Sunday, December 27, 2015

Star Wars Episode VII: The Illuminati Awakens

The Illuminati delivered once again with the opening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and this time the symbolism was very overt. What we saw were references to the Eye of Providence, the sun, and sacrilegious ideology. Unlike the original trilogy and tepid prequels, "The Force Awakens" takes on a more satanic aura which indicates that the Illuminati has definitely progressed to a new level of brainwash and could be maneuvering for its world takeover very soon.

As for symbols,we'll start with the most overt one and that is Starkiller Base. This is the planet-sized weapon we see in the film. According to the story, it is many times larger than the Death Star and is capable of destroying multiple planets with a single shot from its primary armament. Starkiller Base also resembles a giant eye with red pupil. This is a direct reference to the Eye of Providence and continues the theme of red eyes being associated with apocalyptic stories (Think the "Terminator" and "Matrix" series). A red eye is very appropriate for "The Force Awakens" because the one time we see Starkiller Base fire, it wipes out several worlds killing billions of people, which makes it an apocalyptic weapon.

The next reference is sun-related. In order to fire, Starkiller Base has to harness the energy from a star. Once the star is completely drained, the weapon can then be fired unleashing solar energy in a highly destructive manner. The fact that the film goes takes great effort to show audiences that a weapon resembling the Eye of Providence gains its energy from the sun is frightening to say the least. This is an embedded message that the Illuminati wants us to see. The order is saying that its takeover will utilize solar weapons. These could include microwave beams fired from satellites in orbit or fusion missiles. Either way, it's a message.

The third symbol has more to do with Satanism and the downfall of Christianity. In this case, we are referring to Kylo Ren's light saber, which resembles a red cross. Given that it's used by one of the most heinous villains in the Star Wars Universe, we see it as the Illuminati telling us that it's winning the struggle for the control of our minds. 

Almost everything in pop culture is taking darker overtones. Take music videos as an example. More and more the singers and dancers appear to be engaged in devil worshiping rather than performing a dance routine. The same can be said with films, and "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is no exception. It's one thing to make the dark side more powerful than before in the name of upping the ante, but does that have to mean that the new dark lord has to resemble an unholy satanic knight? We don't think so either.

Another thing to consider (spoiler warning) is Kylo Ren's murdering his father, Han Solo. This is also another Illuminati message. In the movie, Han Solo represents what is good and pure, and Ren kills him with impunity. What the order is saying to us is that it is destroying the morals and spirituality embraced by our parents and grandparents. Millenials are more amoral than any generation before it. They hold Christianity in contempt and embrace homosexuality as being healthy. All of this can be attributed to Illuminati brainwashing that has been occurring for decades.

For those of you that enjoyed "The Force Awakens" and thought it was a great movie, we implore you to see past the glitzy visual effects and take a look at the true meaning of this film. Because beneath the story line and space battles, the Illuminati is implanting subliminal messages in your mind, messages that it will one day activate. Do not become one of the order's mindless drones and see the truth for yourself.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Our 2016 Republican Presidential Endorsement

With the Iowa caucuses just a little over a month away, we here at IW are giving our endorsement for the GOP nomination. This party which has seen nothing but Illuminati shills appears to be on the verge of ripping itself apart by its own members. People everywhere are tired of the same old rhetoric and political correctness that is the norm for campaign language nowadays. No one wants to listen to the incessant doublespeak from the mainstream candidates. Candidates, who if elected, will ruin our way life and mongrelize our society making us ripe for the New World Order to takeover. We have been watching very carefully, and today we speak out.

Selecting a Republican to endorse has been a difficult and easy selection. Most of the candidates are little more than Illuminati puppets. Needless to say Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, and Scott Walker never had a chance. On the other hand, Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, and Carly Fiorina received serious consideration. However, recent events have convinced us that Donald Trump would be the best candidate for the GOP nomination and perhaps the presidency.

We are well aware that the Donald has strong Illuminati connections, but how his campaign has played out has made us think differently. He's awakening that element in America the Illuminati fear most, hard working middle class citizens. In recent elections, the Illuminati has done everything it can to stymie their voices. We got the Bushes who did nothing but tighten the bonds of a global corporatist economy. We got Obama who has done little but weaken the country by taking a sledgehammer to its cultural foundation. We can only guess what Hillary will do.

Another indicator that leads us to believe that Trump has truly gone "rogue" is that the mainstream media is helpless to stop his momentum. The Illuminati is desperately trying to think of ways to use him as part of its election plans with no success. One pundit after another has predicted that the Trump campaign would implode after his vitriolic remarks, but instead the opposite occurs. The Donald is no longer playing by the rules, and the Illuminati knows this. The order has to deal with him, and Hillary is the best chance. In the meantime, Trump is on the loose and seemingly unstoppable.

What we also like about Trump are the constant attacks stating that he's a fascist. This is also something to ponder. Before playing to those negative connotations the word evokes, consider the source of those feelings. Illuminati propaganda, including textbooks, have conditioned society to believe that fascism is evil, only to be associated with Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. However, that is not the case. Fascism is a fierce devotion to one's own people, culture, and land. It is fascism that causes people to unite for their nation's common good. It is fascism that forces people to acknowledge threats to all they value, and it is fascism that keeps a people's values and identity together. Without it, cultures become bastardized, countries become invaded, and values are trampled. A world without fascism is a world for and by the Illuminati.

The fact that the press is hellbent on labeling Trump a fascist is proof that he's on to something and that we need to listen. No Illuminati shill has ever done what he's doing. This is a campaign that's scrapping the PC playbook and saying what needs to be said, no matter how incendiary it may be. That's why we're choosing Donald Trump as our endorsement for the Republican nomination.

We know that he will "Make America Great Again"!