Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Illuminati Wants to Get Randy Quaid

Strange celebrity deaths are no secret to the public. Several times each year, the media reports on how some Hollywood star died far too young and under unusual circumstances such as suicide, drug overdose, or vehicular crash (Think Robin Williams, Amy Winehouse, and Paul Walker). Of course, people just accept the facts as they're reported and dismiss any notions of foul play unless they're mentioned by CNN. Those who know the truth, however, don't fall for the lies and search for the real evidence. That's where the story of Randy Quaid comes to the forefront.

To most of us, the actor is best known as Cousin Eddie from the "Vacation" series and Russel Casse in "Independence Day".  He's really not that famous when compared to the likes of Philip Seymour Hoffman, and that's how he slipped through the cracks to bring us the truth. In 2010, Quaid and his wife were arrested and released on bond for occupying a Santa Barbara guest house they believed they owned. What happened next just goes to show how far the Illuminati will go when it wants someone out of the picture.

Quaid's arrest occurred on the basis that his guest house had been sold several years earlier, and the new owner pressed charges after showing proper "documentation". After posting bond, Quaid and his wife fled to Canada where they attempted to file for refugee status believing that they were targets of the "Hollywood star whackers". According to Quaid, this is the group behind every strange celebrity death, and he declared that it was after him too. 

He didn't identify the organization as the Illuminati. To have done so would have doomed him with absolute certainty. What he has done since leaving the U.S. is star in an obscure film about the group produced by his wife. With the exception of a few screenings in Vancouver, the movie has not seen the light of day.

The case of Randy Quaid is a perfect example of how the Illuminati destroys people once they have outlived their usefulness. In one of his press statements, the beleaguered actor implicates a number of individuals involved in the conspiracy from bankers, government officials, and even executives in the entertainment industry. They're all involved in his destruction.

Once Quaid went public with what was happening, he saved his family's lives. For him to die would have validated the theory and brought the Illuminati into ubiquity. That couldn't happen. Instead, the order has ensured that he stays in Canada, and his status as a minor celebrity will fade as new generations pay less attention to his films. However, he will always be known to us Illuminati believers as living proof of the order's existence.