Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gone with the Wind: The Illuminati's JFK Warning

To conspiracy theorists, Hollywood is one of the greatest culprits when it comes to subliminal messages about future events, 9/11 in particular, but just how far back do these shenanigans go? Did it start in the 1950s, the 60s even? Nope, it dates even earlier. Ever since it's inception, the film industry has been a pawn of the Illuminati, used to disseminate satanic materials as well as foretell future events. The 1939 classic, Gone with the Wind, is one such example.

This iconic movie that consistently ranks among the top 5 films ever made screamed a warning to the world that went unheeded, and that was the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The Illuminati's embedded message was complete. In the film, a man named Kennedy starts a company and marries an attractive brunette (Scarlett O'Hara). One night while defending his wife's honor, he is killed in a clash with federal soldiers. They shot him in the head. 

Many parallels between Gone with the Wind's Kennedy and JFK are visible. Let's start with the most obvious, and that's the cause of death. Both Kennedys died in the same manner, receiving a bullet in the head. The next similarity is their roles. JFK was the president of a nation, and the fictional Kennedy was president of a company. The rest of the scenario exists as a well-crafted metaphor.

In Gone with the Wind's plot, Frank Kennedy leads a secret raid against a shanty town that served as a refuge for vagabonds. Seeing its population as a threat to all that is decent, Kennedy and his ex-rebels try to eliminate it. What they didn't know was that Union soldiers had learned about the raid and intercepted them. This part of the story precisely mirrors JFK's handling of Cuba and Fidel Castro.

The shanty town is supposed to represent Castro's Cuba, and the decent Southerners symbolize America. Like Cuba, the run-down community lies within close proximity to all that is good and honorable. When the island nation overthrew the Batista regime and became Communist, it was a tremendous disgrace for the U.S. This moment is also symbolized in the movie when Scarlett is accosted by the town's vagabonds.

Acting out of anger and the need for security, Frank Kennedy planned to avenge his wife, which is intended to represent JFK's frustration with Cuba and the move to assassinate Castro. Here is where the Illuminati comes in. It's the all-powerful force that controls everything, and the federal troops in Gone with the Wind symbolize the order. It was the troops that killed Kennedy, and it was the Illuminati that killed JFK.

And there you have it, proof that Hollywood has been sending subtle messages for a much longer time than previously suspected. We've known for years that movies foretold 9/11, and now we know that they foretold the assassination of the 36th president. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tiger Woods and Sunkist: Two Logos with Illuminati Symbolism

Corporate and celebrity trademarks never cease to boast Illuminati symbolism. References to the shadowy organization are just as abundant in fast food as high calorie meals, and Hollywood has more of them than comic book movie sequels. Well, we here at IW have found two more, and those are in Tiger Woods and Sunkist's logos. (Note: To best read this article, we recommend googling both images for easy reference.)

We'll start with the womanizing golf pro first. His trademark isn't quite as visible as other icons, and the symbolism is much more subtle. Tiger's logo is simply a T and W combination, where the letters share a common line. Not much happening here, right? Sure, there are no eyes, pyramids, or suns, but what if you turn the image on its side? Now, you might have something. Instead of seeing initials, you'll notice that the T and W form the number 13. This is the same type of dark reference found in the McDonald's logo which represents evil forces.

As for the Sunkist trademark, what we found was far more sinister. We'll state the obvious first. A large sun serves as its basis. However, that's not the half of it. The really scary part is in the word "Sunkist". Take a look at the lettering. If you pay close attention to the "u", you'll notice that it merges with the "n". When looked at appropriately, the trademark doesn't say "Sunkist" as most people assume but rather "Sinkist", which could also be interpreted as "Sin-kist". 

This despicable icon provides a dangerous double dose of Illuminati brainwash. Seeing the sun is one thing, but the typeset is sending subliminal messages telling people to be bad. At this point, if you are not convinced that the Illuminati is real, then we strongly urge you to reconsider your opinion. The abundance of symbols that assault your senses on a daily basis are not accidental coincidences. They are a means to control your mind. 

Do not wait any longer and free yourself today. Your worldview will never be the same again.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Illuminati

Since the late 1980s, "The Legend of Zelda" has been a mainstay in the video game industry. Every new Nintendo console isn't complete without a new version of this classic, but why does this saga has such enormous appeal? Is it because of the storyline, or could it be due to characters' appeal? Regardless of why generations of gamers enjoy Zelda, one thing is for sure. It's a product designed to enhance Illuminati brainwashing.

Like many facets of popular culture, Zelda boasts obvious symbolism, and that's the Triforce. This quadruple triangle logo is a signature of the secret order, and it's all over the games. Each incarnation of Link's adventures is coated with the Triforce. There is no getting around it. Now, you might be thinking that this is just a unique logo that has no connection to any shadow organization and that we're being paranoid. Well, that argument might be valid if the Triforce wasn't visible in other Illuminati mediums.

What we're referring to here is the dollar bill. This piece of legal tender is covered in subliminal symbols as well as the obvious Eye of Providence, and the Triforce can even be found on it too. To find the symbol, you need to look at a bill on its side and focus on the "E" in "ONE". The typesetting for the letter reveals a Triforce. This is just another of the many subtle references found on America's currency. From owls to spiderwebs and now Triforces, the dollar bill is decked out with satanic references.

Aside from seeing the logo on money, the Triforce has a darker history that reveals its Illuminati heritage. The Ku Klux Klan used the symbol as a trademark. This was another subliminal message telling people that shadow forces were behind racial violence in the South. Given that the Civil War was really a stand against the Illuminati and its banks, this makes sense that the order would perpetuate the struggle to reinforce the idea that slavery was the conflict's root cause.

Like the Illuminati's other symbols, the Triforce can be seen in other realms of pop culture. On "Star Trek: The Next Generation" the symbol makes an appearance on the warp core. This is just one example, and we're sure many more exist. What we want you to remember before you play on your Nintendos is that "The Legend of Zelda" is a highly dangerous form of brainwashing that bears the signature of the Illuminati.