Sunday, October 19, 2014

What Pop Culture Tells Us about Ebola and the Illuminati

Mass fear has broken out across the globe. Public health agencies, hospitals, and people everywhere are reacting in terror from the Ebola outbreak. In what seems like an incessant barrage of media coverage, experts galore are saying that the risk of infection is minimal, yet the panic continues. What is driving this fear and why do the best resources appear to fail at protecting us from the epidemic? Could all this be some giant conspiracy? We have the answers, and we're finding them where no one else is looking.

The Illuminati has a plan for Ebola, and it's far more pernicious than other conspiracy theorists are implying. Currently, other sources are saying that the epidemic is a fraud, a bio-weapon, or an attempt to curtail our rights. Some are saying that it's an excuse to steal Nigeria's oil. There is some substance to these, and we're grateful for the ideas. However, we've stumbled upon something greater, which has been staring us in the face for decades.

Pop culture references provide some of our best material for Illuminati research. Plots, images, and symbols in entertainment literally are our guide to the future. The same holds true with Ebola. For starters, let's take a look at the 1995 movie Outbreak. Starring Dustin Hoffman and Rene Russo, this film tells the story of a super virus that makes it way from Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) to the U.S. The epidemic is a worst-case scenario. An airborne form of hemorrhagic fever sweeps through a small town, prompting the army to either disclose its development of a bio-weapon or kill the inhabitants to maintain the cover-up. What this movie has to say now is more pertinent than ever before.

In the first scenes, the super virus (fictitiously named Motaba) is just like Ebola, except it kills faster. People who become infected did so through contact with bodily fluids, and just like our real disease, it originated in Zaire. Later in the film, the bug arrives in America and mutates into an airborne version. Then it spreads like the flu and begins decimating a community. In the end, the protagonist discovers the government conspiracy and manages to save the dying town.

Upon its release, Outbreak seemed too unlikely to ever happen in real-life, that is until now. One key image from the film speaks volumes about how this was really a prophecy. When the characters were getting their first look at Motaba, the film's editors slipped in a picture of Ebola to represent the super virus. That image was an Illuminati message about how fantasy will become reality.

Other correlations can be drawn as well. The fact that the bug originated in Africa, that it had a colossal mortality rate, and that it could at first only be spread through bodily fluids tells us that Motaba was meant to be Ebola. Take a look at the mortality in the 2014 epidemic, it's over 50% and has infected as well as killed more than all of the previous outbreaks combined. What that means is that Ebola is now more contagious (something the media doesn't want to disclose) than ever before. 

Of course, media experts and pundits continue to reassure everyone that the virus won't mutate into an airborne form and that we have little to worry about. None of what they have to say is believable. We know that Ebola can be weaponized and could possibly morph. The fact that it has spread across the globe could be interpreted as a staging movement by the Illuminati for an even greater epidemic. Don't be fooled. The order did it in 1918 with the Spanish flu and very well could do it again.

If Outbreak isn't enough of a warning for you, then Tom Clancy's Executive Orders should be. The book is about Middle Eastern terrorists that spread an airborne form of Ebola in the U.S. If this were to occur, it wouldn't be the first event the techno-thrilling author wrote about that came true. 

What all this means is that pop culture speaks to us, and we as a people don't pay attention. The Illuminati's plans are set in stone. It's using the Ebola epidemic to spread the virus globally and having the media reassure everyone that the bug isn't highly contagious. By bombarding the airwaves with these reports, people's fears will soon subside, and that's when the real disaster will hit. Somewhere and somehow, the order is developing that airborne super-bug that will spell disaster for us all and usher in the New World Order.      


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