Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Illuminati and Scientology

Much has been written on the blogosphere about the Church of Scientology and its controversial activities. Arguments abound about whether the infamous church is affiliated with the NWO or against it. Given the symbolism that can be found in its logos and emblems, I would have to say that Scientology is indeed part of the Illuminati.

The church's main logo is a dead giveaway. The two triangles that are enveloping the "S" are obviously two pyramids. This one isn't even very subtle, but the Illuminati are expressing their hubris by being this careless. The second symbol is less obvious. The Church of Scientology utilizes a cross with the sun's rays shining out from behind it. Since the sun is another popular NWO emblem, this is another sign. Also, one must wonder about why the church uses a cross. Scientology does not embrace the Bible but rather asserts that Xenu is the omniscient deity. The mixing of such religious symbolism is another hint that the devil-worshiping Illuminati have their hands in this organization. Why else would a cross be used?

It's no secret by now that the NWO uses Hollywood as a brainwashing tool. Entertainers and actors galore promote the Illuminati through movies and music filled with hidden messages. The Church of Scientology could fit well into this satanic web. Regardless of how the church was started, it's too much of a coincidence that the movement targeted Hollywood for any other reason except for Illuminati purposes. One could argue that Scientology decided to gain celebrity support to enhance its membership. However, that cannot be the case, since the church's numbers are quite low. No, the most likely case is that the Illuminati infiltrated the movement (or maybe even created it) as a means to reach celebrities and other Hollywood types on a more intimate level. To cover up its true purposes, the media portrays Scientology as a wacky organization that is more of a cult than a religion. Who could know for sure? One thing that is true is that Illuminati signs can be found all over the church's symbols.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Apple Is Illuminati Controlled and Satanic

Apple is one of the largest and most profitable companies ever started and owes all of its success to the Illuminati. In fact, it was conceived by the NWO as a way to create more electronics that could be used by everyday people. Of course, we think that our iPhones, iPads, and iMacs are just terrific gizmos when actually they are tools used to track our lives and gather data to help the Illuminati control the world.

The case for Apple being controlled by the Illuminati begins with Steve Jobs' initial investors who suggested the company name to him. The NWO decided that the apple provided a perfect symbol for their new technological wing. An apple is more than just a fruit but also a religious icon. Apples represent knowledge and man's first sin. Given the Illuminati's satanic rituals and devil worship, the apple has great significance. To those that follow Beelzebub, Adam and Eve's first bite of the forbidden fruit became the dawn of a new era, the era where the devil could rule the world. The selection of the apple symbolizes the Illuminati's push toward technological knowledge with the endorsement of satan.

Another aspect Apple's logo revealing how the company is controlled by devil worshipers is that the apple has been bitten. This confirms that the Illuminati are displaying how they revel in sin and are proud of it.

Other Apple logos also indicate how the NWO control the company. Just check out the icons for the App Store and Safari. The former closely resembles the Masonic symbol of a compass, and the latter actually is a compass. All of this just goes to prove how evil this company truly is.

What we see on the app logos goes beyond that as well. Check out the image for the weather app. It's nothing more than a bright sun. Another symbol can be seen on the one for photos. It's a sunflower. It's amazing (and frightening too) how much hidden symbolism Apple has crammed onto such a small screen.

If the logo is not proof enough of how evil Apple is, just check out the names of their products, iPad, iMac, iPod, etc. What's the one thing they all have in common? They all begin with the letter "I." Why did the company decide to place this particular letter as the focal point of their products? Did they do it because it sounded cool? Was it because the "I" is supposed to represent you? The answer to all of these questions is an emphatic no. The "I" stands for Illuminati and the product names that  have etched themselves into the vernacular are really the short versions of their real titles, Illuminati Pad, Illuminati Pod, and Illuminati Phone. What might even be the most creepy is the full name for iTunes, Illuminati Tunes. Given how the music industry is so twisted with NWO influences, this makes a perfect fit.

Another slippery little symbol that Apple uses to leave its Illuminati thumbprint is the Siri app. This title when spelled backwards is actually "iris" and is a direct reference to the Eye of Providence. If you happen to own any Apple device, I would recommend getting rid of it right away. You may even want to consider destroying it as a means to prevent them from accessing your data, but the company already has it so why bother.

Remember, Apple is just one tentacle out of many extending from the hideous NWO beast. Sure, the corporation claims to keep all of its customers' information and records confidential, but that is little more than garbage propaganda. The moment the NSA or any other agency wants to investigate you, boom, so much for your privacy. In fact, the company is likely funneling all of its personal data to the beast already.

So what options does a person have if Apple is little more than a corrupted wing of the Illuminati? To be honest, there really aren't any. All of the major electronics and communications companies have been infiltrated by the NWO to some extent. However, Apple is the order's number one means of getting satanic messages and symbols directly to the people.

By using Apple, the NWO has successfully integrated their products and spy equipment into our daily lives and we embrace it. Hell, we don't embrace it, we CRAVE it. While everyday people spend hours in line for the next Apple product, the Illuminati are chuckling at just how easy world domination really is.

For more on this topic, check out one of our other articles on Apple.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Illuminati Rule North Korea

Knowledge about North Korea remains elusive... very elusive. However, the watchful eye of the Illuminati observe and even control the rogue nation. Symbols can be found throughout all of the photographs and propaganda released from Pyongyang, and just like with the U.S., the subtle symbolism reveals how far the NWO has infiltrated every last facet of global power.

Let's begin with the DPRK's current leader, Kim Jong Un, who allegedly has a net worth of over $5 billion. That's an unbelievable amount of cash for a socialist leader, and he keeps his fortune in numerous bank accounts scattered across the globe. Given that the banks are largely controlled by the Illuminati, that pretty much provides the link that reveals how the NWO controls the young North Korean leader. By managing his finances, they are able to exercise their influence through channels provided by neutral nations such as Sweden and Switzerland. The so-called "sanctions" placed upon him by the UN is just another means for the Illuminati to show who is really in control. To the NWO, the DPRK is a necessity. The rogue nation has been created and molded into an enemy of the West, and enemies are crucial for keeping the masses united and obedient to a corrupt government and financial system.

Next comes the hidden symbols. First, there's the North Korean Workers' Party emblem, which is three yellow tools lined up along a red background. The pattern which the tools have been placed is very similar to that of the Masons' symbol and indeed resembles a compass. This is just one sublte hint that the Masons and the Workers' Party are linked.

Another hidden symbol is the Ryugyong Hotel. This pyramid shape structure dominates the Pyongyang skyline, and when viewed at just the right angle, appears to have an eye at the top. This is once again another method the Illuminati use to show people how they are truly in charge as an "all seeing eye" watches over the North Koreans as well as their hated foes, the Americans.

The North Korean seal also shows a telltale sign of the Eye of Providence, except it comes in the form of a red star. Posed at the top of a pyramid made of grain and sunrays, the star radiates wisdom and protection down on its people. This is another little trick the Illuminati have used to hide in plain sight. While most people are convinced that the DPRK is a rogue state, those who follow the NWO know that they're just another pawn in the big game.

To the Illuminati, the DPRK is a vital asset. America needs an enemy now more than ever as the financial structure continues to buckle and head toward its eventual collapse. Kim Jong Un's unceasing antics provide a worthy diversion, one that will redirect the minds of Americans while the Illuminati continue to pull the strings. If you don't think the NWO is in control, just remember who controls Kim's purse strings as well as who has made him rich. The Kim family is definitely Illuminati and will continue to play their roles to the highest point.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Illuminati Controlled NY Times Is Trying to Debunk "Room 237"

The Illuminati controlled media is once again trying to debunk conspiracy theories, and they're doing it at full speed against those presented in the new documentary, "Room 237." For those unfamiliar with the film, "Room 237" is about all of the conspiracies that are revealed in Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining." In a recent NY Times article, Kubrick's former assistant, Leon Vitali, reveals how all of those ideas came about and how he thought all of them were gibberish.

Seeing such an article is no surprise and only goes on to confirm that "Room 237" is genuine and not some Illuminati sponsored rubbish designed to fool us. Besides, Vitali's case is weak at best. He states that the Apollo 11 sweater was arbitrarily chosen because they needed something homemade and that happened to be there. Yeah right! He also asserts that the "Alder" typewriter was Kubrick's own and that they used it because they liked how it looked. All of what he says is pure nonsense, and Vitali was probably forced by the Illuminati to make these statements.

That brings us to the credibility of Vitali himself. Anyone who worked closely with Kubrick was going to be in the know about his ties with the Illuminati. In fact, Vitali was likely an Illuminati informant who was sent to spy on the filmmaker to make sure he stayed in line. Unfortunately, Vitali failed at his job while working with Kubrick, allowing him to make his subtle confession without him even knowing. Due to this failure, Vitali has been forced to save face by telling lies about the true nature of "The Shining."

If you're interested in these lies, the link to the article is here.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Is abovetopsecret.com Controlled by the Illuminati?

The  more press and publicity something receives is always a good indicator that the Illuminati have had a hand in it. Take for example this well-known conspiracy theory website, www.abovetopsecret.com

Anytime you google conspiracy theories, this one comes right to the top. Even this blog has been linked there a few times (much to my dismay). If you're in doubt, just go to the site. The second it comes up, you see ads galore, and to make matters worse, these ads are specific to your local geography. That means that the Illuminati have bought and paid for the site through sponsorship. AboveTopSecret may have actually started as an authentic site designed to enlighten us about the Illuminati, but its owners have sold out to the NWO controlled corporations. As a result of their greed, they have sold us out too, and just for the record, this blog will not be used for promotion (I have turned down several offers already).

As with all conspiracies and claims, one needs evidence to believe it. At the moment, I don't have much of a case against AboveTopSecret, but I will tell some things that will make you think. Its moderators are extremely strict about what kind of content gets posted, and we're not talking about a filter for language, decency, etiquette, etc. What we're talking about is the censorship of conspiracies. I have encountered several people who have uncovered documentation of Illuminati shenanigans and then posted it to AboveTopSecret. Within minutes, they saw their threads and posts deleted for "objectionable content." Lately, the infamous site has locked its 9/11 forum to any and all posters due to "civility." That's not exactly a credible reason given that more and more evidence is becoming available asserting a conspiracy behind that tragic day.

I can't warn you enough about this website. Unless you want the Illuminati to know your whereabouts and thoughts, stay away from AboveTopSecret! And if you must go there, whatever you do, don't post a thing.