Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Greece Is the Current Target of the Illuminati

The extended financial and banking crisis of Greece is no accident or even an unforeseen consequence of the adaptation of the Euro but rather the beginnings of the Illuminati in making everyone impoverished slaves. By controlling the world's largest banks (Fed Reserve, IMF, and ECB), the New World Order has engineered a single currency for most of the European continent. This is just one of the many phases that the NWO uses to extract all of the wealth and independence from certain groups of people while simultaneously concentrating their own power.
Greece is the unfortunate target of this maneuver. Once the Illuminati were successful in creating the Euro (a currency system that was never projected to succeed), they managed to bring Greece within their grip through the means of "easy credit." The NWO's Greek agents made sure that the country borrowed far more than it could ever manage as well as allowed its richest citizens (also possible Illuminati) to evade taxes. Of course, this was all a recipe for disaster for the Greek people, but what we view as a disaster, the NWO see as a victory. With Greece's financial structure in ruins, the population is now vulnerable to full exploitation. Expect to see the nation's citizens become wage slaves as corporations and other Illuminati sponsored operations use them as cheap labor.
For those who are watching, Greece is the first warning of what the Illuminati are planning to do. They designed the Euro, knowing damn well that it would fail to create a more economically prosperous Europe, and now they are reaping the benefits as Greece must do exactly as they say. Soon, Spain and Italy will follow as will Portugal along with much of southeastern Europe. Once the Illuminati have created a new area ready for exploitation, they will keep them impoverished. Over time, more nations' economies will collapse, and the NWO will emerge to rule everyone. What's happening to Greece is just the beginning.
The symptoms are all apparent such as the use of a continent-wide currency and the overarching control of banks. Those are just a couple of Illuminati strategies that have been employed over the past couple of centuries. Greece is beyond a doubt a NWO victory. We were too slow to realize their plans, but now we know what to look for before more healthy economies fall prey to the Illuminati's financial institutions.

2015 Update: Two years have passed since we first brought you this piece, and it's no surprise that affairs have only gotten worse for Greece. The Illuminati controlled Syriza party has steered the country even closer to insolvency while doing nothing to reinforce economic drivers such as industry and tourism. Now, the nation is faced with its most crucial referendum, either remain slaves to Europe's banks or exist with a junk currency and no credit leaving its citizens to be exploited as sweatshop slaves for companies like Ikea and Walmart.

The thing to remember here is that our modern economy is based on imaginary money. It literally does not exist except in cyberspace. Banks print more and more of it, proclaim its valuable, and boom! The economy is fixed. Of course, other banks must agree on the currency's value, but that's no problem when the Illuminati controls all of them. It's like buying a used car. You want to make sure that the dealer isn't selling you a lemon, so you take it to a garage to be evaluated. The only catch is that the garage is owned by the dealer. It's the same with the banks. They all answer to the same masters. 

Greece's economic crisis can be easily fixed through industry and infrastructure stimuli that will provide jobs while lowering the cost of living through cheaper food and goods. Unfortunately, the Illuminati will not permit it. Instead, the order is going to destroy the Greek people with imaginary money drowned in infinite gobbledygook and crackpot economic theories.

To our Greek brethren struggling against the NWO, we would like to say stay strong and we are behind you.


  1. I learned last week in my college course "European WW2" that the bankers in Europe had enemies they called PIGS. PIGS just stands for Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain. Our instructor told us Greece was at the top, but thatd throw off the "name" (GPIS). Because these countries always tried to avoid a central bank issuing their country's currency, and they always tried to resolve the problem themselves when they went bankrupt or whatever. It's amazing how for nearly 100 years (maybe more), that the Illuminati elites have been trying to subdue those countries. I'm glad I read this!!

  2. and now today it is actually happening http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/world/69815329/greeks-rally-to-reject-tough-bailout-as-finanical-crisis-escalates

  3. Hello everybody. I am Greek and situation here becomes worser by the minute. I believe that things will get ugly for other countries too real soon. We tried to resist but with just "pressing a button" they stopped funding through ELA our banks, and our banking-economic system collapsed. I see shitty stuff happening all over the world every day. Middle east, USA, Greece and so on. Nothing can be done. Only if you cut the head of the snake. Only then we all might get a chance for a better life. Stay strong and healthy everybody.

  4. I have a question. Surely if the √Źlluminati" are breaking down economics of countries to achieve NWO, they are opening doors for Islam to take a bigger grip in those countries? It seems we are fighting against two wars currently?

    1. there are 2 wars you are right

  5. bayern and berlin are in danger of becoming islamic territories

    enjoy it cause griechen und deutschen could not work it out

    till we work it out, please let me call you islaminati

  6. actually whole germany is becoming an islamic territory

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