Sunday, May 24, 2020

Will the Illuminati Put Donald Trump on Permanent Display like Lenin?

The Illuminati has made all kinds of promises to Donald Trump as part of the effort to ensure that he does its bidding. These range from saving him time and again from bankruptcy to arranging for his show, "The Apprentice," to have tremendous ratings. Sure, he may have gone rogue or off-script a few times, but he always remains in the secret order's pocket. Of the many promises made, most seem fairly predictable in the form of women, wealth, and fame, but there's one that comes across as peculiar. And that's likely in the promise to allow Trump to emulate the absolute rulers of Communist nations by being embalmed and placed on permanent display some day.

It's no secret that Trump admires strongmen rulers like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un. His admiration is so publicly visible that people speculate that he wants to be like them, mostly due to the fact that they are worshiped by the masses. He probably relishes the idea of people lining up to see him as they do Vladimir Lenin. That's why the Illuminati will likely grant him this honor. 

We can only speculate how this will play out, but our guess is that Trump will select Mar-A-Lago as his mausoleum. Trump Tower was the other option, but he wouldn't want to be in a city that doesn't like him. In the room that will be selected as his burial chamber, the walls will be plated with gold and there will be a ruby encrusted "MAGA" hat with the lettering spelled out in diamonds at the front of the transparent, vacuum packed sarcophagus where Trump will eternally rest in his finest suit and red tie, covered up to his chest in an American flag. Tucked in one of his arms will be his personal copy of "The Art of the Deal." Fast food will also be available to feed those that pass through, but only KFC and McDonald's Filet-o-Fish, the Donald's favorites.

It will be an awe inspiring site. In fact, Trump would likely brag about the long lines he will get at his memorial in comparison to other presidents. "Look at those bigly lines. They're YUGE! Trust me when I tell you Obama would never get lines like that." The thing here is that the Illuminati knows that Trump wants to be loved and idolized. What better way can he achieve that after life than by having himself embalmed and permanently displayed with masses of admirers paying their respects everyday. We even think if this does occur that future GOP presidents, candidates, and politicians will have to visit and pay homage to get their party's endorsement. These acts of respect will be really beautiful and touching moments, to them at least.

As for promises the Illuminati makes, it can keep one to embalm and permanently display a leader. When thinking of others who have been presented to the public eternally such as Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh, Kim Il Sung, and Kim Jong Il, could Donald Trump join that list?