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The Apple Cult: How It Functions and Recruits

For those who believe that the Illuminati is working to bring about a new world order, knowing that Apple Inc. is a major component of that plan is second nature. Between the overt symbolism and the knowledge that Steve Jobs is not really dead (IW is researching that one and will soon provide a full article), it's beyond obvious. However, the methods this company uses to recruit and brainwash are little known, and they've been something that we've been interested in for a long time. Today, we can proudly say that we can answer the question of how the Apple cult functions.

To think of Apple as just another company, even one that is Illuminati controlled, is preposterous. This company does not just have customers, it has devotees. Lovers of Apple products will wait days and days in line for whatever new iPad, iPhone, or other Illuminati device that is being released. No other electronics company can boast such a fan base, and why's that? It's because Apple followers have been brainwashed and continue to allow themselves to be placed under mind control. This is why we refer to Apple as a cult. It can be nothing else, and it's one that glorifies Satan.

To increase its following, Apple uses several brainwashing techniques. The first is through education. The schools are the Illuminati's first line of attack on our minds. Here, we are taught "truths" such as how the Earth is warming, that Oswald killed JFK, and that Americans have landed on the moon. Schools have been using Apple products since the very first Macintosh was released. At first, all students used them, but that has since changed due to the high costs of Apple products. Today, the use of Apple products are reserved only for the "best" students. This allows subtle mind control techniques to affect these kids as well as conveying the message that Apple is for "smart" people. To further reinforce this, Apple products are heavily marketed to hipster groups or rather people who want to breakaway from structures such as organized religion. 

Let's analyze one of Apple's classic commercials, the easy-going laid back young adult (Apple) compared to the uptight guy in the suit (PC). The juxtaposition shows how close-minded and ignorant the man in the suit is, while the relaxed kid is taking things in stride. What this is really saying is that young people who want to rebel and be themselves should come over to Apple. Through the company's advertisements, they are working furiously to brainwash the youths of the world. This is just one more of Apple's mind control methods. 

By convincing people that its products are not only good but also stylish, Apple makes being a part of its cult a very popular notion. Most people who buy Macbooks and other such products have little knowledge of what they can do, and even these products have built in features to control your mind. The small sound bytes and rhythms they emit work in-sync with Hollywood conditioning to make you more susceptible to suggestion. The color schemes and designs also work on your mind to make you feel in need. For example, Apple products consistently use colors that make people feel hungry. When you are hungry, you are far more susceptible to making poor choices. Studies have been conducted that have proven this, but they were performed by the Illuminati and the results were buried. Of course, the researchers were bribed to prevent any leaks.

Through the use of traditional brainwash methods (education and propaganda) as well as scientific means (sounds and colors), Apple has a tremendous power over our minds, and the cult doesn't stop there either. Most of those who fall into the cult are people with at least three Apple products (iPad, iPhone, and iMac). They are of little significance to those in the higher echelons but will follow the company's will. In essence, they are like your casual churchgoer. Aside from being a name on a membership list, they have no importance within the religious body. The next level are the Apple "geniuses" who toil at the various Apple stores. For a job that barely pays above minimum wage, there is much competition. These are young people who are ready to dedicate their lives to the cult. They believe in Apple and want to help it fulfill its mission. They are also screened thoroughly before being hired. 

We talked to a former Apple store "genius" who we will identify as Steve about what went on during the interview process. Steve told us the first round was fairly generic where the manager asked about education and work experience. It wasn't until the next round that the questions took on a more fanatic level. Questions about one's devotion to Apple, dedication to its mission, and why they love the company abounded. Those who indicated the least hint that working for the Apple store was anything less than an experience of a lifetime were quickly removed from the pool. Upon being hired, Steve said the brainwashing continued during training and was much more intense than in any other job he had worked. By the time it was all over, he said that he was to the point where he would die for the company. It was that powerful. Steve told us that he didn't think of himself as an employee but a man on a great mission. Fortunately, the brainwashing couldn't overtake Steve's ego. He quit after working there for two years when he was passed over for promotion to "genius leader." However, Steve did tell us that he felt like certain people were being selected for higher duties within the company. These people all fit a certain profile. They had dysfunctional families, high intelligence, and few friends, pretty much the exact same traits cult members exhibit. 

What we here at IW have determined is that Apple functions similarly to a church. We have provided a chart below as a reference for this analogy.

              Apple                                             Church
Level 1: Product Owner                               Member
Level 2: Apple "Genius"                              Deacon
Level 3: Researcher/Senior Manager           Clergy
Level 4: Corporate Manager                        Bishop
Level 5: Corporate Executive                      Archbishop
Level 6: Board Member                               Cardinal
Level 7: CEO                                               Pope

Just like a church, Apple functions with the same sort of hierarchy. People regarded Apple's first CEO, Steve Jobs, as a sort of demigod who was revolutionizing the world. When he supposedly "died," Apple supporters mourned across the world. He was more to them than just a businessman but an almost spiritual leader. Through brainwashing, these people believed that Apple products had changed their lives, when in reality they had not.

That's what Apple is, it's not a company, not a brand, it's a cult. A cult that worships Satan. It works throughout our entire society to select more members of the Illuminati while programming everyone else to become mindless drones. Do not fall for this! And remember that the "i" in iPhone stands for Illuminati.

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  1. Luciferian, not Satan. Satan is an application. Excellent article.

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  2. Thanks for the props! We also appreciate the feedback.

  3. The world is totally messed up every normal thing has a message behind it. The big companies have got illuminati strings attached . Good article. Totally agree

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  5. They even have a instruction of how employee 'should behave' or choose their words when dealing with customers:

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