Friday, September 19, 2014

The Moon Landing Hoax: How the Illuminati Destroys Conspiracy Theories

Much of the general public mock conspiracy theorists. Even many of the commenters on this site publicly scorn our analyses and dismiss us as crazy lunatics. So sad they are to do that. They really have no idea as to how brainwashed they are. Too many people believe everything fed to them by the media, but to be honest, how can they really know? They take it on faith that the news and academia wouldn't lie to them. That's what leads them to thinking we're nuts. Conspiracy theories are disregarded and mocked with impunity. According to the media, those who believe in such notions have mental defects. Accomplishing such a forged perspective isn't easy, and the following analysis of the moon landing hoax will hopefully shed some insight on how the Illuminati can portray conspiracy theorists as loons.

The roots of how the order began this portrayal go back to 2001 and even earlier than that, but we'll settle for this date. That was year when the Fox Network aired the documentary "Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?" This film presented multiple aspects and accounts as evidence that NASA faked the lunar landings. To the casual viewer, the documentary likely came across as convincing, and to those who don't go for conspiracies, they probably dismissed it as poppycock.

Once the documentary had aired was when the Illuminati went to work. The order's so-called "rational" sources such as the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, CNN, and countless others immediately moved to debunk the film's claims. Needless to say, the order succeeded. From the shadows to the "waving" flag, the Illuminati's henchmen quickly made believing in such preposterous notions ridiculous.

The whole affair was more or less a setup. The order pored over all of the conspiracies floating around out there and finely tuned the ones it considered false or easily debunked. It then slapped them together into a documentary, and WHAM! instant paper tiger. Whether it was the lack of stars in space or a misplaced rock, each theory could be quickly disposed of with a short explanation.

The real evidence for NASA faking the moon landings isn't found in shadows, it's found in NASA's recent research. The latest findings on the toxicity of radiation in deep space combined with the fact that officials continue alluding to the truth that the technology to get to the moon still isn't available is the actual proof. The Illuminati hopes that you won't or even be motivated to find it if you consider the whole Apollo hoax theory to be lies and ignorance.

For those who accept the Illuminati theory as fact, this is a war. The order is so thorough that it has been working to destroy our efforts from within. By either outright fraud or convincing true opponents to believe weak paradigms, the Illuminati has created a strong perception that we are too radical and possibly dangerous because we're keeping people from the "real" truth. That perception has been accomplished through documentaries like Fox's "Did we Land on the Moon"?

Be wary of the conspiracies that the media works so hard to debunk. Some of them are manipulated and manufactured to be easily disproved. That way viewers wonder how anyone could believe in such stuff. They don't realize that hardcore conspiracists go into much more depth and can come up with much stronger evidence and analyses. The Illuminati wants to keep you away from the truth, so its strategy is to make the truth look as ludicrous as possible. Remember that the next time a program airs claiming that it has all of the explanations about why a conspiracy theory is false.


  1. I've heard a theory regarding the moon, namely one which says its artificial; what do you think about that?

  2. It sounds like something to look into, but most proof pertaining to the Apollo hoax comes from NASA's lunar research.