Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Illuminati and the Moon Landing: Refuting Wikipedia

After completing exhausting research, we here at IW have finally decided to release some of our findings on how NASA faked the moon landings. Given the amount of evidence that we have accumulated, this report will be published as our first-ever series. We are very excited by what we have uncovered and hope that you will be too. Remember, the truth is there. You just have to be willing to look for it.

As we begin our report on the lunar landings, we want to be clear that we are not going to rehash all of the details about how photos show inconsistencies, the variance of shadows, and the waving flag as well as many other clues that indicate fraud. Instead, we are going to look at how people have refuted these claims and take debate with them, most notably Wikipedia. The free encyclopedia offers one of the most readily available and detailed rebuttals to the "hoaxers," and it's also one of the first links that pops up on a Google search.

When it comes to the photos and the flag waving, we have to give the refuters credit, they make a strong case, one that can easily convince someone who is investigating the moon landings for the first time. However, Wikipedia's case has many glaring holes in it, but only the educated eye can spot them. Those holes are primarily in the case about how the astronauts were not exposed to vast amounts of radiation in both the Van Allen belts as well as deep space.

For those unfamiliar with the basic science behind radiation in space, here is a brief rundown. Lying just beyond Earth's atmosphere are two rings of radiation. These are the Van Allen belts, and they do an excellent job of keeping solar flares as well as cosmic ways from harming life on the surface. On the other hand, they are very dangerous to people that may come into contact with them. According to physics, the Van Allen belts consist of mostly alpha particles (highly dangerous but also cannot penetrate aluminum shielding) and some gamma rays (also extremely hazardous and can penetrate the aluminum shell of the Apollo space crafts). The general argument of the hoaxers is that these belts were too dangerous for the astronauts to pass through, thus keeping them in low orbit. Now according to the rebuttal, the Apollo missions spent too little time in the Van Allen belts for any serious levels of exposure to occur. So let's play devil's advocate here and give Wikipedia some credit and say that there were not enough gamma rays to harm the Apollo crews, that still does not answer the questions about cosmic rays in deep space as well as the radiation being emitted from the lunar surface. Two factors that the hoax refuters do not address.

Today, we are still learning about how much radiation there is in deep space, and the more we learn the more we realize that manned spaceflight beyond low orbit is extremely hazardous. Several NASA programs including the Mars Curiosity rover and the LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) are already revealing that space is filled with deadly cosmic and gamma rays that come from everywhere, even from distant galaxies. These rays are so powerful that almost nothing can stop them, and that definitely includes the aluminum hull of the Apollo CSMs. The reports indicate that the lunar surface is worse than deep space as it's pounded by these rays without any atmosphere or magnetic field to diffuse them. Once the rays hit the lunar surface, they are reflected back into space as a scatter of deadly radioactive bursts. So the questions remain, how could astronauts survive getting to the moon, and how could they set foot upon the surface without being exposed to no one knows how many toxic cosmic rays?

When the Apollo missions were first being planned, little research existed on just how much radiation lay beyond our atmosphere. The Van Allen belts had been discovered in 1958, but no one really knew what was out there in deep space and definitely not on the moon. Even today 40 years after Apollo 11, we are still in the dark about how dangerous flying beyond low orbit really is.

Another problem with Wikipedia's case against the hoax is the explanation for why haven't humans been back to the moon. The answer given concerns only the financial aspects, citing that lunar expeditions are too expensive and not worth the effort. Fair enough, but how about this. Just because going to the moon may not be financially feasible does not mean that the space shuttles could not have attempted a high orbit flight or even a trial run toward the moon to see if the craft was ever capable of reaching lunar orbit. The space shuttles never did anything more than low orbit flights and never attempted a run toward deep space. Why was this? It was probably because flying beyond the Van Allen belts was too dangerous to be attempted. One would think that this next generation of spacecraft would easily be able to accomplish what the smaller Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo models did with little effort and could do it with marked improvements. Instead, the space shuttle almost seemed like a step backwards. In many ways it's like Columbus visiting the New World and then returning to Europe, getting a bigger and more advanced vessel, and then sailing no further than the Canary Islands claiming that doing so was too dangerous. How could this be?

For the Illuminati, time is running out on keeping their moon landing hoax alive. Between having not returned to the moon and the advent of new research, people are starting to lose faith that Americans visited Earth's largest satellite. If this lie becomes exposed, the NWO will be set back for generations if not centuries in their plans for world domination. That is something they cannot allow. Watch as NASA will see its budget fully restored and a real lunar mission occurs, or they may perpetrate the hoax all over again just to convince people that it can be done. One way or the other, not having been back to the moon in over 40 years and with revolutionary technology is too ridiculous to debate. 

In our next piece, we will analyze why a Mars landing never occurred despite having been scheduled during the 1960s.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ann Coulter and the Illuminati

Ann Coulter, the thoughts that must come to mind whenever her name is muttered. To some, she is an ideological hero, combating the sick liberal left with her fiery rhetoric. Though to most people, she is an idiot, someone who just spews hate and anecdotal ramblings. However to the Illuminati, she is a useful tool that is working wonders with their brainwashing campaign.

Understanding Coulter is not an easy process and only the keenest eye (not necessarily the "all seeing eye," no pun intended) can see through her motives. To do a complete analysis, we need to take Coulter's entire life story into focus. Completing her undergraduate degree at prestigious Cornell University and then earning her juris doctorate at the University of Michigan, she boasts a highly elite academic resume, one that many great minds would love to have. Once out of school, she worked as a law clerk, corporate lawyer, and finally as a legislative analyst for Republican officeholders before becoming a pundit.

And it is by looking into her past that we can find the clues to Coulter's idiocy. We here at IW have no doubt that the woman is an extremely intelligent individual with many talents. That is also why we know she is full of crap, to put it mildly. Her work as an attorney demanded an immense amount of critical thinking and research in order for it to be passable. On the news and in her columns, Coulter's content usually consists of hyperbolic statements followed by anecdotes. She uses almost no real research whatsoever. All of this combined causes her to come across as little more than an ignorant blowhard who uses her looks to advance her career, yet we know her mind has and could serve as a great analytical engine. So the questions remain, why does she do it, and who is pulling the strings behind her rise? The answers to both reside with the Illuminati.

For liberals and many conservatives, Coulter is a scourge and an icon of the radical right. Even your most seasoned political junkies will name her as one of the first people they can think of when asked to name conservative speakers. How is it that a so-called ignorant hate-monger can attain such a status? The answers lie with those who control the media and Coulter. Currently, the Illuminati's most dangerous enemy is the religious right or rather those who embrace Christianity and basic freedoms. Coulter serves a very useful purpose in demonizing this group. Her position as a writer and pundit make her the religious right's most visible representative, and she has gained many followers. Unfortunately, she has also gained many detractors, an almost exponential amount in comparison.

To the Illuminati, Coulter is being used to destroy the religious right by making them appear as so stupid and ignorant that no one with more than one or two brain cells would join them, and it's working. With every hate-spewed tirade on the news shows, she is destroying conservatism and elevating the NWO just a little bit more. The Illuminati's war on our psyches is being fought on multiple fronts. First, they are training us to believe that an immoral liberal agenda is the correct ideology while simultaneously convincing us that embracing morals and religion is the equivalent of idiocy. Ann Coulter serves as a vital weapon in the Illuminati's all-out assault on conservatism. She is an infiltrator at the highest level, and too many are blind to her true motives.

If what we have said so far is not convincing, then consider this. Coulter has dated many men but has never been married. It doesn't take much of an assumption to believe that she is an adulteress, despite her numerous proclamations of following Christianity. One of her boyfriends was even liberal Democrat Andrew Stein who sat on the New York City council. Unfortunately for Coulter, this had to end once it became public. The Illuminati didn't want to risk tarnishing the image of one of their top infiltrators. For her efforts, Coulter is extremely well compensated and gets to live a life of luxury, and this will continue as long as she obeys her Illuminati masters.

After all, no one who comes across as being so ignorant and angry can rise by accident. This was all part of a greater design, a design by the Illuminati.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Illuminati's Takeover of Education

The Illuminati's quest to control your mind begins during childhood. Why is it that you think a certain way? Why is it that you believe in certain truths? Why are you convinced that you have real knowledge? The answers to all of the above questions are that you went to school, but was what you learned based on actual facts? Is there any means of finding out? For example, we are taught that the atom is the smallest unit of matter, yet how many of us are able to verify this? The same goes for history too. We learn that the United States was founded by people who followed John Locke's ideals, not Masonic beliefs. We also believe that the Civil War was fought over slavery. However, those who know the real truths have realized that it was a last-ditch effort to overthrow the NWO in America. Whether you like it or not, what you learned in school shapes your worldview far more than you realize. It's the reason why so many believe that the Illuminati conspiracy is little more than imagined rubbish.

Today, the Illuminati are moving toward a more solidified school program where all Americans are educated according to one philosophy. To those in the media and Washington, this is considered to be a remedy for all of the problem schools as well as the solution to America's educational "crisis." To those who work in schools, this is viewed as a sick excuse to allow an ever-expanding bureaucracy access to implement whatever twisted curriculum it sees fit. Educators from across the nation have been saying that the government is the problem, that it has been destroying the schools with one destructive program after another. Now, does the government listen? Of course not, its goal is not to improve education but to dumb down American society.

The Department of Education's Common Core plan is just the next boondoggle in line. Unfortunately, this will be one of the most destructive. Instead of providing mandates for states to follow, it will create a national overhaul of all curriculums. As a result, all educators will have to teach what Washington bureaucrats demand, regardless of whether it is correct or appropriate.

By implementing Common Core, the Illuminati are one step closer to creating an entire generation of brainwashed denizens. Notice how those who are writing the new policy do not send their children to public schools. These officials, including President Obama, know very well that getting a real education does not involve pre-packaged curriculums that prepare students only for taking tests as well as any other plans the Illuminati have in mind. What Common Core does is centralize control for the NWO architects that can exert a stronger influence under a tighter veil of secrecy. So little can be done to stop this. Those few states that are resisting Common Core are being branded as ignorant and backwards by the media, but is this really the case? Are these states truly as bad as the press says or is something else at work here?

One thing is for sure, the federal government is once again attempting to gain even more control of your life. It has been destroying your rights one-by-one to the point that the Bill of Rights is little more than a farce. Nothing is private, nothing is sacred. The Illuminati have virtual control over our lives, and Common Core will give them that same control over our minds. What are we to do in these dark times? Who will help us once the NWO begin to takeover? We will only have each other.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Illuminati's Bill Gates: A Possible Antichrist

This article has been a long-time coming for us here at IW, but we now believe with a degree of certainty that we have identified the Antichrist (or at least, who the Illuminati are using to perform this role). The list was long and required in-depth investigations on many famous figures including, but not limited to, Barack Obama, Warren Buffet, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, and Christine Lagarde. After an exhaustive study, we believe that the Illuminati's Antichrist is Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and currently the world's wealthiest individual.

Unlike those corporations and celebrities which are mired deep into Illuminati symbolism, Bill Gates and Microsoft appear somewhat innocent, aside from being a megalomaniacal company. Microsoft does not boast any overt symbols in its logos, and Bill Gates attempts to portray himself as a great philanthropist. However, where the Illuminati think they are being clever, they are being obvious. We here at IW spend much time examining logos and messages looking for tell-tale signs of the NWO. We find them everywhere, but we have also come to learn that the Illuminati thumbprint does not have to be present to indicate a satanic influence.

What we also look for are patterns in behavior and ideology. For example, anything that supports a gay or liberal agenda is a possible NWO sign as well as groups or technologies that can easily be used to track people, conduct surveillance, or be used to shut down the world at any given moment. We consider these factors to be much more important than merely seeing the Eye of Providence when a logo is looked at from a certain angle, and the person we identify as the Antichrist must meet extremely detailed requirements.

Those specifications go far beyond what some of our candidates were able to meet and are very extensive. First, the Antichrist must have the ability to infiltrate and influence every person's life, almost to the point of absolute control. Second, they must be actively promoting a homosexual agenda (according to the prophecies, the Antichrist will be attracted to men). Next, they need to have direct links to the Illuminati, and the final requirement is that the person has worldwide recognition.

Bill Gates meets all of the above. His company, Microsoft, has software on the vast majority of computers. Even those who rely solely on Apple products (not that it matters, both companies are in league with the NWO) still use Windows at some point in their day-to-day lives such as at work. In fact, just about every major company and bank relies on Microsoft for their primary operating systems. All of the possible competitors such as UNIX have been ruined by Gates' corporate behemoth. What this means is that whenever Gates chooses to throw the world into chaos and begin the Illuminati's takeover, he will do so by activating a program imbedded in his software. This program will instantly erase all records of finances, medical records, academics, and personal data, and thus will throw the world into complete anarchy. In other words, getting Microsoft operating system onto the world's computers is one of the staging actions for Armageddon.

Aside from the massive power wielded by Microsoft, Gates has also infiltrated numerous other areas of our lives. His news network, MSNBC, consistently promotes a liberal and pro-homosexual agenda designed to make its viewers susceptible to a lifestyle of sin and Satanism, and the online liberal news site, Slate, is also a haven for promoting social sickness and destroying religion. His infiltration of the media doesn't stop there either. Even the comic strip "Doonesbury" is written under Gates' profound guidance. Anywhere one sees Christianity and morality being attacked, one can be sure that Bill Gates is likely involved.

If these activities were only limited to Microsoft, then Bill Gates might not be our Antichrist. However, they don't stop there. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is another guise where the billionaire tycoon succeeds in destroying the world where his technology is unable to reach. This so-called charity has already been accused of providing funds to companies that only make the poor poorer and pollute resources. It also has faced problems of harming healthcare instead of saving lives. Unfortunately, the foundation's greatest damage is being done to America's schools. To the Illuminati, the most threatening element is a highly educated population, one that would stand up against the forces that are slowly taking over our world. Instead of working to improve schools, the foundation seeks to destroy public education and pass it over to poorly funded charter schools. The ultimate goal is to create a dimwitted populace that is unable to think. Much of this sick agenda is promoted in Gates' lovely documentary "Waiting for Superman." 

Now, Bill Gates matches several of the requirements so far, but does he have direct links to the Illuminati. That is a yes! While at Harvard University, Gates undoubtedly participated in its secret societies and likely showed promise as being an Illuminati star. That is why he was allowed to drop out and begin building Microsoft. His early masters must have realized that he could fulfill the prophecies. They very well may have been right. Bill Gates shows much pride in having attended the Ivy League school and still maintains a close connection even though he has no degree from the institution. This is done solely as a means to communicate with the Illuminati so that he can give orders to his minions as well as identify new talent. That's right, Bill Gates is no puppet. He is the puppet master.

Since no overt symbolism can be found, one must look even deeper into Microsoft for hints of just how evil Bill Gates really is. An IW analysis of the company's logo actually has come up with an interesting theory about what the four-colored squares mean. Here's what we came up with. Let's start with the colors first, red, yellow, blue, and green. These four colors could be interpreted as the four elements, earth, fire, water, and life. What this means is that Microsoft controls all elements on the planet including us, that IT is the master. Given how much our lives depend on the company's products, that's not much of a stretch.

We wish we could tell people to stay away from Microsoft and anything that has to do with Bill Gates, but we know that is an impossibility. Unlike the other candidates, Gates truly has infiltrated our lives to a point of near-total control. We are genuinely afraid that we may not be ready when Gates orders all Windows operating systems to implement chaos, blasting the entire planet back into the Stone Age. Just remember your rights and remember what you can do before this satanic individual starts the Apocalypse. Be prepared!

As always, keep the faith.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Illuminati Imprint on the CIA

Given the amount of controversy surrounding America's intelligence agencies (CIA/NSA), it should come as no surprise that the Illuminati are solidly behind their nefarious actions. However, the question remains of whether or not the secret society leaves its mark for all to see. The answer is yes! The CIA seal is rife Illuminati symbolism.

We shall start with the shield. For the most part, it looks pretty ordinary, nothing more than a red star set against a white background. To the uninformed citizen, there is no reason for alarm, but to those that have opened themselves up to what is occurring around them, that red star is a satanic symbol. Stars in general (the sun in particular) are traditional NWO symbols, and the notion that this is red denotes a special category of evil within the Illuminati.

In most Illuminati inspired logos, the sun is very prevalent and can be found throughout corporate America. BP, Walmart, and Shell Oil are all prime examples. Now, the thing to note here is that the sun takes on a bright yellow color in these logos. In the CIA's seal, the star is red. This is what is very disconcerting. The Illuminati have a color scheme to rank just how high and important various institutions and companies are to their operations. Yellow indicates a middle status, where red denotes extreme seniority. Anything that shows a red star is indicative of being close to the center of all NWO operations and marks a close connection with devil worship.

The red star has been seen throughout history as a sign of evil. Take the Soviet Union for example, the red star was its emblem of evil. The same goes for North Korea. On the other hand, lesser Communist nations such as North Vietnam feature yellow stars more prominently. This is once again connected to the ranking system created by the NWO.

As with all things Illuminati, the CIA's seal is not the only example of the red star found in America. Another one can be found on the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign (for a complete discussion of this, see our article on Vegas). On top of the sign, a red star that is identical to the one on the CIA seal can be seen. Given that Vegas is dubbed "sin city," this is too strange to be a coincidence.

Even if you don't think that the red star represents the most sinister element of evil, there is no denying that it is a perfect representation of a compass point. It could also be both. Either way, the shape on the seal is definitely a telltale sign of the NWO.

The last indication of the Illuminati's imprint on the CIA seal is the number of red and white bands found just above the shield and below the eagle's head. There are 12 smaller bands all together, but there are just 3 red and 3 white. That comes out to a total of 6 groups, and 6 is the number Satan.

There are no longer any illusions regarding just how much the Illuminati have infiltrated the CIA. The secret society has been there from the beginning. It's there today and will be there in the end when the New World Order is established. We here at IW wish we could offer some reassurance, but there is none to give. The CIA and NSA have the power to observe every last detail of our lives.

Continue to keep the faith!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Drive Your Way to Hell in a Ford

The Ford Motor Company has just revealed itself to be secretly aligned with the Illuminati. In a recent Business Insider article, a Ford executive explains that the GPS tracking system, which is designed to keep you from getting lost, is sending the company all kinds of information about your activities on the road. The executive didn't reveal too much other than the company knows how fast you're going and when you're speeding. However, the very notion that the GPS systems can be used for so much more than just navigation is scary to say the least.

What the Ford executive does not say is what is so troubling. If your car is sending data and that data is actually being recorded, that means Big Brother is watching you in no way that Orwell could ever have imagined. Let's deal with some assumptions first. To the novice who thinks that the Illuminati/NWO conspiracy is "total bullshit" (thank you cracked.com, by the way, we know who your masters are), the GPS is little more than a helpful tool. When one starts the car and activates the system, the expectations are that the satellite just provides information about location without actually saving it to a larger database. Once that person has arrived at their destination, the information about the trip is gone forever. According to Ford, that is not the case. Your little trip to the liquor store, strip club, or mistress's home are now documented by a massive corporation that is in league with an even more heinous secret society.

And this is based on what we know, what has been made available to us. For when it comes to the Illuminati, the information is not in what is there but rather what is not there. The GPS tracking device might be a transmitter used for a variety of other purposes. For instance, auto manufacturers might be installing bugs into new cars which can be activated at any time, and the voice recordings are conveniently transmitted courtesy of the GPS. This can also include hidden cameras that could be installed in the dashboard or behind LCD screens. Given the complexity of today's cars, mechanics would be unlikely to find these devices or even be able to recognize them if they did.

To make matters even worse, the GPS can also receive signals, and this could be of highly valuable use when the Illuminati decide to take over. Once the global financial meltdown is implemented, the NWO will use its satellites to transmit a signal to all cars telling them to switch off. This can be achieved through the GPS system. A signal can be relayed through the GPS and cause the microchip to overload. This will cause a car to shut off permanently.

We are living in the end times here. Our lives are completely exposed to the corrupt forces that control this planet. There are very few bastions of individual freedoms left to us. Our advice is to avail yourself of as much technology as possible. If you own a car that lacks a GPS, by all means keep it in good repair. Make sure that all of your transactions are done in cash, and do what you can to support the Second Amendment. 

Until next time, keep the faith!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Visit Fabulous Las Vegas: The Illuminati's City of Sin

Very few cities in America are known purely for being havens for vice, and the most famous example is Las Vegas, Nevada. This desert city is one of America's most popular tourist destinations, and it has that reputation for one reason, sin. Vegas is a satanic nest of the most wretched and despised actions of moral people. Gambling, prostitution, 24 hour wedding chapels, all of these go against humanity's most sacred morals, but they are the only reasons why people go to Vegas. Why does such a sick city exist and why is it continuously promoted as being such an amazing place? The answer lies with the Illuminati.

The Illuminati despise Christianity and all things moral. It is their fundamental mission to destroy all good in the world and replace it with sin in order to glorify Satan. The creation of Las Vegas was done for that single purpose. Once in Vegas, visitors are encouraged to forget their morals and become whomever they want whether it be a suave gambler or prostitute paying john. The motto "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" is specifically designed to tell people that this is a city where you can behave as badly as you want. It doesn't matter if you gamble your life savings away at the Black Jack tables or pay for a blow job at a strip club. All that matters is that you act immorally while you are there.

Now, who is it that pushes this sick image of this twisted town. Why it's none other than Hollywood and the media. Vegas is portrayed as the number one party destination where everyone behaves badly and no one cares. Films such as "The Hangover,"  "21," and "Knocked Up" all depict characters making secret trips to this sinful mecca in order to indulge their vices. To make it all worse, the media glorifies it and promotes such behavior. In Stephen King's "The Stand," Las Vegas is depicted as the center of all evil and must be stopped. Given that the Illuminati control Hollywood, such messages are deliberate.

As with all things associated with the Illuminati, Las Vegas is rife with symbolism. The most notable is the city's Egyptian pyramid that is illuminated every night with a spotlight pointing straight into the sky. This structure is an altar in actuality, an altar that comes to life every night as people engage in the most sinful of acts. The light pointing into the sky is a telling sign that the whole city is engaged in devil worship, and what better way to worship Satan than to revel in sin.

Before the pyramid was built, Vegas was a smaller experiment with fewer symbols. However, the all too famous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign is adorned with a red star. This red star symbolizes two things. The first is the sun, which is a traditional Illuminati symbol. The second is Las Vegas's namesake, the star Vega. The name "Vega" means fallen eagle when translated. The eagle represents the American people who have fallen into sin by entering this insidious city.

Those who have depicted Las Vegas as anything other than an amazing paradise have paid the price. Take Stephen King for example, the famous horror writer used Las Vegas as the center of all evil in "The Stand." The novel and film portray the city as a metaphor for everything that is sick and twisted in the world, a place that deserves and attracts evil. King indeed paid a penance for this work when he was hit by a car in 1999 and almost killed. Since then, his novels have been written to the tune of the Illuminati. One example is "11/22/63" where King promotes Lee Harvey Oswald as having acted completely alone.

So go ahead and plan that wild and crazy trip to Vegas. Just know this one thing. While you are there, you will be engaged in willful devil worship whether you are aware of it or not. Remember what happens in Vegas stays in hell!