Sunday, February 14, 2016

Did the Illuminati Assassinate Justice Scalia?

Untimely and mysterious deaths are always tragic and reported by the media to be so, even when they aren't all that they seem. Any time a celebrity or public figures dies suddenly, people are always in a state of sorrow. The media shows ordinary citizens shedding tears and laying flowers while biographical programs air non-stop for several days. However, everyone is missing the point. These sudden deaths raise red flags and very well could indicate foul play at the hands of the Illuminati.

The untimely death of one of the most heroic Supreme Court justices in recent memory, Antonin Scalia, happened under exactly the same circumstances that should raise eyebrows. His conservative stands on homosexuality, freedom of religion, and abortion were nothing short of monumental in this day and age. Though, he still served the Illuminati when it came to financial issues. His ensuring that the court's decision in Citizens v. United was favorable to the big banks contributed to the stealing of more power and influence for the secret order.

His death came at a time when the court was supposed release several controversial decisions, most notably on labor unions and abortion, and Scalia's staunch conservatism was likely incompatible with the Illuminati's plans. Abortion in and of itself is inherently evil, and institutions such as Planned Parenthood engage in Satanic human sacrifice rituals in the name of "protecting" women's health. Those that stand with them are brainwashed or part of the Illuminati. Labor unions on the other hand are the secret order's true grassroots campaign. This is where they organize the masses and convince them that they have "rights" to which they have absolutely no entitlement. Fortunately, labor unions were smacked down by the hand of God and have little relevance in our great nation. That all may change now with Scalia's death and the Supreme Court's inability to reach a majority.

Where Scalia's heroism was the greatest was his dissenting stand in Obergefell v. Hodges. This is the case that has now made it legal for homosexuals to desecrate the institution of marriage with their Satanic lifestyles. He wrote that by permitting same-sex marriage, the U.S. was essentially denying the people the right to govern themselves. This was a direct reference to the Illuminati's gradual takeover of our society, and it may have been too much for the order to tolerate.

Our world is now a careful balancing act where the Illuminati is taking over but doing it slowly, like a frog in boiling water. Those in high power are part of that act. Some, such as the liberals seeking to undo all that is good, are obvious Illuminati operatives. Others take on a more subtle role. Scalia was one of those people. He maintained an aura of conservatism while granting more control to the banks and ensuring that George W. Bush (a member of one of America's highest Illuminati families and the person who turned the Republican party satanic) became president. Unfortunately for Scalia who must have had a change of heart, he let slip too much or was planning to draw the line which discomforted his masters.

The likely official cause of death for Justice Scalia is congestive heart failure. In other words, he died in his sleep for no apparent reason. This might be more believable if he was 89 or lacked access to proper healthcare, but the cause comes across as suspicious. What is also peculiar is how quickly the U.S. Marshals and FBI stated that no foul play was involved. Is a window of a few hours enough to make that determination, especially prior to an autopsy if one is even being done.

The thing is that modern medicine and cardiology are at amazing levels today. People who are under the care of physicians are increasingly unlikely to die without warning from a health issue. Another thing to consider is how fast drugs can work to either cause a heart attack or kill someone outright. So his death appears very similar to that of Marilyn Monroe who did not commit suicide but was murdered. Hopefully, we will know the full truth about the death of Antonin Scalia but that probably will not happen. Our best hope is that an Illuminati defector breaks ranks and lets the alternative media know what actually happened. Until then, we must rely on connecting the dots released by our dishonest government and corrupt media.

Remember to look for those red flags. They mean more than anyone might let on. 

Update: The evidence that Justice Scalia was assassinated is becoming more and more obvious. Even Donald Trump is expressing his suspicions. Given that he was once a member of the Illuminati, this should be taken as Gospel. Trump knows the score. He also knows that the order needs him despite his defection. The mainstream media is making too much money off of the ratings he brings.

Let's now consider that no autopsy is being done despite it being a clear violation of Texas law. On top of that, Trump knew that Scalia died under mysterious circumstances with a pillow "on top of his head" and in an unusual position. There's more. A judge was too quick to rule that Scalia died from "natural causes". How can one tell so quickly? The answer is that one cannot.

Scalia's death was likely another classic celebrity overdose situation where an Illuminati agent injected the justice with something to cause a massive heart attack, heart failure, or paralysis. That's the order's standard operating procedure. 

And no, we don't think Leonard Nimoy did it, but his involvement is still being considered.