Monday, August 4, 2014

Mister Rogers: The Illuminati's Profile of Pedophilia

Homosexuality is running rampant. Sex crimes are on the rise. Perverts walk among us, and who's to blame? Well, it's the Illuminati of course. The order's brainwashing program has destroyed America's moral fiber, and it starts with the children. Only kids are that vulnerable. Their young minds are still learning right from wrong and have no greater context to apply life's lessons. They are the Illuminati's targets and have been for decades.

Television shows are the order's primary weapons. In a previous article, we addressed how cartoon's such as "G.I. Joe" and "TMNT" served as brainwashing tools. However, such programming occurs at a much younger age. Shows like "Sesame Street", "Barney", and the "Teletubbies" do much to condition our smallest minds, but none of them top "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood". Not only does this program serve the Illuminati, it implants subliminal messages to make kids embrace pedophilia.

By watching Mister Rogers, children come to see pedophiles as being good people who want to do good. For the most severely brainwashed, they are likely to become pedophiles themselves. How can a simple children's show have such an impact? Before you dismiss us as a bunch of nuts, please let us explain.

On "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood", Fred Rogers boasts the characteristics of a pedophile to a "T". He's an older man that lives alone in a suburb, has no family, spends time with local children, and has a house full of toys. Just imagine if such a person lived on your block. You can probably bet that you wouldn't go trick-or-treating there on Halloween.

In reality, everyone knows that men who exhibit such traits are probably on the sex offenders' list. Unfortunately, most people are okay with allowing such a character to enter their home via the airwaves. They just don't know it. By allowing children to watch Mister Rogers, parents are exposing their kids to a pedophile role model. How are they supposed to tell the difference between what they see on TV versus real-life perverts?

Kids are gullible. If they see a nice older gentleman walking along the sidewalk wearing a cardigan, they're likely to think warm thoughts. If that man happens to talk to them, they're even more likely to respond. If he invites them into his house to play with his "toys", what do you think they're going to do? And why shouldn't they? The TV is telling them that strange old guys that like children are A-okay.

To make matters worse, Mister Rogers' influence continues into adulthood, particularly for the social rejects. These people who live in isolation due to being unwanted by their peers are the most vulnerable to embracing pedophilia. They want to be liked, and they think back to their childhoods and remember Mister Rogers. That leads them to target children. Maybe their intentions are good at first, but a lifetime of perverse brainwashing soon leads them to the most devious ideas.

So remember what "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" is really saying. If you wouldn't let your child hang around someone like that in your town, then why would you let them watch one on TV? Just say no when he asks to be your neighbor.

If you're still not convinced, then check out this youtube video. Mister Rogers and the NWO


  1. WOW..........great article, amazing how this slips through the cracks.

    1. Thanks for the kudos! After years of studying how brainwash works, we've started to see the Illuminati's efforts everywhere.

  2. LOL, I can see this applying to the gullible child but as a child, I coud tell the difference between Mr. Rogers and some dude dressed in a cardigan asking me to come over or what not. Dude would be kicked in the balls instantly.

  3. True. I remember watching that show as a child and considered it fiction. Of course my parents actual taught me things and didn't let the TV raise me either.

  4. Man I used to like Mr. Rodgers could care less bout those creepy Teletubbies

  5. Wish we could still view the video....