Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Illuminati and Barack Obama's Campaign

President Barack Obama is the beginning of the NWO's new era, and his campaigns were rife with tell-tale symbols. Some theories argue that he is one of the great beasts or the Antichrist that will usher in the Apocalypse. Others say he is just another Illuminati puppet being manipulated to ensure their control of the economy. All of these ideas are well supported and depend heavily upon the faith and religiosity of every person. However, there is no denying the symbolism that can be found in his campaigns.
Obama's historic 2008 election was one of the greatest triumphs of the NWO. By manipulating the economy to a near meltdown status, they ensured that any Democrat would win the presidency, and they succeeded. With the markets in shambles, Americans were desperate for any alternative, and Obama offered it. Unfortunately, his "change" message was one that will lead us to Illuminati domination and not better lives.
For the first symbol, let's look at Obama's campaign slogan "Change we can believe in." This in itself is the calling card of the Illuminati, and the statement was carefully chosen by the secret order. To Americans, the statement implies a better life and opportunity, but to the NWO the statement means that the changes they want are on the way. The changes are also the ones that THEY believe in. When we read the slogan, we automatically deduce that the "we" means all Americans. However, the "we" refers directly to the Illuminati.
The next symbol is much more obvious, and that's the "O" logo with red and white stripes representing cornfields. One of the primary Illuminati symbols is the sun, and the Obama logo is an "O" emerging as the sun shining across America. To those that are familiar with the sun symbol, it can be seen everywhere in corporate logos, especially fast food.
Another indicator of Obama's link to the Illuminati is the portrait where he is depicted in red, white, and blue. On one side of Obama's face, the whole color is red. This is a direct link to how Obama is an agent of Satan and is in direct service to the Illuminati. To help understand this, you must realize that the NWO is a secret society engaged in devil worshiping. To them, Obama is a tool or something much worse in their ultimate plans. He may even be a prophecy fulfilled.
To those who think the current president is making life better, take heed. He is manipulating the public while steering the nation toward greater enslavement to the banks, driving it to a potential nuclear conflict with Iran and North Korea, and reducing the American population to little more than feudal slaves. As always, the symbols were there, but nobody pays attention until it's too late.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Clemson and Auburn Universities Have Been Overrun by the Illuminati

Currently, conspiracy theorists have narrowed the Illuminati's primary influence and activity as occurring on Ivy League campuses. Of course, there are the legendary secret societies such as the Skull and Bones organizations. However, these historic groups have become too well-known by the general public and have caused the NWO to look at other places for their recruitment and dubious activities. Two of the latest schools that have been overrun by the Illuminati is Clemson University in South Carolina and Auburn University in Alabama.

The case for Clemson's involvement with the NWO runs deep and reeks of symbols. For starters, let's look at the school's logos and mascots, which is the tiger or tigers. Now, why would the school choose that mascot? It's the third university to adopt that macot in the Southeast. To fully understand, you must count the letters in Clemson Tigers. That's right! It comes out to 13, the official number of the Illuminati.

There is more to this too. Let's take a look at Clemson's history. The school was originally founded by white supremacist Ben Tillman who had a great interest in wanting to preserve racial segregation as part of an effot to steer humanity toward a master race. As a prominent politician Tillman had strong connections with the Illuminati and worked to establish the school to help provide them with a base to operate in the Deep South.

Clemson's seal is also revealing of the NWO's influence. Incorporating the seal of South Carolina, the palmetto resembles the sun rising over a pyramid. This is emblematic of Eye of Providence and just one more sign of what the school stands for.

Auburn University also boasts numerous symbols that reveal its affiliation with the Illuminati, and the fact that its mascot is also the tiger is no coincidence. Both schools share the mascot as a way of showing that they are in close league with one another. That's why Auburn's official team name isn't the War Eagles or the Plainsmen. Now, where Auburn reveals its true colors is with its letters. When arranged, the A and U look a lot like the Mason symbol. Between this and the use of the eagle, Auburn is also another base of operations for the Illuminati.
These schools and many others like them across America are working to program the population to follow Illuminati teachings and rules. Don't be fooled by any of them and remember that the NWO is everywhere.   

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Greece Is the Current Target of the Illuminati

The extended financial and banking crisis of Greece is no accident or even an unforeseen consequence of the adaptation of the Euro but rather the beginnings of the Illuminati in making everyone impoverished slaves. By controlling the world's largest banks (Fed Reserve, IMF, and ECB), the New World Order has engineered a single currency for most of the European continent. This is just one of the many phases that the NWO uses to extract all of the wealth and independence from certain groups of people while simultaneously concentrating their own power.
Greece is the unfortunate target of this maneuver. Once the Illuminati were successful in creating the Euro (a currency system that was never projected to succeed), they managed to bring Greece within their grip through the means of "easy credit." The NWO's Greek agents made sure that the country borrowed far more than it could ever manage as well as allowed its richest citizens (also possible Illuminati) to evade taxes. Of course, this was all a recipe for disaster for the Greek people, but what we view as a disaster, the NWO see as a victory. With Greece's financial structure in ruins, the population is now vulnerable to full exploitation. Expect to see the nation's citizens become wage slaves as corporations and other Illuminati sponsored operations use them as cheap labor.
For those who are watching, Greece is the first warning of what the Illuminati are planning to do. They designed the Euro, knowing damn well that it would fail to create a more economically prosperous Europe, and now they are reaping the benefits as Greece must do exactly as they say. Soon, Spain and Italy will follow as will Portugal along with much of southeastern Europe. Once the Illuminati have created a new area ready for exploitation, they will keep them impoverished. Over time, more nations' economies will collapse, and the NWO will emerge to rule everyone. What's happening to Greece is just the beginning.
The symptoms are all apparent such as the use of a continent-wide currency and the overarching control of banks. Those are just a couple of Illuminati strategies that have been employed over the past couple of centuries. Greece is beyond a doubt a NWO victory. We were too slow to realize their plans, but now we know what to look for before more healthy economies fall prey to the Illuminati's financial institutions.

2015 Update: Two years have passed since we first brought you this piece, and it's no surprise that affairs have only gotten worse for Greece. The Illuminati controlled Syriza party has steered the country even closer to insolvency while doing nothing to reinforce economic drivers such as industry and tourism. Now, the nation is faced with its most crucial referendum, either remain slaves to Europe's banks or exist with a junk currency and no credit leaving its citizens to be exploited as sweatshop slaves for companies like Ikea and Walmart.

The thing to remember here is that our modern economy is based on imaginary money. It literally does not exist except in cyberspace. Banks print more and more of it, proclaim its valuable, and boom! The economy is fixed. Of course, other banks must agree on the currency's value, but that's no problem when the Illuminati controls all of them. It's like buying a used car. You want to make sure that the dealer isn't selling you a lemon, so you take it to a garage to be evaluated. The only catch is that the garage is owned by the dealer. It's the same with the banks. They all answer to the same masters. 

Greece's economic crisis can be easily fixed through industry and infrastructure stimuli that will provide jobs while lowering the cost of living through cheaper food and goods. Unfortunately, the Illuminati will not permit it. Instead, the order is going to destroy the Greek people with imaginary money drowned in infinite gobbledygook and crackpot economic theories.

To our Greek brethren struggling against the NWO, we would like to say stay strong and we are behind you.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Drew Barrymore Has Been Tagged by the Illuminati

That's right, Hollywood actress and one-time sex symbol has been tagged by the Illuminati, and chances are she probably didn't even know what she was doing. Back in the late 90s, Barrymore got a small tattoo under her navel, that tattoo was a butterfly design. Sure, it seems innocent enough. She's a cute young girl who wanted to get something that looked cute on her body, and butterflies fit that requirement. Little did she know that she was following the scripted plan of the New World Order and proudly announcing to the world how they controlled her.
The Illuminati have used a variety of symbols over the years to promote and flaunt their success. Hollywood is rife with these images, and they can be seen everywhere. One of the most prominent symbols is the monarch butterfly. To the Illuminati, this insect represents being in power, and they use it frequently. Whenever a butterfly is present in tv, film, or music videos, it is a deliberate message telling us that they're in control.

When Drew Barrymore got her butterfly tattoo, she became the living embodiment of the New World Order's control over Hollywood.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Kubrick Conspiracy

For years, much talk has circulated about Stanley Kubrick and whether or not he was linked to the Illuminati. I for one want to put those theories to rest and treat them as fact. Between his earlier films, the subtle messages revealed to us in "The Shining," and his sudden death following the production of "Eyes Wide Shut," I don't think any doubt remains about just how strongly the New World Order controlled the famous director.

Let's start with the beginning. Originally, Kubrick was just another director who served the Illuminati by obligingly placing their symbols in his films. The most blatant imagery was placed in "A Clockwork Orange," where the Eye of Providence sits prominently within a pyramid. Other messages can be seen in such films as "Full Metal Jacket" and "2001: A Space Odyssey." In the the former, Kubrick is communicating how the military and government institutions can control people through brainwashing. The latter movie emphasizes that forces unseen and unknown to us have ultimate control over our lives. The computer, "Father," symbolizes the Illuminati. Of course, these represent just a small handful of subtle messages that can be found throughout Kubrick's film anthology.
Ultimately, Kubrick became the tool to conduct one of the NWO's most dastardly stunts and that was faking the Apollo moon landings. Being a part of the Illuminati's sinister plans in such an intimate way distressed the director to a point where he had to defect, but he didn't want to do so at the cost of his own life and freedom or maybe even that of his family. Since the Illuminati were experts at planting subliminal messages, Kubrick decided to beat them at their own game and planted quite a few of his own. These can be seen in "The Shining" and are also highlighted in the documentary "Room 237."

Eventually, the Illuminati became wise to what Kubrick was doing and realized that the man was about to go completely public and confess his affiliation with the secret society. This confession could be found in the true director's cut of "Eyes Wide Shut." The very film itself was a testimony about the Illuminati and how they controlled everything. Even the title itself reveals how we all see but are completely blind to what the NWO truly does. Also, check out the poster and see how Nicole Kidman's one eye is staring out at us, which is another representation of the Eye of Providence. Because of Kubrick's candor (which would still be sublte by the public's standards but too much for the Illuminati to tolerate), the NWO had little choice but to eliminate the director and release a heavily edited version of "Eyes Wide Shut" to the public. Those who worked on the film were likely intimidated into maintaining strict silence.
To all of the Illuminati skeptics out there, the story of Kubrick's career should eliminate any doubt about the reality of the NWO. The subtle symbols are too numerous, and once you start looking for them, too obvious. They cannot be ignored. Kubrick's life is the story of a man who worked more closely with the Illuminati than anyone else without becoming a permanent part of the order, and his efforts to reveal them to the public deserve our attention and gratitude.

For more on what we have uncovered on Stanley Kubrick, check out the following article: http://illuminatiwatchdog.blogspot.com/2014/04/2001-space-odyssey-or-2001-911-warning.html

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

George Orwell's "1984": The Illuminati's Prophecy

Aside from being a masterpiece of literature, George Orwell's legendary "1984" is more than just a story. It's the prophecy and vision of what the Illuminati have planned for all of us. The dominant force, Big Brother, is nothing more than a symbol for the New World Order which will control everything. And just like those behind Big Brother, we will never know who is truly pulling the strings. What's even scarier is that the Illuminati will even create false resistance movements designed to root out dissidents, exactly as seen in the book. Even as I write today, the secret society is hard at work trying to get us to chase them down rabbit holes. In fact, I would bet that any high profile conspiracy theory website has been infiltrated by the New World Order.

Now, back to Orwell. This book outlines how the Illuminati will rule once they're in control. It doesn't explain how they will achieve their rise to power. What it does tell you is that they will control absolutely everything and that no one can be trusted. They also will not stop until they have not only subjected you to their control but that you will also like it, or even love it. For anyone who needs to learn more about the Illuminati, it's a must read.

But wait! Chances are that you've probably already have read it. Just about every school kid in America and the UK have to read "1984." This is also part of the Illuminati's deliberate plans to conquer the world. By promoting the prophecy as fiction, they can work on brainwashing millions of children into thinking that their ultimate goals are little more than the product of one man's imagination. Reading the book in schools also provides the Illuminati with a seemingly unlimited source of responses and opinions about what kids think of Orwell's "vision." They can then use this to enhance their strategies as they manipulate their way to ultimate power.
To make matters worse, the Illuminati have placed their calling card on just about every single cover design for "1984." Greeting every reader is the Eye of Providence. Of course, we're supposed to interpret it as a symbol for Big Brother, but it's really the trademark of their insidious brand. The Illuminati relish being able to hide in plain sight and do it constantly. Between the subliminal symbols in pop culture and the government, the New World Order has proven how comfortable they are with their current level of control and the average person's state of disbelief. Don't fall for it. They've infiltrated everything and aren't ashamed to hide it.

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Illuminati Were behind Church's Chicken's Push to Sterlize Black Men

Back in the early 1990s, African Americans began claiming that secret and unknown ingredients used in Church's fried chicken were sterilizing males. This conspiracy theory has seen much press but has largely been dismissed as urban legend. To believe this to be nothing more than hyped up folklore is to be duped by the New World Order.

Current theories about who was behind the Church's conspiracy revolve around the Ku Klux Klan, and they sound highly plausible too. The company has its headquarters in Georgia (a state renowned for bigotry and racial tension) and serves a high number of African American customers. The ideas about KKK indicate that the hate group planned to use the chicken restaurants as a secret means of sterilizing black men. According to the theories, the KKK did this in order to prevent blacks from reporducing and thus reducing their population.       
Many of those theories have been debunked thanks to the "objective" investigations and conclusions from the FDA, and that's where the Illuminati have left their calling card. The proof and testimonies that accuse Church's of attempting to sterilize people are too many to ignore. Besides, it'd be too easy to slip in a toxic ingredient that could have such devastating effects on the human reproduction system. Once discovered, Church's had to move fast to avoid being fully exposed as the culprit, and given that they're controlled by the Illuminati (like all other mega-chains), they received backup from the federal government. In order to assure the good citizens that Church's fried chicken was safe, the FDA released its reports. Everyone felt better and the sterilization efforts ceased. Unfortunately for those who maintained that they were sterilized by the chicken chain, they were branded as irrational and paranoid loons.

The Illuminati have employed a high number of methods to implement their selective breeding programs. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was the eugenics movement. Then it was genocide. Now, it's subtle tactics that will take more time but will nonetheless be highly effective. Whenever someone claims that they're being persecuted or destroyed by a corporation, the government, etc., pay attention. They know what they're talking about, and their enemies want you to think that they're delusional nuts. Don't fall for it.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Illuminati Want Your Child to Be Gay

All of what the Illuminati and their pawns, "the mainstream media," do nowadays is try to make people more accepting of homosexuality. Whether it be through news columns or your favorite tv shows, they are trying to make you accept gayness and are even promoting it in some instances. Now, all of this is done in the name of creating a more progressive culture where everyone can be tolerated safely. For many, this can be seen as a good thing. After all, people should be able to live their lives as they choose to do so without fear of persecution, right? In that regard, yes. However, the Illuminati have an even more dastardly motive for promoting the acceptance of homosexuality. It's part of their ultimate plan to breed a master race.

Think about it. Gay people cannot have children. Sure, there are those few couples that either adopt, use a sperm bank, or surrogate. Then again, most of them just live without reproducing, knowing that that is one of the consequences of their choices. That is what the Illuminati is aiming for. If more people feel comfortable about exploring their homosexual tendencies in a safe environment, they will be less likely to have children. This places the secret order one step further in their goals for world conquest.
Selective breeding by creating a more homosexual population is something that the Illuminati have been exploring for decades. Their experiments started in the prisons, where they wanted to see if heterosexual men would turn gay in an all-male environment. The answer was yes. Straights will become gay in order to fulfill their sexual desires when circumstances call for it. With this knowledge in hand, the Illuminati moved on to their next step, brainwashing the population through the media. The Illuminati know this phase will take longer but should succeed after several generations. Right now, the plan is still in its early stages, just wear down the public's intolerance of gays. This started in the 90s and is seeing rapid growth, and guess what, the number of people identifying themselves as homosexual is on the rise.

Today, we're seeing the push for gay marriage along with more rights for gay couples. This is a big leap since the days of people barely accepting homosexuals at all. The Illuminati are experts at mind control and know what they're doing. They've got one party in-line with the media, trumpeting homosexuality, and they have the other party offering token resistance just to cover their tracks. Don't be fooled by any of this. While people should be free to do as they please, that is not an excuse for the Illuminati to seize it as a tool to aid in their selective breeding program.

For more on how the Illuminati promotes its homosexual agenda, check out the following article: http://illuminatiwatchdog.blogspot.com/2014/04/aids-and-its-twisted-illuminati-agenda.html

Here's another article showing that the Illuminati's brainwashing tactics are working: http://illuminatiwatchdog.blogspot.com/2014/05/iw-action-alert-illuminati-are.html

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Tupac Illuminati Sham

Rapper Tupac Shakur's 1996 murder has witnessed one conspiracy theory after another. Some say that the artist is still alive, while others believe that the Illuminati were behind his death. Of these two ideas, the former is likely little more than an urban legend. However, the latter one is most likely true. There is a catch though. The secret order set it up to generate conspiracy theories and hoaxes.

Like all evil regimes in history, the Illuminati are masters of propaganda and know how to manipulate our thoughts. They're damn good at it too, but they make mistakes. Tupac's murder was intended to distract people from such mistakes. To put this in other words, this was all done to create conspiracy theories and to make those who want to expose the Illuminati look foolish.

Here's some explanations. Gangsta rap is generally held in low esteem by most of the population due to its emphasis on violence, gangs, and drugs (this is also part of the Illuminati's ploy to control minds, but that's another story). Because of the lack of respect afforded to the genre, this is where the society's masters decided to plant their conspiracy. Part of the Illuminati's image is one of intelligence and refinement, and they don't like being associated with the seedier sides of life. While they pursue their goal of world domination (approximately 50% complete), they need to send their opponents chasing after shadows. Who would think that such high and mighty people would care about gangsta rap? That would be most of the population, and that's the genius of the whole plot. As conspiracy theorists work out the motives and means for Tupac's murder, the skeptics will laugh and scoff at them thinking that even if the Illuminati existed, they would be "too good" to get involved in affairs like the East Coast-West Coast rivalry.
Let's discuss some of the points that make the whole Tupac scenario a deliberate effort on the part of the Illuminati to create conspiracies. The first point is the title of Tupac's last album, "The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory." This is too obvious to be part of the subtle messaging that the Illuminati usually uses like hidden symbols and texts. Of course, Tupac was slain almost immediately after recording it, and his producer, Suge Knight, got it released after his death. Between the murder and the obvious Illuminati symbols, this reeks of a conspiracy, and there definitely was one too.

Were the Illuminati behind Tupac's death? Yes, but not for the reasons we may think. The rap star's murder was part of an even greater ploy, one used to discredit conspiracy theorists. The notion that Tupac was eliminated because he wanted to start an underground movement is just plain erroneous and is exactly what the Illuminati want us to believe. It's also the same thing that is said about Kurt Cobain's death, and that is the ultimate mistake that the Illuminati was working to correct. Cobain's "suicide" sparked many theories (many of which are highly credible), and what better way is there to deal with conspiracy theories except by creating more of them! With the Tupac theories running amok on the internet and popular culture, the Illuminati have successfully distracted even their most dedicated opponents. That is their victory and the reasons why Tupac was just one more casualty in their quest to rule the world.

For more on how the Illuminati uses gangsta rap as a brainwashing device, check out the following article http://illuminatiwatchdog.blogspot.com/2014/07/why-illuminati-created-gangsta-rap.html

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