Sunday, August 31, 2014

Katy Perry Is the Modern Whore of Babylon

According to the Bible, the Whore of Babylon will be a woman who is the head of all prostitutes and harlots, who fornicates into infinity, and who will usher in a new world order. This woman will embody evil to her core and make it taste as sweet as candy. The Illuminati is currently preparing its takeover strategy, appointing those to be the Antichrist and the False Prophet, and dispatching its minions across the globe. One necessary role is the whore, and it's been filled by none the other than Katy Perry.

This despicable hussy of an artist spouts nothing but sex and salaciousness and appeals to our most vulnerable audience, kids and preteens. Just about every single song of hers promotes some kind of sick behavior. Whether it be experimenting with homosexuality or performing fellatio, Perry appears to have no shortage of obscene acts to promote. Her latest song, "Birthday", is all about a girl stripping down and enticing a guy to lick her genitals. If you don't believe us, then read the lyrics for yourself. They're nothing but filth.

Perry's trash doesn't stop with sex either. Satanic references are a common theme too. In fact, "Dark Horse" might just be one of the most satanic songs ever released in pop culture. She actually refers to herself as a "beast". This is an obvious connection to the forthcoming apocalypse the Illuminati is preparing. As the Whore of Babylon, Katy Perry will be frequently making references to monsters. We're betting that she will soon be referring to an animal with seven heads. When that happens, we need to prepare, because the global onslaught is likely to follow.

To those who have become enlightened and know the Illuminati is real, Katy Perry's darkest symbolism is the worst but also one of the more subtle aspects of her music. The brainwashing patterns seen in her videos, performances, and tours is much more obvious. Her latest tour, "Prismatic", is so loaded with symbolism that we really shouldn't have to provide any explanation. Triangles, all seeing eyes, and suns are everywhere. Taken together, these rapid-fire flashy images are brainwashing the youths of the world, and parents are oblivious to the damage being done to their children's minds.

The "Dark Horse" video is also no exception. Just search the web and you'll find dozens if not hundreds of articles pointing out all of the Illuminati symbolism embedded in the production. The references are too many to list here. Let's just say that the Ancient Egyptian theme provided ample opportunity for pyramids, eyes, and suns to grace the screen. This is how brainwashing works. The order makes these symbols so ubiquitous to the point where no one seems to think they're unusual. The skeptics have no case to prove us wrong. They're banking on the brainwashed to accept the Illuminati's version of normal to discredit us. They're sheep, no if's, and's, or but's about it.

Aside from symbolism, the "Dark Horse" video also foretold the rise of ISIS. As the song plays, Perry evolves from a mortal Egyptian queen to a winged goddess that rises into the sky, and that goddess is Isis. Between the preponderance of Illuminati symbolism already implanted, this has to be interpreted as a sort of dark preview. Not long after "Dark Horse's" release, Islamist militants began overrunning parts of Syria and Iraq. After a few weeks of fighting, the Islamic state declared itself a caliphate, and a new enemy was born. Of course, this was all planned by the Illuminati with Katy Perry's portrayal of Isis as the subtle hint that few would notice.

The satanic references combined with the promotion of promiscuity means that Katy Perry must be the Illuminati's Whore of Babylon. There can be no other candidate. Lady Gaga has faded from the scene, and Beyonce just doesn't go to those dark realms like Perry does. While the "All Seeing Eye" watches us, we will be keeping our eyes on Katy Perry and what she plans to deliver us next.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Illuminati at the 2014 MTV VMAs

Whenever mainstream music takes the spotlight, the Illuminati always uses the opportunity to further brainwash the masses. The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards was no exception. What else can you expect when Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Beyonce are all crammed into one program? This year's show had it all too, eyeballs, numerology, suns, and good ol' pyramids. To those who know the signs, the awards were one of the most blatant displays of occult symbolism in recent memory. Here's the play-by-play of what we saw.

Probably the most obvious and recurrent Illuminati sign we saw was the stage's backdrop. The giant circular decoration boasting "The 2014 MTV VMA awards" looked more like an eye than anything else. The outside was adorned with what looked like eyelashes, and the inner framing resembled an iris. At a distance, there was no mistaking what this was. The eye motif was also seen as performers took the stage. During one song, Usher looked like he was dancing on an eye. Completely outrageous from our perspective.

The sun was also a constant theme with references visible throughout the show. Taylor Swift's bad act was full of sunbursts, and when Usher wasn't dancing on an eye, the lights shifted to make the stage look like the sun. It all adds up to more proof that the Illuminati was working hard to brainwash the masses through music.

If that wasn't enough to shock you, then what we saw on the stage floor should be. The whole show was delivered from a platform with 666 on it. Done in the classic pinwheel fashion meant to fool the masses, the secret order broadcast one of the most iconic satanic references.

We can go on and one with the symbolism, and we will. Take the award statue as an example. To the casual eye, it's the MTV logo, but to the trained individual, it's an homage to the greatest hoax ever perpetrated. The statue of a man on the moon is the Illuminati bragging about how it can fool us whenever it wants. The Apollo missions were frauds, and those in the entertainment industry know it. Giving out an award that immortalizes that farce just goes to show what the VMAs are all about.

Even the commercials were riddled with Illuminati symbolism. Anytime a Cover Girl ad aired, triangles and hand symbols blasted the airwaves. We're not talking about one or two shapes here either, we saw dozens as well as Katy Perry dancing her Illuminati-worshiping ass all over the place. How much more blatant could the order be?

To those who watched the show last night, we hope you saw the signs and now realize that the Illuminati is real and taking over. We don't have much time. They control the money supply and are rapidly pushing the world under one government. To keep ordinary people fooled, the order uses pop culture to brainwash the masses into believing a false reality. Look for the signs and refuse to be enslaved! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

How the Illuminati Controls the Police

Police brutality is rapidly becoming a constant in the news. No matter what is going on, a story about cops abusing their powers is always emerging. Whether it be excessive force or an unjustified shooting, today's police appear out of control. People are afraid when they see flashing blue lights. They don't know if it's a SWAT team gearing up to take down a petty dope dealer or an officer with an itchy trigger finger. All of which raises the question of why and how have the nation's police gone from the stewards of justice to the instruments of terror.

The answer rests with the Illuminati, and the explanation is simple. When the new world order is established, brainwashed drones will be needed to subdue resistance and enslave the populace. The police are those drones. By undergoing rigorous training at academies across the nation, cops are being subjected to mind control programs, and most cadets don't even know it.

The programming is extremely subtle. Most of it consists of viewing all things in terms of black and white, but the key element is the blind obedience to those who make the laws. Cops do not debate the validity of statutes, they just enforce them. They are literally trained not to use their brain when making decisions. This sort of programming makes them valuable tools to those in control. If the police do not challenge dubious laws, then the authoritarians who want to rule our lives are that much closer to their goal.

Now, most people know those who proudly wear badges and protect their communities, and many cops are in it for that very reason. However, they do not know that the Illuminati completely controls them. The order's programming techniques extend beyond brainwashing to include neuro re-adjusting. This is literally resetting the brain's neurons through electro-shock therapy. So, how does this happen, you ask.

Well, cops aren't even aware that having their neurons jolted is part of their training regimen, and it probably happens when they learn about tasers. During this lesson, every cadet must take a shock. They do this thinking that this is what perps must feel when they get tazed, but it's not. The tasers used at training likely use a special electrical current designed to manipulate brain function. This realignment of the neurons causes cops to blindly follow all authority and rewrites their perception of right and wrong.

This is exactly what we're seeing across America today. An Atlanta household endured the vicious assault from a SWAT team, NYPD has countless videos and pictures of its officers beating and abusing citizens, and Ferguson, Missouri witnessed the shooting death of an unarmed teenager. There is no doubt that the police are out of control. Illuminati programming has turned our officers into mindless drones who have lost all sense of justice and morality. They blindly follow NWO leaders who issue them disastrous mandates. 

Remember, the vast majority of cops joined the force because they wanted to make a difference, and many of them do. But where will they stand when the Illuminati orders them to turn against those they're sworn to protect? Will they stand up against the order, or will they don the riot gear and oppress their fellow citizens? We're seeing the answer everyday.  

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams: Another Mysterious Illuminati Death

Once again, another celebrity has died in a sudden and tragic manner, and once again, the media are pouring hours of coverage into the story. Really, and we really do mean REALLY! This shouldn't be shocking to anyone, unless you truly are brainwashed. The suicide of Robin Williams happens to be the second unusual celebrity death of 2014 (the first was Philip Seymour Hoffman). What's even more creepy is that the pace of these strange deaths is accelerating.

The reasons, motives, and true circumstances behind Williams' death are still a mystery, and to be honest, we really don't care. Maybe the Illuminati had him killed, maybe they didn't. Maybe this was a true suicide, maybe it wasn't. None of that really matters too much. What is important is that any way you look at it, the Illuminati was responsible. If Williams was murdered, that meant that the order hired an assassin to make it look like a suicide. If he wasn't, then he killed himself as a result of celebrity MK Ultra programming gone awry.

The most significant factor to consider about the death of Robin Williams is how it fits into the greater pattern. Strange celebrity deaths are happening at a much more rapid rate now than ever before. Heath Ledger, Steve Irwin, Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy, Amy Winehouse, Michael Clark Duncan, Paul Walker, and Philip Seymour Hoffman all died under strange circumstances. Of course, the media does everything it can to keep people from connecting the dots. What we're seeing here is an epidemic. Celebrities are beginning to die like flies, and what we want to know is why.

To become rich and famous, people must join the Illuminati and subject themselves to relentless programming. Eventually, this mind control becomes too much and causes its victims to lose control and go crazy. Some recover their equilibrium and return to the spotlight, while others continue their downward spiral and perish. This is becoming more intense as the Illuminati revs up its Satanic efforts to brainwash the world. Pop culture is becoming more immoral, and music is devolving into devil worship. Those who participate in these acts face tremendous psychological trauma leaving them in dire straits once the order is done with them.

Many celebrities feel guilt about having taken part in such atrocities, and others are just too mentally fried to keep going. That's where the reckless acts, drug abuse, risky living, and depression come from. They just can't deal with what they've done and what the future holds. They know they can't come forward, not only would that result in their deaths but those of their families and confidants. Sometimes, suicide is their best option. 

Whether or not Robin Williams killed himself isn't really the question here. What we want to know is what drove him to it or why the Illuminati had him offed. Did the programming that turned him into a superstar backfire? Did his guilt over supporting the order become too overwhelming? Could he have been planning to go public? We may never know. All we can do is stay on the lookout for the next strange Hollywood death. At this rate, we probably won't have to wait for long.

Update: After awaiting the announcement of the details surrounding Robin Williams' death, we have concluded that he did commit suicide, and that the circumstances behind his self-strangulation are factual. What we do believe was that his death came as a result of MK Ultra brainwashing.

We arrived at this conclusion after a thorough analysis of Williams' career and figuring out what exactly made him successful. If you take a look at "Mork and Mindy", "Good Morning, Vietnam", "Mrs. Doubtfire", "Jumanji", and numerous other films. You'll notice that Williams is generally way over the top in his performances. His zaniness combined with intense physical exuberance put him in a league of his own. This effect can also be seen in his many talk-show appearances. 

The man never could calm down. He talked rapidly and bounced around almost as if he was on speed, and that was the tip off. When the Illuminati introduces MK Ultra programming to someone, it usually starts with psychotropic drugs. When Williams was first discovered, he was likely already a bit off in the head, and the Illuminati exacerbated this to the extreme with its mind control. The result was a manic individual who entertained while simultaneously brainwashing the world.

No actor could sustain those manic levels indefinitely. When the highs wore off, Williams hit rock bottom. Extra brainwashing sessions and more drug therapies ensured that he kept performing for decades, but eventually his mind became fried beyond all recognition. The order likely used everything in its arsenal to keep him going. We're talking classified drugs, electric shocks, and maybe even torture. Keeping one of Hollywood's biggest comedic actors was imperative to the Illuminati.

Unfortunately, the human brain can only take so much abuse. By the time Robin Williams killed himself, his mind was probably so obliterated that he likely had little to no orientation of self. In no way was this an isolated incident. Celebrities and their never-ceasing bad behavior present constant indicators of MK Ultra malfunctioning. 

The Illuminati may not have used an assassin as it likely did with Paul Walker and Philip Seymour Hoffman, but the order was still responsible for Robin Williams' fate. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Mister Rogers: The Illuminati's Profile of Pedophilia

Homosexuality is running rampant. Sex crimes are on the rise. Perverts walk among us, and who's to blame? Well, it's the Illuminati of course. The order's brainwashing program has destroyed America's moral fiber, and it starts with the children. Only kids are that vulnerable. Their young minds are still learning right from wrong and have no greater context to apply life's lessons. They are the Illuminati's targets and have been for decades.

Television shows are the order's primary weapons. In a previous article, we addressed how cartoon's such as "G.I. Joe" and "TMNT" served as brainwashing tools. However, such programming occurs at a much younger age. Shows like "Sesame Street", "Barney", and the "Teletubbies" do much to condition our smallest minds, but none of them top "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood". Not only does this program serve the Illuminati, it implants subliminal messages to make kids embrace pedophilia.

By watching Mister Rogers, children come to see pedophiles as being good people who want to do good. For the most severely brainwashed, they are likely to become pedophiles themselves. How can a simple children's show have such an impact? Before you dismiss us as a bunch of nuts, please let us explain.

On "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood", Fred Rogers boasts the characteristics of a pedophile to a "T". He's an older man that lives alone in a suburb, has no family, spends time with local children, and has a house full of toys. Just imagine if such a person lived on your block. You can probably bet that you wouldn't go trick-or-treating there on Halloween.

In reality, everyone knows that men who exhibit such traits are probably on the sex offenders' list. Unfortunately, most people are okay with allowing such a character to enter their home via the airwaves. They just don't know it. By allowing children to watch Mister Rogers, parents are exposing their kids to a pedophile role model. How are they supposed to tell the difference between what they see on TV versus real-life perverts?

Kids are gullible. If they see a nice older gentleman walking along the sidewalk wearing a cardigan, they're likely to think warm thoughts. If that man happens to talk to them, they're even more likely to respond. If he invites them into his house to play with his "toys", what do you think they're going to do? And why shouldn't they? The TV is telling them that strange old guys that like children are A-okay.

To make matters worse, Mister Rogers' influence continues into adulthood, particularly for the social rejects. These people who live in isolation due to being unwanted by their peers are the most vulnerable to embracing pedophilia. They want to be liked, and they think back to their childhoods and remember Mister Rogers. That leads them to target children. Maybe their intentions are good at first, but a lifetime of perverse brainwashing soon leads them to the most devious ideas.

So remember what "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" is really saying. If you wouldn't let your child hang around someone like that in your town, then why would you let them watch one on TV? Just say no when he asks to be your neighbor.

If you're still not convinced, then check out this youtube video. Mister Rogers and the NWO

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Peggy Hill: The Illuminati's Sarah Palin Prophecy

No matter what seems to be happening or just how irrelevant this woman may become, Sarah Palin never can stay out of the spotlight. If a politician must say something dumb, she's the one to do it, and her role as a national clown is no accident. In 2008, the Illuminati forced her onto John McCain's ticket fully intending to ruin him. This woman, who comes across as completely ignorant, is no moron. She's actually a very clever plant, and Hollywood tried to warn us about her over a decade before her first appearance. That warning emerged in the form of cartoon housewife Peggy Hill.

To provide a blast from the past, Peggy Hill first appeared in Mike Judge's cartoon series "King of the Hill" that debuted in 1997, eleven years before the 2008 presidential campaign.

Both of these characters have lots in common, and yes, we do believe that Palin is a character. There is absolutely no way someone who is that stupid can get that far without careful manipulation. Now let's start with the obvious. They look alike. Peggy and Palin share similar glasses, hairstyles, and expressions. They even have goofy accents to distinguish their voices (Peggy talks with a sharp Texas drawl, and Palin sounds like a Minnesotan). No way was this a coincidence.

The similarities don't end with the faces either. They live in small towns, have little higher education, and act like they know much more than they do. Throughout the "King of the Hill" series, Peggy constantly runs her mouth and makes silly suggestions interlaced with the occasional outlandish remark. Everyone except her husband regards her as a nuisance to be ignored and sometimes mocked. Palin is pretty much the same. Her ignorant comments and idiotic speeches have reduced her political stature to non-existent.

Peggy Hill was a prophecy. Someone in Hollywood who knew something decided to warn us or just see how much the Illuminati could get away with. How could we know that one day a politician who shared all of her characteristics would come out of nowhere and be a vice presidential candidate? There really wasn't, and we're hoping that someone resembling Mrs. Cartman doesn't come onto the scene.

As for Sarah Palin, we believe that she is being used to destroy true conservatism in America. Not only does she thrive at making religious people appear backwards, she is destroying the Second Amendment. Her PAC's use of crosshairs on its website in 2010 to mark Democratic incumbents was no coincidence. Whenever conservatives need their images tarnished, Palin is there to do the deed.

Don't be fooled by her antics. She's an actress doing the Illuminati's bidding, and the secret order sent us a warning.

"2001: A Space Odyssey" or "2001: A 9/11 Warning"?

When it comes to Illuminati directors, Stanley Kubrick is the most celebrated. His films are notorious for their overt symbolism and references to the secret order and its deeds. Whether it be his confession to filming the moon landing in "The Shining" or the obvious images seen in "A Clockwork Orange," audiences can see just how deep this man's affiliation with the Illuminati really was. However, it goes beyond that. We're beginning to realize today that Kubrick knew much more than we could have ever imagined. Believing that he was involved with the Apollo landings is one thing, but what we uncovered is far more disturbing.

Let's take one of Kubrick's most revered films, "2001: A Space Odyssey", and think about what we see. For starters, there is much blatant Illuminati symbolism such as the sun rising over the monolith and the eye of HAL 9000. These things are pretty obvious. What's also fairly obvious are the references to 9/11. Some has been written about this, although we found much more to erase any doubt that this is merely a coincidence.

In many ways, the movie was a prophecy of the fate of the Twin Towers. We should also note that "2001: A Space Odyssey" was released in the same year as the groundbreaking of the first tower, 1968. The first and probably most distinct link between the film and the attacks is the 2001 element. Even in the title itself, Kubrick is warning America that something is going to happen, and he gives the date.

Okay, so you're thinking that the number doesn't prove anything, that there needs to be some kind of overt reference like a plane or a tower of some kind. Well, we have that covered too. In the beginning of the second act, a space plane is flying towards a station in low-Earth orbit. One thing to note about this station is that it looks like a couple of parallel wheels. As the plane approaches, it's moving between the two wheels. This also looks like a plane flying between two towers. At the scene's conclusion, the plane flies into the station. Now if that's not a blatant reference, we don't know what one is!

The space plane itself reveals some prophetic details too. Take a look at the scene showing the cabin. It looks exactly the same as that of a modern jumbo jet, complete with screens in the backs of the seats. We also think the plane's airline, Pan-Am, was a prophecy unfulfilled. If that carrier had not gone bankrupt several years earlier, it may have been a Pan-Am jet that flew into one of the towers.

The references don't stop there, not by a long shot. Let's skip ahead to the end of the second act where the astronauts have discovered a monolith on the moon. As the men move to examine their find, they must descend a ramp into a square hole that has been lined with makeshift walls. The scene looks very much like a construction site and is very reminiscent of Ground Zero after all of the debris had been cleared. Not only does Kubrick provide a jet and tower reference, he provides one of the disaster scene too.

Go onto Google images and take a good look at both pictures. What you see is very similar. The bottom image shows Ground Zero featuring a square crater with a ramp leading into it. The top one shows almost the same thing, a square pit with ramps descending to where the monolith is. This is just too much to be coincidental. Obviously, Kubrick was trying to say something about the fate of the buildings that were set to begin construction that year.

Aside from our own findings, we also know that the monolith itself is very similar to the Hilton that stood right next to the Twin Towers and had survived the attack virtually unscathed. This dark looking building bears an uncanny resemblance to that object in the movie, not to mention that there was a Hilton in the space station too. Given how the dark monolith was the film's focal point, it's another Illuminati calling card. The secret order was screaming out that they had done this while chuckling simultaneously knowing that no one could figure it out.

Between all of the imagery and Kubrick's involvement with the order, we have concluded that "2001: A Space Odyssey" was more than just a practice run for the Apollo landings and was the first Hollywood warning of the September 11th attacks. As always, we have learned from what we failed to see before it was too late. Instead of lamenting our mistakes, we are learning from them by examining Kubrick's last two movies in even greater detail ("Full Metal Jacket" and "Eyes Wide Shut"). What references to future catastrophes do they contain, and can we decipher them before it's too late? Only time will tell

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The Illuminati Are Tracking Your Ammo Purchases

If it's one thing everyone knows (whether you believe in the Illuminati or not), it's that Big Brother is always watching us. Our telephone calls, our internet activities, and even our purchases, the NSA tracks all of it. That includes the purchase of firearms. There really is no way around it, unless you want to end up in prison. Every legitimate gun sale requires a background check. Sure, there are those informal deals and the black market, but the Illuminati have a record of how many guns are on the street.

The order doesn't really concern itself too much with how many guns are illegally sold. After all, what can a gun really do? You're probably thinking that someone can shoot it and kill a person. That would be correct if the gun was loaded, and that's what the Illuminati cares about more, bullets and who's buying them.

Don't listen to the left-wing or even the right-wing media. Both are leading us down the wrong path. Conservative news outlets obsess over firearms and whether or not the government is going to implement gun control. You can relax about that one. Too many firearms are in circulation for the government to confiscate without starting a civil war. Ammunition, however, is another story.

No gun will work without bullets and cartridges, and that's where the Illuminati will strike. While guns are bought and sold on the black market or the parking lots at shows, bullets are still bought from sporting goods stores and other legitimate retailers. People don't really buy ammunition off the street corners, and when they do buy it, they usually do so with a credit or debit card. Right there is how Big Brother gets you. Whenever you buy bullets using an electronic transaction, the Illuminati knows not only how much ammo you have but also the firearm models you possess.

Say for example that you purchased an AR-15 in the back lot of a gun show. That purchase is untraceable, and you could be thinking that you outsmarted the government. Now let's let a week go by and you're ready to take your new toy to the range for a trial run. You start your day at the gun shop to buy some rounds and you put them on ye ole Master Card. Boom, you just gave yourself away. The order now knows that you have an AR-15. Not a comforting thought when considering that the Illuminati's takeover is probably not far off.

Here's why the Illuminati focuses on ammunition as opposed to guns. Unlike firearms, cartridges usually have a shelf life unless meticulous conditions are maintained. So when the order decides to impose quotas or restrict certain types, it knows that some guns will no longer be able to function when the time comes. Also, people don't really suspect this method of surveillance. They're too focused on the guns themselves. The final reason is that tracking ammo purchases gives them a better idea of the true strength of the American populace. The Illuminati don't really care about guns and their numbers. It cares about how much ammo the opposition has. Firearms are not the true strength. How many bullets the people have is.

Okay, you're probably now thinking that the only way to evade Big Brother is to do all of your ammo transactions in cash. That is definitely one way to avoid the order. However, beware of some pitfalls first. Sporting goods stores still have ways to get you to let your guard down. They do this in the form of rewards programs that can also be used to track purchases. If you decide that those points towards 20% off some "Duck Dynasty" fatigues are worth it, then go ahead and give up your anonymity. If not, then keep that card in your wallet.

Even if you do use cash, the Illuminati is still getting valuable information. The order knows just how much ammunition is being sold and where. Pretty much every dealer and wholesaler keeps digital records nowadays. And to make matters worse, most other people do their transactions electronically, so Big Brother can get an idea of who has what's left.

The thing to remember is that guns are bought and sold illegally all the time, but ammunition is almost always purchased legitimately. Forget about the whining of the NRA and conservative pundits. They are leading you down the Illuminati's path. It's not about the guns but the ammunition.