Sunday, September 21, 2014

Why FSU Has a New Logo, Think Illuminati!

This story comes to us from one of our Florida sources, and given how recognized Florida State is at the moment, we feel that it deserves priority. In April 2014, the university announced that it would be conducting a major overhaul of its logo and apparel. This came as a shock to fans and supporters, and that shock quickly turned to anger when they saw the new designs. No one understood why FSU chose what many considered to be a hideous revamp of a classic icon. However, someone with a trained eye could see the reasons, and they're nothing short of evil.

In 2013, FSU won its third national title in football, and the university must have made a pact with the devil to gain it. Everything that is occurring at the school now reeks of the Illuminati, and the order's fingerprint is staring at everyone in the face of that new logo. Not only is the design rubbish and goes against the Seminole tradition, but it's also satanic. If you take a close look, you can see 666 embedded in Chief Osceola's face.

Here's how it appears, and feel free to check out the logo for yourself via Google images. The first 6 is the most obvious and can be found in the chief's ear (It's somewhat small but quite obvious). The second one can be found on the eye. To best see it, you need to invert the logo. This one is not quite as prominent, but we will provide an explanation for that as well. The third 6 can be seen running along the nose. It juts out from Osceola's cheek line and rounds out just above the nostrils. Like the second, this one is also more subtle, only visible to someone who's aware of such symbolism.

If you're thinking that we're seeing things that aren't there, guess again. 666 is frequently seen in corporate logos, and like FSU's, the digits follow a similar pattern. The first 6 is almost always obvious with the other two being harder to discern, and that's how the Illuminati works. The order can't be too candid or else everyone would know it existed. That's why only one 6 is clear. It serves as an invitation to the enlightened to search for more, whereas everyone else will chalk it up as coincidence. Take for example the Taco Bell and Walt Disney logos. Both images have 6s that are obvious and others that are less so. The Florida State logo is no different.

Now, if that's not convincing, then what is transpiring at the university should be. The school is already being influenced by funds of corrupt Illuminati companies like Koch Industries, and its new president is likely to be lower-tier member John Thrasher whose ties to the Bush family are stronger than steel. If given the job, one of the darkest families in America will have a top crony dictating the direction of a major research institution. The Bushes sold their souls to Satan in exchange for worldwide power, and any powerful figure affiliated with them likely did the same.

The Illuminati has taken over the Florida State University. Having 666 in the new logo combined with darker themes in its new apparel (Black and garnet is the most prominent as opposed to garnet and gold) as well as allowing corrupt forces to dictate its direction indicate that the order is in complete control of the institution. Perhaps that is why the Noles won a title in 2013. Maybe the Illuminati figured that the fans would be too elated with victory to notice its coup. 


  1. Bruce...are you reachable by email? I would love to send you something.

    1. Send us a message via Twitter. We aren't ready to release our email addresses publicly.

  2. I have always been interested in the Illuminati, but have never really done any research into them. I have looked at the new FSU logo, but am not able to see the 666 etched into his face. I do not have a trained eye for these kind of things, but I hope that by reading more blogs about the Illuminati.

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  6. @ Bruce why would these fools believe that being evil grants them power and money whom everyone else dont believes in this cheap and unholy corporate world. How r we suppose to fight back when we can't. You should do a article on Oprah OWN network spells backward Monster energy dring uses 3 #6 as their logo on Hebrew people are really blind by this