Monday, August 19, 2013

RMS Lusitania: The Illuminati's World War I Calling Card

In May 1915, the RMS Lusitania was torpedoed off of the southern coast of Ireland by the German submarine, U-20. Within twenty minutes of the first hit, the liner was on the bottom and had taken almost 1,200 lives with her. Outrage quickly spread across the world as Great Britain and her allies branded the incident as mass murder, while euphoria reigned in Germany as the U-20's crew were lauded as heroes for sinking a ship that had been loaded with munitions.

Aside from provoking even more anger in an already brutal war, the sinking of the Lusitania almost caused the U.S. to enter the conflict, but that was averted as last minute negotiations caused Germany to cease unrestricted submarine warfare. The war would rage for another three years, and the lost liner served as a rallying cry to help encourage people to enlist in the armed forces. However, controversy and conspiracy loomed like shadows over the incident.

Following the first torpedo's impact (one that many passengers and crew barely noticed), a second and deadlier explosion rocked the ship. It was this explosion that caused the ship to sink so quickly, resulting in the enormous loss of life, and its cause is still a mystery. Many argue that the Lusitania was carrying weapons such as gun cottons and TNT, and that when the torpedo struck, it triggered an explosion of these materials. Others argue that it originated from coal dust that had been kicked up by the blast and then ignited, ripping a hole along the length of the hull.

Regardless of what scientists say, the theories asserting that the second explosion was caused by munitions is more credible. Evidence already suggests that First Sea Lord Winston Churchill was deliberately leaving the Lusitania vulnerable in order for it to be attacked. This in turn would provoke the Americans into entering the war. Now, the question is how does all of this fit together and what does it have to do with the Illuminati?

Ultimately, the First World War served as a means for the NWO to overthrow the Ottoman Empire, ruin the Habsburg monarchy, and force Russia to become the Soviet Union. These were all necessary to strengthen their financial interests as well as set up the nation of Israel. And as with their other exploits, they left their calling card on the conflict and did so by sinking the Lusitania.

The symbolism associated with the sinking is hidden but very much real. All one has to do is look at the name of the ship, RMS Lusitania. By rearranging some of the letters, the word "illuminati" appears. Now, this doesn't appear entirely accurate. The closest word to illuminati that comes from the available letters is "iluminat." An "i" and an "l" are missing. Those can be found if the ship's proper name is fully spelled, Royal Mail Steamer Lusitania. Using the letters from the unabbreviated name reveal the true masterminds behind the disaster as well as the war.

ILLUMINATI: The first "i,""l," and "m" come from the word "Mail." The remaining letters come from "Lusitania."

This is not a coincidence but rather a sinister calling card from the Illuminati who deliberately sunk an ocean liner carrying thousands of innocent men, women, and children. They're an arrogant group and rely on people to dismiss their symbols as mere coincidences. The more skeptics argue that the secret order does not exist, the bolder they become. In fact, the Illuminati have become so skillful at deceiving the public that they have begun hiding in plain sight.

Their signature on the sinking of the Lusitania is far more subtle and crafty than what they use today. Do not be fooled by the media and skeptics who dispute the Illuminati's existence. They are relying on you to chalk it all up to coincidence.

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