Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hillary Clinton: The Illuminati's 9/11 Stooge

Since becoming First Lady in 1993, Hillary Clinton has always managed to stay in the spotlight. Upon leaving the White House in 2001, she made a quick move to the U.S. Senate and later became Barack Obama's secretary of state after her failed presidential bid. When it comes to the question of whether or not she is Illuminati, there is little doubt. Her law degree from Yale and a seemingly unlimited access to powerful positions in the U.S. government confirm that. What is open for speculation is her role in the organization and how she fits into the establishment of the New World Order.

During Bill Clinton's administration, rumors abounded that Hillary was the one who was really in control, and she has stood by her husband's side since the dawn of his political career. The Illuminati likely paired these two together, realizing that Hillary needed Bill's charisma to attain her a national profile. For the most part, Bill was a vehicle to promote the order's true stooge. After all, he has what she lacks, an ability to connect with ordinary people. Without this, Hillary could not be a contender for national office.

What we find most terrifying about Mrs. Clinton is her proximity to 9/11... and by that we mean both 9/11s. In 2001, she was the junior senator from New York, and during 2012 she was the secretary of state. Her close association to the attacks on the World Trade Center and Benghazi indicate that the Illuminati wanted her in a position to ensure that affairs proceeded smoothly.

As a senator, Hillary could advocate support for her state, which she wasn't even from, as well as crush any would be dissidents or truthers in Washington such as Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. Even Clinton's election in 2000 was shady. She had never even lived in New York and managed to defeat a relatively unknown candidate after Rudy Giuliani withdrew from the race (the Illuminati needed for him to remain as mayor of NYC during 9/11). Indeed, Hillary's rise from First Lady to senator appears to be a carefully orchestrated scheme.

With Mrs. Clinton on Capitol Hill and George W. Bush in the White House, the Illuminati had its players in all of the right positions. No one could present a challenge to this fearsome lineup of deception. The sole voice of McKinney was quickly squashed when she put forward evidence that Washington was not being honest.

By 2012, the world had drastically changed. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were coming to an end, and Barack Obama was seeking his second term. Hillary also had a new job, secretary of state. In this position, she oversaw America's diplomacy and was the chief officer for all of the country's embassies (That included their security). On September 11, 2012 Al-Qaeda killed America's ambassador to Libya along with three others in a roadside attack. In the past, security had always been strengthened on this day, but Clinton demurred on making sure American installations were prepared to ward off any threat. Was this a deliberate action on her part? We believe it was.

The Illuminati intended the Benghazi attack to reinvigorate Americans' hatred of Muslims. This is evident in the government's initial blame on protests against a depiction of the prophet Mohammed on Youtube. The explanation had a dual motive. It served to promote the stereotype of all Muslims as fundamental jihadists and to keep people from making incendiary remarks on the internet. As with the World Trade Center attack, Hillary Clinton was once again in the right place to ensure the operation's success.

Currently, this career politician is setting her sights on another White House run. Whether or not she gets there will be up to the Illuminati (We suspect that the 2014 Bilderberg meeting will discuss this). The secret order has many more disasters planned in the coming years, and Hillary has served well in key positions for past deeds. If deemed appropriate, she will continue to serve for many more.

Another thing to take note of is her campaign logo. The "H" with an arrow passing through it looks more like an airplane flying into the Twin Towers. This is a new way for her to broadcast who she really is. The Illuminati loves to hide in plain sight, and Hillary's campaign signs are just one of a multitude of ways that the order does it. Do not be fooled for one second.

Whether or not you decide to vote for Hillary in the coming election doesn't matter. The Illuminati decides who will win well in advance, although one thing makes us curious. If she is not selected in 2016, will she rebel against the order? Her rejection in 2008 probably resulted in numerous promises for the future. Of course, the secret order will break them if it's convenient and ruin her if she protests.    

Friday, June 27, 2014

Peacocks, Katy Perry, and the Illuminati

Whenever we're searching for Illuminati references, we always keep our eyes peeled for eyes, triangles, and numbers. Those tend to be the primary symbols. However, we are beginning to realize that the secret order is using other icons to make its mark and has been doing so for quite some time. Lately, we've noticed that many Illuminati-infiltrated institutions have been using the peacock as an icon. This actually makes sense given the specie's brilliant colors and religious significance.

A peacock is best known for its feather displays during mating rituals. The large crest presents an image of immensity and dominance, which has contributed to the bird's popularity. In fact, the Greek's believed the peacock to be immortal. That's not the only culture to apply significance either. Hindus and Christians also revere the bird. What makes this creature so appealing to the Illuminati may have very little to do with the crest and more with what's on the feathers.

When fully displayed, a peacock's plume is marked with an eye, and this is an obvious Illuminati symbol. Every feather has one, and when the crest is presented, it looks like dozens of eyes peering at you. That factor combined with the bird's association with royalty makes it a perfect aerial mascot for the secret order.

Peacock references have been popping up for decades with the most obvious being the NBC logo. The bird was supposedly intended to promote the network's use of color, but we now know that it means that it has been infiltrated just like CBS. Plenty of other designs could have been selected, such as a rainbow, to indicate a commitment to color broadcasts. Unfortunately, the executives wanted to emphasize their loyalty to the Illuminati.

Another reference that proves the NBC logo is no coincidence is how the peacock is used in Katy Perry's music. Not only is one of her songs named after the bird, but she frequently dressed like one during performances. If you listen to the lyrics, they sound obscene as if Perry really wants to say "cock". This is not the case, however, and she is actually paying homage to the Illuminati. This sort of thing is becoming quite common in Perry's music and videos. Each one is more sinister and darker than the last. Just check out Dark Horse if you need more proof.

We also noticed the peacock being used in MSNBC's logo. It's no secret that this cable news outlet is extremely liberal as well as the home for lesbian talk-show-host Rachel Maddow. By promoting Satanic behavior and causes, this network is serving its true masters and doing it under their brand. We also don't think it's a coincidence that former-Bush/Cheney advisers also make regular appearances. People like Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace helped the Illuminati use the White House like it's never been used before. Is it really a surprise that they would now be on this network?

So be on the lookout for the peacock. It carries the same significance as any other trusted-Illuminati symbol!


Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Civil War: For Slavery or against the Illuminati?

Every school kid hears it again and again, and that's the notion that the Civil War was fought to end slavery. Between history texts, scholars, and the media, no one dares challenge this interpretation. This wasn't always the case. Thirty years ago, everyone learned that the conflict was about states' rights vs. national rights, although even that is stretching the truth. Nevertheless, history has been rewritten to convince everyone that ending slavery caused the war, and anyone who says otherwise is a racist (The rewriting of history is also a card in the Illuminati game).

How did this perspective emerge and why has it overridden all possible alternatives? Are there any other explanations? Is the disdain that one would suffer by challenging this notion evidence of something more sinister? The truth is that the Civil War was about something far more troubling than the preservation of slavery. It was a conflict of good against evil. It was the one time when America tried to purge itself of the Illuminati.

Ever since the ratification of the Constitution in 1788, the Illuminati has maneuvered to establish the nation's role in the New World Order. The first moves were the establishment of the national bank and the strengthening of the federal government. With the exception of the Andrew Jackson's presidency, the secret order was moving along just fine by 1860. The Northeastern banking interests had a stranglehold on the economy and maintained close ties with the Rothschilds in Great Britain. Protective tariffs were in place, and railroads were being built across the nation. The South, however, was not behaving.

The land of cotton and cavaliers persisted in maintaining an aristocratic society that relied on slavery, but more importantly it resisted the major U.S. banks and protested against the tariffs. The South's obstinacy led the Illuminati to plan a takeover of the region in order to restructure its society. Slavery was just an excuse and wasn't even that widespread by 1860.

The majority of the Southern states were moving beyond the 'peculiar institution' and looking toward industry. Only Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina still had high slave populations, and even the percentage of whites that owned them was low. These people knew that slavery was on its way out and that technology would replace much of their labor. It was just a matter of a decade or two. In other words, slavery was on its way to dying a natural death.

One thing that these planters didn't want was being ruled by the banks in the Northeast. Southerners were well aware of the Masons and the Illuminati and wanted nothing to do with them. Little did they know that the secret order had already engineered the abolition movement and the formation of the Republican party. Slavery was just an inflated cause to brainwash people to put down any rebellion.

With the election of Abraham Lincoln, the South had had enough. The beleaguered region knew that the Illuminati was going to destroy it through banking. Southerners feared things such as a worthless national currency based on paper and the destruction of the cotton trade via tariffs. Those that owned plantations feared that their lands would be ceased by the industrialists, and that Lord Rothschild would control them all. Having no other choice, the South seceded.

The Illuminati pawn, Lincoln (who also practiced homosexuality), brought the South to its knees. By 1865, Southerners no longer had the resources nor the will to fight any longer. Robert E. Lee's surrender at Appomattox was more than the capitulation of his army. It was the end of organized American resistance against the NWO. 

Symbols abounded as well. One thing to remember about Confederate flags is that they varied greatly, and many of them boasted moons. The moon is the opposite of the sun and symbolized fighting against its presence. Moons could be found on the colors of regiments from South Carolina and Florida as well as others. 

Remember, history has not always said that the Civil War was about slavery. That's a recent development that has emerged from academia, and we know who controls them. Americans have resisted the Illuminati, and they have done it through force of arms. Unfortunately, the Illuminati were already too strong. Its worldwide network of banks ensured a bloody defeat for the South. Do not trust the history books! They are elaborate lies designed to brainwash you into believing something that was only marginally true.

If you go through the records, you realize that slavery did not drive the Confederacy. The vast majority of Southern troops owned no slaves, and the slave owning population was small in number and shrinking. What Southerners did share was a vehement distrust of banks. Once they realized that the banks intended to take over, they rebelled. That was the Civil War. It was not for slavery, it was against the Illuminati.  

Friday, June 13, 2014

Illuminati Signs and Warnings in Godzilla

The 2014 relaunch of the Godzilla franchise was a critical and box office success. Dazzling special effects combined with strong acting ensured that people flocked to see the film, and see it they did plus a little more. Embedded in the movie were symbols and warnings from the Illuminati. 

One of the greatest mistakes conspiracy theorists make is being mired only in hindsight. We watch films and music videos searching for hints about the order or any previous disaster only to discover the warnings in plain view. We cannot function that way any longer. The Illuminati have left us a manifesto to follow. We just need to heed it and be ready.

"Godzilla" provides us numerous warnings about what will happen in the near future, and it's not good. As far as overt symbols go, the Illuminati didn't leave too many. We attribute this to the fact that if it had then its plans would come unraveled due to public reactions. Instead, the only obvious reference is the code name "Operation Monarch" and its logo that resembles a butterfly. The monarch butterfly is a primary symbol of the secret order but not one of its more familiar ones like the Eye of Providence. Only those who are the most sensitive to the Illuminati would see it.

The real warnings are hidden within the film's plot. Facing three devastating monsters (Godzilla included), the U.S. military plans to lure them to San Francisco where they can be destroyed in a nuclear blast. The choice of the city combined with some of the images leads us to conclude that a major disaster is about to befall that city. Our guess is that the "Big One" will hit, but it won't happen as a natural occurrence. Even if it did, modern architecture has greatly improved a building's stability during an earthquake. The massive carnage that people expect from the "Big One" is not likely to occur. That's why the Illuminati plans to engineer the disaster, and it's warning us!

Here are the signs. First, the final battle between Godzilla and his foes occurs in downtown San Francisco, which leaves the city in ruins. We already know that this city has been tagged by the Illuminati with the presence of the Trans-America Pyramid (an obvious symbol). This sequence tells us that whatever happens to the city will destroy it.

The second reference reveals how the Illuminati plans to trigger a massive earthquake. During the fight sequence, U.S. special forces move into the city to defuse a nuclear device. When they find the bomb, they discover that the other monster has transformed it into a nest, and the nuke looks more like a massive drill. This visual bears a resemblance to the drill seen on the "Earthquake Projector" card from Steve Jackson's "Illuminati" card game. 

This leads us to the third reference, which happens to be another card from the game. This is the "Atomic Monster" card, which shows a Godzilla-like beast wreaking havoc on a random city. The game could be telling us that films depicting such beasts could precede a major disaster. The 1998 version of Godzilla depicted the monster destroying New York City. It's release occurred three years before 9/11. 

Another factor to consider is in the image of the "Earthquake Projector" card. This one is harder to decipher because the building in the image doesn't really resemble anything too specific. It appears to be a cathedral, and San Francisco has two of them. This vague reference could mean that many earthquakes will happen as New World Order takes control. Conspiracy theorists generally agree that the Fukushima quake in 2011 was no accident.

Whether or not there is any merit to what we have to say is yet to be determined, and we are not saying that a disaster is imminent. However, we have gotten much more adept at deciphering the symbols from films and cannot ignore warnings when we see them. We missed 9/11 because of those reasons, and we learned our lesson. The Illuminati is very subtle, and its warnings are hard to find. We must be very alert to what the order has planned next.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The George W. Bush Administration and the Dawn of the Illuminati

Beyond a doubt, the presidency of George W. Bush has been one of the most polarizing in recent memory. From his election to his leaving office, Bush generated strong feelings among all Americans. Some hated him with a passion while others incessantly praised his courage. Regardless of how anyone felt, certain facts cannot be debated. Bush was and still remains a powerful member of the Illuminati, and his administration marked the beginning of the end of our world.

Like other American political dynasties, the Bushes have deep ties with the Illuminati. This originated with the first powerful Bush, Prescott, and continued to his son (George Sr.) and grandsons (George Jr. and Jeb). Without the help of the order, this family would never have ascended to the top. By working in the Nixon and Ford administrations, George Sr. had assembled an allegiance of evil that would enact policies to accelerate a new world order. Unfortunately for Bush, the ascension of Ronald Reagan forced him to rethink his plans and make new allies. Working from the shadows of the Reagan White House, Bush Sr. along with other Illuminati masterminds such as Dick Cheney, Brent Scowcroft, and James Baker pushed their influence and bode their time until it was their turn.

Destabilizing the Middle East in order to spark a holy war between Islam and the West had always been the objective, and Bush Sr. played it off masterfully with Operation Desert Storm in 1991. Bush's defeat in 1992 was prearranged to allow a more pacifist president to allow terrorist groups a chance to mobilize and to give time for the Illuminati to plan 9/11.

By 2000, all was ready. This time another Bush would take the helm and steer America toward a holy war that will eventually lead to the apocalypse. Using the staged 9/11 attacks as his basis, he convinced Americans to support wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Even though those wars have been ended, the goal had been achieved. Muslim extremists and Middle East regimes have and will continue to hate the U.S. and Israel. In other words, the stage for the final war has been set. Aside from the necessary foreign policy actions, Bush also ensured that the economy was under even more control of the Federal Reserve that will allow for the Illuminati to completely control world economics.

As with all Illuminati affairs, the signs were there. The most obvious was the inversion of the stars on the Republican mascot in 2000. Since Bush's first campaign, three pentagrams grace the side of the elephant representing Satan and his unholy trio. However, that was not the most telling of the signs. The most direct reference to the Illuminati during the Bush administration lay on the floor of the Oval Office.

Part of the presidential tradition allows for each incumbent to decorate the Oval Office as he likes. This means paintings, sculptures, furniture, drapes, etc. are chosen according to each president's taste. Most of Bush's choices were fairly ordinary with the exception of the carpet. Instead of a solid color background, Bush selected a sunburst that radiated from the presidential seal. Between this and the pentagrams in the Republican mascot, one can only conclude that the Illuminati were telling us that this was the dawn of its rule.

Since George W. Bush was first elected president in 2000, the Republican party has been redefined. Instead of being the party of hard work, independence, and integrity, it has become the party of inequality and stupid. However, it still retains a great deal of wealth and power. This reshaping of the party has been engineered by the Illuminati to ruin the religious right, make America even more godless, and elevate the status of homosexuals. The GOP of old promoted values and intelligence. People who have those now are distancing themselves more and more from the rhetoric of Illuminati goons such as Ted Cruz, Todd Akin, and Sarah Palin.

The elevation of George W. Bush to the presidency achieved two goals, initiating a holy war between America and Islam and destroying the integrity of the Republican party. That sunburst on his carpet was nothing more than a message from the Illuminati telling us that this was their dawn.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters or the Illuminati

One of the most celebrated comedies of all time just happens to be one of the most blatant displays of Illuminati symbolism ever to emerge from Hollywood, and that's "Ghostbusters". Released in 1984 and raking in nearly $300 million, this movie did more than entertain, it became a cultural icon for the 1980s. Unfortunately, lurking behind the comedy and ghoulish action are some of the industry's most obvious references.

When watching the film, you don't have to wait long to see the symbols. In the scene where Dana (Sigourney Weaver) opens her refrigerator door to see an inter-dimensional portal, a pyramid with a bright light emanating from the top is visible. This is a direct representation of the "Eye of Providence" and a key link to the Masons. Because this scene is our first introduction to the main villain, Gozer, it's only the beginning of more references.

Let's continue to later parts of the film, particularly when the Ghostbusters have their final battle on the rooftop of Dana's apartment building. According to the characters, the structure was designed to channel supernatural energy and served as the base for a secret society that performed rituals at that spot. In many ways, this scenario serves as a metaphor to the Illuminati. The order is a secret society that also performs strange rituals at specific locations, maybe even on the roofs of New York's buildings. The fictitious Gozer worshipers and the Illuminati share the same goal as well, which is to bring about the end of the world and establish a new world order. This was deliberately written into the script as part of the order's master plan of brainwashing the public.

More symbolism is visible in the Gozer temple, most notably the obelisks. The entire structure is adorned with the Illuminati emblem, and nearly every shot of the final battle has an obelisk in the background. However, the scariest representation is the engraving on the door from which Gozer emerges. It's difficult to see but warrants close scrutiny. This engraving displays a pyramid with the sun rising over its peak and has a figure descending a staircase. At this person's feet are two other figures that appear to be gazing up in a form of worship. This representation is not and was never intended to be some heathen deity born out of fantasy. Instead, it's an image of Satan's coming to Earth, and he's being flanked by the Antichrist as well as the False Prophet.

In fact, a closer inspection of Gozer and her henchmen, Zuul and Vinz Clortho, reveals that this is also a metaphor for the unholy trinity that the Illuminati are preparing to usher into our world. In their true form, the pair are a couple of beasts, but they are able to possess humans and move about in secrecy. That's exactly how the Antichrist and False Prophet plan to pave the way for their dark master. In reality, they're beasts (the Bible even refers to them as such) that will appear human in order to enchant and then enslave us. When this happens, the Ghostbusters won't be there to stop them.

Even the writing of this movie was a dark enterprise. Working in the shadows from a bomb shelter in Martha's Vineyard, Ivan Reitman, Harold Ramis, and Dan Aykroyd punched out this story in three weeks. Whether they were motivated to warn the world via a comedy or just giving us another example of how the Illuminati hides in plain sight is unknown. Given that "Ghostbusters" was branded a comedy (a genre not ordinarily used to promote symbolism), the three might have been trying to issue a warning. We'll probably never know for sure. Ramis died and Aykroyd and Reitman are never going to say. One thing that is certain is that the movie is just as dark as it is funny.

So, who are you going to call now?