Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Illuminati Are Tracking Your Ammo Purchases

If it's one thing everyone knows (whether you believe in the Illuminati or not), it's that Big Brother is always watching us. Our telephone calls, our internet activities, and even our purchases, the NSA tracks all of it. That includes the purchase of firearms. There really is no way around it, unless you want to end up in prison. Every legitimate gun sale requires a background check. Sure, there are those informal deals and the black market, but the Illuminati have a record of how many guns are on the street.

The order doesn't really concern itself too much with how many guns are illegally sold. After all, what can a gun really do? You're probably thinking that someone can shoot it and kill a person. That would be correct if the gun was loaded, and that's what the Illuminati cares about more, bullets and who's buying them.

Don't listen to the left-wing or even the right-wing media. Both are leading us down the wrong path. Conservative news outlets obsess over firearms and whether or not the government is going to implement gun control. You can relax about that one. Too many firearms are in circulation for the government to confiscate without starting a civil war. Ammunition, however, is another story.

No gun will work without bullets and cartridges, and that's where the Illuminati will strike. While guns are bought and sold on the black market or the parking lots at shows, bullets are still bought from sporting goods stores and other legitimate retailers. People don't really buy ammunition off the street corners, and when they do buy it, they usually do so with a credit or debit card. Right there is how Big Brother gets you. Whenever you buy bullets using an electronic transaction, the Illuminati knows not only how much ammo you have but also the firearm models you possess.

Say for example that you purchased an AR-15 in the back lot of a gun show. That purchase is untraceable, and you could be thinking that you outsmarted the government. Now let's let a week go by and you're ready to take your new toy to the range for a trial run. You start your day at the gun shop to buy some rounds and you put them on ye ole Master Card. Boom, you just gave yourself away. The order now knows that you have an AR-15. Not a comforting thought when considering that the Illuminati's takeover is probably not far off.

Here's why the Illuminati focuses on ammunition as opposed to guns. Unlike firearms, cartridges usually have a shelf life unless meticulous conditions are maintained. So when the order decides to impose quotas or restrict certain types, it knows that some guns will no longer be able to function when the time comes. Also, people don't really suspect this method of surveillance. They're too focused on the guns themselves. The final reason is that tracking ammo purchases gives them a better idea of the true strength of the American populace. The Illuminati don't really care about guns and their numbers. It cares about how much ammo the opposition has. Firearms are not the true strength. How many bullets the people have is.

Okay, you're probably now thinking that the only way to evade Big Brother is to do all of your ammo transactions in cash. That is definitely one way to avoid the order. However, beware of some pitfalls first. Sporting goods stores still have ways to get you to let your guard down. They do this in the form of rewards programs that can also be used to track purchases. If you decide that those points towards 20% off some "Duck Dynasty" fatigues are worth it, then go ahead and give up your anonymity. If not, then keep that card in your wallet.

Even if you do use cash, the Illuminati is still getting valuable information. The order knows just how much ammunition is being sold and where. Pretty much every dealer and wholesaler keeps digital records nowadays. And to make matters worse, most other people do their transactions electronically, so Big Brother can get an idea of who has what's left.

The thing to remember is that guns are bought and sold illegally all the time, but ammunition is almost always purchased legitimately. Forget about the whining of the NRA and conservative pundits. They are leading you down the Illuminati's path. It's not about the guns but the ammunition.

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