Sunday, November 8, 2015

Illuminati Symbolism in Jurassic World

Devising methods to brainwash the public is one of the Illuminati's greatest talents. By inserting carefully placed symbols and innuendo into pop culture, the order is slowly gaining total control over people's minds, and one of its best means of delivery is through the Hollywood blockbuster. These films are cash generators with little cinematic merit save for advances in visual effects. With that said, the Illuminati use them repeatedly for brainwashing audiences around the globe.

The 2015 film, Jurassic World, was no exception. Prior to its release, Universal Studios unleashed a brute force marketing attack to fill as many theater seats as possible. From toys to fast food and video games, the movie became etched into popular culture before anyone even had a chance to see it. And in case you were wondering, all modern marketing strategies were previously secret order brainwashing techniques that have been perfected and approved for use on the masses. One such method is the isolation procedure. The goal with this is to convince the subject that if they do not follow an appropriate course of action that he/she will become physically and/or socially alone. People were driven to madness in control groups from the 1940s. Today, this technique is more commonly known as "peer pressure" and is used to convince people to do or buy something or else be "left out".

With the exception of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, no other movie saw such promotion in 2015, so what we want to know is what the Illuminati wanted to tell us. For starters, Jurassic World makes numerous references to the sun. The entire park is modeled after a temple dedicated to the sun god, and here's how. The resemblance is in the visitor's pavilion. There's a shopping mall filled with boutiques, restaurants, and a Starbucks with a large avenue leading straight to a giant pyramid. In the film, the pyramid is an interactive museum with exhibits on the park and cloning dinosaurs, and it's huge.

What the visitor's pavilion in Jurassic World most closely resembles is the ancient Meso-American city, Teotihuacan. Like the dinosaur park, the city is also in Central America and has a pyramid as its largest structure. Leading up to that pyramid are numerous smaller structures, some of which are also dedicated to the gods.

The visitor's pavilion is a perfect metaphor for Teotihuacan. All of the smaller buildings symbolize America's worship of all things materialistic, right down to its love of overpriced coffee, and then there's the pyramid which is a direct reference to the sun god. It stands there overlooking everything and represents how we're all worshiping the Illuminati when engaged in our own amusement.

The order never misses an opportunity to introduce new symbols to the masses, and any time a new blockbuster hits the theaters, you can be certain that you're going to be shown something. In Jurassic World, it's an overt reference to sun worship and how genetic splicing is coming to our lives soon as the Illuminati are working to design the perfect person. Only time will tell what our futures are. Until then, we await the twisted messages in The Force Awakens