Saturday, March 23, 2013

Clemson and Auburn Universities Have Been Overrun by the Illuminati

Currently, conspiracy theorists have narrowed the Illuminati's primary influence and activity as occurring on Ivy League campuses. Of course, there are the legendary secret societies such as the Skull and Bones organizations. However, these historic groups have become too well-known by the general public and have caused the NWO to look at other places for their recruitment and dubious activities. Two of the latest schools that have been overrun by the Illuminati is Clemson University in South Carolina and Auburn University in Alabama.

The case for Clemson's involvement with the NWO runs deep and reeks of symbols. For starters, let's look at the school's logos and mascots, which is the tiger or tigers. Now, why would the school choose that mascot? It's the third university to adopt that macot in the Southeast. To fully understand, you must count the letters in Clemson Tigers. That's right! It comes out to 13, the official number of the Illuminati.

There is more to this too. Let's take a look at Clemson's history. The school was originally founded by white supremacist Ben Tillman who had a great interest in wanting to preserve racial segregation as part of an effot to steer humanity toward a master race. As a prominent politician Tillman had strong connections with the Illuminati and worked to establish the school to help provide them with a base to operate in the Deep South.

Clemson's seal is also revealing of the NWO's influence. Incorporating the seal of South Carolina, the palmetto resembles the sun rising over a pyramid. This is emblematic of Eye of Providence and just one more sign of what the school stands for.

Auburn University also boasts numerous symbols that reveal its affiliation with the Illuminati, and the fact that its mascot is also the tiger is no coincidence. Both schools share the mascot as a way of showing that they are in close league with one another. That's why Auburn's official team name isn't the War Eagles or the Plainsmen. Now, where Auburn reveals its true colors is with its letters. When arranged, the A and U look a lot like the Mason symbol. Between this and the use of the eagle, Auburn is also another base of operations for the Illuminati.
These schools and many others like them across America are working to program the population to follow Illuminati teachings and rules. Don't be fooled by any of them and remember that the NWO is everywhere.   

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  1. 2013- Auburn beats Georgia and Alabama on the last second of the game, two Saturdays in a row. Voodoo they're callin it.