Thursday, May 29, 2014

9/11 References on the Beastie Boys' Album Covers

The music industry has always been rife with Illuminati symbolism, and it has gotten significantly worse and more satanic in recent years. Triangles, the all seeing eye, and images of devil worship have become the norm in today's music videos. While Illuminati symbols have been ever present in the works of recent artists, one thing that has not been commonly sighted is references to catastrophic events, 9/11 in particular.

We've spotted several direct references to 9/11 in the album covers of the Beastie Boys. These disturbing images reveal that someone was inserting subtle warnings about what the Illuminati had planned in 2001. They begin with the group's first album, "License to Ill", released in 1986. The cover depicts a very detailed image of an airliner crashing into a wall. What makes this even creepier is that the plane belongs to American Airlines (This can be discerned from the metallic color of the fuselage as well as the red, white, and blue stripe running along the side. The logo on the tail has been replaced by one for the band).

These images continue to allude to the tragedy almost like a serial. In one of the Beastie Boys' compilation albums, "The In Sound from Way Out" (1996), the story continues. This time a blurry image of the New York skyline can be seen with what appears to be an explosion emanating from the World Trade Center. This can be seen as part 2 when connected to the cover from "License to Ill". The picture of the crashing airliner reveals the first part of the disaster, and the image of the exploding towers shows the second.

Once the tragedy had occurred, the Illuminati didn't hesitate to use the Beastie Boys as a means to gloat about its success. In 2004 the group released another album, "To the 5 Boroughs". The cover depicts a pre-9/11 NYC skyline and prominently features the Twin Towers. When juxtaposed with the other images, this one is a clear celebration of the Illuminati. The secret order had been planning the attacks since towers were first built (maybe even earlier than that) and had given subtle warnings in popular culture just to see if anyone was really paying attention. The 2004 cover is a testament that the Illuminati can easily hide in plain sight and continues to thrive on people's lack of belief.

As for the Beastie Boys and their music, all we have to say is that we're too busy fighting for our natural rights to think about fighting to party.  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

IW Action Alert: The Illuminati Are Succeeding in Making Us All Gay!

In the beginning of May 2014, a scary report emerged on the the Daily Mail and the Huffington Post stating that over 90% of men in a study group (college athletes) had confessed to cuddling and even spooning with another man. This study was completed in the UK and published in the Journal of Men and Masculinities. The overall point of the research was to show that the old taboos surrounding same-sex relations were rapidly becoming the product of older generations and that today's youth were much more open to experimentation if not blatant bi-sexual behavior.

For years, advocates of homosexual culture and gay marriage have claimed that propaganda aimed towards our youth would have no effect other than to encourage tolerance of same-sex relations. The opposition disagreed, asserting that promotion of homosexuals as being "normal" and legalizing gay marriage would have a damaging effect on traditional heterosexual relationships. As the debate raged, the Illuminati-controlled media dismissed all of the opposition's claims as ignorance and bigotry. Well, who's ignorant now? You got to realize that when an academic journal asserts that an overwhelming majority of a control group has experimented with homosexuality, it's a very candid admission by the secret order that its brainwashing is working.

Hollywood, the mainstream media, and the music industry are being used by the Illuminati to destroy all of our most sacred institutions. How can our children resist the temptation to sample a homosexual lifestyle when icons such as Katy Perry, Ellen DeGeneres, George Takei, and Anderson Cooper are telling them to go for it. That's right, go ahead and make out with your best friends. It's okay. Hell, it's even cool.

What we're seeing is nothing like the Civil Rights movement that was intended only to promote racial equality. The campaign for gay rights goes far beyond social and legal acceptance and seeks to make all people bi-sexual if not completely homosexual. What we've been seeing in the news is just the beginning.

One thing to remember is that homosexuality is no more natural than Down syndrome, deafness, or blindness. Yeah, it happens to some people. They're born gay, but it's a disorder that needs to be treated, not embraced. Take this as an example. Let's pretend that deafness is becoming very popular in mainstream culture and that being deaf is perfectly okay. Would people begin destroying their hearing to explore that lifestyle. No, they wouldn't. People know that their hearing is too valuable to sacrifice. Well, the same can be said of our sexuality. What a man and a woman share is beyond precious and should not be tainted with thoughts of those of the same sex.

The very notion that people are beginning to embrace homosexual tendencies instead of merely accepting gays are living proof that the Illuminati are succeeding in its quest to turn our world into Satan's play land.

Here are the links to the stories.   

Monday, May 12, 2014

Harvard University: The Source of the Four Horsemen

Illuminati watchers are all too familiar with the secret order's symbols, and they are very good at spotting them. Within hours or even minutes of an appearance, they take to the blogosphere to write about them. Sightings of eyes, pyramids, suns, and compasses are very common and swiftly reported. However, one type of symbolism has been going relatively unnoticed until now, and that's apocalyptic references. 

What we mean by "apocalyptic" extends beyond disaster films such as "2012", "The Stand", or "The Day after Tomorrow" and focuses primarily on symbols pertaining to the book of Revelation. Such references include allusions to the opening of the seals, the Final Judgment, and the Four Horsemen. Sometimes these are spotted, but they are almost never connected to the Illuminati. We here at IW think differently and believe that the secret order is placing subtle and overt references to the apocalypse in everyday culture. Aside from searching for the usual symbols, our team is also now concentrating on finding these signs. We also think that as they become more common that the NWO's world takeover will be in the immediate future. 

Our first discovery of apocalyptic symbols comes courtesy of Harvard University. Given this school's status as being one of the most reputable in the world, assuming that it's a recruiting and training ground for the Illuminati is perfectly valid. High profile members such as Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Gates (the most likely Antichrist candidate), Mark Zuckerberg, and John Roberts have either attended or graduated from the college. This means that the Illuminati has likely chosen its Four Horsemen from this school. As time passes, check to see who are the best candidates for the Antichrist and False Prophet and look at where they attended school. We bet that their alma mater is Harvard.

Before we continue, we should clarify how we view the Illuminati's interpretation of the Four Horsemen. According to Revelation, each of the riders symbolizes conquest, war, famine, and death. This symbolism can be interpreted in any number of ways. However, we think that the Illuminati plans a literal approach and will have individuals represent each rider. The rider of the white horse (conquest) is meant to be the Antichrist, and that is the first one to look for. So far, Bill Gates is the best candidate due to his immense wealth and worldwide influence. It's no surprise that he went to Harvard.

The best reference to the Four Horsemen is color. Each rider rides in on horse of a different color. These are white (conquest), red (war), black (famine), and pale (death). A comparison of the colors of the horses with those found in Harvard's seal reveals a direct reference. The colors of the four horses are the exact ones used in the seal. Instead of placing the obvious symbols such as an eye or triangle, the Illuminati are being far more subtle and far more sinister. Whenever a pyramid or compass is seen, it's simply a message saying that the NWO is in control. Unfortunately, apocalyptic references indicate that not only does the secret order have great power but also that it's preparing to unleash it to fulfill its destiny. That's probably why these references are not nearly as overt as some of the others.

Stay alert for these symbols! We'll be searching for them relentlessly. If they're not easily found in film and music, they will be soon. And be sure to remember to check for connections to Harvard University.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

007 James Bond: The Illuminati's Secret Agent

James Bond is one of the largest and longest running Hollywood film franchises with a new movie being released every few years. Aside from portraying women in demeaning roles and contributing endless amounts of sexual innuendo to the vernacular, Bond films also serve as a medium for Illuminati symbolism. Visuals such as the Eye of Providence and pyramids can be found everywhere, and the plots are subtle warnings of what the secret order has in mind when it takes over the world. Indeed, a careful study of all 23 movies can reveal great insight as to what our future holds.

Let's start at the beginning of the films. Before the initial action sequence where Bond saves the day (pretty much because his enemies are lousy shots), a short scene from the perspective of a gun barrel crosses the screen. At the end of the barrel we see 007 pull his gun and shoot the assailant dead, this is marked with blood coming down the screen. This is really an Eye of Providence reference, and the barrel forms the eye. The blood indicates evil and represents the violence that is to come.

Another recurring theme in Bond movies is gold. In fact, quite a few of the titles refer directly to the precious mineral (Goldfinger, The Man with the Golden Gun, Goldeneye). The notion that gold is this powerful is the Illuminati's reference to what is really the foundation of the financial system. In "Goldfinger," the villain wants to irradiate gold in order to strengthen his economic position. The use of golden bullets in "The Man with the Golden Gun" symbolizes the death of the gold standard in the United States, and in "Goldeneye" a secret weapon bearing the film's name is to be used to commit the largest financial heist in history. Combined, these all indicate subtle Illuminati references about the future of the world's finances.

Pyramid references are also easily found throughout Bond films with the most notable present in "The Spy Who Loved Me." Toward the beginning of this film, Bond fights the massive henchmen, Jaws, at the Great Pyramids in Egypt. What this scene is telling us is that Jaws represents the NWO and is an unstoppable force. Bond symbolizes truth and justice but loses the brawl. Because this sequence occurred at the Pyramids, it is a direct Illuminati reference, and it's telling us that the secret order cannot be stopped.

More pyramid references can be spotted in "Moonraker" (This film has some of the strongest symbolism of any in the franchise). Toward the movie's climax, the arch villain is using Aztec/Mayan pyramids as a launch complex for his space shuttles. Once in orbit, these shuttles will dock with a station that is to serve as a shelter while the Earth's population is killed. In another scene, Drax (the villain) is seen sitting underneath a triangle (composed of launch monitors) with a circle above it. This is another specific Illuminati reference, and when combined with the movie's plot, it could indicate that the NWO could be considering mass genocide before it takes over. Another point to be aware of is that all of Drax's people are supposed to be genetically and intellectually superior, exactly what the Illuminati looks for in its recruits.

The Eye of Providence also makes an appearance in "A View to a Kill." Although this may be one of the lesser celebrated Bond movies, the Illuminati leaves its mark as Christopher Walken's blimp flies over the Golden Gate bridge. The blimp represents the eye, and the bridge's suspension cables symbolize the pyramid. There is no doubt as to what the director intended for the audience to see.

Lastly, one of the Illuminati's other most prominent symbols, the sun, can be spotted throughout the films. In "Diamonds Are Forever," an orbiting satellite weapon uses diamonds to concentrate sunlight into a destructive beam. This is also present in "Die Another Day" and serves as a double reference, one to the sun and another to the Bond classic. By constructing a plot around "sun guns," the Illuminati are telling us that the sun is all powerful, just like the Egyptian sun god, Ra (merged with Horus to be almighty). This another very disturbing reference as well as an indication of what weapons the NWO will use to implement its domination.

The Illuminati's presence in the James Bond franchise exists without question. The references found throughout the films reveals not only how the order continues to hide in plain sight but also glimpses as to what lies in our future. And one last thing to remember, James Bond's code number, 007, is a reference to the length of the Tribulation period which is supposed to last seven years. Not exactly a positive end note, is it?

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