Friday, August 9, 2013

The Global Warming Sham and the Illuminati

That's right! Global warming is a sham. Do not believe it for one second. As of now, the so-called science community is claiming that each year is boasting warmer and warmer temperatures. They're also claiming that 2012 was one of the warmest on record. That is completely false. In fact, 2012 was one of the coldest ever, at least since the advent of accurate weather reporting.

According to the news sources and NOAA, 2012 was the warmest ever year recorded in the U.S. The government organization claimed that the average temperature was 55 degrees Fahrenheit. What they are not telling you is that this data has been highly manipulated to appear much higher than it really is. It all comes down to the calculation of averages and which ones to emphasize. What NOAA did was take several temperatures from locations that experienced record-breaking extremes and juxtapose them with areas that were just average. This allowed them to create realistic sounding statistics that completely overlooked areas that saw record-breaking lows.

In fact, most countries recorded cooler than average summers with heavy rainfall as well as winters that arrived much earlier than usual. While the first few months of 2012 were warmer than average, the remainder of the year was much colder. So cold to the point where it offset the higher temperatures during the first quarter (This research has been gathered by sampling temperatures from 60 different countries).

Now, why would the government create such a falsehood? Once again, that can be solved by understanding the purposes of the Illuminati who need people to believe that global warming is real and must be stopped. Ultimately, the aim of the global warming sham is to shatter the economy by destroying crucial industries that put out CO2 emissions. Once these industries are gone, a large number of people will be without work and desperate for anything. To the Illuminati, desperate people are necessary to rewriting the economy. As\a means to counteract the poverty, the government will flood the market with even more worthless scrip. After the economy has been saturated with worthless money, the Illuminati will cause a banking collapse and plunge the world into chaos. They will then rise as the New World Order.

Currently, the Illuminati are running many schemes and are taking over Third World economies as we speak. Take Zimbabwe for example, it's just another cog in their wheel. Be aware of the events occurring in your life and realize that the media is misinforming you on a daily basis. Remember the old adage, "the paper never gets it right." Just about anyone who has ever seen journalism at work can tell you how they always twist, distort, and misrepresent the facts. Global warming is just one more example of such distortions.

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  1. I am totally anti-illuminati, at the same time I am against fracking because I know it is dangerous to our water supply. I'm sure there is some global warming but chemtrails play into this.. maybe you can explain how.