Thursday, August 14, 2014

How the Illuminati Controls the Police

Police brutality is rapidly becoming a constant in the news. No matter what is going on, a story about cops abusing their powers is always emerging. Whether it be excessive force or an unjustified shooting, today's police appear out of control. People are afraid when they see flashing blue lights. They don't know if it's a SWAT team gearing up to take down a petty dope dealer or an officer with an itchy trigger finger. All of which raises the question of why and how have the nation's police gone from the stewards of justice to the instruments of terror.

The answer rests with the Illuminati, and the explanation is simple. When the new world order is established, brainwashed drones will be needed to subdue resistance and enslave the populace. The police are those drones. By undergoing rigorous training at academies across the nation, cops are being subjected to mind control programs, and most cadets don't even know it.

The programming is extremely subtle. Most of it consists of viewing all things in terms of black and white, but the key element is the blind obedience to those who make the laws. Cops do not debate the validity of statutes, they just enforce them. They are literally trained not to use their brain when making decisions. This sort of programming makes them valuable tools to those in control. If the police do not challenge dubious laws, then the authoritarians who want to rule our lives are that much closer to their goal.

Now, most people know those who proudly wear badges and protect their communities, and many cops are in it for that very reason. However, they do not know that the Illuminati completely controls them. The order's programming techniques extend beyond brainwashing to include neuro re-adjusting. This is literally resetting the brain's neurons through electro-shock therapy. So, how does this happen, you ask.

Well, cops aren't even aware that having their neurons jolted is part of their training regimen, and it probably happens when they learn about tasers. During this lesson, every cadet must take a shock. They do this thinking that this is what perps must feel when they get tazed, but it's not. The tasers used at training likely use a special electrical current designed to manipulate brain function. This realignment of the neurons causes cops to blindly follow all authority and rewrites their perception of right and wrong.

This is exactly what we're seeing across America today. An Atlanta household endured the vicious assault from a SWAT team, NYPD has countless videos and pictures of its officers beating and abusing citizens, and Ferguson, Missouri witnessed the shooting death of an unarmed teenager. There is no doubt that the police are out of control. Illuminati programming has turned our officers into mindless drones who have lost all sense of justice and morality. They blindly follow NWO leaders who issue them disastrous mandates. 

Remember, the vast majority of cops joined the force because they wanted to make a difference, and many of them do. But where will they stand when the Illuminati orders them to turn against those they're sworn to protect? Will they stand up against the order, or will they don the riot gear and oppress their fellow citizens? We're seeing the answer everyday.  


  1. Good and Evil exists. Evil/bad actions done by people have reactions that are bad, like punishment through court with justice. With justice the good are justified, even if they commit bad actions. Psychopaths are people who think more with evil than good and non-psychopaths are people who think more with good than evil. When psychopaths realize freedom they might act with evil and commit bad crimes. When a person commits a crime and are suspected of being a psychopath they can be set up with a lie detector scan to discover if they are psychopathic and if they are they can be sent to prison and be punished. I think psychopathic people are responsible for most of the evil in the world so i want them to be eliminated. I am not a psychopath.
    - NinjaPunk

  2. I think the illuminati has sattelites that are cameras viewing events occurring on Earth and they should work with the police force to prevent people from commiting harm to each other because the police's duty is to serve and protect
    - NinjaSerpent

    1. um the illuminati is not good. their evil. every event that has happand they were behind. do ur research. they worship the devil

  3. commiting harm is crime

  4. Don't forget the rapid police militarization, while some more of it can be justified (maybe, I'm not so sure though) they don't even get proper training, or any at all. So basically they view, or will view these weapons more as toys and I will look for any reason, just or unjust, to use them. Very concerning...


  6. I get extremly accurate feeling they are so accurate that they are scary as a matter of fact every feeling that i have got science the age of 5or6 on thematters of what is going on in America behind closed doors has been write on point and i am here today to also tell you that the police are being secretly programed without there knowledge of it happening through a technology called microwave frequency programming it happens over a course of time slowly so they don't relize its happening to them but i can guarantee this is taking place write under ower noses.By Joseph Esposito...I will be praying for them and also humanity as well...

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  8. you are saying person could be victim of tazer without knowing about it?