Sunday, August 18, 2013

Roswell, the Illuminati, and Indiana Jones

In July 1947, the only story ever reported stating that the United States' government recovered a flying saucer emerged from Roswell, New Mexico. As with many strange occurrences, this story was quickly hushed and revised to say that the military had found nothing more than a basic weather balloon. Until the 1970s, Roswell had largely disappeared from American folklore until army intelligence officer Jesse Marcel revealed that the military had orchestrated a cover-up for what was definitely an alien spaceship.

Following Marcel's testimony, a flood of eyewitnesses began to emerge. Some saying that they had seen alien bodies, other UFOs, and even autopsies. Some of these accounts were little more than hoaxes, but those coming from army personnel were hard to dispute. As more and more Americans became convinced that Roswell was indeed an elaborate cover-up, the government realized that something had to be said to quiet the masses. In 1995, it released a report saying that what had been recovered was not a weather balloon but rather a crashed surveillance craft from Project Mogul, a secret program designed to spy on the Soviets' nuclear program.

Most skeptics and fringe believers accepted the government's new explanation. However, Roswell's most devoted followers have written off the Project Mogul explanation as just another part of the cover-up, and their reasons are not crazy. Most UFO believers have a hard time convincing themselves that aluminum foil and balsa wood could fool someone into thinking that they had been part of an alien spaceship. Also, the testimony from Marcel reveals that the army had quickly replaced the true debris with junk in order to fool the media.

As with many conspiracies, the hard evidence has long since disappeared but those who were in on it from the beginning remain to tell their stories. Indeed, the government had covered up a UFO crash, and the Project Mogul story doesn't hold water. First, the need for secrecy around the project would not have been needed by the 1950s, so why did the government wait until the 1990s to give its response? Second, the government has yet to provide records that show the launching of such a vehicle and how it went missing around the same time as the UFO crash. Third, aluminum foil is not going to be mistaken for a spaceship.

All of this adds up to something very sinister with the U.S. government, but how does it fit with the Illuminati? There are a few possible explanations. The first is that the NWO could not afford to reveal that superior beings had been in contact with Earth and covered up the crash to prevent people from knowing the truth. If the NWO divulged the true story, it could cause grave peril to its plans to conquer the world. People would be less likely to follow them and look more and more to the skies for leadership. The other explanation is that the Illuminati are in direct contact with an alien race and take their orders directly from these unknown beings. 

This idea emerges more and more from popular culture and film. Hollywood has been releasing movies that continue to promote the notion that Earth was originally populated by alien beings who have since left but maintain subtle contact to check on the planet's progress. Movies such as Mission to Mars, Alien vs. Predator, Prometheus, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull all promote this theory.

Seeing the message promoted in film reveals that the Illuminati are likely in contact with an alien race and receive their orders from them. That explains some of their most cryptic symbolism such as the pyramid, the Eye of Providence, and Masonic symbols. These symbols can also be seen in the films. Alien vs. Predator occurs in a pyramid as does Indiana Jones. It's the pyramid that is the gateway to the alien race. It's the Eye of Providence that represents this species and how they are always watching over us. Through film, the Illuminati are explaining how the system works. The secret order communicates with the aliens and implements their plans. Given the Illuminati's motivations, it's a safe bet that these beings are hostile to Earth. It could also be an explanation as to why the Illuminati participate in Satan worship.

If it wasn't for the slip up at Roswell back in 1947, ordinary people may never have gotten a glimpse of the truth about what is behind the NWO. The first report that the army recovered a flying saucer was the correct one, not the subsequent fabrications. Newspapers occasionally make mistakes but retracting one story of such magnitude for one of virtually no significance doesn't add up. A UFO crashed there and people saw it. The government tried to keep the eyewitnesses quiet and failed in the long run. However, the cover-up's complete removal of all of the physical evidence has made the truth elusive. The Illuminati are thorough, but they can ill-afford a late start.      


  1. Hi Bruce! I like your posts, and see that you acknowledge Satanic forces within your I Phone 5 article. I, like you, was in complete belief of Extraterrestrials. I thought that they were a secret the government was hiding from the people until I realized that everything surrounding the idea of extra terrestrial life had been planned to generate mass interest in Aliens, and the idea of their existence would over time be accepted. Honestly, it's the Illuminati at work again and being as deceptive as ever. All the recent mainstream media seems to be carrying on about Aliens an awful lot these days. From Katy Perry's ET album to Ancient Aliens. As excited as I was about the premise of ET life, I soon realized this too was a Satanic hoax that will be used in favor of the Illuminati to reveal their secret technology to us "salves" in order to cover the fact that Billions of dollars of tax payer money has been secretly funding their own personal advancements of technology. Aliens will become a scapegoat for them so they can publicize this technology without reciprocation from ordinary citizens who would likely be furious such technology existed and was kept from us, knowing that we were the ones that paid for it. It seems as though this is all Alien propaganda to once again trick the masses, just as 911 and the faked moon landings. I did some research and found that Aliens are actually biological soulless beings created from corrupt human DNA to create biological entities for demons to be able to possess. They will use this to lead people astray spiritually. It's clever to make something forbidden so it generates heavy interest and belief in exactly what they want. It's the same idea as promoting the reading of 1984 in schools to ensure people view those ideals as fiction only and not reality. Also, if you think about it, people have always been lied to according to conventional knowledge. First it was the invaders from the Moon! then they said they "landed on the moon" so then it became invaders from Mars, (but now people supposedly are going to travel their), so all the sudden now they are coming from galaxies millions of light years away. The affirmation in the belief of aliens by high officials can be explained with Monarch programming and MK Ultra where they would gather officials into a secretive "meeting" upon doping them up with hallucinatory drugs, they dressed young malnourished female children (small body/ large head/ hidden genetalia) in pantyhose with black goggles and paraded them in front of these people leading them to belief that they were in fact"greys". ( This story was written by a girl who was abused and prostituted for these bizarre agendas.I'll post the links as soon as I locate them again!) Anyways, I just wanted to share with you some info I came across because at one point I was die hard into the idea of yellow/blue book and aliens and receiving them as the truth of life rather than Christ himself. Of course this is also theory and cannot be proven as fact, but you of all people know how that goes. Keep up the great writing, and may you continue to open up eyes! peace man!

    1. Thanks for the props! We keep digging for the latest. Keep on believing! Kudos on your screen name too!