Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tom Clancy: An Illuminati Propagandist

One of the most popular characters in America is Dr. Jack Ryan, CIA analyst. Whether it be through chasing rogue Soviet submarines, IRA terrorists, or Colombian drug traffickers, this famous icon is giving his all for the safety and love of the U.S. Created by Tom Clancy, Ryan's fictitious journey begins with humble origins as a history teacher and concludes with him holding the highest office in the country. Throughout the many novels of the "Ryanverse," Clancy depicts his character as a hero who could have chosen no other profession more noble than that of government service, and that's the tip off. The Jack Ryan novels glorify working for the CIA, FBI, and U.S. military as well as foretell numerous horrific events that have occurred, including Russia's recent invasion of Ukraine. What all of this tells us is that Tom Clancy was one of the Illuminati's elite propaganda writers.

Clancy's books provide many indications that they are little more than NWO-sponsored rubbish. Let's take a look at the glorification of two of the most nefarious government agencies, the CIA and FBI. Clancy depicts both as being chock full of integrity and honesty while serving only the American people. The goal of presenting both agencies as being pure is about earning the people's trust. Most Americans don't bother with following current events and develop most of their worldviews from pop culture. Through Clancy's work, the Illuminati are convincing people that the U.S. government can be trusted in all aspects, especially in the intelligence realm. This type of brainwashing will be most effective when the NWO comes to power, removes all elected officials, and governs through martial law which will be enforced by the CIA, FBI, and NSA. Once the time comes, people will not question these decisions because they will have been conditioned to believe that people like Jack Ryan have things under control. Now, everyone has got to know that's a lie.

Aside from serving as a brainwashing apparatus, Clancy's novels are also prophecies of disasters that could and have happened. The "Ryanverse" is filled with dreaded events such as attacks on the British royal family, nuclear bombing of the Super Bowl, and a jumbo jet crashing into a prominent American building. That's just to name a few. The list goes on. Following 9/11, many conspiracy theorists pointed to the correlation between a 747 crashing into the U.S. capitol (Debt of Honor) and the jets that flew into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

That one's dated, but what we just uncovered isn't. In Clancy's final novel, "Command Authority," the plot surrounds President Jack Ryan and his dealings with the Russian Federation. Here's the shocker! The conflict is over the Russian president's invasion of the Crimea as well as a plan to return to Communism. This is exactly what is happening today. Vladimir Putin continues his obstinacy and has annexed the land in question. Given the man's KGB background and complete disregard for civil liberties, he is also probably masterminding some kind of restoration of the Soviet Union. The fact that Tom Clancy died soon after the release of this book also adds more questions. Maybe he knew too much? What if he was planning on exposing the Illuminati? Who can say for sure?

We have compiled a list of events depicted in the "Ryanverse" and have labelled them as either having actually occurred, possibly, or not.

1) Attack on the British royal family: Possibly (Conspiracies point to Princess Diana's death as being no accident)
2) Nuclear attack on the Super Bowl: Has not occurred
3) Second war with Japan: Has not occurred
4) Biological attack against the U.S. using Ebola or other agent: Has not occurred
5) Terrorist attack against the U.S. using a jet liner: Has occurred (9/11 attacks)
6) Severe cyber-attacks against America: Has not occurred
7) Russian invasion of Ukraine: Has occurred   

What all of this means is that Tom Clancy was much more than just another bestselling author. His books are a collection of propaganda, trying to convince us that some of the most notorious government agencies function with the utmost integrity and that we should trust them without question. Not only that, Clancy's novels could very well be prophecies of future tragedies. Some have come true so far. Let's hope no more happen. The Illuminati work hard to control our minds, and they've been doing so through the character, Dr. Jack Ryan.

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Death of Kurt Cobain: 20 Years Later

April 5, 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death. Amid the hype and commemoration, more and more theories about how he died as well as your so-called "experts" claiming that they're all rubbish will surely emerge. But before delving into the nitty-gritty of the mysterious aspects, let's look at what has changed since 1994, and to put a long story short, it's really nothing. Plenty of people still believe that Cobain didn't commit suicide, that someone murdered him, or that he might even still be alive. What all of this means is that the Illuminati failed to erase the legacy of the grunge-punk rocker.

Since releasing our first article on Cobain, we have explored other methods the secret organization likely used when it disposed of him. We became aware that Cobain knew about the Illuminati's intentions through our source, Fred Kelso, but what we didn't know was how they were getting to Cobain. Our investigations can now shed some light on that.

One aspect of Cobain's life that was well known was his addiction to heroin. What was not well known was why he began taking the drug. According to sources, Cobain used heroin as a reliever for chronic stomach pain. He claimed that it was the only thing that made him feel better. The Illuminati tried to say that his pain was from a pinched nerve due to scoliosis. We believe that explanation is too far-fetched to be plausible. What's more likely is that the secret order was having someone taint Cobain's food. The toxin used could have ranged from the active ingredients in cleaning solutions, biological agents, or even lead. The latter might very well have been the poison of choice. Lead has a sweet taste, and Cobain's strange and eccentric behaviors are not uncharacteristic of someone who has severe lead poisoning. Regardless of how the Illuminati did it, the notion that someone was deliberately making him ill is far more plausible than the scoliosis explanation.

Another indicator we came across is the report of Detective Tom Grant who was hired by Courtney Love to investigate the death. Grant's findings reveal that Cobain's suicide note had been manipulated to look like a farewell to life. In actuality, Grant believed that the so-called "suicide note" was really Cobain's declaration to leave Courtney and the music industry all together. Now, what makes this suspicious is the question of why would he abandon music. We know from the Kelso interview that Cobain was aware of the secret order, and we also know that he could not be controlled like other artists. Perhaps, Cobain was planning on revealing the Illuminati after leaving Courtney and Nirvana, and that a poorly-staged suicide was the only means of keeping him quiet. 

One more thing to keep in mind is how much time elapsed between Cobain's death and the discovery of his body. According to the medical examiner, Cobain shot himself on April 5, but he was not found until April 8. That means three days passed before anyone missed him. Given Cobain's celebrity status, that's an eternity. How could such a famous figure vanish for three days without causing great concern? What really happened was that the Illuminati made sure that no one was allowed to contact him while they orchestrated the circumstances behind his death. They figured that three days would be enough to fabricate their lie. They were partially correct. 

Most people believe that Cobain had indeed injected himself with a mega-dose of heroin, loaded up a 12-gauge, and blew his brains to kingdom come. However, the Illuminati cannot survive with "most" people believing their lies. They need almost everyone buying into their propaganda, and that's just not the case with Kurt Cobain, even 20 years later.

For more on Cobain's suicide note, check out the following link.     

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Investment Banks and Their Illuminati Imprints

To those who believe in the Illuminati, discovering hidden symbols in corporate logos is nothing new. They are visible in everything from fast food restaurants to oil companies, but one area that has received little attention is banks and investment firms. Much of the reason why the symbolism hasn't been heavily covered is that it's very subtle. Only a few banks boast obvious NWO trademarks. The others are not so "in your face." In this article, we're going to provide some analysis on how the Illuminati reveal themselves in the banks as well as offer some background as to their full involvement in world economics.

One of the Illuminati's principal methods of power is the manipulation of money. Today, the secret society has made currency virtually worthless. Go ahead and ask a banker about what makes a dollar worth a dollar. He's not likely to say anything because our money is literally backed by nothing. Sure, the economists will say that the nation's stability and prosperity provide the value of currency, but that's little more than Illuminati hogwash. Money must have something to support it. Otherwise, it's worthless. Even credit must be based on some type of collateral such as material assets or one's earning potential (labor value). However, the world monetary system is a complete and utter farce. Much of today's money doesn't even have a physical form. It's just data being bounced from one bank to another. Why should it have any value whatsoever?

The value of money being based on nothing has been around since the 1930s and can be attributed to economist John Maynard Keynes. Prior to the implementation of his ideas, money was backed by the gold standard, meaning it actually had value. This ended with the Great Depression, which was also caused by Illuminati financiers (The goal was to reinvent world currencies). One of Keynes' solutions to save depressed economies was to remove the gold standard and begin printing huge amounts of worthless money. It worked, although it gave even more power to Illuminati-controlled financial institutions like the Fed Reserve, IMF, and ECB. Currently, these merciless entities have total control over the money supply and can crush nations with a few clicks of the mouse.

Banking is a huge business and one of the most sleazy. Ever hear the joke about the difference between a banker and a welfare recipient (Answer: There is no difference. Both people get their money from the hard work and innovation of others). Lending money is sinister stuff and was rightfully banned during the medieval period. Nevertheless, banking has somehow become more than acceptable and has emerged as a respectable profession, and today's largest banks reveal the mark of the evil Illuminati. Beware of the intentions of these financial institutions. Their goal is not to help you purchase a house or establish a retirement fund but to get you to digitize all of your assets for when the NWO comes to power.

We'll start with Bank of America. This institution's logo doesn't boast any obvious symbolism. However, that changes when you count the letters. That's right! There are 13 letters in "Bank of America."

The next one comes from the defunct investment bank, Merrill Lynch. It's logo was the famous bull. To many, the bull is a reference to a booming stock market, but to those who know better, it's a representation of the idol, Baal, which was a heathen god worshiped by the Hebrews. What makes this one even more suspicious is that the company had a massive bronze statue of its mascot outside its office. In other words, this was a heathen idol placed on the streets of New York City!

Another Illuminati tainted logo belongs to Sun Trust. This one is very creepy and so is the name. It's almost as if the secret organization is trying to get us to "trust" them through an institution that bares an obvious symbol.

Fidelity Investments also reveals its NWO affiliation with a very clear Eye of Providence pyramid and sun. This just might be the most sinister of them all.

We promise to bring more on how the Illuminati are trying to control every last facet of the monetary system. As for now, all we can say is hang on to your gold. Do not be tempted by these "We buy gold" scams you see on television or at the mall. They are also Illuminati methods of removing assets from the people. When the banking system falls apart, gold will be the only viable currency. Those who have it will be okay, while everyone else will be struggling. Just remember what the true value of a dollar is.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fly Delta! The Official Airline of the Illuminati

The Illuminati have their symbols embedded in many American corporations. Whether it be Taco Bell or Paramount Pictures, allusions to the secret organization seem ever-present. They're even in the airlines, Delta Air Lines in particular. The company whose name is a synonym for triangle boasts some of the most overt Illuminati references of any major business, and it doesn't stop there. More symbols can be seen in airlines that have merged or allied themselves with the mega-carrier. These include Northwest, Air France, and commuter carriers such as Pinnacle. Without a doubt, Delta is an apex symbol of the far-reaching tentacles of the Illuminati beast.

Addressing Delta's symbolism is somewhat redundant due to its obvious nature. The airline has a long history of incorporating triangles into its logos, pilot wings, and airplane exteriors. Anytime someone steps aboard a Delta airliner, they are overwhelmed by Illuminati symbols. Just check out the logo designs throughout the company's history. It's nothing but triangles.

What's not so obvious is just how much this symbolism can be seen in some of Delta's latest acquisitions, particularly Northwest. Before merging, Northwest Airlines underwent a major re-imaging campaign where it dropped the "N" from its logo, leaving only a triangle in a circle. The previous logo represented an "N" combined with a "W," but the newer one didn't resemble anything relating to the airline. On the other hand, it did look like a direct Illuminati reference. The design update wasn't part of any kind of real marketing program. Instead, it was a clue that the airline had fallen under the control of the secret organization, and big surprise! Northwest soon merged with Delta. A triangle is also the primary logo of one of Delta's commuter carriers, Pinnacle Airlines. If you look at the seldom seen company logo, you'll see a triangle at the top.  

Another clue that should make it obvious that Delta is Illuminati controlled is what happened on 9/11. The hijacked airliners belonged to American and United. No planes from Delta's fleet were used in the attacks. This was deliberate to give the Illuminati's official airline a boost in business. People were quick to point out that American and United symbolized America, and that's why those airlines were selected by the terrorists. What does Delta symbolize? That's right, it's the Illuminati.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Apple iPhones Predict Something Big on October 15?

We here at IW have been very focused on what has occurred in the recent past. We have brought our readers over fifty posts that report on Illuminati happenings in both Hollywood and the world, yet we have not really done much about the future. We have gone on and on about how hidden symbols predicted past catastrophes but are not reporting on what we see now. Well, that's changing today. We believe we have spotted information that indicates a catastrophic event will occur on October 15, although we are not sure about the year.

Searching for the Illuminati's clues can be a tedious or simple process. It's really about how you look at things. The strongest tell-tale messages can be staring at you in the face for years before you finally realize what they are, and what we found is exactly that. Subtlety is how the Illuminati works, and it's through subtlety that they send out their warnings. Those that do this could be closeted dissenters not wanting to reveal their identities, or arrogant members that want to see just how much they can get away with. What we found was a message embedded on an iPhone app icon.

Lately, Apple has upgraded its iPad/iPhone layout design, so this one applies to its predecessor. If you look at the clock icon, you can see that the time is permanently set at 10:15. Today, the clock icon actually keeps the time, but in the past it didn't. We think this might be the first of many hidden clues that a cataclysmic event will occur on October 15. The 10 represents the month, and the 15 stands for the day. As for the red seconds hand, we aren't really sure what that could mean. At first, we considered that it could mean the hour but dismissed it given the differentiation between time zones. We also thought that it could be part of the date. That also didn't mesh with our analysis, though we believe it represents something. The fact that it's red tells us that much. 

As for what will occur on October 15 is completely open for debate, so is the year that this will occur for that matter. We hope to have more information about this warning soon. Hollywood made many indications preceding 9/11, and we think that they'll do it again. Keep your eyes peeled for symbols, dates, and times in the upcoming blockbusters. If we've learned anything from our analyses of the Illuminati, it's that we need to recognize what's going to happen before it does. You too can train yourself to see the signs. They're everywhere, all you have to do is look.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Illuminati and Big Tobacco

Cigarettes cause cancer, and cancer causes death. That knowledge is beaten into the minds of just about every school child here in America. Nevertheless, young people still take up smoking and become hooked, perpetuating the deadly cycle. Addiction becomes part of their lives. Many will try to quit, and a few will succeed. In the end, people will die young from a preventable cause. For years, conspiracies have emerged and even been proven that the tobacco companies covered up the deadly effects of their products as well as adding addictive ingredients like nicotine. Until the 1990s, Big Tobacco had gotten away with it. However, the advent of the tobacco lawsuits did not have disastrous effects on companies. Today, they're stronger than ever and earning more than they ever had before, and that's due to the Illuminati.

Signs of Illuminati influence are all over Big Tobacco's propaganda and product labels. The most famous is Marlboro's triangle (Eye of Providence reference) and raised "l" and "b" (9/11 reference), yet the signs are far more rampant than that. One just has to take a closer look.

Let's examine the Camel label (Just do a quick search on Google). In the foreground you only see the animal, but in the background you can see a pyramid. That's another Eye of Providence symbol. Sun symbolism is also apparent. Take for example the British American Tobacco logo. It shows a rising sun.

With proof of an Illuminati influence established, we need to explore the organization's ultimate aims for Big Tobacco. First, smoking is used as a population control. By targeting the poor and feeble minded, the companies are removing the less desirables from society. This will allow for more successful breeding programs in the future (Make no mistake, the Illuminati are actively pursuing eugenics even as we speak). Secondly, smoking serves as a means to feed brainwashing ingredients to people. We are well aware of some of the standard ingredients such as tar, arsenic, and nicotine. Unfortunately, there are probably multitudes we don't know about. Who knows what those companies are slipping into their products. 

If understanding the symbolism and the goals of Big Tobacco aren't enough, you need to consider what the lawsuits really did to these companies. When the verdicts came in, everyone thought that Philip Morris and R. J. Reynolds were doomed by the awards they had to pay. In fact, the exact opposite occurred. Because the Illuminati could no longer protect Big Tobacco, they had to let the lawsuits happen. In exchange for taking a beating in America, the secret society set it up to where no other tobacco companies could emerge, allowing them total control over the market. They also arranged for easy export to Third World countries. Today, Big Tobacco rakes in most of its profits from developing nations, and no one can touch them. 

Are you still in doubt that a megalomaniacal order controls everything, destroying us in the process? 

Don't be!

Monday, March 3, 2014

The 2014 Academy Awards and the Illuminati

Hollywood has been overrun and has been that way for decades, and the 2014 Academy Awards was just another marker of the everpresent Illuminati. Between the rampant symbolism and the creepy performance of hostess Ellen DeGeneres, we need to be ready for the breakout of the NWO. It will be happening soon. 

The most overt Illuminati references can be seen in the logos of this year's Oscars. The images are very focused on triangles with the statue posed in the center. This image can be seen in everything from promotional posters to the backdrop behind the red carpet. No matter where one was, the calling card of the Illuminati was visible. Also on one image, the letter "S" can be seen emanating from underneath the Oscar. That "S" stands for Satan.

Where triangles could not be seen, representations of the sun replaced them. This is another subtle method the Illuminati uses to show its dominance. In fact, the triangle/sun motif was so predominant, it was almost as if Hollywood was doing a throwback to Stanley Kubrick. The 1960s were among the Illuminati's golden years. Thankfully, the secret order took some backlash in the 1970s and 80s when morality became popular again. Unfortunately, those days seem to be going away as homosexuality and adultery have become more than acceptable.

That moves us on to another major sign from the Illuminati. The 2014 Academy Awards had an openly gay host. 20 years ago, Ellen DeGeneres came out of the closet amid much controversy. Today, her lifestyle is no longer controversial and readily accepted by most Americans. To those few whom she does offend, they are not considered enough of a force to cause any significant protest or economic harm, once again confirming that the Illuminati are another step closer to world domination.

To everyone out there, do not get caught up in the Illuminati's brainwash efforts. The very fact that so many people care about the Oscars goes to show that these efforts are working. Why else would people become so obsessed with those who care only about themselves, become mired in scandal, and have no idea that you even exist? The only explanation is brainwash. The Illuminati have successfully convinced ordinary people to live vicariously through celebrities. That's why people laugh at poorly written monologues and trite "inside" humor. They do it so they can feel part of it. That's how the brainwashing works. 

Our message to the Academy is this: We have no one we'd like to thank for your Illuminati-controlled brainwashing program. 

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