Friday, April 5, 2013

Illuminati Controlled NY Times Is Trying to Debunk "Room 237"

The Illuminati controlled media is once again trying to debunk conspiracy theories, and they're doing it at full speed against those presented in the new documentary, "Room 237." For those unfamiliar with the film, "Room 237" is about all of the conspiracies that are revealed in Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining." In a recent NY Times article, Kubrick's former assistant, Leon Vitali, reveals how all of those ideas came about and how he thought all of them were gibberish.

Seeing such an article is no surprise and only goes on to confirm that "Room 237" is genuine and not some Illuminati sponsored rubbish designed to fool us. Besides, Vitali's case is weak at best. He states that the Apollo 11 sweater was arbitrarily chosen because they needed something homemade and that happened to be there. Yeah right! He also asserts that the "Alder" typewriter was Kubrick's own and that they used it because they liked how it looked. All of what he says is pure nonsense, and Vitali was probably forced by the Illuminati to make these statements.

That brings us to the credibility of Vitali himself. Anyone who worked closely with Kubrick was going to be in the know about his ties with the Illuminati. In fact, Vitali was likely an Illuminati informant who was sent to spy on the filmmaker to make sure he stayed in line. Unfortunately, Vitali failed at his job while working with Kubrick, allowing him to make his subtle confession without him even knowing. Due to this failure, Vitali has been forced to save face by telling lies about the true nature of "The Shining."

If you're interested in these lies, the link to the article is here.


  1. Omg yes! please wake me up! Documentary was soo damn eye opening and it's just thin layers of this beast and I'm all in. Like an archon autopsy! Rip this fucker apart! Excuse my French. ;).

  2. The NY Times is one of the Illuminati's strongest agents when it comes to brainwashing. Their article proves it. We'll keep ripping them every chance we get!