Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Illuminati Know Your Passwords

Nothing is secret in this world... nothing. The fact that the NWO have complete control over the internet is not new. However, people still think that some of their information and data is secure such as passwords. We here at IW want to tell you that it never was and never will be. In fact, the Illuminati are now flaunting this fact right in your face every time you log into Google, Yahoo, and your financial institution. Because as you type in that password, a small eye icon appears in the far right of the box. That's right. It's another subtle method the NWO uses to hide in plain sight while they continue to take over the world.

The use of the eye logo serves as another test to see how much people really believe in the Illuminati and whether or not the very notion of the secret order causes alarm. There are indeed many tests, and we the people flunk them all unanimously. Take for example Edward Snowden, the so-called NSA analyst turned traitor. This was also another test to gauge the reaction of the populace in the event that the NWO's ultimate plans leak. We're certain that the Illuminati found the results most satisfying. The opposition to the NSA's tactics was somewhat limited. No one cared as long as the surveillance was done under the guise of "national security."

Armed with this knowledge, the Illuminati are taking things a bit further. They are now telling every internet user (including those of us here at IW) that they can see every last thing we do online. That little eye icon is their calling card. They're letting us know that they are watching, and at any moment they can ruin us. After all, that is their ultimate objective, and I fear that it is coming soon.

Here's how gathering password information works to their advantage. As part of the NWO's campaign to create a single-world currency, more and more transactions are being done electronically with the eradication of cash or any physical currency as the main goal. Once complete, the Illuminati will create a massive financial meltdown and use your passwords to eliminate your assets. Since they never really existed in the first place, all that will be required are a few clicks as your money simply vanishes into cyberspace. With the world in economic chaos, anarchy will prevail as the Illuminati slowly restore order through totalitarian methods.

What you can do to keep your assets intact when the NWO strike is to have as much liquid capital as possible, and we're not referring to cash. Keep a stash of jewels, gold, and any other precious metals. These are the only items respected by all of humanity as having significant value. They will be useful when the time comes.

Also, attempt to limit your online activity and consider abandoning banking all together. The U.S. was never intended to be a nation of banks. Only a handful of the Founding Fathers (all of whom were Masons) wanted to create these financial institutions. The rest wanted Americans to live in peace and work for what they had rather than become ensnared within a web of debt. Andrew Jackson saw what the bankers were all about, and he went to war with them. As a result, the Illuminati almost destroyed the American economy as a penance for his "misbehavior."

Be wary of the "All Seeing Eye." It's everywhere and it literally does see everything.