terrorist hijackers to a "Lost" scenario. However, none of these were really credible and were quickly dismissed, although there was one exception. It's the story of IBM employee Phillip Wood and that strange photo and audio text traced to the tiny island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.

This theory isn't so much a theory as it is a leak. To those still learning about what is happening, Diego Garcia is an atoll used as a military base by the U.S. and U.K. Its purpose is highly classified, and both governments are being very quiet about how it may have been used during this crisis. According to the reports (We will provide a link below), Wood sent a blacked out photo and a message saying that he was alive, had been imprisoned, and was under the influence of drugs. Aside from those, there were no other details. Once the message had been received, it was traced back to the island.

Many more oddities surround this supposed air disaster such as the Malaysian government telling all of the families of the missing passengers and crew that their loved ones were dead. Why would a government do this unless it had something conclusive to show them? The Illuminati likely forced the officials to give this message in order to proceed with its cover up. Until the leak of the Wood message, the story was beginning to lose steam, and people were willing to accept that it might never be solved as in the case of Amelia Earhart. But the leak changed all of that. Within a day or two, search ships detected pings from a black box and more debris was discovered. The timing was too convenient and the probable result of diverting attention away from Wood.

Now, the Illuminati has a major problem on its hands. It must fabricate an air disaster and gather enough wreckage to convince people that the plane went down. Whatever is on the black box will not likely offer much insight into the events. To craft a better narrative, the secret order would have needed more time. As for the passengers, who knows what will become of them? Another question is what will happen to the Boeing 777 that is probably sitting on a military tarmac. Does the Illuminati plan to use it in one of its doomsday events? That's the real problem with the disappearance of Flight 370, there are just too many questions about why the Illuminati did this.

What we here at IW think is that this was just a preliminary event done in preparation for a larger one. Unlike some of the other Illuminati disasters, mistakes have been made. That indicates inadequate planning as well as limited resources to complete the job. We also think that the operation only utilized a smaller cell and not the organization as a whole. This could also be linked to the event that the Apple iPhone clock icon predicts on October 15 (year unknown). 

If the Wood message is truly authentic, what we know is that the Illuminati controls a jumbo jet that technically no longer exists. We also know that the order has over 200 captives that are "officially" dead. All of this indicates that the NWO is preparing for something far worse in the future. It could happen several months or even several years from now. Just be sure to remember all of the smaller events and warnings to connect the dots to whatever major lies ahead.  

For more on this story, check out the following link.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Delta Force: The Illuminati's Crack Troops

Whenever we think of military heroes, teams such as the Navy Seals, Air Force Special Ops, and the Army Rangers come to mind. Each of these divisions boasts elite troops and are pop-culture icons, but there is one such team that is much more than highly trained soldiers, Delta Force. This division of the Army serves as the Illuminati's special troops who are trained to do the secret order's dirty work across the world. Officially, Delta Force is an anti-terrorist/special-ops team, and little is known about it. The Pentagon ensures that most of the information remains classified, while simultaneously manipulating the public's perceptions through propaganda.

Hollywood has done a fabulous job of promoting Delta Force as a heroic group of elite soldiers. Films such as "Black Hawk Down" and the "Delta Force" series have done wonders to create a dazzling public image. Indeed whenever people think of Delta Force, images of Eric Bana and Chuck Norris saving the day come to mind. This is exactly how the brainwashing works. By glorifying the division in film, average Americans will believe that Delta Force is heroism incarnate and that anyone who slights it is unpatriotic. Well, we here at IW are about to be "unpatriotic."

In reality, Delta Force operates outside of normal Army regulations. The unit has no official uniform, and its soldiers frequently work in civilian clothes. Hairstyles also fit this pattern. Unlike other Army personnel who sport the traditional "buzz" cut, Delta Force troops can wear their hair however they want. This allows them to function in secret, and they can operate anywhere including American soil. Not exactly what we see from Chuck Norris, is it?

What scares us the most is the division's ability to work on U.S. soil and not be identified. This means that the president or other higher ups in the executive branch can order the team to do whatever dirty work that needs to be done, keep the operations classified, and avoid any issues with the courts. Using the FBI or other law enforcement agencies would require full disclosure and present legal challenges. All of which would make a cover up more difficult. By utilizing an elite force, the executive branch can do whatever it pleases, and who is it that controls this branch? 

Whenever the Illuminati have needed to manipulate a military operation for its own aims, it has called on Delta Force. At the battle of Tora Bora in 2001, the unit was used to ensure that Osama Bin Laden escaped and that the War on Terror could continue. Had the Al Qaeda leader been apprehended, the Illuminati would not have been able to take away our civil liberties so easily. Delta Force was also involved in the Somali civil war in 1993. Its failure during the Mogadishu raid convinced America to withdraw its forces and remain isolated from future-African conflicts. Within a year, the Rwandan genocide occurred. Was it a coincidence that the U.S. used Mogadishu as a basis for not getting involved? 

Also, let's not forget the Illuminati symbolism used by Delta Force. For starters, the name itself is a blatant reference to the secret order because delta is synonymous of triangle. The team could just as easily be called Triangle Force, there really is no difference. More symbolism is apparent in some of the unit's logos. These, of course, are triangles, but there is something else to consider. When you turn the triangle onto another side, it looks like a "6." These overt references are just more examples of how the Illuminati hide in plain sight.

Before judging us as unpatriotic, please consider that we are not speaking about the perception of Delta Force. Obviously, bashing the heroic efforts of soldiers is not supporting America. No, what we are discussing is a secret force of crack troops that can operate outside of military regulations and can even operate on U.S. soil. This is not what Hollywood has depicted nor will it ever depict. Between the information that's available and the blatant symbolism, we have concluded that Delta Force serves the Illuminati.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Fort Hood Shootings and the Illuminati

In November 2009, Major Nidal Malik Hasan shocked the world when he killed 13 people and wounded 32 others at Fort Hood, Texas. Initially, this horrible tragedy appeared to be an isolated incidence of rogue terror when Hasan proudly proclaimed that he was doing it all for Allah. Who would think that such an occurrence would happen again and at the same location? Well, it did on April 2, 2014.

For unknown reasons, another mass shooter launched an attack at Fort Hood. Unlike Hasan's rampage, this one did not have anywhere close to the same body count, and understanding why this event took place will take time. However, a closer look at the images and reports coming from Texas tell another story, a story that involves the Illuminati.

The notion that all of this randomly happened at Fort Hood should be seriously questioned. After all, there are no coincidences, and Illuminati symbolism can be found to indicate the secret order's calling card. Take a look at Fort Hood's logo. It's three triangles positioned to allow their bases to form a fourth one in the center. Also, consider the number Hasan's victims. There were 13 killed. Was that number random, or was it deliberate? Now that another shooting has occurred there, it doesn't seem so random anymore.

One thing to keep in mind with the military is that brainwashing is part of the training. Soldiers are subjected to numerous programs that train them to kill anyone as long as they are ordered to do so. It doesn't matter who they are. These victims could be terrorist insurgents or even U.S. citizens. All that matter are the orders. The soldier is not trained to assess, analyze, and decide. They are trained to receive and execute. By removing independent thought from an individual, they become another tool of the Illuminati.

What happened with Hasan and this newest shooter is a total mystery. Was it brainwashing gone awry? Did these two receive so much conditioning that they lost all touch with reality? Or maybe the Illuminati are sending us a message? Regardless of the answer, more will be revealed about the tragedies at Fort Hood, and we will be sure to provide updates as more becomes available.

Update: The media has reported that the Fort Hood shooter, Ivan Lopez went on his rampage due to being denied a request for leave. Initially, the press claimed that it may have been due to mental illness. These reports seemed definitive until recently. Could Lopez have been given treatments that were actually mind control drugs? This latest explanation about the denied leave request is barely plausible but might be convincing enough to conceal the real truth.

Also, we have more on the symbolism of what happened at Fort Hood. During this shooting, three people were killed. We now have some insight about what that might mean. Because the first shooting had 13 fatalities, we deduced that it was an omen of evil. That evil may be confirmed by the number 3, which indicates the satanic trinity (Satan, the Antichrist, and the False Prophet). This symbolism reveals that the NWO may be preparing to make its final move very soon.