Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mel Gibson and the Illuminati

In 2004, Mel Gibson released his masterpiece, "The Passion of the Christ," and ever since the film's debut his life has been spiraling downward. What seemed like an endless stream of negative stories about Gibson appeared on the news. His drunk driving incident and domestic issues were all anyone ever saw of the once eminent Hollywood star. How did this great actor fall so hard, and why so suddenly? The answers rest with the Illuminati.

Beginning with Mad Max and climaxing with other great films such as Braveheart, Mel Gibson's career was among the greatest as well as one that never knew negative press. Women from all age groups thought of him as a sex symbol. However, all of that ended when he decided to take the bold step and make "The Passion."

Because the Illuminati ultimately worship Satan, any kind of film or propaganda that could cause a religious revival must be stopped. Unfortunately, their efforts to curb Gibson's efforts failed. While the NWO has great leverage over the film industry, there are still many aspects that they do not control. For example, they have not fully infiltrated the theater industry. To them, stopping Gibson meant refusing to fund production despite knowing that such a project would reap millions in profits. Having issued their refusal, the Illuminati believed that Gibson had been halted.

What the NWO did not expect was that Gibson's faith was so strong that he would finance the film himself. With "The Passion" going forward, little could be done to stop it, leaving the Illuminati with few options. The first of these was to arrange a takeover of the theater industry, which would take too much time and money (it would also expose the existence of the secret order). The second was to sabotage Gibson's production, but this was also not workable due to filming in Italy. The final option was to ruin Gibson himself. The only problem with the third option was that it would take too much time and could not be accomplished before the film's release.

According to new evidence provided by a Hollywood producer known only as "Hank," the Illuminati sealed Gibson's fate months before "The Passion" hit theaters. Hank states that "Gibson was to be destroyed, first personally and then financially." The first rumors surrounded Gibson's family, saying that his father was a Holocaust denier. Other incidents quickly followed such as a staged drunk driving arrest involving fake evidence and false domestic abuse reports. Combined, all of this negative press had the effect of branding "The Passion" as little more than a film made by a loony toon.

However, that would not be the end of Mel Gibson. As much as the Illuminati feared and loathed him for his religious devotion as well as possible leaks about their existence (he once claimed that someone was telling Bill Clinton what to do), they needed his star power. Once he had been effectively destroyed, they revived him. All he had to do was confess to making anti-Semitic remarks and he would be brought back into Hollywood but in a less-significant capacity. Given that the secret order was pulverizing him, Gibson had little choice and consented. That's why the 2006 film, "Apocalypto," became a reality.      

The power of film is possibly one of strongest available when it comes to influencing the masses, and one that is heavily controlled by the Illuminati. If someone dares to create something that goes against their agenda, the consequences are swift and devastating as was seen with Mel Gibson.


  1. God Bless Mel Gibson.

    1. What a fake article. Mel Gibson is illuminati and this sick movie was made by people who do not love Jesus. This movie was made by perverts who enjoy seeing Jesus suffer. What people do not realize is there are mind control and brain washing devices in this movie. The illuminati will self destruct; and it will not be much longer.

    2. We stand by the content of our articles and believe every word of them to be true. We also never asserted that he was not in the Illuminati, only that he was not continuously in the order. The Illuminati doesn't ruin its own members without cause.

  2. I love this movie its realy represent illuminati

  3. Of all the movies that have ever been produced, this is the "Principal Candidate" for brainwashing believers with subliminal embeds.
    Consider this quote from Mel Gibson concerning Satan: "The woman we cast is very beautiful. I didn't want the stereotypical devil with horns. I don't believe that is how the devil presents himself/herself. He/she is very seductive and doesn't put out signposts announcing who he/she is." Now consider this bio of Monica Bellucci.
    "Film critics are quick to compare Monica Bellucci to previous Italian beauties, but she is her own brand of sultry icon. With roles as a topless vampire in Bram Stoker's Dracula, a taciturn war widow in Malena (2000), a charmed courtesan in Le Pacte des Loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf) (2002), and a sci-fi vixen in the Matrix sequels (2003), Bellucci has proved to be a bold blend of earthy and ethereal, actress and star...Bellucci went on to star as the seductive Queen of the Nile in the comic book adaptation Asterix & Obelisk: Mission Cleopatra."
    This sounds to me like Gibson is describing Monica Bellucci, does it not? But she plays Mary Magdalene, not Satan! Or does she? Can a rotten tree produce good fruit?

  4. Illuminati fears Mel Gibson, what a joke..Moreover, The Passion of the Christ is intimately associated with the moral vileness of those involved in its production. Monica Bellucci, the actress who plays Mary Magdalene in Gibson's movie, is a famous pornography star in Italy ("The Passion of the Christ: An International Hoax"), and she has also played in R-rated movies in the States. She posed for the 2001 GQ Italia Totally Nude calendar, and she has appeared in the nude or nearly nude in many movies, including Irreversible, Melena, Brotherhood of the Wolf (a Dracula movie), and Under Suspicion. Describing the film Irreversible, a professional movie reviewer says it "makes pure pornography look pretty appealing in comparison." The reviewer, Steve Rhodes, said it should be rated X, and based on his reviews of other films, it is obvious that he is no "prude." The movie has a ten minute anal rape scene featuring Bellucci, which is "complete with penetration shots and depictions of sodomy." The Society for the Promotion of Community Standards gave this warning about Bellucci's Irreversible: "Premiered at last years Cannes Film Festival, Irreversible proved so shocking that 250 people walked out, some needing medical attention," and described the movie as "hard-core pornography."
    Two of the other actresses in Gibson's Jesus movie have pornographic photos plastered all over the Internet: Rosita Celentano, who plays Satan; and Claudia Gerini, who plays Pilate's wife. Maia Morgenstern, who plays Jesus' mother Mary in the film, also starred in a vile, sexually provocative 1997 Hungarian movie entitled The Witman Boys. Finally, John Debney wrote the rock 'n' roll music score to the film, the same man who wrote the rock score for the blasphemous movie Bruce Almighty.
    Much more could be said along these lines about other actors in The Passion of the Christ, but instead we need look no further than the producer himself. Mel Gibson has made millions, some of it used to finance this movie, through his roles in R-rated films that have contributed significantly to the moral debasement of society, such as Mad Max, Braveheart, Payback, and the extremely violent Lethal Weapon series. In the latter, Gibson played a rogue policeman who excels in violence. Most of his movies are filled with foul language and profanity, including those he has made during the past 12 years since, according to his own testimony, he has been dreaming about making The Passion of the Christ. The Payback movie, for example, contained, according to one reviewer, at least 94 instances of cursing (including the most vile words) and filthy language, and used the name of the Lord in vain. Gibson also starred in the sexually debauched 2000 film What Women Want. In this movie, Gibson played "a character named Nick, whose goal in life was to bed all the women his lustful heart desired." One Christian reviewer summarized Gibson's movies as follows: "The legacy of Mel Gibson has been sexual immorality, profanity, coarse jesting, extreme violence and vigilantism" (Joseph Herrin, "The Passion of Mel Gibson")...Luke 6:43-45
    For there is no good tree which produces bad fruit, nor, on the other hand, a bad tree which produces good fruit. For each tree is known by its own fruit. For men do not gather figs from thorns, nor do they pick grapes from a briar bush. The good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth what is good; and the evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth what is evil; for his mouth speaks from that which fills his heart.

  5. Come what may, the movie depicted very graphically ,the true level of physical torture Jesus suffered for our sins. This movie was also biblically accurate, then add very well casted, all of the actors and actresses did an excellent job. Throw in expertly directed. This was the greatest movie of its kind ever made. Thanks Mel.

  6. This is not rocket science.. If "Mel Gibson" was totally on board and in line with the Illuminati, they would not have attacked him. Those are the simple facts.. You can ignore the facts, pretend they are not there, but if you want to have a coherent argument, you need to take all data into consideration. So, clearly, he pissed off someone with the film. It revived faith in God. Whether or not the film met your expectations or whatever, it worked to benefit God's Kingdom, which basically pissed off the Illuminati, hence they attacked him. Not exactly rocket science..

  7. Mel Gibson is a brave heart, he assume his choice, but the passion of the Christ is a bloody movie, I'm Muslim, in my religion, god never let the Christ suffering like that, he change his body with Judas, it's illusion for people who don't believe in god . the Christ is in life in heaven and he will return too earth for the humanity, he will kill the anti-Christ and his follower Illuminati. the Christ is love and mercy and a spirit of god.

  8. Yes, God did let Christ suffer like that. Why do you think Jesus asked God, Why hast thou forsaken me? Yes, Jesus is coming back and he will kill his enemies with a two-edge sword from his mouth. And he will put anti-Christ and the false prophet in hell. Satan will be bound for 1,000 years then released, but his end is hell also, along with his demonic crew of fallen angels.

  9. It makes sense that he was in so much trouble after making that movie.

  10. Notate le inquadrature: tutti i volti sono ripresi a metà, facendo vedere un solo occhio e laddove i volti vengono inquadrati per intero ci pensano le penombre a far vedere un solo occhio...Illuminato